Robert Moses State Park
Robert Moses Causeway, Babylon, NY 11702, United States

Review №1

The park was clean, the people orderly and in hushed awe awaiting the rise of the Blue Moon which did not disappoint!The clear vantage point, line of sight attained at the park was breathtaking.Diversity reigned; young old; black white, equipped professional photographers to camera phones, fishermen to loving couples all gathered as one to take in the peace and view. Not a voice or boom box raised, creation at its best.

Review №2

Such a beautiful beach! Definitely worth coming here! Also if you’re lucky to get space in Field 5, there’s a pathway to the lighthouse. Also there’s the food place which has some amazing choices of food. The lobster roll is definitely worth a try! They also have a variety gelato flavors! This place is just amazing and relaxing. The only thing is it might get crowded but if you keep looking there’s always space somewhere.

Review №3

Absolutely gorgeous beach it is not restricted to residents anyone can come here and the fee is cheaper than other beaches in the area its only $10. The sand is pristine unlike some other beaches its not full of rocky pebbles and other debris. The waves on this beach are a little stronger than other beaches so something to keep in mind if youre bringing small children but its a great place to come have a lot of fun and enjoy a sunny day.

Review №4

Very nice, clean beach. Peaceful and virtually no crowds, probably due to COVID. However everyone obeyed the mask wearing overall. The best part.... only minutes from home

Review №5

.Such an amazing place at the (almost) end of the worldMany many birds and amazing ocean view and beach, worth the 2 hour or more drive from basically anywhere outside long island...

Review №6

Are you 25+ and want RELAXATION on the beach? Travel the extra 20 minutes passed Jones and indulge in the mature crowd of Robert Moses. You can still play music (respectfully), sip on a drink (dont be obnoxious) and have a good time without altercation or rowdiness. Forget Rockaway and the alternating cool kids field at Jones. Just mind the State Troopers waiting for you to speed by. You might not see them, but theyre watching.

Review №7

Peaceful. Went there before sun rise. Had the beach just for us. Nice walk by the shore. Go early if you prefer solitude ...

Review №8

As of middle September 2020 the beaches are open for visits with no closures. Great beach in spring and fall. The sand temperature is just nice for walking on and the crowds are manageable due to the large amount of parking lots. $10 per car entrance fee. Visit the historic lighthouses if youre coming!

Review №9

When you arrive at this park it speaks for itself this is the most beautiful place in the world. Go to any of the beaches and you’ll see How pristine the Sanders and clean and you can see for miles and miles from the food products to all the amenities. Anthony from New York

Review №10

Could use better facilities and signage but I still like coming here in the colder months when there are no crowds

Review №11

We love this state park anytime if the year.

Review №12

Amazing place to go in weekend with family and friends, I loved to play with deer’s, , near to the city, fire island is a best place to visit near NYC

Review №13

Nice beach that connects to Fire Island. We ended up parking at field 5 and walked to Kismet then Saltaire then Fair Harbor. Some topless peeps so beware. Parking lot was using proper social distancing measures. Bathrooms open for use and clean. Concession stand closed.We got there pretty early and got great parking ($10). No traffic to and from this past Sunday. Beautiful scenic shores and gorgeous weather. The trail to firehouse was closed.At the shore we saw lots of dead baby sharks, horseshoe crab and baby manta rays.

Review №14

Robert Moses State park is one of the best beaches on long Island and I feel it is one of the most underrated beaches as well. First of all, the sand is extremely soft and very gentle on your feet. One of the best things about this beach is that it usually isnt that crowded (especially when compared to jones beach). Also the beach has really big waves which either can be a pro or a con depending on whether your a thrill seeker, or usually like to stay back on the beach

Review №15

I love this feel. I love this place. Ive been here once The vibe? This is where warm people go.

Review №16

Went to field 4 where the fire island lighthouse is. Nice sandy beaches. And the water looks so clean.

Review №17

This place is a hidden gem. Nice boardwalk to the light house and you can walk all the way to kismet.

Review №18

First time here, met some friends at Field 4 and set up about 100 feet from the entrance. Nice day, everyone was respectful and only $10 to park is a pretty good deal. The waves were pretty powerful and some of them made it to those that set up close to the water. Waited about 20 minutes to get into the area and then another 20 to get into the parking lot. We didnt try the food but guess it is the standard fare you get at other public beaches. My recommendation is to bring your own food and drink so you wont be disappointed.

Review №19

Very relaxing! Customer service at the concessions is always on point, greeting/helping you with your needs with smile on their face attitude. Bathrooms are decent at best, you can tell they try to keep them up; though Im not sure why the sink water comes out brown . Overall very clean family oriented beach!

