Bow Tie Cinemas
1849 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510, United States

Review №1

We practically had the tiny theartre to ourselves. The picture and sound were clear. Price for seniors was $8. Price for everyone for first showing of the day is $6. Price is $11 for 3D. Workers polite.

Review №2

This is a cozy little cinema. It can be easily seen from a vehicle moving in normal traffic. Free parking is readily available. I watched The Avengers: End Game in 3D. The price was reasonable for a Friday night. The concession stand serve popcorn, sodas, water and stuff. The restroom was very clean. The staff are very courteous and helpful.

Review №3

Good small theater with about 5 up to date movies showing at all times. When the other big theaters are sold out, this is the out of the way theater where you can catch the new movie with little or no crowds. They have a small concession stand that has the regular movie items needed to enjoy the show. I only hope tbey can survive and stay open for a long time without the big name franchises taking over. In this case, small is good.

Review №4

Staff told us the showtime was canceled even though they still had it on google cuz not enough people showed up to the previous one. Waste of time.

Review №5

You will be able to watch the movie. You wont spend almost $20 on a ticket its affordable. I use to love running to this place. Whenever a big movie came out and the big theatres was sold out you knew u could watch it hear until 1 day I dropped my keys and use the light on my cell phone. The seat were so filthy and dirty I just couldnt sit down. I then said let me look for another seat and every seat looked like someone peed on it or spilled juice mad times and the seat had never been cleaned. All of these nasty stains! Before this moment I wouId visit in the past and sit down comfortably. But after what I saw I just wanted to jump in the shower immediately.i then went to the front where they serve food and asked for a garbage bag. I sat on a garbage bag and since then I have never went back. I rather stay home and miss the movie then deal with those nasty seats. Renovate those seats

Review №6

Said they werent showing the movie I wanted to see because not enough people came to the first showing. Also the manager was very rude.

Review №7

The price is the best part. The actual theater is pretty bad. The speaks sound like a sound bar, no surround sound. My last visit, it smelled like a zoo. The staff is polite and very social. Its not very crowded, Ive visited on numerous occasions and was the one patron in the theater. In conclusion, if you want to go to a very no frills theater, this is it.

Review №8

Nice place and great prices

Review №9

Its a bit small but its does what its supposed to do and it both really cheap and within walking distance

Review №10

Cheap, simple, not usually packed, sodas, popcorn, icees, & cotton candy. They dont have food food, but theres a cheap pizza place right next door that does the trick. Definitely recommend for constant movie goers.

Review №11

Very small place. Very friendly staff. Prices are great. I definitely like to go that to see my movies. You can save a lot of money by going there.

Review №12

If you are trying to find a movie theater for the best price this is it. Dont expect anything else. Nachos I ordered were stale couldnt get them, even my Lil ones said they tasted wierd, the worst part was the manager had a really nasty attitude and very poor service the other staff were more friendly. It definitely will not be on my list of local places I usually try to support.

Review №13

Please do not waste your money here. The seats are covered in some unknown gunk, the bathrooms are revolting. There are roaches and overall the place is distasteful.

Review №14

Closed early instead of honoring showtimes posted on their own website. Workers dont seem to care about their business. Could use improvements on many fronts. 2 stars because of fair pricing.

Review №15

Great price. Very friendly. Could be modernized. Overall great place.

Review №16

For the price I can still take my kid & I for less than 30 bucks for the last 10 years... it’s local so I support it...

Review №17

Sunday Matinee prices are great

Review №18

This Cinemas is very small but cozy. Located near few other shopping center. If you prefer a more intimate place to watch a movie then go there. But if you more about the big crowd then not the place for you...

Review №19

Never again. I was afraid. I bought the tickets and felt disgusted. It is really cheap. I think they only offer like 3 movies at a time.

