Phantom Fireworks of Beloit
2917 Milwaukee Rd, Beloit, WI 53511, United States

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Went about a week ago and spent $200, got buy one get one free. Went back today and spent another $90, was told buy one get one free was only if you had the flyer. Which I did in the car, but didn’t need it literally a WEEK ago so didn’t bring it in. Was told all sales were final. Won’t be going back, every year we go and spend hundreds of dollars. Place across the street was still buy one get one free no problems, they got the rest of my business this year and will continue the following years.

Review №2

Great place! Normally great selection, but all of the fireworks shops Ive been selling out of everything they have send cities havent been doing their fireworks displays. But they will get restocked soon! Absolutely go down and see them!

Review №3

Friendly but a little pushy staff. Prices are fine the buy one get one is nice.

Review №4

Friendly staff helpful and patient!I saw a comment they didn’t get free stuff, I asked my sales man if I was going to get free stuff he said no.. but at the checkout I was gifted 3 fountains and a tshirt !

Review №5

Awesome customer service. Great fireworks great value. Clean, friednly and awesome products at a great price. The buy ome get one free is definitely deserving a 5 star rating. Go here!!!!

Review №6

Went in on a day they were receiving a truck! Shelf’s pretty much half stocked and half the coupons were invalid because the did not have anything in store! Also when you spend a certain amount of money you get free items, guess what no free items. They could have at least substituted for the inconvenience!

Review №7

One of the best places to get fireworks/ sparklers

Review №8

This place is awesome I highly recommend signing up for their email Club so that you get the buy one get two free coupons

Review №9

Doesnt seem very organized but still lots of fun!

Review №10

They were excellent only thing that sucked is by the time I went (July 3rd at 11pm) they didnt have much of a selection, but I guess that is probably to be expected so close to the 4th.

Review №11

Although it was July 3rd, Phantom Fireworks failed. However the little firework shop down the road around the corner was fantastic offering a two-for-one deal on everything in the store.

Review №12

They have a BOGO deal right now thats awesome. Also, The workers were helpful and patient.

Review №13

Good prices and the staff is very helpful.

Review №14

The guy working was super friendly and very knowledgeable on all the products

Review №15

If you have ever been to a Krazy Kaplins superstore then you will most likely not like this place....

Review №16

Nice store. Must be from Illinois to get anything illegal

Review №17

You really cant say anything bad about a firework store open all year...

Review №18

Always great customer service.

Review №19

Always great deals and friendly staff

Review №20

My kid love this place

Review №21

The employees were very pleasant. The young man that helped me out was very helpful and knew exactly what he was talking about. My experience was overall a great one

Review №22

I come here for fourth of July every year. The buy one get one free is great. I get twice the amount of items for one. My kids love the fireworks.

Review №23

Came to this place and had no fireworks not worth the 3 Hour Drive

Review №24

Quick, efficient and easy!

Review №25

Bought some fireworks to celebrate the 4th. My neighbor and I bought a combination of assortments and mortars. We were very pleased with the show we put on for our friends and family. Gave the locals a run for their money.

Review №26

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Really good deals after the fourth. If you go sign up for their deals at 31264 and text phantom.

Review №27

Terrible experience very pushy employee D. Singh was very unpleasant didnt let me see what i was purchasing and kicked me out of the store along with another employee will never go here again

Review №28

Love there buffet. I wish they would bring back the bbq chicken

Review №29

I needed some lanterns for a special occasion and they had the colors I needed and they worked properly and the staff were very helpful.

Review №30

Will not sell any fireworks that shoot in the air to Wisconsin residents

Review №31

Always friendly and helpful

Review №32

Great place to get fire works

Review №33

Barely any employees wearing mask.

Review №34

Go early if you plan on going the weekend before the 4th of July. When we arrived (shortly after they opened) there was hardly anyone else there, and we were able to get in and out very quickly.The BOGO on everything was also a nice bonus, but Im 99.9% sure they do this every year around the 4th of July.

