10601 Baltimore Ave #100, Beltsville, MD 20705, United States

Review №1

Best place to beKills depressionBest place to dance away your sorrowGood serviceGood foodThe Suya is always on pointThe Fish is very very tastyCocktail is wow

Review №2

Awesome place food was great

Review №3

Wonderful place with great services such as the food, music and hospitality from staffs. Will recommend to any friend, family or anyone looking to have a good time in the city. Promise, you wont regret it.

Review №4

This place is worth giving a shot. They serve big portions for reasonable rates. Always neat and with excellent character. I highly recommend this place.

Review №5

Love the food and the vibe is dope.. Thursday to Sunday fun fun fun. As a suya lover I can also attest they have the best suya in maryland..

Review №6

Nice Afro Beats music and vibe. Drinks are good and Customer service.

Review №7

Nice place, but the staff need lot of training, in as much as I know the club need to make money, tagging a table a minimum$500 buy is crazy, guest should be allowed to buy their drinks freely, the ladies are not hostile to guest, lack a lot curstey..... everything with an African spine is always a problem, they staff thinks guest must spend high and you get the jist, big spender steal the night

Review №8

Food was Delicious, Employees are so Pleasant, A Place to be Each and every Weekend

Review №9

GOOD HOOKAHS! Excellent Customer Servive

Review №10

Nice ambience. But you could do better with the menu. Its quiet limited. Lovely place to hangout anyway

Review №11

This place is lit at Night. If u looking at outdoor lounge with good afrobeat, airy and beautiful youngsters ladies. Thats the place to spend a few bucks and relax. Had a nice grilled tilapia with fried plantain with pepper sauce. Park across street at shopping center due to limited parking on their facility. Its full of life. Suya is also available. Nice looking lady servers, well behaved and professional! Not a lot of food option but plenty to drink. Price is ok and affordable.

Review №12

Over priced drinks! A shot is 14.99 aprox 15 dollars and the cup I had was only half full and my husband had a baby cup which was priced the same amount.. no way I would go back due to that.

Review №13

Nice outside option during COVID times has really nice suya.

Review №14

My first time trying there Suya here at this location and it was amazing. The customer services was so nice and friendly. I would definitely recommend coming here.

Review №15

It was ok, nothing to brag about. It was my 1st night going and it was a Sunday, so Ill give it another try and give you guys an update!

Review №16

Get a great Cameroonian experience and flavors from other African countries.

Review №17

I ordered using Uber Eats. I had to wait over 30 minutes for my food to arrive and it was cold but it taste good. The food, that is the fried rice had pieces of foil in it. Don’t think I’ll be reordering.

Review №18

They always take forever for the food (at least 1hr) and it doesnt taste good.The suya meat is very hard.

Review №19

Shoutout to Spectrum. Excellent custom service & their suya is amazing. Definitely check it out!

Review №20

It a good place to change some atmosphere the cook and the service is really great

Review №21

My 2nd time here. I enjoyed the fish and thier most talked about suya. As a Nigerian its hard to admit this but, they have one of the best suya I ever ate. Also, great customer service esp from the owner.You will not be disappointed

Review №22

Small venue but excellent food. I attended on a Tuesday so the crowd was non existent but from the feel of the environment you can tell its a fan favorite towards the end of the week and during the weekend. Worth the price of admission (Free) to check it out

Review №23

Good food but very spicy vegetable fried rice. The pepper in the rice was too much that all 4 of us who had it had running stomach the next day from the pepper. Some of the cocktails from the drink menu were not available. Service was good. Our main problem was the spicy rice. I believe food serve in a restaurant should not have that much pepper in it. Its better to be very mild so anyone who needs extra pepper can add it to their individual plates. I will come again and hope the food will not be as spicy as yesterdays.I hope a change will be made.Thanks.

Review №24

If you just got to town and youre looking for that ideal spot to hangout? You should check out Spectrum Lounge. The fun is just immeasurable. The staff, Jessica, Prisca and all the girls..... I cant remember all their names, so professional in making your day just the best. Thank you Spectrum LoungeDefinitely coming back.

Review №25

Would certainly recommend visiting this place. Excellent mood, fresh dishes, good customer service. Kudos.

Review №26

For a first experience, I wasnt impressed at all with the service. The orders were taken over 20min after we were directed to our seats, drinks came after what seemed to be an eternity and food arrived even later than that. Keep in mind few tables were occupied and their menu is pretty standard. Our waitress didnt bother to check on us during the entire time we had dinner. The music was loud and you could barely hear yourself think or carry a conversation.

