Seaside Art Gallery
103 Main St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States
Seaside Art Gallery

Review №1

My husband and I have been going up to Bar Harbor every year for the last 15+ years and we always stop at this store and buy a painting. Even if we have nothing in mind of what we are looking for something always seems to jump out at us. The paintings are beautiful and very reasonably priced. The owner is friendly and helpful. We just love this store.

Review №2

Good selection of Chinese repiclicas. You can find an oil painting here for cheap if you are just looking for a wall piece. If you are looking to support local artists there is other galleries throughout the island that I would suggest looking at.

Review №3

Great experience with Gavin. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in picking out the beautiful artwork and frames. We will definitely visit his gallery again the next time we come to Bar Harbor.

Review №4

I bought two paintings and was told that these paintings were created by local artists.. research afterwards lead me to find out that these paintings were made and copied in Hong Kong. - 1 star for lieing.I really do like the compositions and am happy with the paintings. - I added an extra star for this.If you read this. Be forewarned that these paintings are NOT originals. If you want an original painting look elsewhere. If you like the way they look. Enjoy what you have purchased.For the owners:When someone lies to me to make a sale. I have been scammed. Please be more honest Seaside Art Gallery.

Review №5

Wonderful place. The curator is passionate and very helpful. If you like a painting, please take it home and support these wonderful artist.

Review №6

Not only the best collection of hand painted work Ive come across but if you are ever uncertain of what you are looking for or deciding between paintings, the owner will walk you through everything that makes each of the works unique and beautiful, he will do the same for when you are picking your frame for the work. And all of this with some of the lowest prices Ive ever seen for work of this level of quality.

Review №7

Great value AMD knowledgeable, friendly, very helpful and patient.

Review №8

I purchased a beautiful painting on June 27,2018 well no more than 2 weeks later the frame fell apart and the piece fell off the wall in the middle of the night damaging the painting a little. I went to have it re-framed and showed at the frame shop what was originally done, and the shop owner told me Staples and that sort of frame is never strong enough, and paintings should always be hung on a wire on the back of the frame. Needless to say I am very disappointed in having to spend another $60+ after already spending nearly $140 on the painting and then having to have it re-done properly.I looked on google for a telephone number of the gallery and there was none listed, so I am writing this review in hopes that the owner knows what happened.

Review №9

Really great service and knowledge, prices are really good for oil paintings with a frame included.

Review №10

We bought a painting here, and they had it framed on the spot. looks beautiful, and frame is holding well.

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  • Address:103 Main St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609, United States
  • Art gallery
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