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Review №1

We hired a kids birthday party magician from this place for a party in October. We didnt invite a lot of kids due to social distancing but we still wanted something fun for them to do. The magician did a great job, his show was funny and he got all the kids involved which is good for smaller kids with short attention spans. The price was a little bit over our budget to be honest but it was still worth it. They charged us  a little bit more than normal because we are pretty far away from where they are located so they added about $20 for travel which I totally understand. It was easy to set up the event and the company was pretty responsive about confirming, being on time etc. I was overall impressed with the quality of the magician package and feel like we definitely got a good show for the money we spent.

Review №2

I rented a Peppa Pig birthday party character from this company for my daughters 3rd birthday party. She loves Peppa Pig and watches her on tv every night. We also have the story books and of course her favorite doll is her Peppa Pig stuffed toy that she sleeps with and carries around all day. So we thought it would be a real treat for her on her birthday to get to meet the REAL Peppa Pig live and in person. We were so right! My daughter was absolutely speechless with delight when the Peppa Pig character arrived at her party. At first she was so surprised she couldnt even move or talk. Then she just ran over to Peppa and wrapped her little arms around her. It was sooooooo adorable! As a parent these are the moments that you totally live for. The money we spent to hire the Peppa character was worth every penny, and of course we have lots of pictures to share for the future. Thanks fun factory for making our party a hit and giving our daughter the thrill of her little life!

Review №3

I used this place to hire a Daniel Tiger costume character mascot to come to a toddler party back in June. I didnt really know what to expect and I was a little bit nervous because Ive never hired a costume character entertainer before. I did some googling and read some basic reviews and I was pretty impressed with the ones I found for this company. One thing I noticed right away that I liked was that they have been in business a LONG time, like basically about 30 years. As a business owner myself I know that when you stay around that long it usually means you have done something right. So I called them and I got an answer from them very fast, which was another plus. But the biggest selling point was that their Daniel Tiger mascot costume looked REALLY good, like it actually looks like the real Daniel Tiger character. That was important to me because my child watches Daniel Tiger all the time and she definitely knows what the character is supposed to look like. On the day of the event the performer showed up 20 minutes early which was perfect because it gave us time to set everything up and give him a place to change into the mascot costume. He did a fun, easy show that was just right for little children. Songs and games that most young children know and are easy to follow along with like hokey pokey, limbo and a few other basic ones. At the end they stayed and took pictures and we brought out the birthday cake. For a way to keep a bunch of toddlers entertained for an hour, it was just about perfect. Glad we found this place and we will be back!

Review №4

I rented a pony and a mobile petting zoo for a childrens birthday party that we did back in August of this year in our backyard. I got in touch with the company because I wasnt sure if they were still doing events during this time of year with corona and everything going on. They told me they do and explained to me their safety procedures to keep everyone safe and secure. I really wanted to do something special for my daughters birthday party and she loves animals, so it seemed like renting a pony and petting zoo would be a good choice. They actually did a great job at the event. They came early, had everything set up on time and the rental included some really friendly staff members who helped to supervise all the kids. The kids LOVED riding on the pony and the petting zoo was also a big hit. The staff set up a little fenced area and the kids got to pet and feed all the little animals. For an animal theme type party event, this is a terrific way to go. This place did a great job and I would not hesitate to recommend.

Review №5

We recently hired two of the Baby Shark birthday party mascot costume character entertainers from this company. They performers did a great job! They were engaging and energetic from the beginning. The two Baby Shark mascot costumes looked awesome, very professional and like the real tv characters. The performers who wore the party character mascot costumes, Greg and Jenna, did an awesome job. They kept the kids involved and they showed up right on time to start their show. I really like having a reliable childrens party entertainment company I can call for any type of childrens event or entertainment for hire. I will definitely be contacting them for future events!

Review №6

I hired Poppy and Branch from the movie Trolls to come out and entertain a group of about 14 4 and 5 year old kids at a Trolls theme birthday party we had at our house. I looked online for a while before deciding which company to hire. I chose Funfactory for a few reasons. First of all their Trolls mascot costumes looked GREAT! Super authentic and just like the real party characters. I have seen Trolls costumes from other companies that didnt look nearly as good. Next, every single time I had to call or email them with a question I got a response back VERY fast. That made me feel secure that someone was actually going to show up on our party date. Also I could see that they already have a lot of 5 star reviews which tells me that they have been in business for a long time and have a very good reputation. I have to say, they did NOT disappoint on any level. Yes they came on time and yes, the Trolls mascot costumes looked GREAT! I can say for sure that the kids totally believed that Poppy and Branch Trolls had actually showed up at their birthday party! Super fun birthday party idea and well worth the price. Thank you to Funfactory for coming through and helping to make our childs birthday party a hit during these difficult and challenging times. You will definitely hear from us again for all our future parties!

