Argyle Park
NY-27A, Babylon, NY 11702, United States

Review №1

Hope all work being done will be completed by the middle of next year. We all miss what once was...the beautiful waterfalls that were seen for many..many years while driving past Argyle Park and Montauk Highway. Does anyone know if it will be restored and have waterfalls again?

Review №2

I love going here! Its a lovely place to walk or ride your bicycle around the lake. If you are a Pokémon Go player Its a great place. There are Poké stops all around the lake and several gyms to battle in. For 5 star and Mega Raids Its a great place to go, there are almost always other people to help win the raids.

Review №3

Fished here but truth be told not the best place. Access is good, but likewise its heavily pressured and lots of trash because of it. Wish people would clean up after themselves.

Review №4

Beautiful place for a walk, always soothing and scenic. Currently (late 2020) undergoing a massive renovation, but still a great walk.

Review №5

Kid friendly pet friendly distance friendly dog friendly Swan friendly short walk around the pond half a mile Maybe

Review №6

Is a great place! To walk and take photos. The people who play Pokemon go like i do. 100% recommend so many pokestops. And also a nice place to exercise and just to have a relax day or walk with family or alone

Review №7

Great place for a quick walk to end the day. Beautiful sunsets. Parking lot fills up fast on the weekends. Lot on Railroad Ave is an alternative but on weekends only- its a pay lot.

Review №8

Beautiful as always. I got so many great memories in here. My favorite time to visit is in the spring because the cherry trees are blooming and pictures come out perfectly

Review №9

Park was nice to walk around. Very crowded and full of geese which in turn there was a lot of geese poop. The water smelled on a very hot day. If you need to check this park out do. Just don’t expect an amazing place to blow your mind.

Review №10

What i like in this place is there are beautiful ducks and gooses in the water. And its very early to find

Review №11

Its so nice and peaceful. So many people I see get there wedding day photos here and they are amazing !

Review №12

Very nice and clean park, very beautiful , the people here are very friendly.Only thing they dont have is a clean bathroom, so if you have to go just have someone drive you to the nearest Target and use the bathroom there.Other than that , great place to go. Definitely worth it.

Review №13

Very beautiful and detailed environment! Had a wonderful experience with my family as we walked around the lake several times, enjoying the breeze, water and animals! Highly recommended POV. After you take a stroll around the lake doing activities from walking, biking and or fishing, you can walk around the village and find yourself a place to eat, such as pizza and or ice cream!

Review №14

Nice park for a walk...didnt realize the playground was still closed due to covid19 but the walk around the pond was good. Lots of geese and swans and other ducks. Great family bonding. The kids love looking at the animals in the pond.

Review №15

I love this park!! Its so beautiful with the waterfall, scenery and all the wildlife. I came here with my family last weekend .. we brought food and had a picnic on the grass .. it was so nice!! If you havent already .. you should definitely check this park out!!

Review №16

We uncovered this amazing place by happening. Very clean and quiet with lots of wild ducks, geese and swans that come out of the water and walk towards you probably looking for food. You can also walk your dog and bike here.

Review №17

Excellent park to walk/bike. Good views with waterfalls and close to downtown Babylon Village, for shopping/dining/night life

Review №18

Dog friendly, Nice people, great for, running, cycling, walking or relaxing. More than decent circuit training sations.

Review №19

This park is great especially in the summer! This park has a little playground by the front of it and if you continue youll see a mini waterfall people go there to take pictures and theres houses and a bunch of other stuff its a nice place for a work or to take your toddler on a stroll dont go here for picnics much better options. Also this place is good for Pokemon go!

Review №20

Beautiful place.So you have a lake and there is trail that goes around the lake. You can finish it in probably 15-20 mins if you are a slow walker like me.But the best part is the duck island, right in the middle. We went with the family, people were wearing masks and generally social distancing.Many opportunities to take photos. Must give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Review №21

A pretty place to take a break and a walk (even in the rain!). Babylon is a lovely, south shore town, with places to walk, watch and eat. Today’s fair was Rainer our, but still a nice and scenic walk. Allow 30 minutes, and figure you will park somewhere, probably not as close as you like though.

Review №22

Beautiful park. It was completely foggy today.

Review №23

This place is a great place with beautiful views.One of my favorite place I go every month there!

