Diver Eds Dive-In Theatre
105 Eden St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States

Review №1

Hands down, the best thing to do in Bar Harbor! If you like to have a ton of fun and learn about the ocean life in Maine, this trip is for you. Its a good time for ALL ages - we were on a trip with small kids and our teenager and all of the adults enjoyed it as well. Diver Ed and his crew take you along on a dive (via camera) to view the wonderful sea life below the boat. He takes a camera on the dive and everyone on the boat can watch live on a tv to see all of the underwater surprises and delights while they are explained by the boat captain. And after his dive, he brings up some creatures, tells you all about each one, then there is time for viewing and holding them. Also, the boat ride itself is nice, with great views of surrounding islands and other boats. The trip is about 2.5 hours and enjoyable the entire time. Highly recommend this trip!

Review №2

Great experience for kids or adults. Diver Ed totally makes this experience great. His enthusiasm shines through. His amazing wife does the narrative and she is amazing. I would love to come back again.

Review №3

Great opportunity to get out on the water in Bar Harbor. The fact that it was an educational experience for the kiddos was icing on the cake! Definitely geared for the 5-12+ kids, but our 3+ year old enjoyed the diving and sea creatures.

Review №4

Tons of fun!! But I kissed a sea cucumber, got a parasite for two weeks which stank :/ but, all around a great place to go while in bar harbor!

Review №5

The most amazing experience ever. Diver Ed is amazing! My kids enjoyed every moment of this. We did whale watching in the morning and this in the afternoon, but Diver Ed blew the whale watching out of the water 100%. Would definitely do again. Would recommend it to anyone with kids coming to the bar harbor area.

Review №6

What a fantastic experience for the whole family! Very professional, fun, educational and overall so enjoyable. We got to see him dive (with mini ed) then we handled his underwater finds-crabs, lobsters, star fish, sea cucumber, scallops. We all left smiling! They put on a complete show. Absolutely worth the time and money. Would do it again in a heart-beat.

Review №7

Great unique experience! I got to be honest I went into this thinking it was a tourist trap that my wife signed us up for, however I was pleasantly supersized when it wasnt. We took our 6 and 7 year old and diver Ed and Mini Diver Ed kept them interested the whole time and really geared to younger kids and teaching them about sea life with out boring them to death ! Diver Ed and his wife really have a passion for the Sea environment and do a great job sharing their knowledge

Review №8

This is definitely something you want to schedule into your trip to Bar Harbor. We have 2 kids ages 11 and 15 and both loved the experience. I dont want to spoil to much so Ill just say Captain Evil isnt living up to her moniker. Captain evil may in fact be one of the nicest people weve ever met. Five stars.......its a great time!

Review №9

Just a old fashioned good time for the whole family. Our tween was reluctant to go with his younger brother but loved it in spite of himself. So much fun and many laugh out loud moments. From the lovable dogs to the crab butts...the kids will love it and you can’t help smiling the whole time.

Review №10

Do not miss this if you have kids (or if you don’t). Driver Ed is hilarious and just amazing with kids. Fun and educational! Highlight of our trip so far! Our kids (4 and 7) were laughing and screaming the entire time.

Review №11

Our favorite experience! So much fun! Engaging, entertaining and educational for kids and adults! Take time to visit the Museum of Natural History too, a hidden gem!

Review №12

Amazing couple of hours on the water. Diver Ed was super entertaining and educational. Our kids had a great time. This is definitely geared towards the younger kids.

Review №13

Well worth the money. Entertaining, educational and perfect for all ages. Nice to see someone who absolutely loves their job.

Review №14

Took our 3 kids on this aged 3 to 14 years June 2018. All 3 loved this and had such a great time. The entire crew was so friendly and personable and were fantastic with all of the kids and adults on board. Ed is very funny and kept it entertaining with his wit and humor while also being educational too. Highly recommend this tour!!!

Review №15

Our whole family from grandma and grandpa to toddlers and in between went on this Very Fun and educational adventure!!! We all had a blast!!! I recommend highly for Fabulous Family Fun!!!

Review №16

Purchased this tour for the kids, who absolutely loved it; but all the adults loved it too. Highly recommended for all ages.

Review №17

We had a great time on the boat. Diver Ed was very personable as well as funny. He even took the time to shake every persons hand that was on the boat. My Kids Joey and Luciana were very excited to see and hold live sea creatures. The boat ride was just wonderful and very informative as well. Two thumbs up to Diver Ed and all his helpers. Well worth the price of admission. Go for it youll love it!!!

Review №18

Soooo Much Fun and Really Cool Experience. Diver Ed is great with the kids, he gets right down to their goofy level and they loved it! Super educational too. We have gone multiple times over the years and the kids look forward to it every time we come to Maine. Will be back with the cousins in future trips.

Review №19

Just got off the boat and this was awesome! Not only was this educational, it was about a 2 hour and some trip and Diver Ed and crew were the best! The boat takes you out to the middle of Frenchmans Bay and Diver Ed dives down with a camera and talks you through everything he is collecting. Plus his wife narrates and then he brings it all back up so the kids can learn and even touch everything from lobster to crabs to sea cucumbers. He is fun, entertaining and the nicest guy around and keeps the whole experience fun for the kids. You would not think oceanography would be so much fun and up close and personal! I would highly recommend this to anyone with or even without kids! His big Newfoundland Dog was fun to see on the boat too! Loved it!