Review №27

Best soya in MD and excellent service

Review №28

I don’t even like going out and I am a very picky person but this is one of the ONLY places in the dmv I will go to and I ALWAYS have a great time. I definitely recommend! Great music, great food, great venue, great ambiance.

Review №29

Lovely ambience. Great customer service. Good suya

Review №30

Super cool with great music. I really loved the music and the place is very beautifully decorated. Definitely going back soonest.

Review №31

Tip is not compulsory, they changed me 10% of my bill when I asked they told me is their policy but I insist Im gonna pay

Review №32

Best place in DMV to have fun

Review №33

Its kinda cool. But deffenatley need more space. Too compacted

Review №34

Its too hot , packed , even during covid

Review №35

If you need to visit an African Club in the city of Laurel, this is the place to be. Nice setting but they have to work on their music output plus DJing..

Review №36

Priscilla best ever. Love her. Beautiful yung lady.Violett too ️️️

Review №37

Its a nice restaurant and dance floor venue. Good music. All genres of music.

Review №38

Prompt service, delicious food and friendly staff.

Review №39

They were very welcoming. Food was delicious and the staff were quick to serve me

Review №40

Love this place, especially their SUYA! Happy hour is the best since you can get $5 margaritas and $5 chicken wings! Customer service is awesome.

Review №41

Customer service was exceptional.. Thats why I gave 5 stars... The floor is small, I hope they can at least remove the tables in the center to make more room to dance.. DJ was good but more diversity should be encouraged

Review №42

Great place to come with friends. Love the vibez and their suya is good too. Im definitely recommending everyone to check it out. Its literally 10 mins from my house too!

Review №43

Very laid back restaurant during the day; with great customer service and a nice selection of dishes. During the evening it gets crowded with dope Afro beats, drinks and food. Very small space so I recommend coming early.Overall a great spot for happy hour as well as a night out.

Review №44

Spectrum Lounge is an African restaurant & lounge. Super cool and professional owners and employees. The food (Susa) is amazing. Get here early to enjoy the beautiful ambiance, music, food and great service. After 11pm, the place is pack with partying night owls. First l time I can here, we got here after 12pm... #packed. I’m here for the food and music... I come around 6pm.

Review №45

Its an interesting, excellent place to visit. I personally believe you wouldnt regret ever visiting this place, I love it.

Review №46

This is a gr8t hangout spot in the DMV! Best suya, immeasurable ambiance, excellent customer service, a fun filled and respectful atmosphere to have a great time with friends and associates.The owners (Holmes and Asong) are hands on and humble. They serve, they listen, and are quick to take corrective action on any concerns with the goal of making customers happy.Highly recommended.

Review №47

The place to be if you are in the mood to shake and have a good time. Ambience is on point.

Review №48

We had an amazing time celebrating my birthday and engagement! Good food , enough drinks ! Simply amazing !!

Review №49

Simply the best. Great Music, Delicious Meals, Tasty Drinks, Above All Beautiful Amazing Servers. Been There A Few Times & Cant Complain. Kudos To The Boss. Bless Up

Review №50

Very Interesting & Entertaining Environment!!

Review №51

Its straight. Good amount of breathing room. Expensive sound system .

Review №52

I loved the fish it was amazing. The wait staff wasnt that great. The bathroom could be maintained a bit better. I would come back again and hope that some minor improvements have been made. Cool spot.

Review №53

Unfortunately, I had a TERRIBLE experience during my first visit ever to this place and I would never visit again. I was driving by last month and saw a sign out front that read, Best Suya in the DMV, and being a suya-lover myself, I decided to try out their suya yesterday. Normally, I would go to my favorite suya spot at 4300 Howard road Beltsville to get my suya (they sell very good suya and well-packed for the price) but yesterday I decided to try out the suya at this place. I walked into the place and asked for a plate. They lady tells me $12 but the price is actually $10. I bring out $20 cash to pay for the suya and this light-skinned lady tells me she did not have change (a Nigerian seller trick common in Nigeria where the seller lies to the customer that they dont have change in order to coerce the customer into forfeiting their change to the seller, and thus more money to the seller), and I started to get livid that this same mentality was being displayed in America. How can you be in business and claim you dont have change and make no efforts whatsoever to try to give your customers change. Ok, I decided to pay with my debit card, which I handed over to her and she swiped and upon looking at my receipt, I noticed that she charged me extra $5 for fried plantains which I never authorized and also included a 10% tip which I never authorized. I asked her to explain the charges and she offered to get me fried plantains instead which I never asked for. I got more livid. I requested that she refund me the difference and she claimed she could not refund the money back to my debit card as it already went through. I was like, which merchant service in America is unable to refund money if need be? Do you guys think you are in Nigeria where stealing and cheating are rampant? I was totally disappointed at the level of trickery and deceit openly displayed at their customers, especially being my first time there and I had a bitter experience. We love to complain about how bad our country and how we want change but fail to realize that the change we need starts from us. I suddenly lost appetite for the Suya, which by the way was half the amount I would get at my favorite spot at Howard road and insisted on a full refund and she lied again that she had no way of refunding my money and she did not have change. Upon insisting on my full refund, this lady who previously lied to me that she did not have cash change finally brings out cash and refunds me in full. Such daylight stealing! Customers please BEWARE of this place and always check your receipts if you pay with a card (for unauthorized charges to your card). Non African customers, beware of the I dont have change trickery as it is a lie and a ploy to get you to forfeit your hard-earned money. Always insist on getting your change in full.

