Silverspot Cinema - Orange Village, Ohio
10 Park Ave Suite 218, Beachwood, OH 44122, United States

Review №1

A clean movie theater that serves delicious food. Service was quick and the Wait Staff was attentive and responsive. Very comfortable seating with reclining chairs. Social distancing was practiced throughout. The theater experience was way above average.

Review №2

They think of themselves as a restaurant first with an added bonus of a movie theater but that doesnt lessen the quality of the theater. We arrived early and had bar food as an appetizer but it really could have been dinner. Then headed into the theater 20 minutes early so we could order. The waitress suggested dinner of a burger with sweet potato fries and loaded nachos. The staff was very friendly and by the time the movie started, we had our food and drinks and were able to relax. They also have an app to allow for ordering.

Review №3

If into Movies you will like Silver Spot. You can rent out a theater for your closet friends and family about 20 people. The wait staff was over the top. They waited on use with top experience

Review №4

Beautiful place. Good sound quality and nice size theatres with comfy seating and good screens. They also deliver your drinks to your seats.

Review №5

Besides the enormous history of this fine palace....the films and events here are always way better than you could imagine! This weekends sing-a-long to Bohemia Rhapsody was wonderful....they gave everyone crowns to wear, poppers to pop, bubbles to blow and glo-sticks to wave. As always the crowd is outstanding. Thank you so much to all the people that work to make this one of the top spots in Orange.

Review №6

This was my second time visiting and it was completely different. My movie started at 10:15 and because my husband and I arrived after 10 we couldn’t get in theater service. Literally ordered $100.73 worth of food and the servers refused to help me carry it to my seat. Their attitudes were just nasty. It was time for them to go and they didn’t care about my issue. We didn’t receive our proper condiments and I never got my popcorn. When my husband went to look for someone it was a ghost town. The gentleman that came and took our order at the register was the highlight of my experience though. I believe his name is Lelan. He was excellent and very knowledgeable. I will be reaching out to management in the morning, it will be a while before I go back.

Review №7

Very classy decor, nice spot for a movie premiere. Lined up here to catch the main attraction of the Asian Film Fest, and boy was it crowded. Castro had a good capacity to seat of the winding line that circled around the block. Complete with a red curtain-ed stage and an pipe organ player (see Paramount Theater in Orange).

Review №8

No one answered the phone when my wife or I attempted to call four times. Past experiences have been good except this one. My wife and I never got our drinks. We asked about them half way through the movie to which the manager Beth told my wife they were “being pulled together”. End credits started rolling and we never got our drinks. We were refunded with no issue but the manager Beth just didn’t seem sincere about it at all. She said she was going to give passes to us for the inconvenience but she walked off and never came back. Our server and the person taking tickets were very friendly and helpful but the manager absolutely was not.

Review №9

Very poor service. The manager Beth is terrible, no help. One bartender handling a bar full of people and she was just ordering him around and not helping. This place is too expensive for service this bad. Server Michael was great and was working very hard.Never again will I patron Silverspot. I am literally missing my movie and dealing with not receiving my food.I am totally disgusted.

Review №10

Arrived to theater and asked attendant for popcorn and a drink and was told someone would come around to take our order once we were seated inside. My husband and I watched the staff take orders and bring out food for about 10 minutes. So my husband let one of them know that no one had taken our order. She just stated really Ill be back. After about 5 minutes she never returned so my husband went looking for her and she told him the kitchen was closed. At that point we asked to speak to the supervisor who told us that the kitchen closes 20 minutes before previews start which by the way we were there before they started and that contradicted what the previous employee told us when we arrived. We ended up leaving because we missed about 20 minutes of the movie trying to get popcorn and a drink. Our date night was ruined and the staff were very unprofessional and have poor customer service.

Review №11

A great movie experience!! all though a little pricey, we enjoyed it and will return for special occasions. The food was really good and the service was better than many restaurants. Staff did everything possible to make it a good experience. Well done SILVERSPOT!!

Review №12

This is a fun date night experience. It is not cheap, but like most things, you get what you pay for. Was any of the extras necessary for a good movie But, for a but of luxury you cant find much better in a public movie theatre. The food was all good. We got mini beef sliders, nachos with chicken, flat bread pizza, and popcorn. We recommend the nachos as they will work for two. Ask for extra napkins as they are messy. In any case, recline back, lift the divider arm, and enjoy the clear picture in front of you (there are no heads in the way of your viewing). Get there 30 minutes early for your best experience.

