Bellmore Playhouse
525 Bedford Ave, Bellmore, NY 11710, United States

Review №1

Loved supporting a local theater. We had a party here and they were very accommodating. Ill be back to see a show for sure.

Review №2

We went for a birthday party and the kids watched The Incredibles 2. The theatres are small but the seats recline which was nice. The party started 30 minutes before the movie so the kids could get their snacks and get settled and all that stuff. After the movie, which was great by the way, the kids sang happy birthday and had cake in the theatre. Pretty good time for a movie birthday party.

Review №3

Good movie, comfy seats, socially distant, clean, nice selection, good concession stands, matinee, senior and other discounts

Review №4

Very neat n clean. Almost empty!

Review №5

Its kinda messy looking. And there are seats that dont face the screen. But the prices are okay!

Review №6

One of your quiet, local theaters. I saw movies here often as a kid. Lines arent usually too long and the employees are nice. Prices are not too bad either.

Review №7

I take my daughter to this theater. We really like the reclining seats and 1 level theater. The seats are pretty wide and not narrow like some of the other theaters weve been to. The theater is pretty clean. They usually start on time, give and take 5 minutes on occasion.

Review №8

Really not bad for the price, and the Tuesday $6 deal is even better. Great sound, the seats are pretty good (despite the corny bold blue lol) though the arms dont go up. Lights came on full blast as soon as credits showed which was rough on the eyes and sucked for watching the after credits scene, but again, fair enough for the price.

Review №9

I love this movie theater. Im always able to find a seat for a last minute flick. The staff is great and friendly

Review №10

Awesome Friendly comfortable clean!

Review №11

Quaint little old-fashioned neighborhood movie theater with a full bar/lounge in an upstairs loft. Nothing makes terrible kids movies and chick flicks more tolerable than a double scotch during a quick bathroom break lol.

Review №12

Favorite theater in the local area. Tickets are always much cheaper than other theaters! The playhouse also runs on a first come first serve basis (meaning you dont have to deal with the annoyance of assigned seating). The staff seems to always be friendly and since the renovation I cant see why youd go anywhere else. The seats are comfy plus there is a bar to buy drinks before the movie! Love it!

Review №13

The overall experience watching movie, effects, seats are all good except that to get in theater waiting in lines until you get the theater opened for you is not that comfortable. It would be better if there was a seat reservation system so you can skip waiting in lines. If this is implemented I am okay to give a 5 start. Parking you need to also prepare to do street parking and so you need to be there early to get a parking close to theater

Review №14

Super nice staff and comfortable seating.. sound system was great.. really nice place to bring the kids

Review №15

Strange arrangement for cleaning theartres requiring large group of movie goers to wait in lobby. There were many older people in the small lobby with no seats. Parking also problematic. But the full lounge chairs are very comfortable.

Review №16

Nice neighborhood theater. The concessions are expensive especially when the popcorn is inedible. So salty your lips feel like they’re falling off

Review №17

The price is much cheaper than commercial movies theaters, but movies availability is poor...not much choices to choose from. They have recliners in the theaters, that’s good enough for me!

Review №18

Great intimate local business theater. Popcorn is a little salty though. Check Groupon for deals!

Review №19

I had a HORRIBLE experience!!! My daughter had a birthday party today and the manager was our hostess. She was sooooo incredibly rude! A few parents stayed because they’re kids were scared and she charged me an additional $50 flat parent fee. She also counted children (and tried to say I had more than I paid for which I didn’t) and threatened to charge me a cleaning fee because some popcorn was on the floor. When I disputed these charges she threatened to call the police and put my children in hysterics!!! I would NEVER have a birthday party there again!!!!!

Review №20

Great theater! Good prices on tickets and concession. Friendly staff. Clean and comfortable recliners. Will definitely be coming back.

Review №21

Awesome theatre, they have a full bar available on weekends and you can bring the drink to the show!

Review №22

Nice theater, clean and not expensive for treats. Nice chairs.

Review №23

Its okay. The staff appears to always have better things to do. There is always popcorn on the floor, the garbage cans were just bought from home depot and look awful, and they dont even close the door to your movie. Just the little things that could be taken care of that could make this better.

Review №24

Love it here. Movies are great and the seats recline.

Review №25

Best theatre ever!! Great seats and free refills on popcorn and sodas for extra large! Awesome quality guys! Keep this place outstanding like this!!! Worth it!!