Review №20

If youre all about the finer things in life this place is not for you. Its a small theater, very old very cozy looks like it hasnt been updated since maybe the early nineties. But they have the movies you want to see when they come out for half the price of other theaters near by. $8 or $11 for 3d and a dollar less for children. Some occasions may warrent spending extra on reclining seats and a dine in theater but at this price we can afford to see more movies more often and were supporting local businesses. The more we watch movies here the more money theyll have to pay the people who work there. Great place for the price point and in the walking distance from my house

Review №21

Very outdated, im talking stone age

Review №22

Manager was incredibly rude, rest of the employees were great

Review №23

I make the 3 oclock showing cant beat the 6.00 price. The theater is clean and the employees are very polite and friendly

Review №24

Good place to take the kids

Review №25

We was watching Avengers and something hit my foot. I thought I was crazy, then a mouse jumped on my thigh. I jumped up so fast and ran out of there. Nastiest theater I have ever been to in my entire life. Of course they gave us our money back!

Review №26

Need to change the decor of this place

Review №27

Amazing cinema, large screen and clear audio system. The place is very clean and the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The price of tickets and concession items are also unmatched by any other movie theater Ive ever been to!

Review №28

It used to be a great place to go see a movie and used to have games and cheap Tuesdays soon they stopped selling popcorn tubs and souvenir cups took away the crane game and the driving game, renamed their place and then again. place looks too dull to even go see a movie there. Granted, its not expensive but Id rather see movies in theaters with reclining chairs.

Review №29

My favorite place to go with the kids. Movies are super affordable, yes place is older, but staff is super nice, all the new movies and super cheap snacks.. Please dont come and pay 8 dollars and expect AMC reclining chairs!!!

Review №30

Old movie theater but have all the movies that are out.

Review №31

Popcorn horrible it’s only one respected employee there been coming here for 7 years n I’m not coming back today took the cake

Review №32

This is a family theatre in a great neighborhood. The theatre always has the latest movies. I saw Star Wars yesterday and I did not have to wait in a long line. The popcorn is great and the staff is friendly. I love having a neighborhood movie theatre five minutes from my home. The ladies bathroom needs a face lift...otherwise my favorite theatre on Long Island..Thanks...

Review №33

Its not the most modern place but it serves its purpose for movies .The good thing is that its never really crowded although I wish they would fix some aspects of their building to improve the overall look.In terms of punctuality sometime there are some delays with the schedule time .but hey you get what you pay for

Review №34

Ive gone here my whole life but, could use better chairs.

Review №35

Friendly front host. Enjoy going there.

Review №36

I rated the theatre 4 stars because I love the giant screens but the service is unsurpassed largely due to the courtesy of one Mr.Clinton Barkley. I was seen entering the theatre and this gentleman assisted me safely inside due to the fact that Im slightly handicapped. He also helped me to my seat and helped me outside to the pharmacy across the parking lot. Congratulations to the company for hiring such considerate employees!

Review №37

Small theater , Very cozy and the prices are unbeatable.

Review №38

Small venue on the lower end quality movie houses but less expensive

Review №39

Went to see Black Panther the movie was good but this theater need an upgrade. Seats were right for me and the whole theatre is old school. No reclining seats, etc

Review №40

Look, for $8, whats not to love??? Small town theater with small town customer service. The staff is always polite and willing to help each other out. Moved here a year ago and have seen at least 10 movies here so far. Glad this place exists!

Review №41

I like this place in that it is small, cheap, and you will always find seats. The snack prices are good too, the bathroom is clean from what I saw, but it could improve a lot more. They should get those modernized popcorn machines.

Review №42

The Staff were nice & funny, older theatre but nice & homey make you feel like it’s part of the Community

Review №43

To be completely honest the theater itself, including aesthetics, food, etc, absolutely the bad way. My girlfriend and I went to see Logan tonight and we almost passed it thats how small this place is. Pretty sure the pizzeria next door has a bigger sign in front. Personally I could careless for candy, and popcorn, Im not there for the experience, Im there for the movie, so I was surprised when the cashier said it was $16 total for both of us. We were so shocked we thought he said $60 and we almost handed him 3 twenties. The movie theater is definitely way behind itself. It could definitely use a ton of reworking and upgrades but never the less we got to see a decent movie for less than 20 bucks

Review №44

Small theater, popcorn is not fresh, they always have a problem with their hard drive, so you better call first to find out if they can play a movie before wasting your time!