Review №13

The seats are great. The atmosphere is perfect, and they serve alcohol. Great place for date night.

Review №14

Such a great experience. Roomy and comfy seats, great food & service! Such a cute spot. Cant wait till they re-open. Favorite movie theater.

Review №15

This Cinema is the only one I will be going to in the Cleveland area. They managed to elevate the experience of going to a movie with the feeling of luxury. While I could talk about the comfort of the chairs, which honestly must be experienced to believe, I would like to share how amazing the food is. I had the coconut Jasmine rice poke bowl which was better than Asian restaurants in Cleveland I frequent often. My only disappointment was when the lights went out for the movie I couldnt see it anymore. A truly 5 star experience.

Review №16

My son and I went to the movies here last night - the facilities are impeccable, ordering was complicated, the Guest WiFi not working, and they forgot my sons drink so I had to leave mid-movie to remind them. All-in-all we will likely be back but definitely some room for operational improvement. Tip: Download the Silverspot app before you go and create an account which will save you time when you arrive

Review №17

Big clean modem theaters that are insanely overpriced. Food is good but not worth the cost. Definitely worth checking out by but wont make a habit of visiting.

Review №18

Decided to give it a try for something different. Theatre and movie was fine. Food was a different story. Wings, nachos, popcorn and two drinks $106. This did not include the price of tickets. Wings were the worst Ive ever had. I have no issue paying good money for good food and service. If you are going to serve food clean the areas between showings. The swiveling tray was disgusting. Next time I will do dinner then a movie as opposed to dinner and movie.

Review №19

Great experience. Stadium seating and very nice bathrooms. The food is there if you want, and tasty. Just get there 30 minutes early to order. You can also just enjoy the recliner seats and state of the art viewing experience and skip the food. Expect to pay usual inflated prices for drinks, water, popcorn and candy.

Review №20

Definitely the nicest movie theater I have been to. The first thing you see when you walk in is a nice looking bar then around the corner is ticketing ... nice high tech look with personal service or self-service options. Bathrooms rival a Las Vegas casino without the attendant. The theater itself has great reclining seats and attendants that will deliver food to your seat. Seeing White Boy Rick in theater 9 ... nice large screen and awesome sound system.

Review №21

They think of themselves as a restaurant first with an added bonus of a movie theater but that doesnt lessen the quality of the theater. We arrived early and had bar food as an appetizer but it really could have been dinner. Then headed into the theater 20 minutes early so we could order. The waitress suggested dinner of a burger with sweet potato fries and loaded nachos. The staff was very friendly and by the time the movie started we had our food and drinks and were able to relax. They also have an app to allow for ordering.

Review №22

Theater is located in newer constructed shopping area of Orange Village. This theater is sparkling clean and has all the amenities for dinner & drinks served directly to your seat. What I really like is the weekly vintage movie screenings. Nice for movies you only saw via streaming to your TV or tablet but really wanted to see in the theater.

Review №23

Gorgeous modern theatre.Pricing is out of sync with what they offer - tickets are a few bucks above regular, soda and popcorn a dollar or two extra as well. 18% tip auto-added.Must arrive 30 min before movie in order to order food in your seat - otherwise must go to the bar.

Review №24

So a year ago I gave this place 5 stars, Saturday changed that. We arrived at 830pm for a 930pm movie because we wanted to have drinks. Stood in line for 15 minutes without being acknowledged. I asked the bartender if I was in the right place and she quickly went on the defense. She told me she was busy which was absolutely true but all I wanted to know is if I was in the right place to order because people were ordering on the other end. Then at 9pm we ordered our food via app and at 910 we got more drinks and went into the theater. As the waiters went about taking orders I explained that I had ordered and was waiting 3 different waiters at 3 different times all said they would check to no avail. 950pm comes and the movie begins and I ask another waiter who does go but only brings back 2 of the 3 items we ordered. 10pm comes and Im upset. I got out the theater and asked for a manager and explained my situation and she apologized and offered to check for me but as I returned at 1010 the guy was dropping off the food. We spent $45 on drinks $42 on food and 30 something for tickets. It should have been better service. I rarely get a Saturday off and this one was a complete let down.