Review №24

Nice .75 mile of a walk once around. Something different!

Review №25

Beautiful park for photos. There are swans but they didnt make it into the shot

Review №26

Great park beautiful scenery. Love to see all the ducks, Swans, ect..

Review №27

Very beautiful park. You may see many white swans in the lake especially in August, the view is breath taking. You can take a short hike around the beautiful lake.

Review №28

So peaceful a small play ground alots of bird ducks and geese and everyone brings their cute dogs. The lakes are beautiful and big

Review №29

Great park to bring the kids to play in the playground or walk around the pond.

Review №30

Once the pride of Suffolk County, this now dilapidated property looks like a shadow of what it once was. I dont think it ever got the repairs it needed after Superstorm Sandy. Yet people still flock here for proposals, jogs, strolls and wedding photos. How about shifting some of that $3.2B Suffolk County budget to improve our park? Yes, thats $3,200,000,000 for 2020.

Review №31

Enjoy walking around the lake.

Review №32

Beautiful, clean, nice walking trail, a Long Island classic.

Review №33

The scenery is beautiful. The park needs to have the white walls painted, but its understandable during these times.

Review №34

I love this place really nice for walk and run if that what ur looking!

Review №35

I love the argyle park arts fair. Always find very unique vendors there. Like this 3d framed art that I bought for my bathroom

Review №36

Love the stroll-around-the-lake-vibe this park has!

Review №37

Beautiful and relaxing. Only thing theyre missing is a REAL restroom, but they do have a porta-potty that is maintained.

Review №38

Beautiful park and a great place to walk dogs. Some places were a bit overrun with geese and duck poo but that is to be expected. Had beautiful swans swimming in the pond and there is a little kids playground there. Also a great place to play Pokemon Go as there are lots of PokeStops and Gyms there.

Review №39

For walking, running, or any type of outside activities its the perfect place. I usually do a few rounds on my bicycle and then to relax i sit down near the lake.

Review №40

Its a lovely, peaceful place to walk, ride a bike, or jog....many geese, swans,ducks swim here....

Review №41

Such a nice place to go for a walk or sit and relax.

Review №42

Great time if youre a Pokémon go-er :D tons of stops and gyms!

Review №43

Beautiful scenic view, awesome path to walk, run, ride your bike or just sit on the bench and watch these ducks and swans.

Review №44

Tell others why you love this place. ... it reminds me of hope. Nice place to think after a bad day at work. Seeing nature mix with modern day life. Good place to stop and think about my purpose. ( still dont know what it is )

Review №45

Waterfalls were very pretty, geese are too fast to catch but they made up for it by people being able to stand on trees, literally came

Review №46

Great walking trail although one side has water on the trail issues. I walk with a cane and can make it around good. Just little tricky where the trail gets really muddy. Plenty of people walking, pushing storllers, walking the dogs on leashes. Benches are scattered around the pond to take breaks.

Review №47

Very scenic with the ducklings and swans in the pond.

Review №48

Beautiful park to walk and run. People walk their dogs their on leashes. There is a small playground for children.

Review №49

Beautiful park with a lot of lake side real estate. A great place to not only take wedding pictures, but also even has a gazebo set up across the street where you can have your own actual wedding! Seating is even included. Parking can be a little tricky, and you may miss it at first glance, so keep a keen eye out if youre visiting for the first time.

Review №50

Bueafiful for Wedding Pictures and Quite Walks Around the Town Lake, Swans are in the Lake. Plus Beautiful Treeline Views. During Spring and Summer planted flowers line the lawn.Flowed bushes all around.Enjoy and Be Safe

Review №51

I love this park I have been coming here since I was a little kid

Review №52

Beautiful, calm and peaceful.

Review №53

Nice place to walk around the lake. Relatively quiet, parking can be limited.

Review №54

Every time I step my feet at this lovely Park, my soul,my heart turns into a bliss. Usually I got here in the late afternoon and keep my self smiling with joy , greeting people meeting with dogs aground this beautiful Lake. Come over if you never been here ,I am sure you will come back over and over . here I want to share some pictuess

Review №55

Great place to just walk around and enjoy the fresh air and see all the gooses and swans

Review №56

I came here with my family for the first time. People there are nice and the swans and ducks are precious to watch.