Review №26

Went out of their way to change reel to another theatre so we could see the movie we wanted when it was broken. Nice local theatre with comfy seetscand friendly staff

Review №27

Went for a kids party, parking is not great but the theatre was clean and comfortable.

Review №28

This is one of my favorite places to see a movie with my kids.

Review №29

Completely renovated. Reclining seats. A wonderful way to see a movie.

Review №30

Very nic place first time therel love it

Review №31

Great theater. A big part of the Bellmore community. All theaters have power recliners.

Review №32

Nice cozy place to watch movies.

Review №33

Slightly cheaper but smaller theaters. Reclining seating takes the cake though

Review №34

PRIVATE PARTY...great place for a kids birthday and parents(parents invited with the kids..who else is going to watch all these 4 year olds) both parents have to do very little ..watched Frozen 2...popcorn, soda, & pizza served by theatre personnel during the movie , & cupcakes after show.Host arranges for pizzA delivery to theatre ( umbertos near by) and host supplied supplied drinks, plates, napkins & plenty of Popcorn at start of movie.PS..there were 2 other theaters doing same in the building.

Review №35

Great little multi theater. I love going here because its very clean and not pricey

Review №36

Had a great time at the playhouseSeats were amazing.Dont go tired ?Pity about the vending machines Lost $2 dollars on broken machine.Overall very pleasant experience.

Review №37

Clean very comfortable chairs. Everyone was polite

Review №38

I love the new couches they put

Review №39

Great seats good package prices on popcorn and sode

Review №40

Such a nice theater!! The staff was SO friendly and kind. Seats were super comfy and recline! So fun!! Prices are great and the Concession stand staff was so nice

Review №41

Good movie theater with good prices on matinees etc.

Review №42

Great seats! Love the discounted tickets

Review №43

Cool place for a group. Went for a kids birthday party. It was nice and cozy. Felt that friends and family was having movie night in their home.

Review №44

Very nice local theater. Very clean and the staff very friendly. Comfortable reclining seats and very reasonably priced food and snacks

Review №45

Came here to watch the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie. I bought tickets for my friends since they were late but there is no option to save seats and we ended up being apart from each other and one of my friends didnt even need to show the security a ticket to get into the movie room. Although I had a great time I wish they had more rooms for that movie or even the option to choose seats.

Review №46

Love this place. Cozy and not so crowded and people are considerate enough to leave their phones off while the movie is on. It tends to be cold so bring a sweater. Clientele seem more mature.

Review №47

Very clean and comfortable. The theater we were in had the new recliner chairs, definitely adds to the theater experience.

Review №48

The most comfy seats I’ve ever sat in at a movie theatre. Wow!!!

Review №49

Nice theater. I love the lounge seating. Its clean and typically not over crowded. I wish they had a parking lot.

Review №50

Somewhat dingy and old looking. On the flipside, you can rent a theater for private events

Review №51

Lovely local theatre. Great recliner seats, good sound system and refreshments. Parking too.

Review №52

Great environment, military discount given to vets and Active Duty personnel

Review №53

Not very friendly server...if I didnt know better I would have thought it had to do with...side SUCKED. It matched the servers attitude... the movie ticket staff was pleasant....seats were descent...

Review №54

Awesome and wonderful movie theater

Review №55

Nice Theater plush seating. Good price for early show. On street parking and lot in the back. Could be a challenge to park depending on the time you go.

Review №56

Good movies, good seating, good prices.

Review №57

Wonderful seats, they recline and make you so comfortable. The theater #5 was small so get there early. The place was relatively clean and staff was friendly. Parking was around back but it is shard with other stores so it can get crowded.

Review №58

Small theater but it has the comfy reclining seats.Very rarely crowded for 10 pm weekend shows.On Tuesdays everyone can go for half price.Seniors are those 62 and above.The screens are smaller but not as small as they were when they had 8 theatres.

Review №59

Small but very nice theater. I love the comfortable reclining seats

Review №60

Cozy and an inexpensive. A nice neighborhood theater thats open to everyone. Every town should have one. But since that is not the case, this is the place to go.

Review №61

Went to a birthday party here for my sons friend. The place was disgusting. Filthy. The seats were never cleaned and there were bugs in them. Makes me sick thinking of it.

Review №62

The staff was very polite and helpful

Review №63

Hostess was great,recomend highly

Review №64

Comfortable seats, but a cup holder was broken.

Review №65

Love this small town theater. Its cozy with friendly staff and reclining seats.