Review №25

The place was nice /swanky. But the actual theatre we went had an off putting smell like wet camel or something. A waiter never came to take our order my date had to get up to get someone to come. Our food came it was very tasty. But they forgot our alcoholic beverages. My date had to get up again midway through the movie. It was a decent experience but I wouldnt rush back to go there. 2 drinks and plates of food were 73 dollars including gratuity.

Review №26

I had quite a few movies pre booked but because of the pandemic they were cancelled, that is understandable. When I contacted them there was no response, no refund and no reschedule. They just stole my money, that is not understandable. That said, I do like this place. I hope they rethink their refund policy.

Review №27

3 people in the back row were rude and yelling throughout the movie. Something should be done to prevent these kinds of things happening.

Review №28

Want to take your date to dinner and a movie? Go here! Its a couple bucks more than a normal theater, but it is worth it. You gotta get there about a half hour before the movie starts, but the wait staff comes to you, and you pick what you would like for dinner and the bring it to you around the time the trailers start. Very clean place too and the recliners are very comfortable.

Review №29

This place came highly recommended by my son. Wow dinner and a movie grab the wife and go. But first check the reviews, not the greatest but Ill see for myself. Great place great environment. Chicken sandwich undercooked and cold never got another sandwich because the sever that took it didnt bring one back we were at the last show so no one available to talk to customer service closed. Id like to speak to a manager as I shouldnt pay for something I couldnt eat.

Review №30

The theater itself is very nice very comfy seats, however, I gave 4 stars instead of 3 because the food was good but there was only one person servicing the bar area to order food and drinks in the wait time was ridiculous And thats why I didnt give 5 stars. The staff was very nice but having to wait to order food cut into the movie time. I would advise getting there as stated 30 minutes early minimum. Otherwise very nice experience

Review №31

Sub par experience on our first visit but we did not follow the rules of early arrival for the best experience.We had to order food at the concession stand/bar because we didnt arrive on time. No big deal but the server was sitting behind the bar reading. After a few minutes she looked up and we asked if she was open. She said yes and just a second. Then she put her book away and started cleaning her station. 10 minutes later she took our order.50 minutes later our order arrived. We had ordered popcorn. If I had know they had to grow the corn first I would have skipped it.We decided we want to give it another shot soon. If it is better I will upgrade my review. If not they can enjoy my 2 star review.

Review №32

The theaters are great especially the seating. sound needs work but its not horrible. the food on the other hand is extremely overpriced and not that great, my order was wrong so it took twice as long to get my wings, then when I finally got them they were all flats, not one drum in the order. The drinks are also overpriced, my drink was some version of a long island tea and was pretty nasty. . The service in the beginning is great however once our order was taken the server disappeared and we never saw her again so I had to flag down a random server to let him know that my order was wrong. As we were waiting for out food while everyone around us were getting served we noticed that the servers didnt know the seating and were delivered the wrong food to customers, this looks like it happens very often so needless to say that we will return for a movie night but will definitely eat at one of the many restaurants in the mall. I would only recommend the theater, and not the food except for maybe the popcorn.

Review №33

Love, love, love this place! The staff was more than welcome and accommodating. The food was awesome. And the theatre itself was amazing! You have to go!!!

Review №34

The place has gone down since it first opened. My husband and I went on Valentines Day. The waitress wanted to take our orders at the entrance to our movie so she wouldn’t have to walk up the stairs to us. The meatloaf was cold and nasty. It was also over priced for the poor quality of the entree. I sent it back for a burger and fries that was room temperature. If we return, we’ll definitely eat somewhere else. My pet peeve is cold food.

Review №35

Poor service all around. Used the app to place an order for few food items. Only one of them was brought in a timely manner. I then had to go to the front register two times while the movie was playing to ask about the other items. I run a company myself, and it always stems from leadership. Probably needs a management change asap.

Review №36

Beautiful establishment & great customer service with young & polite black staff. They made my Husband & I feel very welcomed. We will definitely be back.

Review №37

Great concept, horrible service and management. They completely forgot my husbands dinner and we had to wait till after the show to get it refunded since there is no server or attendant to call during the film.. Ive been to a couple eat in theaters in Texas and EVERY single one has a way to alert your server during the film. Huge shame since my husband and I miss having a eat in theater as an option for date night. We wont be back.

Review №38

We wanted to see Frozen 2. The website stated the movie was at 5pm. We elected not to buy tickets online because of a $6 booking fee. Good thing, when we got to the theater, we were told that the 5pm showing had been cancelled. Escentially, Silverspot did not update their website. We wont make that mistake again.