Review №20

Nice clean water and parking lot spots were separated to limit occupancy. Snack bar was open and outdoor showers running. The only bad thing was too many shells in the sand.

Review №21

Amazing powder sand. Waves were rough but we enjoyed it so much!

Review №22

What an awesome beach!! White soft sand... Clear clean water. Lots of waves to ride or dive under. Everyone respects social distancing so you can have fun without being up close and personal in the wake of the COVID-19 era. It was a beautiful place to spend a peaceful day.

Review №23

Great beach to spend weekend. There werent lot of people at the time we went. The beach and the water was clean.

Review №24

Neat and maximum people Maintaining social distancing... But no one is wearing mask... Evening times its been not that much crowded.. Traffic is there near the entrance

Review №25

To be honest, years ago Robert Moses was a great park and very family oriented. Unfortunately, I have been going to Field 5 and Field 4 and it gets worse and worse each year. From individuals bringing their own speakers and BLASTING their music to others bringing hookah or marijuana to smoke on the beach really kills the vibe. I understand everyone wants to enjoy themselves and the music isn’t an issue as long as its low enough for those individuals to listen to and not the entire field. The other sad part is that this is not enforced by those working there.

Review №26

The water was clean and beautiful, the shells on the sand and the warm breeze made for a relaxing walk.

Review №27

What a beautiful and serene beach! We absolutely love coming here! Our favorite beach in NY. We even were fortunate enough to see a baby seal on the shore, what a fun surprise!

Review №28

Great beach and location .. high tide waves ...parking field is 10$ overall great

Review №29

A. Beautiful day. Weather was perfect. Some people have to realize, their kids make less noise than they do. Listening to a mother saying loudly for her daughter to listen. But the poor kid was being a good little girl. Ocean is the best in the country.

Review №30

Went before sunrise to catch the sunrise, lots of photographers. The deer were running around having fun. This is a beautiful beach, it could only be better if it were to face east.

Review №31

Listen to traffic reports and make sure your GPS is good. This place has potential to lock you out there for hours, just sitting in traffic.Cellphones barely work out there. Not a disaster because if you really try you can somehow summon enough, by shear will alone, network signal to reconnect to the larger world.Great sand, huge waves and okay amenities, and basically a solid beach that is 1 hour and 45 minutes from me.

Review №32

Its not bad if you like rough waters and sand every where. Sand gets into my bathing suit so much that its doesnt wash out for 2 washes. Its a pretty beach for sun bathing tho. Not too crazy crowded.

Review №33

The beach was nice. Got there early, all set up. Some kid life guard said had to move, to close to life guard stand. Moved. Then everyone set up in same spot we were in blocking ocean. Showers were closed. Buildings are in major disrepair. It is sad to see, was always such a nice place.

Review №34

It the reason I love NY. Beautiful waves. Tricky seagulls. A adventure every time.

Review №35

First of, its not extremely crowded. Its clean, theres plenty of space to keep your distance from others. The only complaint I have is the female bathrooms need attention. Other than that, its a really nice place.

Review №36

Parking field 4. Not crowded. No loud music. No undertow or heavy waves smashing you. Great day at the beach !

Review №37

This was cool! The water temperature was perfect, and people were socially distanced. As always, would recommend getting in as early as you can for maximum enjoyment.

Review №38

Beautiful beaches, clean and a lot of space! Due to coronavirus, parking limited ( only every second parking spot open) what I think it is great!

Review №39

Beautiful day at the beach! Not too crowded, water was delightful, sunshine plentiful. Company was

Review №40

This beach is the most amazing place to visit. Amazing water and sun, you can have both together.

Review №41

Beach was nice. You park closer to the water than at Jones Beach. I did go off season, so I could not gauge how crowded it can get in summer.

Review №42

For me, it is by far the best beach in and around the NY area. Calm, pristine and breezy. The sunsets are brilliant too. Socially distance and enjoy!

Review №43

Beautiful clean beach. Beach goers in the morning are mostly reading and enjoying the view. Plenty of space to distance yourself from others and enjoys the area.. Get there early to avoid parking issues.

Review №44

Excellent beach, clean, easy to go, nice waves on the sea, beautiful, I like it. If you have the chance go and enjoy like I did

Review №45

The beach is clean and they have workers to keep it clean. Its not as busy as Jones Beach if you prefer a less busy place. The view is good too

Review №46

Too bad they stopped us from going there Sunday with our classic cars. Oh well, see you all at Millers Ale House, our new free spot to meet Sunday mornings.