Review №66

Very nice space plenty of parking and a very attentive staff but the drinks were outrageously expensive $14 ???

Review №67

Small and quiet

Review №68

Very comfortable recliner seats and clean theater.

Review №69

The absolute worst movie theater since their staff has changed. Theres always popcorn on the seats and floor the manager she is so damn rude. I would never go back here again

Review №70

We regularly have our grandchildrens birthday parties at The Bellmore Playhouse. The kids and their adults are treated wonderfully by an incredibly accommodating staff and get to see a first run film as well. The Playhouse is always clean and comfortable and the kids always have a great time. Cant recommend them highly enough!!!

Review №71

My nephew had 2 Birthday Parties there. Everyone enjoyed their visit there. Nice theatre and great comfy seats that recline! Parking behind the theatre. Nice staff.

Review №72

Great neighborhood movie theater, clean, hood variety of showtimes. Recently renovated.

Review №73

Amazing seats and great place to hang out with your friends! Birthday parties too! I got to say I wish there were more seats in the right side of the theatre so one of my friends don’t have to be excluded. Very nice theatre

Review №74

Very nice place with a little bit of everything only downside is that the Bar is way too expensive paid $12 for rum/soda and $4 for a small 8oz Apple juice isnt the city for having those outrageous prices

Review №75

I have to give a shout out to all who work here. We had made last minute arrangements to see a movie with about 100 children over the break. Another theatre had canceled the morning of and the Bellmore Playhouse was able to accommodate our entire group. Please patronize this place as I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again to all the wonderful staff.

Review №76

Perfect party for toddlers and kids!!

Review №77

Always a great place to see a movie

Review №78

Good theater to hold a party. This time a friend rented it for STAR WARS and. It was great. Filled the place up and reclined and enjoyed the movie. Kids were a little nuisance even mine but had a fun time.Since it was a special screening the food area was semi shut down. Could have sold me a better snack or meal if it was open.Update the food when the features hit... Otherwise we all had a fun time. Could be better.

Review №79

Really good seats and really good screen view! They also have Indian movies here, such as malayalam.

Review №80

Love the new comfortable seats.Nice movie theater. Great for hosting birthday movie parties.

Review №81

The seats were sticky and there was trash all over the floor

Review №82

Nice chairs to enjoy a movie.

Review №83

Im gonna be honest here. The theater is mediocre at best. Mens bathroom is like a public bathhouse, everything is on display... The worst part is that the isles in the theaters are straight down the middle, that means the best seats for viewing dont exist. Find a better theater like AMC or Regal, its worth it.

Review №84

Its always a pleasure to view my movies there. Clean theatres and restrooms and a very friendly and helpful staff. I also love the fact they employ the handicapped for ticket checkers. Never had one issue there.

Review №85

Nice ambient and clean

Review №86

Love this place. Small. The managers control the theaters well. I was in a movie there and some girls kept pulling out their phones and the manager stopped the movie and yelled at them. I thought that was great. My favorite theater to go to.

Review №87

Went there for a fundraiser for my sons baseball we saw avengers seating was comfortable audio was good as well as good video quality

Review №88

Great neighborhood theater! All recliner seats... Fresh popped popcorn.. Great staff!!

Review №89

Movies were good but rude people with the cell phone s going off during shows

Review №90

A cute theater with comfy reclining seats.

Review №91

Nice wide seats. It was a bit sticky but blame the patrons

Review №92

Amazing movie theater

Review №93

Nice little theater

Review №94

There was a poop stain on my screen i think it was theater 7 and someone was moaning in the back seats , and someone kept yelling “yo money mop” and “this movie sucks” “my lifes a movie.” the guy with the mustache was very nice and dapped me up though.

Review №95

This is a nice movie theatre but to me its not worth the discomfort since their seats havent been renovated.

Review №96

Good theater but not as large as others. They have the recliner seats now. Be careful if you go during the weekends. Lots of kids are there and they tend to talk throughout the movie

Review №97

Comfortable theater and great movie!

Review №98

I thought this theater was extremely dirty & there is definitely a rodent issue that I’ve seen with my own eyes!! They need to clean that place up and get an exterminator in there ASAP!

Review №99

Second time here, small place but very neat and clean experience

Review №100

Had to do a DJ gig here was ok upstairs very small too dark freezing an too many tables not a great place to rent to throw your party

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  • Address:525 Bedford Ave, Bellmore, NY 11710, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 516-783-5440
  • Movie theater
  • Entertainer
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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