Review №39

Awesome and comfortable seats, and even better service. The staff is kind and very efficient. It isnt cheap but it was worth every penny because they think of everything. Mandatory 18% gratuity, so be aware going in, bit I usually tip 20% for good service either way. Great place to have a pre-movie drink for a date night.

Review №40

Nice, spacious theater. Recommend not sitting in the first two rows, the screen is too close. Additionally, the staff were a little disruptive when taking/bringing orders (spoke too loud and their tablets shined on us when they were taking orders behind us). Compared to other full-service theaters, we had an average experience here.

Review №41

Just an awesome movie watching experience. The fact that I could enjoy it with some real food and a adult beverage is a huge plus. The chairs are completely stinking fantastic! Its far less claustrophobic than a normal theater; you wont bump into or be on top of anyone ever.

Review №42

Everything is awesome except for the drink prices. Sorry, but Im not paying $8 for 1 bottle of beer at a movie theater. Maybe at a sporting event or concert, but definitely not a movie theater.

Review №43

Nice and clean and very comfortable

Review №44

Let me preempt by saying, it takes a lot for me to post a review. We’ve been coming here since they opened and have had great experiences with an excellent bar staff and service. Clearly, and most unfortunately, something has changed. Bar staff was extremely slow; changed their policy that you can only enter the theatre 20 minutes prior; had to ask for our beverages we ordered at the bar (for theatre) four times and waited at least an hour from time of order. Customer next to us had cold food delivered. I hope they review their procedures and improve customer service back to the level it was previously.

Review №45

Ive been here 3 times now. The food was good but the bar service sucks. Twice I had to go and leave the movie to go and ask where my drinks were that we ordered before the previews. The have a suggested gratuity that is given when ordering so basicly there is little need for the servers to attempt to excel.The theater seats are nice though and I do like that the whole foods a few blocks away has ev charging.

Review №46

Is it expensive, yes. Its it comfortable, absolutely. But is it worth it... Every penny. You want to impress that girl you just met dude, seriously, save your money take her to a movie here. Shell be down to Netflix and Chill or whatever after for sure. Theres even a hotel near by so you dont have to take her back to your parents place.

Review №47

Excellent movie venue for dinner and a night out. Expect to pay a bit of a premium for food and drinks, but the movie tickets are about what you expect for any modern, premium seating cinema.Servers and ticket staff are great, respectful and well mannered. Definitely tip!

Review №48

This was my first time here. I had a fabulous time. Seats were just awesome. I dont go to movies very often but next time I do I am definitely coming here!!

Review №49

The movie experience was good, what you would expect from a new, modern cinema with big reclining chairs and good viewing angles.However the prices of the food and drinks range from okay in value to just no attempt to hide their overpriced nature. The food tasted fine but, in my opinion, in no way justified the cost of them, portion taken into account too.

Review №50

The movie theater is very nice, however, we ordered and purchased our beverages and never received them. Management gave us passes to come back. That was nice.

Review №51

Nice ro finally have a dinner theater on the east side of Cleveland. A little pricey but if youre looking for a dinner and movie option you wont go wrong. Just get there ahead of time.

Review №52

Excellent Service, Very Polite Employees

Review №53

It actually has potential to be great. The seating is very comfortable & the option for food & drink is very convenient. However, the service is terrible. The staff is young, inexperienced, & not equipped to provide the level of service such an upscale theater should be offering. The price of the cocktails & food are a little elevated but typical for a quality experience. I hope management can revamp the staff before the lack of quality in service sends this place in the ground.

Review №54

A little pricey, but you get the catered experience.

Review №55

This was my first time at this Cinema enjoy the movie and theater. But I feel it is rather to expensive to go to this movie theater then the other ones. For me and my wife it cost us $75 for the cost of the movie and something to eat.

Review №56

So let me start by saying that my husband and I usually read reviews before we go to any place. but since it been a little while that we dont go to the theater and have a movie and dinner we desire to try this place recommend by my step son, boy oh boy what a mistake... we desire the 930pm movie but as we got there it was full at least the seat we wanted to seat in, so we did the 1020pm with no problem we also went there a little bit hungry so we desire to have and try the grill chicken sandwich the first server was very polite and knowledgeable, food came out kinda quick but chicken wasnt cooked well and our drink when another server brought it to us was a pink lemonade and it was supposed to be a orange fanta...big difference.... but the mistake was corrected. anyway we ended up calling another server and asking what can they do since our sandwich wasnt cooked properly he responded I will take back and bring another and our plate still had some of our fries that we were eating so he took the plate.., for us to finish our movie and we never had our sandwich back again.... so we pay not only for service and food that we never finished eating..please someone explain we do work hard for our money too... manager please contact us... sincerely Iris.

