2500 N Fairfield Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45431, United States

Review №1

I love this store! I purchased painting items for my granddaughters. Also, I found and bought this cute item because my full-time travel trailer lifestyle. Im so excited to paint it.

Review №2

Savannah helped me tremendously! Im a novice when it comes to arts and crafts and she did a fantastic job helping me out! She should be commended!

Review №3

They have a variety of scrapbooks and they were on sale. Also I found beads for $1.99 very cute dark colors. I was looking for extrapages for my wedding scrapbook and Michaels have it.

Review №4

Always great clearance aisle, but you definitely have to dig through. Staff is aloof and lacking in knowledge of items and sale dates, but not rude, just aloof

Review №5

Things you need at affordable prices

Review №6

Fantastic store for the crafter. I could spend days looking at everything they have available.

Review №7

I always find more than what I intended to buy! I just like wandering the aisles to see what is new.

Review №8

They always have a variety of what I need and the prices are affordable.

Review №9

Great prices. Sales on xmas merchandise.

Review №10

Quite a bit of stuff but hobby lobby def has better prices for the same items they have...will not go back...

Review №11

It was very well stocked and the employees were nice and helpful.

Review №12

Its a bit cramped and if there are more than like 10 people in the store, you can tell its hard to move around. Also, the bathrooms are never clean.

Review №13

Its a bit small but has a great selection for artists.

Review №14

My experience was good. The employees were very nice and sweet. The prices were also good. I plan on going back there when I need things for my crafts.

Review №15

Staff is super friendly and theres a great selection!

Review №16

Always have great sales and staff super friendly!

Review №17

Sold out of the yarn I was interested to purchase. Only one skein in each color line of two choices. They will still make a pretty scarf for my grandson.

Review №18

Love this store! Employees are pleasant and willing to help if needed.

Review №19

I was disappointed to hear you are discontinuing plastic canvas materials.

Review №20

Love my cashier here. Je had the modt beautifullist hands

Review №21

I was ordering items online and one item had to be picked up at the store one hour away from me. They wrote go to the store and inside is a call button and a associate will help u, no need to wait in line. It took 5 minutes before an associate responded to the call. And proceeded to tell me to get in line. (5 deep) I questioned her and told her what the email said. And she huffed to help me. Nor impressed with her. However. The sticker collection was very impressive and I did make more purchases, it is a marketing tool to not sell everything online to be shipped in order to get traffic in the store.I wonder if they will pay for my gas because they did not honor the free shipping even though I spent more than $35. There is a reason I am not a big crafter.

Review №22

Store was kind of jumbled when we were 8n there. Does not seem as well kept up as other Michaels stores.

Review №23

Halloween stuff out. I love that

Review №24

As always, everything a crafty person needs. A lot of variety of different hobby items, colors and types of yarn, etc. Find a coupon on their website if by chance your item isnt on sale. Their home decor items are surprisingly very nice too. Very convenient store!

Review №25

Worst Micheals Ive ever been to. Ive been there several times where the staff doesnt know how to work the computers for basic transactions. On top of that, they are rude and short with each other. The atmosphere is dirty and unorganized. I love the chain but will not be visiting this location again. There are several other craft stores in the area that are much better.

Review №26

They had good variety of products. I had a great experience browsing and found some good buys! My daughter did also. Check out was fast!

Review №27

The staff lady that helped me at the framing department was wonderful. She couldnt have done anything more. Cant wait to pick up my maps.

Review №28

I have shopped at Michaels a few times, the last two times I been there shopping I have had to leave without what I came for I can never find a sales associate to ask for assistance.

Review №29

Nice items for our Wedding !!!

Review №30

Good selection great place. Always has long lines.

Review №31

Very disappointed! Hardly any yarn on the shelves. Not because they didnt have it,but because it was all in carts pushed back in their back room hallway.

Review №32

All six checkouts were open, so the line moved quickly. The checkout people are usually friendly and helpful, so the customer gets the maximum discounts, and take time to explain coupon exclusions. They had enough of the yarn I had wanted in the same dye lot so I could get started on my project. The only thing they were out of was the double point needles, and the checkout person said there had been a run on them. All in all it was a good experience.

Review №33

They always have what Im looking for.

Review №34

To the worker that helped with opening the copic markers case and we sparked a fun convo while deciding colors. U were an absolute gem and v enthusiastic I appreciate u and miss u already.

Review №35

Friendly staff, very helpful.