Review №54

This Place #spectrumlounge is the definition of Class! Best African & Mix spot for events, birthday celebrations etc. in the DMV area hands down. If your visiting from out of state, do your self a favor and visit Spectrum. Best Suya & after party destination. Most clubs/lounges have VIP sections, spectrum has a whole separate VIP club upstairs!Was particularly impressed with its customer service!!Thank You.Houston, TX appreciates!!

Review №55

Went for suya, which was nice. The bartenders attitude was trash and I guess it’s because gratuity was included. She was just rude and other people complained . Management needs to take care of whoever that girl is Tuesday night.

Review №56

Good service. Secured. Needs better Dj who understands composition of guest.

Review №57

Spectrum is LIT

Review №58

I really enjoy the place for my birthday the service is excellent

Review №59

Spectrum lounge snack bar and restaurant is the best in DMV with their High quality staff and services. Best location, tasteful Soya and music quality.

Review №60

I have been here a few times and I love the atmosphere! The owner and staff are extremely nice. The food is delicious. It may be time for a bigger venue because its always a full house.My only complaint; the last time i was there it seemed that the DJ had some sort of CD on repeat because the same mix of like 6 song played over and over, occasionally skipping one or two, which just became annoying. get it together DJ. other than that, great spot. I highly recommend! Try the suya!!!

Review №61

Best place to have fun in DMV with delicious varieties of food, customer service is excellent, dj kumalo, the best, managers so friendly, in short its a place to visit.

Review №62

Soya was good. Service was good

Review №63

Staff was very nice and attentive. The atmosphere is inviting, a place to relax and wind down after a long day. Lots of variety on the menu and the food is delicious. Try the suya! You wont be disappointed. I highly recommend!

Review №64

Upscale home of Afro-fusion cuisine and rythm..

Review №65

Thanks to Spectrum Lounge I have lost 2 teeth from trying to chew their soya. Before you buy their suya, make sure you have Iron teeth or else your teeth will come out one by each and fall.Also I can’t believe they refer to their suya as the BEST IN THE DMV. Okay! Anything to attract customers I guess. The suya does not havE Maggi. It’s very Bland! and I was given sour pepper.

Review №66

They got the best Suya in DMV .. night live is fun

Review №67

Poor costumer service, they will kick you out simply because someone wants to buy more drinks than you are buying

Review №68

Nice place to relax. Good food. Good music and good service. The only issue was finding a parking spot which was resolved by a staff member. Will definitely go back

Review №69

Free entry ...always packed... good drinks.. great music.

Review №70

Was fun with my friends when we visited this place

Review №71

Came for a friends birthday late November and we had a blast here. Great location, great service, reasonably priced food and drinks. Talked to the owner, Valéry, great guy. When you come for the first time, find him and let him know and the guy takes care of you.Side note hot tip: come early so you can get a seat.

Review №72

Everything was good the Suya included. Only problem is the table we reserved was next to three other tables so there is no space whatsoever. Also the bathroom only has one toilet, never seen men wait in line for the bathroom.

Review №73

Ladies n Lads,I enjoy hanging out at the most upscale lounge not bc of the owners but bc of exceptional customer service from the employees there. If I talk too much I may spoil the taste of the... u know what? Its best u go get ur own memorable experience

Review №74

The venue is welcoming and the atmosphere is very delightful. The food is tasty but sparingly. We enjoy the music and the waiters and owners are friendly but professional. Im telling my friends about this establishment, because I love it.