Review №57

Nice cinema but prices our ridiculously high. I got small popcorn and 1glass of red wine it was $25 and some change and my movie ticket for one was $15. They are clearly trying to attract a certain type of crowd. I probably wont go back and continue to go to Solon cinema which have the same kind of good recliner seats and alcohol if you want and snacks, food etc... I wanted to treat myself. First and last time to tho. Also Im a business owner myself and I like to cater to ALL

Review №58

First time at Silverspot delightful. The waiters and waitresses all were pleasant and courteous. I will be back

Review №59

BOTTOM LINE: Overpriced and poor service overshadowed the great image and sound quality. Ill let Cinemark steal my money next time.PRO: The image and sound quality were absolutely top notch. The screens are large, the picture is crisp with perfect balance or highlights and shadows, and the sound was loud and clear (but not TOO loud). Seats were comfortable and reclining is always nice.CON: Though the staff was very friendly and very helpful, they really seemed inexperienced. My server wasnt sure if my drink selection was available (then why is it even on the electronic menu), she went to check, and 20 minute later hadnt returned. I went to the bar and the bartender didnt even know what a stout is. She then discovered that they didnt have that (or several other beers on the menu). Also, the prices are simply too high, even for movie theater standards.

Review №60

Nice theatre. Clean. Comfortable seats. Food was very average. Our waitress was very polite. I just dont see the point of adding an automatic 18% gratuity on top of already overpriced pretzel bites and chicken fingers. We will return for a movie but wont order food again.

Review №61

This was one of the worst experiences ever. They automatically charge 18% gratuity and the service was awful. The food was cold and the manager when asked to come over was nonexistent. If you want to watch a movie in comfort with a drink...go. Do not go for food service. They were poorly organized.

Review №62

Pretty good selection of food. I ordered a cheese burger with fries, a little expense for what it is. Fries seemed like they were done before the burger but they were still good. Nice that they bring it to you while watching your movie and tip is already included for you non tippers! Id go again for another movie though

Review №63


Review №64

The only good thing about this movie theater is the super comfortable seats. This was my second time there and I knew better than ordering popcorn. The first time I went, I ordered some. You cannot get popcorn and take it to you seat as in any regular movie theater. You need to order it and wait for it at your seat. When it finally arrives, it’s cold :(. This time all I wanted was a bottle of water. I called a waitress that was standing at a side. She was not helping anybody. She started to approach when a family sitting behind mine started ordering food. The waitress told me she was going to be with me in a minute. She never did. I Was not happy :(

Review №65

If Im going to the movies, this is where Im going! Food and drinks are very good. I always get the bacon cheeseburger medium well with truffle fries and its always good. Seats are comfortable. Its not freezing cold like most theaters, and their bathrooms are gorgeous lol. Youve gotta visit on your next movie trip.

Review №66

Nice and clean but very overpriced. Spent almost $50 on 2 drinks and pretzel bites that tasted like little pieces of toast with salty cheese.

Review №67

Love this theater but sometimes they have it to cold. I bring a jacket and blanket and still be cold sometimes. Good food and the seats are so relaxing. This theater is our movie spot.

Review №68

Hidden gem, excellent food selection, and you get served at your seat, you can place your order on your phone with their app, and they bring it to you while you watch the movie.

Review №69

I really applaud the management of this company. Most movie theaters hire only staff that can read and knows how to smile. It is refreshing to be at an establishment where I feel like I am inconveniencing the staff when I do something like buy a drink or purchase a ticket. My family and I play this game called The Silverspot Lottery. The game is simple. If the slack jawed mouth breathers in the kitchen fulfill your order perfectly, then I give them $20. So far no one has won.

Review №70

It was a bad experience with food service. We had to ask 4 different waiters through out the movie to bring us water that we ordered in the beginning with food. We finally got it by the end of the show. Drinks are pricey and my martini barely had any alcohol in it. Very dissapointing.