Review №35

Really good quality fireworks and great deals, i have used this location for years and always will.

Review №36

High prices not much choices

Review №37

Great fireworks at great prices. Excellent customer service, also. I shop there every year right after the 4th of July to get some fantastic deals to stock up for next year. $100 got me a trunk load of fireworks for next year, and Ill definitely be back again! Highly recommended for your fireworks needs!

Review №38

Nice place to get your fireworks. Easy to get to

Review №39

Only go here is you know what you are getting. They specialize in aerial fireworks. If you are looking for a variety of fountains and other ground fireworks, go elsewhere.We went on the 4th of July, and while the prices were fine, the work flow of the store was incredibly poor. They let too many people into the store at a time. They had people behind the counter to ask questions, but they needed those folks to help speed up decisions. They were far too passive.Check out lines should have been organized by volume of order to keep people moving. They didnt have enough people helping to pull orders. Someone with some process improvement experience needs to get in there to help develop a better process.

Review №40

You are like a little kid in a candy store the people who work here and very helpful and around 4th of July you are standing in line to get in so many different fire works to choose from prices are really decent

Review №41

Located in Wisconsin but dont sell to wisconsin residents unless you are looking for snakes and sparklers! (This is printed on there website. Wish I would have checked into that before driving there!) Thought I would take a look around anyway....selection was weak, and unlike most stores they keep everything behind the counter so you need to wait for someone to help you with your selection. Also no smoking on property signs everywhere, but there were 3 employees enjoying a smoke break in the parking lot. 2 stars because I love phantom fireworks, but not this store. Not impressed!

Review №42

The assortment of inventory here is great its not just giant sparklers like all the places in WI, they have real fireworks.The man that works here is great, he is really cool & friendly & went out of his way to help me find what I needed for a project.

Review №43

Fun place

Review №44

Knowledgeable staff and good selection

Review №45

So far disappointed in quality. Reloadable tube in a 24 pack is only rated for six shells and delaminated after one use. No duds? BS! A full third of the silver salute crackers have failed to fire. Opened some Roman candles and all the powder fell out of one. Fountains with no visible fuses or fuse slots. I travelled a bunch to get there, spent a ton of money and so far, disappointed. I gave three stars instead of two because the staff was great and I got a free t-shirt.

Review №46

Go place to start ur Fourth of July party supplies.

Review №47

Not as many options as Indiana location and it is like 100 degrees in there but good service and still a nice selection.

Review №48

Love this place

Review №49

Good people

Review №50

A small store but they carry the most popular.

Review №51

Lots of selection of fireworks. Also if you go after the 4th there are really good sales. When I went it was 3 for the price of 1 on almost everything in the store.

Review №52

That was my first time Steff very polite

Review №53

Great sales, most of the workers are nice...most of them...

Review №54

Huge selection as well as very reasonable prices! Around the 4th of July, they do a great deal of buy one get one free of either the same package or similar ones. As well as extra fireworks being given away depending on the amount of money you spend. I can say wholeheartedly that Phantom Fireworks gave me a very memorable 4th of July!

Review №55

Not a lot to choose from but what they do have is great. But 1 get 1 free all the time. Cant beat that. Must have a valid ID (state or DL).

Review №56

Weve been coming to this place for many years awesome selection I would definitely go early so you dont have to wait so long

Review №57

The staff were not very helpful, they had a small selection, and what they did have was way over priced. We ended up leaving and going across the street to a little family run place with much lower prices, way more helpful staff, and better buy one get one deals. Ill never go back to Phantom. Over-rated.

Review №58

Very helpful and got a great deal for the bucks,

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Review №60

They use to be awesome when I was a kid. Now they barley have any fireworks. Everything use to be out on the floor for you to be able to physically look at now its all behind the counter. They use to give a catalog of everything they had describing what the fireworks do but no more of those either. They are going downhill

Review №61

Prices are insane. You guys must be rich or just dumb to pay these prices. They Say buy one get 1 but what you dont no is they double the retail price so your really getting nothing for free.