Review №45

Always go 2 this theatre. Alex is the best!

Review №46

Love love love this place. What they lack in decor they make up in customer service. It is quite and quaint, bathrooms are always clean.

Review №47

The theater look run down, the popcorn tasted burnt, the nacho and cheese dip was stale and expensive. I only took my kids there because the Grinch was available there. Waste of money. One star because my kids were able to see z The Grinch..

Review №48

Very cozy, not the finest but they have great prices and excellent staff

Review №49

Its great no ones noisy sometimes you get the theaters best seats

Review №50

Convenient movie theater in the neighborhood. Needs an upgrade of seats.

Review №51

This is not only the best movie theatre for lovers in the Long Island area, it may just be the most erotic place to catch new releases in the whole Western Hemisphere. The decor is sensual, boasting many fully functioning seats per room and tastefully home-printed signs on the marquis advertising features. As of early April 2017, the lobby boasts cardboard displays of vintage 2016 blockbusters such as the classic TJ Miller/Jennifer Anniston joint, Office Christmas Party, cultivating an air of tender nostalgia for simpler times.You and your lovers (or children) will find yourself enraptured in the magic of the silver screen as you enter one of the many showrooms, each with a fully functioning color screen and audio-- perfect for watching movies. When you exit this hallowed place after viewing a feature, you will have no doubt that love is real. Two thumbs WAY UP. ;)

Review №52

The staff were super nice. We walked out before the scene after the credits and they told us there was more. We had a whole theatre to ourselves!

Review №53

Small, local cinemas with very limited movies and accommodations. Prices are definitely good at $8 a ticket on a Saturday night, however a large slush at $4.25 looked like a small, so it is give and take. The theaters are small (40-60 ppl max)with similar screens. Overall it was an OK experience and would only come back if I did not feel like going far to the theaters.

Review №54

The people are so nice and we are proud to support a community theater! It could be spruced up quite a bit, but they are trying.

Review №55

Great local theatre that wont break your pockets.

Review №56

Small small theater good prices $6 for seniors on Tuesday cummint running movies

Review №57

I have been coming here since I was a little girl. theater always with latest movies, great up-to-date snacks, never a long line, respectful staff, climate controlled theatres and helpful available staff when there is a concern during the movie. Usually safe, ample parking.

Review №58

This is a very nice place I feel as if I am at home sitting down in a rocking chair. I feel like they need to upgrade the chairs a little bit bcuz I feel the chair against my rear end and I can see that it feels a bit uncomfortable. The popcorn was a bit dry and we put butter into it i was not feeling it yesterday when I watched Jurassic Park. But I like the thought how they give u the best funniest most kindest staff ever!!!!! If you need help they r there. I also feel like they shouldn’t lock the doors when watching the movie just in case if someone needs to use the bathroom or if there is a trespasser. Other than that they prices r fantastic most loving people there and the most kindest ppl go there to watch some movies. I feel like the place is small bcuz the movie place is for like couple of people coming for a night out not a whole party of 16 ppl watching a movie this place of fair and a fantastic place to hang out with a couple of friends (about five) a great place just to watch a good movie! ;) Going to this most fun and great cinema is the best it makes me feel like I can come and watch many movies in that same day. Just because I am just a kid doesn’t mean my review doesn’t matter because as if for this review I bet it will convince others to see how great a place it is. I mean it does need a little upgrade but it is a very great place to go to!

Review №59

Nothing like an empty movie theater for a matinee showing. Always enjoy going there.

Review №60

I got to say the prizes impressed me but it was so tiny. Grease on the walls, broken seats, and small screen. It was the size of my garage! The popcorn was nasty too. Butter and not no difference! The place had few people there who were talking loud but I could hear the noisy squeaky chair noise over it! Avoid this place.

Review №61

Small yet cute for first dates, girls night out, etc.

Review №62

We saw Petes dragon the Candys in my stomach felt like heaven this is so good. sexy

Review №63

Attention was wonderful.

Review №64

Very nice place good screen and perfect sound and also the price you cant beat it.