Review №71

Unfortunately very disappointed. Trust me it takes a lot for me to leave a bad review…Was looking forward to relaxing and having a nice dinner with the family to watch the Lion King. Signage is terrible, no idea how to order food… There are messages everywhere to use their app for food but they’re not specific as if that is what you’re supposed to do or wait for someone to come to you? We followed the rules and were there 30 minutes prior to the movie starting still no people to take orders… Very frustrating especially with bringing our young family members. When we finally tracked someone down… The order was wrong… The hamburgers were raw. After they rush ordered our delivery there was no one to come back to make sure we had everything correctly… We spent half the movie going back and forth trying to find people to help us and missed most of the movie. With the amount of money that we spent and the expectations of going to a movie to relax and have dinner and a movie… Extremely disappointed… set your expectations low… So you’re not disappointed.

Review №72

The girls at the ticket sales were very knowledgable and informative. They helped to give is the best possible movie experience

Review №73

My son and I went to see the Pokémon movie last Saturday, the theater is very nice! It was my first time ever there and we showed up an hour early and ordered food from the bar. The bartender was really nice! I wish I could have taken her with me! We orders 2 cheeseburgers with fries. The food was good but very pricey for what it was. When we got into the theater I kept looking for a waiter and when no one showed I went to the ticket person to ask for popcorn. She looked very less than enthused to have to go get me some popcorn but she did and brought it to our seats. When a waiter finally showed I tried to get some drinks she said she would get me another waiter but then said I could also order on the app(that I don’t have). At this point the movie has started and we still have no drinks. I had to be that person in the theater downloading your app just to get drinks!!! When she came to bring me the drinks she practically just dropped them in my hands as she was passing, she literally didn’t stop. Overall the experience was good but your staff definitely needs more training!!

Review №74

I bought tickets for a movie a few days ahead of time. The schemata shown of the seats did not show elevation and also designated the seats we would have. Upon arrival at the theater, we learned that our movie was the last theater, a challenge for one member of our group. If the long walk was not enough, our seats were near the top making it necessary to climb quite a few steps, a task not possible for one of us. To get to the elevator, one would need to walk the whole way back to the point of entry, go up the elevator and then once again walk the long distance to the end theater. And the theater, unlike most public facilities does not have a wheelchair. So we had our seats moved to a lower level. We appreciated being able to order snacks for delivery to our seats, but they came with quite a price, $67.00 for 4 small drinks, 3 appetizers and a box of candy. So make sure to bring lots of money. Lack of signage is also an irritant and unlike most theaters, there are no benches for a short rest for those with mobility issues or those waiting for companions using the rest rooms. While new and modern, it is lacking in the things that add comfort to its guests. Also, the staff could use additional training in order to satisfy guest needs. We will probably not be returning.

Review №75

We just went to watch a movie. Service was slow at the bar but not the fault of the one barista on black Friday. We checked in for the movie and twice we were told the wrong theater. We were told that our seats had not been checked in by the manager. She offered us popcorn but we had to ask 3 times for it. My sister ordered 3 waters. It was $24. We thought perhaps they were large bottles, but they were regular size.

Review №76

The theater was nice and clean. Very modern and the concept was pretty futuristic. We loved the comfy reclining seats! However, my server said he would bring cream & sugar for my coffee but never came back. Prices are a bit high as well. Paid $8 for a water bottle & coffee that I didnt even enjoy.

Review №77

A friend took us there for Mothers Day. I was very impressed. Beautiful decor. The service was unbelievably quick and the servers were very nice. Loved the swanky bathrooms. Will return soon.

Review №78

I was there just last night, the movie theater is nice, but the service is subpar. I also ordered drinks off the app and never got them, and came out the movie twice to tell someone and still never received my drinks. Also I look for someone at the end of the movie and they were no one, no where to be found. I am very disappointed in the service.

Review №79

Super cool theater! I didnt order dinner but the recliner seats are super comfy.

Review №80

The movie was great but the service wasn’t. I waited and hour for my drink and fries. Then I asked the waitress again if she could bring my food( she was very nice). 10 minutes later a waiter came with the fries and accidentally drops all of them. He said he would get me more and it was the end of the movie when I got them. ( the credits were on)

Review №81

Utterly baffling way to purchase tickets and refreshments, not to mention simply trying to enter the building. Go to valley view cinemas for large, reclining seats, hot and cold refreshments and a large theater with quality sound and picture

Review №82

Nicest movie theater ever

Review №83

Kind of on the expensive side but all in all worth it. You wont have to worry about being interrupted with ringing cell phones or anyone talking on them. You get to eat a delicious hot meal while you watch the movie, and enjoy a beer or glass of wine too. A very high end establishment. A romantic place to take your honey bump.