Review №62

. Felt like I got a good amount of fireworks for the price I paid. layout of the stores a little confusing and it feels like they should have a little bit bigger selection. Overall I have no complaints.

Review №63

Way to hot in there and smells like body odor

Review №64

We love this firework shop we go here every year they have the best deals and closest to our house definitely recommend to a friend

Review №65

Your standard phantom fireworks store. High quality. Neat, well stocked and well organized.

Review №66

Wisconsin residents are NOT able to buy anything that goes in the air. Dont waste your time. Unless all your looking for is sparklers and lame fountains.

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Review №68

Not as big as I had hoped. It also wasnt the cheapest. They were however well organized and seemed better that some of the independent shops.

Review №69

Prices on holidays are high as expected, but if you prepare before you can get a good bang for your buck. Its personally one of my favorites and one of the cheapest places to go even during that time

Review №70

Great service

Review №71

Great deals good friendly knowledgeable staff

Review №72

Was nice friendly atmosphere and fairly cheap also open before and selling before the 4th of July

Review №73

Tons of inventory

Review №74

Always a wonderful experience, nice people and willing to help.

Review №75

Amazing prices and selection

Review №76

The $100 special box was a rip off. The sparklers only caught on fire never actually sparked. My kids were disappointed. Two of the fireworks we blew off actually shot sideways towards people rather than go up in the air. This box is defective and dangerous. I wouldn’t go here again.

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Review №78

They will make your firework show a unforgettable moment

Review №79

Good prices and selection. Good workers.

Review №80

Selection sucks unless youre 10 years old and prices are up there. Went to Delavin and got 4 huge cakes for 99 bux, mortars, roman candles for dirt cheap

Review №81

Not much of a showroom.. waste of time going

Review №82

Service was okay prices were terrible. Even for the pittly stuff they wanted a ton of money when did having a little bit of fun cost you your bank account

Review №83

Very under staffed I had to wait in multiple lines approx. 20-30min each time.. Very over priced and despite the fact that they store explosives there it was extremely hot and packed full of people...

Review №84

Cool workers. Nice store

Review №85

Pretty expensive and if you live in Wisconsin all you can buy are fountains and things like that which we can get in the Walmart parking lot. However while the selection is small if your from Illinois you can buy some pretty cool mortars and such. Basically if you live in Wisconsin you go to the Illinois shop and if you live in Illinois you come to the Wisconsin shop.

Review №86

Every year Phantom has what I need! Love the deals!!

Review №87

Love to get fireworks and moccasins kids enjoy the large mouse

Review №88

Great experience... they are awesome as always

Review №89

Been in there many times and used to go there when it was the royal palm Roller Rink many many years ago

Review №90

Good place to get fireworks anything from sparklers to big noisy fireworks

Review №91

Great prices and can always count on quality products.

Review №92

Good stuff expensive but if you find a special you will be happy

Review №93

Terrible quality control. We had two Roman candles blow backwards on the last report (one requiring a trip to the emergency room with burns to the face and retnia). We had half of the dozen mortars explode inches out of the tube and 2 blew up on the ground in the tube. Very dangerous.

Review №94

Very good service and quality items.

Review №95

Good visit staff were great

Review №96

Still lighting off fireworks!

Review №97

Good selection of fireworks. Felt like it was slightly pricier than a competitor they Ive visited in Indiana.

Review №98

Great place to get firework in Beloit Wisconsin

Review №99

Refused to honor a Groupon that was for this specific location.

Review №100

Horrible customer service. Spent over $500 and asked manager a question only to be told dont own the store and walked away before even answering question. Called corporate and talked to a rude rep. Manaer didnt care either. Go to cornellier fireworks across the street and save your money and time. Will be goin back to cornellier next year.

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