Hollywood Sports
9030 Somerset Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706, United States

Review №1

My son and friends spent birthday here. They practice COVID protocols including masks & temps taken for each entrant. Soft paintball option for novices and they allow outside food. Everyone here - staff and customers - are enthusiastic and engaged. Youll have fun even if paintball isnt quite your thing.

Review №2

Had a blast the house place I stay at had a planned trip for paint ball I loved the experience.

Review №3

Great staff, enforce rules but do so in an understanding manner

Review №4

Love coming here, staff is always friendly, games are frequent, prices are great.. only giving 4 start because they could use some upgrades :Add more lockers as more then quite a few are broken deeming them unusableFixing the netting around fields so paintballs dont fly wjere they are not suppose to.. example is speedball, paintball went straight through the net and almost hit me and a couple of my group in the face as we had our masks off while we were waiting to play next.Fixing exterior net from parking lots so our cars dont get hit with paint..Fix the turf grass in speedball as its uneven and pretty roughAdd speedball fields back by where Airsoft staging is at, forst time back there and it looked like there was plenty of room for maybe 2 speedball maps.Other than all that, i love this place and im excoted to go every time

Review №5

Wow what an Amazing Place to go to enjoy friendly, paintball fighting. This was my son and I first time going we knew nothing, But the staff was so friendly. They walked us thru everything, and explained it all. We didnt have to get a locker for your stuff. It was explained to me. That no one steals off tables. Its an role of sportsmanship. Even in the playing field the players were competitive but friendly. We will be going back in two weeks. I am an Fan, so will you.

Review №6

Love everything about this place, 7th time going and Ill never get tired of the great sportsmanship and service

Review №7

This is huge place of paint gun play. My son was so happy and really enjoyed. But youd better wear cheap and old clothes and shoes. After birthday party, he became so dirty.

Review №8

This place is awesome. Its a paintball and airlift paradise. Everything you need is right here. And the places to play are awesome. I only gave it four stars because parking is kind of tricky. But otherwise a great experience.

Review №9

Always a good time! Paintball, restaurant and bar! How can you go wrong!

Review №10

Have you ever experienced paintball? Yeah either until YESTERDAY and Ill be back! Our group had a leader/ref to monitor our game and instruct us! Jessyca was amazing! Everyone in my group was there for the FIRST time and was eager to play. After signing in, getting instructions and renting our weapons and ammo the energy was high! We split into two groups and then it was on! We played airsoft paintball which is a less painful version of paintball but just as fun

Review №11

Had so much fun

Review №12

Took my boys here for my youngest 12th birthday and what a treat. Couple things they have super cool VIP rooms that are great for birthday parties or just making sure you get a room that’s out if the sun and secure. However you need to reserve these prior to your arrival as very few times are the available same day. At a cost of $85 it’s a steal and will make your day so much better. Remember there’s two style of paintballs 50cal and 68cal the lower 50cal is generally reserved for less advanced and ideal for kids imo. The nice part is they both offer all the same parks and after one run my kids totally forgot that they were using the smaller caliber. If your going in a group of 5 or more remember to check Groupon they generally offer a nice discount. They allow food from out side so bring snacks but they also have a full bar for adults and a really big menu including full pizzas. If your looking something that kids will come home from excited and worn out this is your stop! I will definitely be back!!

Review №13

Great place. Make sure to drive all the way to the back for airsoft. If I remember correctly, no thunder bees allowed because of the apartments near by.

Review №14

Awesome place to take the kids and shoot them too lol but really fun place

Review №15

My local field therefore it merits a 5 star! Where else you gonna find a paintball field in the middle of a city on 27 acres?

Review №16

Very exciting for the kids. They had a great time. They sometimes have specials on Groupon which make the experience affordable for those on any budget. The staff was helpful. The environment was safe and organized. They had a diverse selection of music playing which made the visit enjoyable for those who werent shooting. There is saftey gear and other items you made need for rent if you dont own your own.

Review №17

Hellava good time. Im going again n soon.

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Review №19

Great paintball/ Airsoft fieldsEveryone knows me as the Juggernaut and if you guys want to come and play with me contact meAs well as the Manager of this place know me

Review №20

Customer reps were very bad at giving instructions. They had us waiting inline for 20 minutes just to tell us to go watch the safety video. You could of told us that after spending $850. Then we get back in line and wait another 20 minutes just to tell us we need our wristbands signed. Then we go back in line for 15 minutes then the reps say to go to window 3 when all the windows clearly state rental pickup.

Review №21

Went to a private event and it was my first time there. I really liked the details of the areas.

Review №22

Very nice

Review №23

It was great. It was a fun experience and the people were friendly. But the rentals are too high and a guy gave me a rental for expensive guns for just 5-10 dollars.

Review №24

Best place to paintball hands down, employees really take care of me and my family

Review №25

Excellent service

Review №26

They have a big Hall for party’s it’s really nice.

Review №27

Best place to paintball all day and all night

Review №28

So much fun here

Review №29

Very fun the owner bear is a really nice person

Review №30

Good place for gamers of paintball

Review №31

Paint ball fun.