Review №84

Ive been here before and loved it. However, on my most recent visit, I was unsatisfied with the food; more specially the dessert menu. The menu lists cheesecake in a jar as a dessert option; so I asked for that, but they said they ran out of it. (all 3 flavors were gone?) So instead I ordered a brownie. I thought brownies were supposed to be fluffy and cake-like, but this one was crunchy. I cut off the top, but even the middle was crunchy. not good.

Review №85

What a venue for a film !!! Love it ! Recliners are so roomy... screen is huge sound system is can order food & drinks..each chair gas a table..just a great experience!

Review №86

Love the theater seating, you can get food delivered to your seats and plenty of leg room, tremendous experience

Review №87

All staff are friendly and knowledgeable but service not always on point. More than once have I ordered a drink and had to ask a half hour later for them to check on it. Last time they forgot completely and as the movie started I had to leave the theater to get it myself from the bar. The staff were very helpful and apologetic and gave me a refund on what I got--but I definitely wont just trust them to bring my order in the future.

Review №88

Love Silverspot! I am glad they finally came to the Cleveland area. Clean facility, restaurant grade menu items, and comfy chairs. Great for a date night or afternoon out. Every seat has a great view of the screen. Easy to grab your tickets and the app works great too!

Review №89

Clean and nice! The sound quality was good and the space was very nice. I couldnt quite tell how to order food, though- I arrived 15 minutes before the show rather than the 20-30 that is suggested though, so that may have skewed things.

Review №90

Tip: Save time and money by removing a crisp $100 bill from your wallet. Light it on fire, and resume normal activities.I took my daughter and my nephew last night to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.Tickets at the historic Capital Theatre are $9.75 each, $8.75 for students. Tickets for Silverspot are $17.49 each. My kiddos had heard the hype about Silverspot and wanted to try it out, and it was Christmas, so I paid more than double our usual ticket price to bring them to Orange to see the movie.Entering the theatre, its a beautiful space. If you havent been before, there is no one to greet you or inform you that you need to go to the counter where no one is and wait for someone to come and scan your tickets.The theatre is wonderful - your seats are reserved ahead of time, and they are big, cozy, and reclining. You order food and drinks on Silverspots app, and they bring it right to your chairs... No they dont - the app wasnt working - I tried several times, kept getting an error message, and someone came to try to yell at us over the movie that it wasnt working and then walked away.I left the movie to go to the lobby bar to order - one order of nachos, a large popcorn, 2 large drinks - total $40.50, plus an automated 15% tip, plus $2 to bring the tip to 20% is $48.58. Now, were at over $100 for a movie night.The nachos arrived. We asked for plates, but were told that they were in the dishwasher and would come out later. No one came back with plates. The drinks and popcorn never came. Reading the other reviews, apparently, this is an ongoing issueAfter the movie, I found an employee sitting at the bar and explained what happed, and she directed us to the ticket counter for a refund. We were refunded $25 for the 2 drinks and popcorn. I advised that I tipped 20% of the total bill, but the employee who processed the refund, just looked at me and shrugged. It was after midnight, so I chalked it up as another loss and left.In summary: the theatre is very nice, but ticket and food prices are astronomical. For 3 people, expect to pay over $100. The theatre staff have better things to do than be bothered with interacting with movie patrons, and your food and drinks may or may not arrive.***Also... Moviegoers should be aware that if you try to use the app to order food and drinks during the movie, you will get a failure message. Do not try again. I tried an additional time on one card and 2 additional times on another card. The order did not do through, but the debits you’re my accounts did. $40.50 four times, resulting in $162.00 deducted from my bank accounts. Plus the $25.00 refund for the drinks and popcorn that never came, resulted in $187.00 of my money being held up by the theatre for 2 days before the charges were put back into my accounts.Major family Christmas movie night fail.Tip: all Cleveland Cinemas have $5 movie night on Mondays!

Review №91

This theater is awesome. Comfortable seats, food and beverages delivered to your seat. There is a premium for the service and upscale theater but its worth it in the end. This is the first theater Ive been to, that has a curfew for anyone under the age of 18. I also think that they have the best popcorn of any theater that Ive been to. Well be back for sure.