Review №65

Close by and good prices

Review №66

Small and looks like its going outta business. You can tell the owner isnt putting a lot of money to keep it modern.

Review №67

Cant use coupons, they check in ur pocketbooks dirty rusty bathroom, parts of floor missing in the theater terrible place would never go there to see a movie again tickets should be 6.00 dollars all the time instead of 10 even tho they shouldnt even charge 6.00 thats way expensive for this place . Says bowtie but wont accept coupons for it smh

Review №68

Geat place for $8.00 just need to update there seats but other than that it was excellent great staff great infinity War #Awsome

Review №69

Tickets are $6 which is a very good price.

Review №70

Don’t do it!!! Horrible experience!! Went to catch matinee with my kids as I walk in I hear don’t stealing anything someone will be right with you. Very tasteless than I hear you guys have the theatre to you’llselve s before the white folks show up. I’m not sure what kind of customer service training these Employees received but they need to re read thier employee handbook.

Review №71

Small theater, but for 8 bucks cant beat it .. friendly staff and local, when you dont need the flashy venue this is good

Review №72

Friendly staff, clean theatre, comfy seats. Restroom needs to be cleaned

Review №73

Very low key and discreet also great experience

Review №74

Very nice sound quality large screen clean theater friendly staff priced ok.

Review №75

Nice staff. Roomy seating.

Review №76

Lol.. honestly guys go to merrick movie theatre I havent been here in a while, decides to come. Why am I sitting in a small ass room no previews or anything for like 15 minutes? Movie starts, no sound playing.. people had to go and say something like seriously? Go to merrick its way better trust me. And they are actually friendly there, unlike here.

Review №77

Very reasonable price and does the trick for a quick, local getaway.

Review №78


Review №79

Great price, and convince. Can be somewhat too intimate (claustrophobic).

Review №80

Wonderful !!! Pleasant, enjoyable peaceful guard us with thy Might hands

Review №81

This has been my place for years now and they never disapoint, the workers there are always friendly and the place is always clean.

Review №82

Wish they would renovate this place, but I guess it adds to the nostigalic charm.

Review №83

Certainly not an AMC , but a 3d movie is 11.00 where other places its 18 plus , how can you complain ? Popcorn is also affordably priced at 5.00 for the large . Gave it 4 stars because of the price point

Review №84

Very very small theater nonetheless still close by to me and good service

Review №85

I go because it is close to my home. I like their popcorn to.

Review №86

Been there befor

Review №87

Prices are reasonable, but the floor and chairs need mprovement!

Review №88

Nice place to take the family

Review №89

If youre looking for a completely uninterrupted movie experience (i.e., inconsiderate people texting during the movie, talking, et. al.) this is the theater you want to patronize! The building is dated and their bathrooms need to be renovated; however, the staff is very friendly and accommodating. I cant say much about the refreshments as I dont often purchase these items before a movie. (BYOBB b!tches...Lol!!) Overall, it is clean and very much worth the lesser amount you would normally have to pay at the larger theaters.

Review №90

It’s cheaper, rarely crowded and nothing very special about this rink dinky theatre. Just the way I like it!

Review №91

Nice small movie theatre. Has current titles

Review №92

The workers are very friendly as well as attentive.

Review №93

Great service, good prices

Review №94

If u need cheap movie tickets 10$ then this is the place . But if u can afford more then go somewhere else. Lol

Review №95

Small and cozy place to watch a movie.

Review №96

Most affordable cinema in have been to!

Review №97

The movie played like ten minutes late. The theater wasnt cleaned from the previous movie. The bathrooms are a disgrace. And lastly, there was no popcorn made. Overall I disliked it.

Review №98

Cheap ticket prices but not clean

Review №99

I come here to this movie theater all the time to have mother daughter day which includes a good movie and spending time with my daughter she so in love the popcorn box...and I must say as much as we take our little trip to theater the staff are great and they always greet us with open arms and a open doors a very wonderful team...I must say...:-)

Review №100

Small but a good place to go with family

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3.7 Rating
  • Address:1849 Grand Ave, Baldwin, NY 11510, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 516-223-2324
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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