Review №7

I recently contacted this company to arrange to have a party pony ride and also a mobile petting zoo rental come for my daughters 6th birthday party. She loves animals so having an animal themed birthday party seemed like a good idea. When I first called the company they got back to me right away, like within 10 minutes. I was really happy about that because most of the time I reach out to kids party entertainment companies it can take days for them to return your call, if they ever call you back at all. But every time I communicated with Fun Factory they always got back to me quickly and were great about answering all my questions.On the day of the party, their staff came a bit early to set everything up. The petting zoo was super cute! They built a little fenced in area where the animals could go. One of the staff, Julie, spent time supervising the petting zoo and the other person, Greg I think, helped the kids get on and off the pony and gave them rides. I have to say, all the kids were thrilled! I was really touched seeing everyone so happy and excited. Its a great feeling to have a kids party and be able to do something for these sweet little boys and girls, especially now during the corona pandemic when they are more bored than usual. I was very relieved and happy to find a reliable childrens entertainment company that has everything I could need for a kids party in one place. I will hundred percent be using them again for future parties.

Review №8

I rented two Paw Patrol mascot costume party character entertainers from this place. They worked out really great. We got the Chase and Skye mascot characters for my daughters 4th birthday party which was a Paw Patrol theme. The characters came and did some simple music and games which were good for little children. The kids had a good time and the costumes looked really good. The performers who wore them had a lot of energy and were able to keep the kids engaged the entire time. Its not easy to find things to do to keep toddlers entertained, so hiring a couple of costume characters seemed like a good choice. I would say if you are having a party for little kids, renting birthday party characters is actually a good idea. This company does a good job, their costumes look good and they have a reliable service.

Review №9

We hired Funfactory to bring a mobile animal petting zoo and birthday party pony to a 4 year old childs party. Both items were a big hit. The animals were fun and cute. The staff that brought the animals were very attentive. They set up everything in advance and it all went really well. The pony was the perfect size for smaller children to be able to ride on. After the event the staff took everything down and cleaned up and left our yard in perfect shape. Renting a pony and mobile petting zoo is a terrific idea for a toddlers event. The kids had a fun time, it was easy and if you have just a little bit of space in your backyard its a great party idea.

Review №10

I hired this company to send a magician to a 6th birthday party with about 15 kids. The ages of the kids basically ranged from toddlers up to about 12. We also had maybe 20 adults and parents at the party. The magic show entertainer they sent was great. He stayed for about an hour and really kept the kids involved during the entire time.  His show was funny and he went out of his way to include the birthday boy and make him feel like the star of the show, which I thought was a really nice touch. Hiring a magician turned out to be a good birthday party idea for an age range of kids, because its something that younger children can do along with older kids and even the parents watched the show. The magician was great with the kids, very patient and on their level but still professional and kept things moving along. At the end of the magic part of the show he did some simple balloon twisting which was a nice touch. He made a birthday crown for the birthday boy and just basic stuff like swords and flowers but the kids loved getting a toy. I think a magician is a good way to go if you are having a mixed age range of children, and this company has some really good magician entertainers to choose from.

Review №11

We rented an Elmo costume character and an Elmo Sesame Street style bouncehouse from this company. Overall we were very satisfied with the quality of both. Everything showed up on time which is pretty important when you have a big group of little kids waiting for something fun to do. Ive hired other companies that were over an hour late and never even bothered to call to let us know. This place kept in touch the whole time and everything went according to plan. The live Elmo costume performer was definitely a big hit. The mascot costume looked great, very clean and seemed to be in new condition. Ive seen some absolutely awful mascots at other kids parties so I was very happy to get a good one. Greg, the guy who was wearing the Elmo mascot did a terrific job. He was energetic and really got the kids involved. The bouncer was there for about 8 hours and they came right on time to pick it up, no hassles or drama. Our party went smoothly and just as we expected. Hope to use them again in the future.

Review №12

We rented a lady clown from this place for a little girls 5th birthday party we had at our house. We had about 15 kids there mostly around 5-6 years old. The lady who came was very sweet with the kids. Her clown makeup was nice and not at all scary for little children. It was enough to be fun but not too much. She did balloon animals and also painted everyones faces. An hour was just about the right amount of time for the number of kids we had. The company was very responsive and easy to deal with. Every time I called or emailed I got a response back very fast. It seems like they have been in business a long time like almost 30 years which is great, you can see why. As far as hiring a clown entertainer goes, I would definitely recommend this place since it seems like they have good quality clown performers and also the company is very professional.