Review №75

Absolutely great suya. Truly the best suya in the DMV (trust me I am a suya lover).The nightlife ambiance is Vegas level. The servers are beautiful, management is good but Dj can play more diverse African music not only Nigerian and Cameroonian music.Definitely a hidden germ in PG county.

Review №76

Wasnt bad at all, but not too spacious enough.

Review №77

Great place to be. So much ambiance and fun. Check it out.

Review №78

Great dj cool place and vibe

Review №79

The club manager was very rude, it smells really bad and in order to sit you have to have a table. Theres also a dress code that isnt enforced. The door security wasnt aware of this dress code. NEVER AGAIN WOULD WE EVER ATTEND THIS CLUB!!!

Review №80

Their suya is hands down the best!!!

Review №81

Cool and relaxing atmosphere, nice evening and night life for those who want an authentic African atmosphere

Review №82

Beautiful evening. To celebrate brothers birthday. Cant wait for upper floors to be opened for more space. Great bottle service. Food serving during nitelife Is slightly delayed but expected due to high traffic. Needs more POS stations and more space for upper floors.Limited parking, but parking is avaliable in adjacent shopping center

Review №83

Nice place

Review №84

Great restaurant and delicious food. Amazing customer service and many options on the menu. The wait time was nonexistent. Definitely going back for the suya

Review №85

Service and food was decent, but 1 waitress was very rude and unprofessional. She took forever to get our condiments and napkins when we asked for them, but when it was time to sign the check, she had the time to literally stand in front of me and watch me as I looked over the receipt and added a tip and signed it. It was the RUDEST thing I ever experienced in a restaurant. It was like she was trying to intimidate me to give her a tip or she thought I was gonna run off and not sign the receipt, but they had already took and charged my card!!! I will NEVER go back here. I have never experienced anything so UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE in any business!!!

Review №86

It was great! I had some fish, it was quite moist which I liked though not very tasty as I would have loved but hey...

Review №87


Review №88

Great food and good music

Review №89

Great atmosphere, awesome people, delicious food, amazing drinks.....loved every moment!

Review №90

My family arrived from NYC and found the parking lot to be very comfortable. We were greeted by the manager as soon as we stepped in. They were very courteous and service was prompt! Really delicious African cuisine! Whenever were in the area thats where well eat!

Review №91

Service is poor, I went there 3 times hoping there will be some improvements after speaking with management but the issues are still the same. Each time I went there I had to wait 30 min to be welcomed amd acknowledged. And there were not busy times at all.The servers dont come and help you unless you are a regular and they know you, and they always seems in a bad mood and nonchalant. But as soon as the boss walks in, the dynamic changes.They also need to implement a dresscode, shorts for men should be banned, they were advertising upscale, this is not it.Anywho they lost a potential regular client.The suya and the wings are good though, drinks are big in size too, those are the only few good things

Review №92

I love everything about this place the service is awesome the vibe is 100%.

Review №93

I’ve been to different lounges in the DMV area, but Spectrum Lounge is by far the most spectacular. The place is beautiful,food is sumptuous , customer service is perfect, DJ does a great job at keeping the crowd entertained. I’ve been there twice and can’t wait to visit again. If you in the DMV area and want to catch fun, visit spectrum lounge.

Review №94

Pretty place but its always backed up. Barely have space for a foot step.DJs know how to keep the vibe up.but just good for listening and drinking. No space to dance on weekends.

Review №95

Spectacular and friendly customer services, wonderful and tasty food, good location, all genre of music, available parking and above all rides provided to not too sober customers. An excellent place to be while in Maryland.

Review №96

Love this place. Very mature clientele base even on busy weekends.Their suya is great, but I also enjoyed their passion chicken. My favorite was the jollof rice.Great customer service too , and they have the cheapest bottle service I have ever seen.

Review №97

Music was in consistent, food came fast good...however the jollaf was different, chicken was ok, onions soaked in vinegar get a thumbs down, but the server were polite slow, but extremely nice

Review №98

Fun loungeDelicious Suya

Review №99

Dope music. Space abit cramped though.

Review №100

Perfect lounge

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  • Address:10601 Baltimore Ave #100, Beltsville, MD 20705, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 240-204-8362
  • Lounge
  • Night club
  • Restaurant
Working hours
  • Monday:4pm–3am
  • Tuesday:4pm–3am
  • Wednesday:4pm–2am
  • Thursday:4pm–2am
  • Friday:4pm–2am
  • Saturday:4pm–2am
  • Sunday:4pm–2am
Service options
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Black-owned:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Dancing:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Food at bar:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy-hour food:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Upmarket:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Accepts reservations:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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