Review №47

This is a national beach, so it is not restricted to local or NY state residents, even with covid restrictions. Parking was $10. Restrooms are open. We arrived at noon last Saturday (8/22/20) and were able to park at the rightmost lot 5 and walk to Lighthouse Beach, but it was full by 11am on Sunday so we parked in lot 4 and stayed on Robert Moses beach. The sand is a lovely fine beige, not rocky, and stays relatively cool. On Saturday the waves were large and so fun to play in, on Sunday they were pretty small. Cant control nature.The beaches closest to the parking lots are more crowded, but people are respectful and maintain at least 6-10 feet between blankets. If you want more privacy, walk further past the lots (into Lighthouse beach area, theres a boardwalk that can take you there from lot 5 ).I highly recommend this beach.

Review №48

The beach is nice and water more cleaner than beaches near nyc but in summer usually crowded except the extreme west sands strip

Review №49

Clean beach with a lovely boardwalk. Plenty of parking. Decent facilities. New York public beaches arent  luxurious, but Id say the south shore of Long Island is exceptional depending on where you go. Robert Moses does just great!

Review №50

Quieter than nearby beaches. Has an attached pitch and putt golf course which is a nice distraction. Ample parking but get there early on hot days.

Review №51

Good pace to relax with family. Good beach with parking on the Field 4. The parking lot there is close to the water.

Review №52

Great sand beach and big waves! not great for swimming but definitely surfing. kids love it.

Review №53

I love it here. I mostly come here for the beach area. You can access the beach at fields 2,3 and 5. Field 5 has a playground. I love that the parking lot is close to the beach so you dont have to walk too far to get to the shore. I also love that you have the option to grill here (one of the fields have built in standing grills). The beach is clean and the water is clean as well. When I normally visit, the beach is peaceful and not crowded. I always have a good time. Its the most uncrowded on the weekdays. My family also loves coming here. It is not expensive to park either. Its $10 per car.

Review №54

The temperature may have dropped, but the beach is still a beautiful place to be.

Review №55

What a peaceful place. Not crowded. Not a long walk to beach. Nice ocean breeze

Review №56

Nice place. Water was crazy today but I would definitely go again. Thank u for having us!

Review №57

1st time here. We really liked it. Sand is very clean.

Review №58

Very nice and clean beach. Walk from parking area to beach is pretty short. Much better than Jones beach!

Review №59

Plenty of space for social distancing beach hangs. Great day

Review №60

My favorite. Totally relaxing. Nice waves and beautiful sunset. 55 min from upper Manhattan w/o heavy traffic.

Review №61

Good place to get some blue crabs you need to go prepared , also youre going to get a lot of mosquito bites , will definitely go back again , unfortunately we didnt get any , soon going back, see attached pictures

Review №62

Drove on the beach (with permit of course) for dinner and surf casting. What a glorious night with a cool breeze, calming sounds of wave crashing and birds calling and picturesque views of the sun setting. A few hours there resets you for a week and then some.

Review №63

Always enjoy being by the ocean. Great breeze to keep cool in this heat wave.Has concession stand with various food selections. Had Dove ice cream on a stick: refreshing!Bathroom & Showers. Outdoor shower to rinse off. Fun in the sun!!

Review №64

A little far but worthy. Its safe, there many lifeguards. Also its big enough, there is no need to be close to others.

Review №65

Nice beach! There are regular facilities, bathrooms, showers, snack bar and depending on the field a small shop to buy towels, chairs, umbrellas and sunscreen. Get there early as it tends to get crowded towards 1130, especially now with Covid. 1/2 capacity with parking. Every other parking stall is blocked with a cone.

Review №66

Beautiful, clean beach. Very relaxing place. Long Island beaches are really the best.

Review №67

Great place. Get there early if you want a good spot and leave early if you want to beat traffic. It usually builds up around 1 or 2pm on the out.

Review №68

My favorite beach (Field 5) on Long Island. Proximity to the lighthouse and Kismet and Salt aire is reason enough for the most favorite status.

Review №69

Post covid 19 Review. On hot days and on weekend you must go early. The fill capacity is half of its norm. Also the traffic for the slow entrance is terrible. Once you enter, the beach is kept clean and with ample garbage cans. The cleaning crew passes by multiple times per day and keeps everything impecable. The water in July is amazing warm, with no seaweed, soft waves and minimal rip. June is a little cold but if you grew up in NY, this is expected. August as usual brings more seaweed but water still warm. The waves are more powerful and stronger rip. The parking is ample, wheelchair accessible more in zone 5 than zone 4. There are plenty of toilets and a shower and changing room.

Review №70

If you are just sun bathing, fields 4 and 5 are for you. If you enjoy swimming stick to the lower fields.

Review №71

Had a lovely late afternoon at the beach. Sun, sand, crashing waves, chilly water, children playing, food and drink. Fields 3 and 4 are radio-free; Field 5 is noisier and a bit more crowded. Arrived around 4, with no traffic. Left around 7:30 with just a few minutes delay at the tower and rotary.