Review №13

We had a great party with Fun Factory. We rented a mobile petting zoo and a birthday party pony ride. They were really cool. The pony was very appropriate for the ages of children we had at our event. The lady who came to supervise the kids, Janice was her name, did a great job. She was very friendly and handled everything really well. It was well organized and they showed up right on time. The petting zoo was also a big hit. They set up a small little fenced in area in our backyard. It was the perfect size for a group of toddlers. The animals were great for the ages of kids we had. Animal theme birthday parties are a great way to keep a group of younger children entertained. The petting zoo included little bits of food that they kids could give to the animals which I thought was a really nice touch. I was really impressed with the quality of their service.

Review №14

We used fun factory for a birthday party pony and childrens mobile petting zoo rental. It was great!! The animals were cute and very friendly with the kids. The staff did all the setup and supervised everything, and at the end they packed it all away and even cleaned up our yard. The whole thing was extremely easy and simple to arrange. The children just loved the animals and it was a great way to keep a group of toddlers entertained for a couple hours.

Review №15

We ordered two live Sesame Street mascot costume character performers for our little girls 3rd birthday party. They were great. We got Elmo and Cookie Monster and they looked exactly like the characters from the tv show. The entertainers who came to wear the costumes were very energetic and really knew how to keep the kids involved. They did music and games that were the right style for toddlers and younger children. At the end they took pictures when we brought out the cake and sang happy bday. We couldnt have been happier or more satisfied with the experience. Definitely would recommend and wont hesitate to contact them for our next kids party!

Review №16

We rented a pony and mobile petting zoo for a childs birthday party from Fun Factory. It was a big hit with the kids! The pony and zoo came on time and it also included staff people to supervise the children with the animals. It was the perfect complement to our animal themed childrens party. The petting zoo had lots of cute little animals that were perfect for younger kids. Chickens / rabbits ducks some guinea pigs a goat and a sheep. Super cute! All the kids had a great time touching and feeding the animals. The staff that came with the rental were super helpful and patient with the kids. The pony rental also went great, the kids got to ride it up and down our street. We got some awesome pictures and the whole thing was actually super easy to put together. Fun Factory was easy to work with, they answered all my questions ahead of time and sent me a confirmation by email so I knew what I was getting, the times and everything. We also rented a bouncehouse from them and that was great, too. Its a great company for anything related to childrens party entertainment!

Review №17

I rented a birthday party clown from FunFactory. She did a great job, was on time and her clown costume was great for little kids, not too scary or over the top. She was very patient, took her time and did balloon animals and face painting for everyone. At the end she stayed while we brought out the birthday cake and took pics with all the kids. She definitely seemed like she had the experience and personality to give kids a fun time. Its not easy to manage a group of like 15 toddlers, but she was super friendly and seemed to be enjoying herself. The whole process was easy and stress - free and I would definitely contact them again!

Review №18

I just hired two Baby Shark birthday party characters for my daughters 3rd birthday. She loved them! All the kids had a great time. The characters came and did a bunch of music and games and of course the Baby Shark theme song. My daughter got to dance with the Baby Shark performers and it was soooo cute! The Baby Shark costumes looked really nice, the performers did a great job even though we had our party indoors in a kind of crowded room. They must have been hot wearing the mascots for an hour, but they never let it show. They were energetic and enthusiastic the whole time. They stayed while we brought out the birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday, took pics with all the kids and made sure to make my daughter the birthday girl feel extra special. I was totally impressed with how they managed everything, its not easy holding the attention of a room full of toddlers but they did an awesome job. We also got a bouncehouse rental from them at the same time and that was great, too. I was really happy to find a place that I could take care of all my party rental needs in one place in just a few minutes. We will definitely be contacting them again for future parties, maybe for a pony ride or petting zoo since my daughter also loves little animals. Great party!

Review №19

We rented a PJ Masks mascot costume character entertainer for our sons 3rd birthday. They did an awesome job! They came on time and brought lots of stuff for the kids to do. The costume looked cool and my son and the rest of the kids really loved it.

Review №20

We had a great time at our party! We did a whole Sesame Street theme party including an Elmo themed bouncehouse rental and the costume characters of Elmo and Cookie Monster. The kids LOVED it! The characters brought a bunch of Sesame Street theme music and games that were perfect for 4 year olds. The bouncehouse was clean and just the right size for small children and toddlers. Great time was had by all and the whole thing was easy to set up, I think it took less than a 15 minute call to make all the arrangements.

Review №21

I hired Dora for my daughters 4th birthday party, and she was a hit! Parties for Kids wass timely, fun and a wonderful experience to any birthday party.Also we had a clown performing. He made the kids and adults laugh. Very interactive with his audience. Gave us helpful tips. Very good kids clown. I recommend this company highly.

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