Review №32

Came here on an Indian Guides trip with my son and had a blast. It was his first time paintballing and I was a little worried that he would be afraid after getting shot, but the smaller Paintball Soft bullets dont hurt at all. Maps are fun to play and the refs we had did a good job. Get there early though--by noon the place was packed.

Review №33

Very fun place to be at. Nothing but good times and good experience. For the first time going to a paintball place, it was awesome.

Review №34

Good park, terrible customer service. Basically no one picks up the phone and I called 6 times, good luck.

Review №35

It was OK. The fields were neat in the fact that they were themed. But the place is so old and over used, that much of their uniqueness was worn away. Basically just big fields of stuff covered with paint. They were rather disorganized and many of the matches degraded into no clear winners. The common areas were better than many of the other places Ive been to though and the gear we rented worked well.

Review №36

Cool paintball park. Not sure what the rest of it is now. Years ago it was a great multipurpose venue, but now it seems like only a paintball park.

Review №37

It was great, i would rate it a five but i believe their was a group celebrating a birthday party and one of them work in this place, so he should know the rules. Yet they would go againts the rules. I was shot in the head and was continued to being shot even though i had shouted that i had been hit. Might go back hopefully with better luck next time.

Review №38

I very much enjoyed my day here!

Review №39

Had a great day. Great refs. Even tho I got sprayed by a teammate

Review №40

Get fields, reasonable prices.

Review №41

Sooo this place is a great place to play speedball. The paintball soft is a good way for new players to get into paintball. Only complaint is the price. Only house paint is allowed

Review №42

How like how in Friday u can bring ur own paint balls

Review №43

The staff could use some work. Over all the place is great

Review №44

It was hella fun! Dont be afraid it doesnt hurt much!

Review №45

Had a great time here with my grandson and his friends for his birthday!

Review №46

Attended this paint ball place with my son for a party. He has a great time even though he was covered in welts. The party was week run and the facility is a great place to play paint ball.

Review №47

One of the best places to go airsofting, staff are very nice. Overall the perfect place to go

Review №48

Awesome experience

Review №49

A good place to play airsoft and paint ball they have a pro shop and decent size maps

Review №50

Place is amazing and fun but the cheaters ruin the experience. Overall your day is affected by cheaters and those who dont follow the rules.

Review №51

Best time I had in a while. A bit pricey, and all the mask you rent fog up easily. Which makes it difficult to see.

Review №52

Fun,fun,fun. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

Review №53

Great place

Review №54

Supper great

Review №55

Good service as always! Great place.

Review №56

I go herr once a week the membership is a great deal the refs are funny and do there best to keep it safe and fare some of the locals can be rude but not the parks fault

Review №57

Very unprofessional. Rude nasty employees that act as though you coming in is a bother and that they are doing you a great big favor by treating you like a p.o.s.The last time I went my group was walking in to the entrance and this guy yells at us Hey what you want!. After he said it again said what? He replied I said, what you want! I replied going to paintball. He responded with ssshhh, keep going that way then.I know where the entrance is and certainly dont need some dirty looking guy telling my in a nasty negative way Im going the right way.The whole place needs an H.R. class in public relations.

Review №58

Fun place, good people and staff. I will be coming back.

Review №59

Great place to hang out with family!

Review №60

This field has great refs!!! I Highly recommend this field!!

Review №61

Great park good staff lots of different fields

Review №62

Field paint only but overall cool spot

Review №63

Best place to have a birthday party for kids 5 to 60 year olds. Spongeball, paintballsoft4kids, paintballsoft, airsoft, paintball. Just call the park and ask for JAMAL

Review №64

Home base for BMX, Paintball and Airsoft !!! Best track operator in the country !!!

Review №65

Not as big as SC Village and does not accept SCs gift cards- referees are too young do not enforce Airsoft rules and guidelines and are worried about their friends on the field rather than the game- I guess they get 1 ☆ because they have night games unlike Corona.

Review №66

The best Airsoft field in the area by a landslide

Review №67

Great time paintballing

Review №68

Recommend this place to anybody to really good

Review №69

1st time there had a great time !

Review №70

Great place to have fun with kids

Review №71

Great place to hang out with kids

Review №72

Awesome for kids and adults

Review №73

Great fun but full of douche bags.

Review №74

My paintball go to place

Review №75

Great place

Review №76

Knowledgeable staff great for parties

Review №77

Fun and great customer care

Review №78

Bring your own food

Review №79


Review №80

Super fun spot to paintball

Review №81

Awesome layout but refs need work as they allow to many things to slide when done by their regular players which made the overall day frustrating DEFINETLY wont be going back

Review №82

Excellent service.

Review №83

Go and enjoy

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Review №85

Very good airsoft

Review №86

Great fields for paintball

Review №87

Grate place to play airsoft

Review №88


Review №89

Aw some place to take the kids to tired then selfs out

Review №90

Mad fun!!

Review №91

Good place

Review №92

Best paintball courses

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