Review №36

They have beautiful decorations

Review №37

This is a good place to get stuff I go here and walk around sometimes when I dont have anything to do on a spring day or summer day or full day and I just look at stuff they have a lot of stuff I have stuff for every other kind of stuff that you might want to do or theyre interested in and I have some other stuff and have stuff that other stores dont have which is pretty good when youre looking at stuff and I have a wide wide variety of stuff stuff for every kind of stuff that youre could possibly be into its an amazing place you should check it out

Review №38

Went in, got what I needed, check out.

Review №39

Love crafting supplies. They have some nice finds.

Review №40

Michaels selection and prices are great. Their sales are great and the staff never fail to help find a coupon if you dont have one (they are always very friendly and helpful).I do find though you have to shop judiciously as anything that plugs in or needs batteries has a very small lifespan.

Review №41

I love all the crafts and went here to get stuff for my wedding back in October

Review №42

Great selection of home decorations. I live how they have everything organized in their stores.

Review №43

Really like this place for their variety and prices. Couldnt find their value yarn this visit. Are they still carrying it?

Review №44

Poor Selection and Very OVER Priced compared to Hobby Lobby . A few items seen you can purchase at Walmart for half the price.

Review №45

Usually has stock on what i want (in store) and the management is fantastic! Great customer service every time i go

Review №46

Amazing place. They have everything you need and more than you could imagine. Very friendly and helpful, guiding staff. The day I buried my best friend my daughter, son and I wandered into Michaels, lost. I wanted to save her flowers...that was all I had left of her in my saddest moment in life. The kindest woman took us under her wing, guided us and helped us to make one of the worst days of my life become one of the best memories in my life. Our project turned out perfect and all of us have a beautiful treasure of our Heidi Jo. #Godbless

Review №47

I ordered product online and picked up in store it was very quick the item I purchased was a great price I was in and out in less than 5 minutes

Review №48

Its wonderful got good prices. Happy

Review №49

I had Michaels frame 3 photos for me. Their prices are reasonable and I am satisfied with their work.

Review №50

The staff was rude and couldnt be bothered with helping me. The shelves was empty and messy couldnt find anything so I left and went to Wal-Mart.. where I spent 245.00 guess Michaels dont need customers or money.

Review №51

Amazing Deals! Always check on their website for coupons. They also take competitor coupons.

Review №52

I like Michaels, they fill a certain niche in the crafting world. I just wish theyd get new products in more often.

Review №53

Came here today for a shadow box. Got a $55.00 one for $27.50! The lady helping was really kind and respectful when answering my questions and patient with the other person she was helping. Even gave him discounts because someone tampered with the plastic wrap around a shadow box he was getting too! Everything is well organized in this store and its rare to find a mess. When checking out I even noticed if you bring in proof that youre military or a teacher theyll give you 15% off!

Review №54

Lots of crafting items, from flowers to paper crafting, soap making and framing, yarn and scrap book material, fairy garden items and huge selection of kids crafts. The Variety is great. The prices are on the higher side, so definitely watch for sales. Staff is few, do not expect help in any area as they normally have 2-3 staff in store at any time, and those are on registers.

Review №55

During the holiday rush probably would be a good idea to have more cashiers

Review №56

Decent quality, but confusing pricing. Shows floral arrangements being priced at $60 or more, but most are 60% off. I just wanted to possibly decorate for fall, not practice math.

Review №57

I always find the craft items I need. I love the friendliness of the staff .

Review №58

I could spend my whole paycheck here. They have deals all the time and an app to get coupons. I never pay full price for anything. The store has any craft youd ever want to do. They do have small aisles so that a little frustrating but customers are usually happy to move. So much awesome stuff!

Review №59

Love Michaels..Very clean store and employee are always very helpful

Review №60

I walked in and Happy Planner wasnt where it usually is! But to my delight, it was just around the corner and there were two displays with them! Bonus!

Review №61

Does have a fairly good selection of crafts.

Review №62

I love this store. I can spend hours in here. They have such a great selection of just about anything that would tickle ones fancy. They have great prices but some things cant seem a little expensive at times however there is usually a 40% or 30% off coupon floating around either online or if you download their app.

Review №63

Michaels is a huge craft store. Its filled with just about anything for crafts and lots of things that are related to crafts. The selection is amazing! If you dont like crafts, you can still probably find something interesting there. They have great seasonal items there, too - killer decorations for Halloween make them one of my first stops.

