Super Arcade
123 E Foothill Blvd, Azusa, CA 91702, United States

Review №1

Pinball scene here is legit. Great vibe. Pinball tournaments every two weeks. Casual hang vibe that isnt pretentious. Good mix of arcade games. Huge room for consule games. Not my thing, but the kids that are into it are really friendly

Review №2

Fantastic place. Owners are legends for bringing back arcades. The game Cabinets all work great and like someone else said, if theres a problem, the owner will fix it. Locals are always fun too! If youre hesitant to come to an event I can assure you that you will meet some great people and have some good games.

Review №3

If you like fighting games or just arcades in general this play is well worth a visit. Plenty of parking! And plenty of space for console games!!!

Review №4

By far the best Retro Arcade I have been to. It is easy to kill an hour or two playing the games. I myself can spend an hour or two on $5-10 which is incredibly cheap for this day and age. Besides classics we know they even have a couple rhythum games imported from Japan still running on their native software. What is nice is you can even book private parties for $225 for 4 hours. Not too shabby. It really is a diamond in the rough. One of the photos I added is of my high Score. If you visit soon enough you will see that ATA holds that high score and is tops of that one. Even if you do not like coin arcade games you can rent current gen consoles for use in the back room for game tournaments. There is nothing bad I can say the people working there are wonderful.

Review №5

This is a really good arcade I love coming here whenever I have money. The reason why I really like it is because its big slot of space and its open late. and its convenient to get too as in not hard to find its literally right down the street from the gold line train station. And throughout the week it doesnt start getting crowded unless they have tournaments going or it starts to get dark. But other than that I love this spot its too bad they are shutting down tho smh

Review №6

First time in town and was looking for some cheap fun. This arcade was great. Gave each of my kids $10 and we were there for 1 1/2 hours. Great pinball games. Great games from the past. Even played a little Dance Dance revolution with the kids. The young man working there was very friendly and helpful.

Review №7

Fantastic selection of classic games and there are a few rare Japanese gems tossed in that you cant find anywhere else. Pinball machines, too, an active tournament scene, and you can rent monitors/consoles by the day if you want. Five bucks will probably net you around 1.5-2 hours; its great value for your money.

Review №8

Great place for classic arcade games and the back is a great internet gaming set up. Unfortunately they are going to close their doors...thanks a lot City of Azusa. Hope you lose more revenue for this one.

Review №9

Dope arcade spots. They host Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments every Thursdays. Beware: Really good players

Review №10

My son and I love this place. Were gonna miss it

Review №11

An amazing place if your trying to get better at any fighting game. Its a place where a new comer is welcomed. One pet peeve I have is the walls are clean they just have paint no posters of any kind. Other then that this place is great for any type of gamer.

Review №12

They wait time for consoles is pretty long and they should have more consoles because they only have 6

Review №13

Best classic arcade Ive ever been to. Machines were well maintained. Everything worked perfectly. Their selection is impressive, including rare Japanese arcade games such as popn music and rhythm heaven. They have frickin gunblade! Also the greatest lineup of fighting games Ive seen at an arcade with top notch sticks and buttons. Not to mention its cheap! Most games are between 1 and 2 quarters.

Review №14

Excellent quality arcade cabinets and good tournaments as well. Cool place to hang out with a lot of good food nearby.

Review №15

The king of arcade is BACK! Bring the family & relive your 80s & 90s childhood with a helpful & friendly staff to keep you playing all day. The owner Mike works his butt off to keep this place running & your patronage will be appreciated.Cherry on top, they run fighting game tournaments in the back venue area almost daily & stream it all to Twitch, ask them what games run each day. I cant remember the full list, but its everything from old-school Street Fighter II & III, Marvel series, and those Anime fighters - all the way to current generation Street Fighter V, AND Smash Bros ULTIMATE! Have fun!!!

Review №16

Very helpful crew and nice collection of games , will visit again.

Review №17

Been going since the old location held WNF. This location is MUCH nicer.

Review №18

I mean it would be cool if they opened. Ive tried going there three times just after i got off work. I get off at 3:30 and the sign says they open at 3. Be real nice if they opened on time.

Review №19

This place has an excellent selection of retro games and fun game nights. Also, its a LAN center. Around dusk this place fills up fast and it does get hot, but come early and youll be king of this 8 bit castle. They have bathrooms, cold drunks and some stools to sit on. BONUS: I think they shut the power off of all the games every night so youre almost guaranteed to get on the high score board in whatever you play.

Review №20

All the employees are so so so nice also you should be open on Christmas day k and put more fighting games that you can play with your family and friends and add more snacks pls

Review №21

Really great low key arcade with a mix of classic and older games. Fun for the whole family or even a first date.

Review №22

Lots of new and classic arcade games, and several computers for online gaming. All the employees are down to earth, and very helpful. Nostalgia central. Sunset Riders, Cormano and Billy for life. Woo woo!

Review №23

Super fun place to play with friends, you can bring your own console or have fun at the arcade with great selection of retro games

Review №24

Great games and people. Throw back to some classic games. They even had pinball.