Review №72

We went in November 2019. The beach was very quiet almost nobody in sight. We saw many deer roaming. It was beautiful.

Review №73

Great time. Everyone had space and were respectful of each other.

Review №74

Had a beautiful day at field 3 today, very quiet and relaxing!!

Review №75

Place is great, life guards on duty. Fairly clean beach. Will go back again.

Review №76

I went to Field 2 this morning and watched the sunrise. The waves were beautiful and the sand felt great.

Review №77

We are very lucky to live on Long Island so close to world class beaches like Robert Moses. The sand is always clean and soft. Not rocky. The water is crystal clean. The views are great. The waves are calming and soothing. The bathrooms were clean. I have loved coming here since I was a kid.

Review №78

This park is a great getaway its a reason relaxing area not overly populated you got two sides one side is the bay and the other side is the ocean both are so relaxing to be at and just get away and clear your mind and enjoy the beautiful sea breeze thats all around you and the water and the sun sets which are amazing,.

Review №79

Sunny Days, sun fun beach water we dont need to say anymore.

Review №80

An awesome family experience that sits perfectly on the Atlantic Ocean. Any of the beaches (or fields) are perfect for laying out and enjoying all the beachfront you can imagine. The beach itself is very well maintained and clean, there are staff and lifeguard visible to help with any issues that might arise. There are even vendors that tour the beaches with ice cream and other cool snacks. Some fields are complete with giftshops and concessions. This is a great way to spend a day and to get away from the business of Long Island.

Review №81

One of my favorite places to be

Review №82

Beautiful beach. Lifeguards on duty. Convenient parking

Review №83

Nice low key beach that’s really clean!

Review №84

My family and I had a great time!! The water was terrific no sharks!The only problem I had was this women who decided to sunbathe without her top! Meanwhile children were all around disrespectful. I dont care if u want to sunbathe nude..but be mindful of children at least smh.

Review №85

Nice and clean with 5 fields. Parking lot less than 5 minute from beach. Good fun.

Review №86

Field 3 sunset. By the way the water is at the perfect temperature.

Review №87

Very clean beach lots of parking there’s also a nude beach there so be careful when you go with your kids on a hot day you’ll have to get here early if you want to get a parking spot close to the entrance of the beach because it gets packed here very quickly there’s also a small playground for the kids there is also a boardwalk through the dunes to get to the lighthouse and lighthouse dock that’s located on the bay on the north side it’s a very scenic walk I recommend taking water on your walk

Review №88

Relaxing, perfect day. Life guards use by. Social distancing in force. Felt safe

Review №89

It was really nice especially since they extended the handicap path closer to the water. As always rude people sit right on top of you when there is plenty of room also the blue mat is for handicapped people with a sign saying so. When you see a disabled person on the mat and you have your wagon loaded to the hilt with your refrigerator and sink you’re supposed to move over and let the disabled go by not push them off the mat with your rude family into the sand but people will be people I guess. I haven’t gone to the concession stand yet because I bring food knowing it will be expensive at the beach.

Review №90

Beautiful, clean & lifeguards are careful! For covid-19 parking is limited & shower is not available.

Review №91

Astonishingly beautiful beach. Remote, endless white sand, migratory bird sanctuary. No buildings around. Bathrooms, refreshments available. Take bus S47 from LIRR Babylon station.

Review №92

Love this beach. Always my go to.

Review №93

Great beach, the lifeguards actively enforced social distancing & appropriate safeguards. The beach is clean and welcoming.

Review №94

The beach was very clean and the people were wonderful and friendly my family had so much fun

Review №95

Amazing place! I recommend field 5 for hikers as it has a trail towards the lighthouse, I recommend field 2 for those looking for a great beach day that has no crowds. Field 1 and 2 and always the least crowded

Review №96

Besides seeing trump supporters with his election banners waving from their car like it was the American flag, I actually had a good time, it was very chill. I just wish things would go back to normal where people kept their political views to themselves.

Review №97

This is such a nice quiet beach area. I attended a car show on Sunday in Captree, and it was wonderful. Definitely would recommend for the scenery and openness. Calming, beautifully made, a small eating area, perfect for beachgoers and car junkies.

Review №98

RM is an old favorite place of mine for beach walks all year, swimming and surfing. Theres a lot of space, so its easy to find some in-season peace and quiet by the ocean on weekdays and evenings just before sunset.

Review №99

Great. Everyone is socially distanced... Families enjoying a nice summer day. BEAUTIFUL place as always... Have been coming here for 20+ years.

Review №100

Excellent course 18 holes with one claw for a slow but its still a good practice for the short game could improve your score on the big for exponentially

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