Review №64

One of the most unstocked and ran down craft stores Ive been in. The one by the Dayton mall is awesome. This one looks like it gets raided and no one stocks anything. Nice employees, not so great store.

Review №65

Great place for framing needs

Review №66

What great customer service from ladies on the floor and check out

Review №67

Nice craft store with lots of options. They regularly have good deals to help offset the normally high prices...much like Hobby Lobby.

Review №68

They always have what I need. I had a return an item, they exchanged it with a smile.

Review №69

Pick-up location for online orders being in the framing section isnt marked /noted until you happen to walk back there.I was not offered any assistance during the 45 minutes I spent in the jewelry findings section.(I needed help)If you are using a coupon via their app, make sure you have it scrolled to the one you want to use, otherwise, as in my case, a lowered value one, if available, will be scanned.

Review №70

They have a lot of selections and good prices and coupons.

Review №71

Great craft store that almost always has what were looking for. Friendly staff.

Review №72

Good selection of crafts, they do not carry any fabric and they have very little sewing supplies. They do have a good selection of frames. Make sure to use their app for the coupons, almost always a 50% or 60% off coupon available.

Review №73

I wait for sales to buy anything from this store. GET THE APP! Gives heads up on sales and specials. The staff here usually can answer questions about products and where located. If they cant they always guide me to staff with more knowledge in a particular area.

Review №74

Clean store but didnt have what I was looking for. Prices to high also. Hobby Lobby is better.

Review №75

Great staff, always willing to advice and make sure I get the best deals

Review №76

Great place for all my wifes crafts

Review №77

My girlfriend crochets and loves the Loops & Threads yarn!! They are always having great deals, whether online or in-store and the staff is always helpful and lets her know about how to save more. Her only concern is that the selection of variegated yarn seems limited and doesnt rotate very often.

Review №78

I go to Michael’s mostly for yarn but noticed they have so much more that I hadn’t noticed, like really nice picture frames, that you don’t have to special order. I love their discounts, so I can get yarn for really cheap. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there isn’t enough of new variegated yarn; it’s always the same colors

Review №79

Staff is helpful, and I can usually find what I need. Sometimes a but pricey on certain things, but their coupons and app help

Review №80

Very nice store for arts and crafts. Very organized. Great staff. Used my coupons and saved s lot of money. Plus they take competitors coupons too.

Review №81

I just love Michaels, better than hobby lobby, better sales.

Review №82

Always a good place to buy craft materials and floral arrangements.

Review №83

They always meet my needs, and theyre not Hobby Lobby...

Review №84

Everything craft is found here! Everytime I go I find that there always so polite.

Review №85

Great store, great staff always smells of good thing in there.

Review №86

Busy place. Lots of choices. Best to ask for help if youre looking for one item too many things to go through. Great hobby shop.

Review №87

What has happened to my favorite store! It is a disaster!!!! Boxes everywhere, stacked almost to the ceiling! The store is cluttered, nothing like it used to be! You cannot find ANYTHING! I was just reading some reviews, and yes it feels claustrophobic! I also was noticing over the past several months I havent seen the store manager Dave! He was a complete joy! Always so helpful! Made that store look AMAZING! Plus several of my other favorites like the floral lady!!!!! Now the floral department looks like it is in mourning! No wonder the store looks so pitiful! When they were there it was beautiful! And the staff isnt near as friendly, not all but some. Just very sad! Very!!!!! Michaels was my getaway, my happy place! Sadly, not anymore!

Review №88

Decent prices. Clean

Review №89

Love Michaels. Got a great deal on charms there

Review №90

Great store especially around Christmas.

Review №91

It was very convenient to pre-shop online. It told me what aisle my desired item was in. Easy to find. Easy in and out.

Review №92

Half price Christmas stuff right now. Also look for 40% off coupons online

Review №93

Always well organized and have what I need in stock. The military discount is an added bonus!

Review №94

So much stock! Knowledgeable staff

Review №95

They have a great variety of items.

Review №96

Has a lot of craft items but pricey. Bathrooms are nasty.

Review №97

What a great staff! From Anna in Custom framing to the sweet lady who found a chair so I could sit and rest my back, I had a marvelous time at Michaels. Great people, sales, products. I am so happy I came here.

Review №98

Great quality of craft supplies

Review №99

Always like this store. Very helpful staff. Loved being able to use stack coupons on merchandise.

Review №100

The store seemed cluttered and disorganized--and Christmas exploded! There was a small display upfront for Thanksgiving.

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