Review №25

Super Arcade is great for both retro arcade games and fighting game community meet-ups, so if either of those things interest you then this place is a no-brainer

Review №26

I like this arcade because its close to home. Most games are 25-50 cents, but there are a few that cost more. Pinball games have their own room, and theres a large room in back with what I think are linked systems for tournaments. Super Arcade has saved me several Metrolink trips to Pasadena. Thanks!

Review №27

Not a fan of this place. Its okay for a one time visit but I wouldnt be a repeat customer. Its definatly for a specific type of audience that would not appeal to most. Classic games are fun and they have a decent set up for computer tournaments but the space needs a lot of work

Review №28

Great place for arcade lovers and fighting game players. They host weekly tournaments and casual sessions so go check it out!

Review №29

One of the only arcade game place in azusa good tp see them around i recommend this place its awsome

Review №30

I love this place! Dropped by with my lady and quickly spent a couple of bucks and we had a great time. There is a good variety of games including tetris, MK2, and time crisis. Feel free to bring a date so you can get your head knocked off by Raiden in front of them :)

Review №31

This arcade is like a hidden gem, its clean, the staff are nice and theres also some pretty good merchandise for sale.

Review №32

Affordable, well maintained, air conditioned, helpful staff, family-friendly, fun arcade. Clean bathrooms, soda machines, console area. Also great tournaments take place here

Review №33

I had the best time here yesterday. I live a block away. Can’t wait to go back.

Review №34

Thank you Super Arcade for existing!You gave me Initial D and Maximum Tune competition in college, got me playing fighting games seriously, and now you are still relevant with multiple tournaments hosted and PINBALL.I will continue to come for pinball practice and competition.Pinball machines here are in various stages of repair.Pinbot needs L-flipper worked on, Jurassic Park needs right flipper worked on, Plunger on Street Fighter is weak AF.

Review №35

Its good i like it. youll like come play.

Review №36

Pretty cool spot to hang out at. They have pinball tournaments and smash Bros tournaments often. Lots of cools arcade games like marvel vs Capcom 2, Street fighter, metal slug, ms. Pacman and galaga. Come check it out $10 last me about 2-3 hours depending on the games.

Review №37

The cabs work and if theres an issue the owner will fix the broken machine. nice selection of games and pinballs. feels like an oldschool arcade on the lower floor, new school on top. I heard a millennial say so if I want to get in line I put a quarter up on the machine? so strange that so many young people have never been in a real arcade :)

Review №38

Games cost less then any other arcade place and the workers are very helpful and kind. The only thing I wish they had a air hockey.

Review №39

Awesome place. Highly recommend it!

Review №40

Great atmosphere and community feeling. Good array of games, keep supporting to help them get a wider variety.

Review №41

Fascinating place my second time there brought my kids my kids had a blast will be coming more often now that my kids are excited to play Super Mario and motorcycle game and Duck Hunt lol

Review №42

Awesome place. Nice people

Review №43

It was cool very ceap games and good service

Review №44

Great for FGC players and enthusiasts, as well as people who just want to play games. Highly recommended.

Review №45

Fun place to chill and play old-school video games.

Review №46

Old school arcade with modern accommodations for todays games as well.

Review №47

This place is coolHas retro games, and the best part’s that most machines run off a quarter!

Review №48

Fun spot, they have all the games..its cool =]

Review №49

I loved it. A few machines were not on and some controls were difficult. donkey kong jr macjine actually had donkey kong. Many fighting games. Very cheap. 100/101 will come again.

Review №50

THIS awesome, old school games from 80s n 90s

Review №51

Parking is a bit confusing but opens up after 6pm. I went for fighting game casuals in Friday which is free if you bring your own setup.

Review №52

Awesome place!! Lots of games and great fun atmosphere.

Review №53

They are not open when their business hours say they are.

Review №54

Very cool place.need more of these around!

Review №55

I am so glad the arcade returned to Azusa. Bring your quarters!Games: House of the Dead, Donkey Kong Jr, Mario Bros, Arcade Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter and many more

Review №56

Sad they shut down

Review №57

This place is great. Go here.

Review №58

Pretty fun for kids and adults

Review №59

Good place could use more old games

Review №60

Nice selection of new and classic arcade games!

Review №61

Great place to unwind and play classics.

Review №62

Showed up and waited for them to open at 12:00 and nothing. Waited around until 12:10 and nothing. There is a for rent sign in the front. I wont be back.

Review №63

Great place, the owner is awesome.

Review №64

Glad to see the doors reopened!

Review №65

Pretty dope we need more places like this

Review №66

It takes u back to the 90s

Review №67

Great place.

Review №68

Take a blast in the past or a trip into the future and kill zombies

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Review №70

Great place

Review №71

Is good

Review №72

So So . The games were to old.

Review №73

Cheap and nostalgic

Review №74

Old school games 25 cents and 50 cents

Review №75

Tons of games. Most are 25-50¢.

Review №76

Best place in Azusa

Review №77

Spacious console area

Review №78

Cheaper than Dave and Busters

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  • Address:123 E Foothill Blvd, Azusa, CA 91702, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 626-804-8044
  • Video arcade
Working hours
  • Monday:3pm–12am
  • Tuesday:3pm–12am
  • Wednesday:3pm–12am
  • Thursday:3pm–12am
  • Friday:12pm–12am
  • Saturday:12–11pm
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Good for kids:Yes
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