Review №57

Cute park to walk around the lake

Review №58

Beautiful park. Nice, clean, peaceful lake to walk around it. A big plus, you can take your dog on your it.

Review №59

Beautiful. Good for a walk by the water. Sit and chat by the fountain and hit the tracks for a few laps.

Review №60

Beautiful Park to sit and relax have lunch..

Review №61

Went for a nice walk, it needs a lot of work , I have lived in the area for many years and its not getting any better the grounds are deterated such a shame

Review №62

Beautiful area to walk

Review №63

They fair at Argyle is so big with so many awesome vendors. I purchased a beautiful necklace from Crystal Riches and I adore it. The owner Anna is just lovely. You should check out her work. The park is very easy to find and its a great spot for portraits too!

Review №64

Great place just to get in some exercise with ur pup

Review №65

Beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the views

Review №66

The Lake is Beautiful. The playground is lots of fun for young children. Waterfall is a great background for picture..

Review №67

The scenery is breathtaking. The kind of place you can sit and read a book under a tree, paint, take wedding photos, feed ducks and people watch. A cozy place for a couple to sit and engage. Its also a nice spot to go for a walk or jog around the pond. Any questions, let me know?

Review №68

Beautiful place for friends and families

Review №69

Very pretty park with lots to walk and beautiful water. Sport fields from the school and small kids play ground. Lies of poke stops.Close to train stop so tons of random people, not open late. No bathrooms or food and water.

Review №70

Its a beautiful park, with both small lakes and the many wildlife visitors. If your lucky enough to see some special birds. And soon to see the when the park is renovated.

Review №71

Good spot for kids and adults

Review №72

Beautiful park but needs a bathroom

Review №73

Nice little park to walk, jog, bike ride, or just sit and watch the ducks, or relax and meditate. A nice nature escape tucked within a busy town & shopping area.

Review №74

Once a year in late summer Argyle Lake has their annual festival with hundreds of vendors who sell their wares. The park is beautiful with the lake as its main focal point. Theres a nice walking path which travels all around the lake on both sides of Main St in Babylon.

Review №75

The park of love! Has great environment for pictures,walking and enjoy time with loves ones.

Review №76

Beautiful place is old, but a little groomed

Review №77

Great place to walk

Review №78

Pretty place! Its far from where I live so I just go with my family when the giant craft fair is happening. But, we like it! Its pretty big and the water is nice!

Review №79

Good great fishing bass all over the place

Review №80

Went fishing there with high hopes, unfortunately no luck this time. Will try again another time.

Review №81

Beautiful Park, a nice walking trail. There are a lot of geese, so you know what that means. Nice little park for the kids, and a lovely Lake. On weekends, theres plenty of parking on the North side by the train station

Review №82

Great for pokemon go. Especially on community day.

Review №83

Cute little sand playground! Nice path to walk around the lake!! Beautiful views of some historical homes in Babylon!! Great place to take pictures for special occasions especially by the waterfall!

Review №84

Beautiful park, pathway could use a sweeping

Review №85

Love the trail from Argyle park to Belmont state park

Review №86

Very nice park for a picnic or a stroll

Review №87

Its a lovely park, but do not wear ypur favorite shoes as there is feces from the water fowl every where you step, both in the grass and on the trail.

Review №88

Beautiful place to relax, have lunch, take wedding/event photos, etc.

Review №89

Beautiful walk around lake

Review №90

Nice walk around the lake with the dogs

Review №91

Awesome for exercise. Walk all around the lake. Nice small park for young kids. Great for wedding photos. Limited parking

Review №92

My 18 month old had fun. It was unfortunate that there were alot of parents there that were not paying any attention to their kids and tag made it unsafe for my daughter. It happens alot so it wasnt unexpected. She still had lots of fun walking around and playing in the sand.

Review №93

Good fishing spot!

Review №94

Spacious and clean! Always enjoy walking here.

Review №95

Beautiful as always, my parents took their wedding pictures here, love visiting for the beauty and memories

Review №96

Popular park with a great walking path on a wonderful sunny day.

Review №97

Amazing place for wedding pictures and walking

Review №98

Beautiful park...perfect spot to walk your dog

Review №99

Freat spot for pictyres, just need soke updating with pathways and stairways showing signs of agg and starting to break and seperate in some places

Review №100

Great park to do a walk or jog what ever feels good it has a real nice path around the lake.

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