Review №92

Parking is made available behind the theater, theres also a garage, and street parking. The staff within silverspot are super nice and attentive. The theater themselves are very clean. I only purchased a coffee, and it was good. Others in the theater, I noticed, purchased food, and staff brought it out to them as if it was a restaurant. It was very relaxing, and the seats are SUPER comfortable. I live on the west side, and silverspot is on the east side, however, I would totally make the trip to go to a theater like this for a change if scenary in a heartbeat!

Review №93

The movie was good, service was excellent, but my popcorn was cold and salty. Other than that Ill go again...

Review №94

Recliners that can be a love seat with that special someone. Great menu/food before you begin. Lots of room. Cant see the people in front of you!

Review №95

Keep trying go to theatre but realize they play very limited African American movie. It’s not a coincidence they didn’t play blackkklansman, Harriet, now Sli’m and Queen... and many more..

Review №96

My family and I decided to try silverspot cinemas out and we truly regret it. We saw the 7pm showing of Knives Out at the Orange Village, OH location on January 24th. We arrived 20 minutes early like advised in order to put our food order in and after 15 we were ignored by 3 different waiter/waitresses after trying to get their attention. I instead downloaded the app and put the food in that way. After 25 minutes a waiter brought us 2 large cokes. I told him he was missing a medium coke which we never received by the way. About 30 minutes later we received one of the two mozzarella sticks, a bacon cheese burger, the chx shrimp alfredo, and shrimp tacos. We figured the waiter would come back with the remainder of the food and the medium coke we asked him for yet again since we figured he only had two hands. Exactly one hour went buy before I had to get out of my seat to ask where the rest of our food was because my 13 yr old little brother who was starving had to watch us eat our food and had to literally wait over an hour to get his. Not to mention he order a filet mignon that was over $30 dollars and had to wait about an hour and a half for it. I had to go to guest services because I could not find any waitstaff and the girl at the front desk was extremely rude. She asked me where we were at in the movie which Im sure she thought was a helpful question but how would I know? I didnt really feel like looking up the movie time or doing math at this point the situation was beyond ridiculous. I only get to see my little brother every so often and we thought it would be a fun experience for him. It was a $207 dollar DISASTER. I mean really we were missing more than half our order and didnt get it until an hour and twenty minutes later, never received one of our ordered items, I missed a good chunk of the movie, and we were all on edge due to poor service most of the time we spent here. The food was just ok. Relaxing? I think not. I figured I would give a chance to have corporate respond to my email before I gave a social media review since I know sometimes there could be issues with training. But, I emailed silverspot a week ago and have not received a response. Also, you could tell the restrooms were nice, but they were very dirty Very, very disapponting.

Review №97

As others have said, even those who left more stars, the service is atrocious. All the staff have a could not care less attitude. It permeates all positions, from the bartenders to the person ringing up the tickets. They only seem interested in processing orders so they can collect tips before they’ve done anything! They brought my daughter’s ice cream 30 minutes after I ordered it and well into the movie, only to forget the spoon. The gentlemen said he would be right back with a spoon, but never came. The bottled water and latte I ordered never came either. Skip this place and go to the traditional theater which has just as nice seats nowadays. I give them one star for nice seats. That’s it!

Review №98

I love the theaters. Very clean and comfy. Nice atmosphere. The food and drinks do not align with the cost. The built in gratuity is a bit much. Ticket kiosk is a bit slow. These can all be addressed easily. Overall positive experience.

Review №99

My wife and i were excited to spend our 4 year anniversary at the silver spot. Its a very nice movie theater. Very nice and upscale. Loved the seats and movie part of it.... However. We ordered 2 orders of Nachos , an order of moz sticks and 2 drinks. Way over priced which we kinda expected. But the fact our food was over priced and COLD and had no flavor was just very disappointing. Again its a very nice movie theater as long as you dont order anything. I would recommend going to a different theater if you want eat while watching a movie. But if you just want to watch a movie. This is the place

Review №100

Only reason I didn’t give this a 5 star was because when we ordered drinks before our movie in the actual theater we had a waiter deliver our drinks with headphones in and just left a bad taste in my mouth. Other than that things where great! Food was awesome and our waitress for our food was very perky and nice. Would definitely come here again.... just need to get rid of employees who like to listen to their music while serving guest

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