2727 Fairfield Commons Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45431, United States

Review №1

Family owned and operated! Very relaxing place to hang with friends & family and paint some stuff. The owner is delightful and her daughter adorable!

Review №2

Had such a fun time. Convenient location, nice staff, and good prices. Really fun way to kill an afternoon.

Review №3

I just love this place. Amanda was so helpful and cheerful. Its always so much fun to go, relax and create something. The only complaint I have is that theres no public bathroom here, so youre stuck searching the mall for a bathroom to use.

Review №4

This is such an accessible place! Drop in or schedule, large projects or small all reasonably priced, friendly staff member was available to help and didnt intrude on my quiet time to paint alone. I highly recommend this place. Making this piece was less than $30. They also have a display that shows what all the final colors will look like (this photo is the pre-fired product)

Review №5

Great for gifts, take a week to get fired. Price is around $20 for the bigger casts

Review №6

Ill start with the good - its a fun place. I thought the decorations were top-notch. Some really interesting wall hangings that were fun to read. Also, the selection on the menu is amazing. They had some great combinations for their food, especially the sandwich possibilities. I consider the next point both a pro and a con and that is the portion sizes. They are huge. So if youre looking for a lot of food this is the place to go. and now the con and that would be the actual food itself. For the price youre paying and for how delicious the description sounds in the menu I just feel like the food is squarely okay. Kind of greasy, not as flavorful as I thought - just okay.

Review №7

Great place. They did everything in order for our experience to be great

Review №8

This is a great place to spend some relaxing time painting your choice of pottery. They have just about something for everyone, from animal figurines to dishes or vases. The staff is friendly and helpful. Come back a week later and pick up your finished product. So fun and enjoyable. :)

Review №9

Great selection! Our daughter loves to visit and create! We’ve been a few times and will be back in the future! They are also helpful and knowledgeable!

Review №10

We had a great time tonight..Nichole was awesome!

Review №11

This is such a fun place. My girls have made unicorn shirts and figures, I have done a plate and now this fabulous throwback Christmas tree. I will def be back.

Review №12

Always have the best time. Relaxing and fun

Review №13

Make sure you allow at least 2 hours minimum to paint if you have a medium or large sized item. They offer a wide variety of pieces to paint, anything from ornaments, plates, mugs, cups, piggy banks, light up Christmas trees and other seasonal items. They provide everything you need to either: paint a piece of pottery, make a candle, or make a tshirt.

Review №14

Great variety of pottery to paint at a good price. It’s a very relaxing activity, and the staff is very polite and helpful, but you’ll have to wait about week to get your pottery fired in the kiln.

Review №15

I loved it. My daughter and I had a great time making candles together. It was the first time there. I havent been there since because its far from where I live. I think its a fun place to do artsy things alone or with others. The people who work there are very nice and helpful.

Review №16

Lots of fun, very friendly staff! Its a flat rate of $7 per session plus the cost if whatever you paint. The $7 covers however many pieces you want to paint that day.

Review №17

Awesome staff great selection of pottery to paint tons and tons of fun in a small group or for a birthday party

Review №18

Came in today during the evening and the lady working was SO nice and helpful. Its refreshing to come to a painting/hobby place and have someone working so willing to help. Everything you need is provided. They have thought of everything. Out of 10+ stores like this in the area that Ive been to, this one is definitely the best.

Review №19

We had an excellent time at Cozy Melts painting clay pottery. Their sitting fee is $7.00 per person. The pottery varies in price from a few dollars to $20 to $30 depending on the complexity of the item. They supply all the paints, brushes and templates. Once completed painting your item is ready in 7 days after being put through the kiln to dry the paint.

Review №20

My wife and I spent almost 2 hours painting a Halloween piece and found the experience so relaxing we will be going back again!

Review №21

Fun and resonable pricing

Review №22

My little girls loved designing their own plate and cup for their mom

Review №23

Love this place. Fun for all ages. Great customer service!

Review №24

If youre looking for a fun afternoon of paint it yourself pottery, or creating a design for a t shirt, or making your own scented candles, and more Cozy Melts is the place. The staff is friendly and the owner Chelsey is knowledgeable and very friendly. I thoroughly enjoy myself.

Review №25

This is by far, one of my favourite places to go. Especially, on a rainy or snowy day. The staff are friendly and the environment is always fun and light. This is one of the places I go when I need to re-center myself, and find some peace and quiet.

Review №26

The lady at the counter was very helpful in explaining the prices and the workshops available ...will be returning soon with our children.

Review №27

I made a moose and its so pretty

Review №28

Great Website and Business The owner especially is very helpful and friendly. Their store is clean and service is amazing I would go back and will recommend to friends. I give it a 10 out of 10 I wish I could spend all my money their. Great Job Cozy Melts!!!!

Review №29

Not a bad price for a sitting fee its around $7 plus tax and the price of the Ceramics is reasonable. However my attention to detail is not reasonable and therefore has costed me four separate sitting fees in order to finish my piece.

Review №30

Very friendly staff. Very accommodating.

Review №31

Such a great place for the family highly suggest it

Review №32

Cool store! lots of neat stuff inside. ill be sad when the mall closes

Review №33

Purrrr fect place

Review №34

Relaxed and creative atmosphere

Review №35

Food court has so many types of foods, there are stores of all types- clothes, makeup, shoes, kitchenware, etc. A lot of different things, and definitely something for everyone!

Review №36

Very calm atmosphere. Relieved my stress and gave me something to do with my family.

Review №37

Aint been to the mall and I bet Im 10 years and yall have a nice Mall Ive been living in Virginia so I dont go to the mall by myself much but I have some friends this time Family

Review №38

This mall is pretty decent. Its clean, and has a lot of shops spread over two stories. All the typical mall shops for the most part. The best part is you can vape inside, and theres a sweet vape shop kiosk by the Kay Jewelers on the second floor. Check it out!

Review №39

It was a good time there tbh me and my friends had a pretty good time, we didnt get kicked out for yelling sometimes and we didnt get talked to by any of the people there

Review №40

A great mall to go clothes shopping or get a meal.

Review №41

Love the kids area. Want cheaper pretzels.

Review №42

Good people

Review №43

I been at this mall they got good discounts

Review №44

Nice place for all your kitchen needs.

Review №45

Great store

Review №46

The place is very nice and very roomy inside but prices on ceramics are a bit steep.

Review №47

I have not visited Cozymelts.

Review №48

You cant ask for a better time with the kids

Review №49

Love going here! Always fun!

Review №50

Had a great time!!!

Review №51

Because it is close to home

Review №52

Enjoyed my visit

Review №53

Loved it

Review №54

Nice place

Review №55

Nice idea

Review №56

Great place

Review №57

Great place

Review №58

It has all the stores I like

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I liked it

Review №62

Great stores !!

Review №63

They charge extra for certain paints that dont work like they are supposed to. Then when you want it fixed they charge extra to fix what is their fault in the first place. Employees dont know what they are talking about and are not helpful. I wont ever go back again.

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  • Address:2727 Fairfield Commons Dr, Beavercreek, OH 45431, United States
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  • Phone:+1 937-431-8005
  • Store
  • Gift shop
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  • Candle store
  • Pottery store
  • Painting studio
  • Custom t-shirt store
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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