Lavey Lane Mobile Home & RV Park
5510 Lavey Ln, Baker, LA 70714, United States
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Only click one star to give a brief review but one star is way too much! It’s very trashy and nasty. The owners and landlords are cons. If you move here you will not get your deposit back so write it off as a lost. And you practically get the third degree if there are any repairs that needs to be done as if it’s your responsibility not there’s.

Review №2

I wish I could give this place ZERO STARS. I truly hope no one with God given sense moves here. When I arrived here the then owner only charged $100.00 a month to live here. Then the park was sold to the slum lord Darin Watkins. The only thing he and his incompetent office manager care about is the almighty dollar. The rent has gone up 3 times in 9 years ($190.00, $220.00 and as of May 2016 $300.00).$300.00 for a lot that you can barely park on. Dont bother asking him to follow what a good owner does by respecting the RIGHTS of the tenants. Every notice we receive involves us giving him additional money. If you need any repairs, he will neither acknowledge you or make the repair. If you move in here, keep your lawyer on speed dial because that is the only way Darin will respond to anything. It is alleged that this man is getting $1100 a month for the fema trailers that are now in the park but somehow he will magically find a way to increase the rent under his favorite lie of property taxes. Weve had notices placed on our homes that if we dont wash our siding by a certain time he will just wash it and CHARGE US. This is NO where stated in the lease. He is now forcing the tenants to get new skirting on their homes by April 15. Again NO WHERE stated in the lease that he mandate such rules ON SOMEONE ELSES HOME. Many of the tenants are under fixed incomes and are living check to check. However he doesnt care. Ive never seen an more HEARTLESS individual. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE or at least talk to the other residents before coming here....otherwise you will regret it.

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We stayed here at the beginning of this year and got scammed out of out $150 deposit. She told us that our lot had to stay clean and garbage had to go in the garbage and we would get it back (not hard to do). We did that! When we went in to pay for our last few days here my boyfriend told her that we would be leaving in 4 days and that we would need our despoit back she told us I dont have the cash right now Ill have to mail it to you (we thought that was weird cause we had just given her $80 (cash) for our rent for the next few days. So anyway we gave her our address and waited for our deposit return and after a month I called and asked about it and she said we didnt give her a 30 day notice before we left (WE WERENT EVEN THERE FOR 30 DAYS) so long story short, it has been 4 months and NO DEPOSIT RETURN. Weve called and talked to the woman and she tells us we need to talk to the guy, and we talk to him and he tells us either to talk to the woman or that he will get it sent out BLAH BLAH BLAH. Plus this place is just trashy anyway. DONT STAY HERE.

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I have lived here for 5 months. Very clean, restricted park, free lawn maintainance, great staff.

Review №5

Well kept and manger cordial and through a

Review №6

I just install cable I own live here

Review №7

Nice and quiet. And clean

Review №8

The owners call me back after the situation I have whit my deposit and she send me my money back tanks

Review №9

Rat hole

Review №10

Friendly residents let you bum premium cigarettes.

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Review №12

Giving this place 1 star is too much!!!

Review №13

Nice quiet atmosphere

Review №14

Its too much to put on here

Review №15

Its OK. The only problem is the dont allow pets

3.7 Rating
  • Address:5510 Lavey Ln, Baker, LA 70714, United States
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