Review №20

This was the highlight of our trip! It was even better than I thought it would be. Diver Ed and his crew were amazing. There is no way anyone could not enjoy this!

Review №21

A great interactive experience for the kids and fun for the adults to watch too.

Review №22

Most incredible family friendly tour. Fun, friendly, educational experience. We came in on RCCL my daughter found this independent of the cruise line. We took our 7 year old grandson and our 26 year old daughter. Everyone had a great time. You can see how much Ed and his family love what they do. BEST TOUR ON THE ISLAND

Review №23

Five stars is not enough for this educational and entertaining experience. Target audience is probably age 8-15 but adults will find the ride and demonstration to be engaging and humorous. Diver Ed goes out of his way to involve and educate the participants in this two hour boat ride / marine science lesson. You will leave smiling and smarter.We booked the trip to give our ten year olds a break from hiking and exploring the park. Most of the other kids on the boat were in that 8-15 age range. There were a few younger kids that did not seem to understand the content or the humor of the experience. The boat sails from the College of the Atlantic to a pre-selected spot at which Ed scuba dives to explore the bottom of the cove and collect specimens. Ed is Quite a character and you cannot help but be entertained as he explains via A/V link what is seeing underwater. Back on board, he explains what each creature is, and lets the kids touch and interact with them in most hilarious ways.Very glad we decided to do this.

Review №24

A friend said this is the one thing we have to do with our kids in Acadia. We were skeptical. He was right! Funny, educational, hands on. Only advice is to take some cash to tip them at the end. You’ll want to.

Review №25

That fact this many people of the internet have unanimously agreed should tell you enough. We went with kids and grandparents and everyone had a good time. Best for ages 6+. A must see while in Bar Harbor!

Review №26

This experience was amazing. Diver Ed is amazing with the kids but its truly fun for young and old alike. You can tell the crew truly loves what they do.

Review №27

Went today, the last day of our Acadia vacation. It was, by far, the best experience of our trip. Diver Ed is so entertaining and informative and engaged all the passengers, especially the kids. His sidekick, Captain Evil, is extremely knowledgeable and informative. I learned so much and had a blast doing so. I LOVE YOU, NORI!!!!!

Review №28

Went there several times when my mom had a place in Maine. Though it looks designed for kids (it is kid friendly), Diver Ed does these amazing little plays with .....(dont want to spoil it for anyone). Informative and also hilarious fun and very engaging. EVERY friend that has followed my advice to see it on their Maine vacation has reported that it was the highlight of their trip. If you are there with kids, no matter how grumpy they are, they will come out smiling. Also, it does not matter if it is a rainy day, since the boat is covered anyway.

Review №29

One of the best things you can do on a boat in Bar Harbor! Not only is this trip informative it is also incredibly fun. Expect to be out for around 2.5 hours and pack a sweater, being on the ocean can get chilly.

Review №30

Fun, funny and educational. Great for kids 1-91! Must do in Bar Harbor!

Review №31

Excellent extremely hands-on experience for kids of all ages! Entertaining and engaging- well worth the ticket price.

Review №32

Highlight of our trip! Diver Ed & Captain Evil could not have been personable or friendly. They were hilarious & great with kids. Our young kids (ages 4 & 2) were entertained the entire time. Such a unique, entertaining, & educational adventure! Could not recommend this more highly!

Review №33

Really good for the kiddies.

Review №34

The single best thing to do in Bar Harbor for kids. We took a 1, 2, 5, 5, and 6 year old and all had a blast.

Review №35

Amazing. 2nd time. Ed is so funny, engaging, great educator.

Review №36

Fun, fascinating, and educational at the same time. Diver Ed is a MUST visit when in Maine.

Review №37

Awesome entertainment and education for the whole family. desxribed well by the other reciew. Had high expectations and it exceeded them!

Review №38

Our favorite part of Bar Harbor! So much fun for kids and adults.

Review №39

One reviewer described Diver Ed as the John Belushi of the seas. Let me put it succinctly. He stuffed a good portion of a live sea cucumber into his mouth as part of the post-dive description of Maines abundant sea creatures. Now theres something you dont see every day. They have outstanding live feed video equipment. The video is way better than that Cousteau stuff you watched as a kid. Very well done. Diver Ed hops around on the bottom of the ocean with Mini Ed who enthusiastically points out the bevy of sea creatures waiting to be scooped up for topside investigation by hordes of eager children (and their parents). His mask allows him to provide color commentary while Captain Evil is topside pointing out creatures on the 80 HD screen which is very easy to see. They anchor near shore in a part of the harbor that is very calm so dont worry too much about rolling about on the high seas. As Captain Evil said, Its not just HD video, its ADHD video. Long live Mini Ed 160 who lost a leg to a lobster, all in the name of showing you more about what happens in Maine harbors. As Diver Ed himself would say, Woo hoo!.

Review №40

5 stars every trip! On our way back.

Review №41

Not just for kids! Educational, funny and lots of fun.

Review №42

A must do! Entertaining for everyone even the adults.

Review №43

Jack Black meets the Sea Creatures great for kids

Review №44

It was lit

Review №45

Great time

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