Harkins Theatres Gateway Pavilions 18
Gateway Pavilions10250, W McDowell Rd, Avondale, AZ 85392, United States

Review №1

Male working the concession stand was rude. To top it off he didnt realize that the soda nozzle fell into my young sons drink. Called back to let them know since we didnt realize it until then. The manager gave 3 passes for a return trip. Not sure I will be returning. My boys and I had not been to a theater in about 6 years.

Review №2

We accidentally went to this theater when we purchased tickets online to a different Harkins. The manager was super understanding and exchanged our tickets for their theater. Very pleasant here. I would definitely go again

Review №3

We watched the new mutants and it was a really good movie

Review №4

Theater was clean and on top of social distancing. Only 1 register took cash but overall a good experience. We will be coming back. Easy process to buy tickets online as well.

Review №5

Pretty dead there now, and a lot of empty seats so almost had the whole theater to ourselves!

Review №6

Very clean ! Good seating. Will definitely be back to watch a movie on the big screen..

Review №7

Its covid season so nice and empty theater for my family

Review №8

Love Going to the movies Awesome place to chill and relax and enjoy a Good movie

Review №9

The theater was very clean , we have to wear the mask all the time and stay 6ft apart from each others .

Review №10

This place is cool. It doesnt have fancy seats and my popcorn is never hot and fresh. What keeps me going there is they have a play center for children. I get to watch my movie uninterrupted and my daughter has fun playing with other kids and toys.

Review №11

Took seven people with us paid for all the tickets manager and two other people approach kept checking out tickets that we did not pay terrible terrible service

Review №12

They need to remodel.. its one of the only movie theaters left that doesnt have recliners.. seems like they are being stingy. I wont be going back until its updated. Other than that its a good theater. Clean and helpful. But come on update already...

Review №13

Clean and enjoyable. Friendly employees.

Review №14

Love there popcorn and you also can purchase a large bag to go and they give you great amount of butter to go. The seats are are the best to able to put your feet up and to be able to pick your favorite seat and purchase the tickets right at home no hassle or standing in lines. The Very Best

Review №15

I used the curb side pick up on Sunday 4/19/2020 for popcorn and on Monday 4/20/2020 as I was eating it; some of the popcorn tasted like mold so I put it away thinking it was just my imagination. Yesterday I tried it again and sure enough it tasted like mold. Im very disappointed and Harkins is closed so I cant even speak to anyone to advise so this doesnt happen to someone else.

Review №16

Great theater! Seats were clean and comfortable. Came for matinee to save a couple bucks and avoid the crowds. Fighting with my family was great!

Review №17

This particular theater is clean. Not crowded during matinee time. An enjoyable experience. A great place to take your family or someone special. Parking is not bad. In addition to the theater there are lots of places to eat. Close by within walking distance.

Review №18

Couldnt enjoy the movie. Due to people getting high and disturbing. There were kids in there they dont care. Staff does care either

Review №19

Im not one to normally leave reviews for places but I felt the need to since it did involve my child. Im very particular who I trust with my kids to begin with so I was excited that they had high security for the play area where the children stay at while the parents watch a movie. I felt like okay staff will be friendly since they work in this area they are good with kids. Well when I went to pick my daughter up the lady said in a very rude tone shes not good at sharing all because she didnt want to leave the baby there. Which yes I understand that part shes obsessed with baby dolls. But one as an employee thats not something you say. My daughter actually LOVES I didnt believe that to be true. And second when I picked her up her pants were soaked in urine... She is fully potty trained and had an extra set of clothes there. She wasnt changed or taken to the restroom... Worst experience ever.

Review №20

My fiance and I took our kids to watch Frozen 2 and we all had a good time. I reserved our seats and paid for our tickets online and while Im not a fan of having to reserve seats for two people, having the seats reserved for a big group actually makes sense and made it easy to find a good spot. Ticket prices arent too bad but the concession prices are ridiculous. All in all it cost me about $100 for seats, snacks, and drinks for a group of 6. I think Im going to make this a monthly outing for my family.

Review №21

Clean and comfortable. Food is way too expensive. Everyone should be able to take the family to a movie

Review №22

I live in the mid-West so we dont have Harkins there. So it was refreshing to attend a movie here. Nice and clean place.

Review №23

Suggest to go for matinees for grown folks. You will love it. Went at 3:30 was out by 6pm when all the crazy unruly teens where coming in and was home for tv time and night snacks in my bedroom. Loved it.

Review №24

Theaters are always clean. Always an enjoyable experience. And surprisingly, the new burgers at the snack bar are good! Its worth it to become a rewards member.

Review №25

Great theater, recliners, nearby mall. Food menu not bad. Get the cup for $2 refills when you go back... Woot!

Review №26

Took the kids to see sonic. Instead of checking tickets outside the door they waited until lights down for previews and checked tickets as we were trying to sit. 3 KIDS in tow, drinks, popcorn and blankets in hands, now I have to find our tickets. Please. We enjoyed the movie though.

Review №27

The reclining seats leave me feeling crippled at the end of the movie. I wish the recline seperate from the legs & offer some contour so I dont slip into an unhealthy posture. Other than that, the theater is always clean & and shows all the current movies.

Review №28

Great family and friendsb 4 meet & greet, lil expensive,but great fun. Out of town guests. Head East/West North & orSouth , regardless just get there.

Review №29

Went here to see Ferdinand & it was great. Besides the $1.50 refill & matinee price, excellent place to see movies!

Review №30

I had a great experience here. Michael was very helpful. Made it easy to change out tickets.

Review №31

Atmosphere great location great located around lots of eatery’s and shopping 3 stars because of the seats..: they are not recliner seats but other than that a good place. I would go back and recommend this place to a friend or family

Review №32

Employes were all very nice. Place was super clean including the restrooms. They even have a daycare for your kids.

Review №33

Pretty epic. Popcorn is fantastic, and the movie are even better to go with the popcorn, just going to be honest, oof for $7 for a medium popcorn you get just enough or more than enough!

Review №34

My all time favorite movie theater ever. Ive never witnessed any arguments here. No messes. No dirty bathrooms. Every expectation is up to par. I love that they have student discounts and dont get me started on those Tuesday night classics. Always fun to see. Concession stands are always full when a new movie comes out but they make sure the lines dont stop for a moment. Snacks are a bit pricey as are all theaters but quality is great.

Review №35

I really like this place because the tickets are only $7 which is nice also they have cups that you can buy for the year and then the next time you go there and bring the cup its $2 to refill which I think is amazing

Review №36

I grew coming to Harkins and recently during a visit to AZ I saw a movie here. Its nice to see the theater is improving with the times.

Review №37

Feels old and dumpy. Seats wear something out of an 70s high school auditorium not to mention the were disgustingly filthy. My daughter had a hard time with the seats because the are the folding type and shes so tiny it kept folding up on her.

Review №38

Great atmosphere and service

Review №39

Saw Ford vs. Ferrari. Great movie! Reserved seats, but no recliners and a group of 4 young kids were in the back row, kept talking throughout the movie. No employees came to check theater like they do in most others.

Review №40

What can said other than its a typical theater experience, which is awesome. We had fun as usual.

Review №41

Very nice experience. Nice clean place. Staff was very friendly.

Review №42

My family and I have been patronizing this Harkins for nearly 3yrs sense our move to AZ. The Environment here is friendly and quick!!!! More movie showings and seats available even for main events such as, avengers end game!!! My family and I were able to find good seating here for Avengers : End Game during the opening launch!!!What separates this Harkins from others that we have been at, they have their own In house child care, titled play center, for the price of a ticket! My daughter and I love their services and she even asks to go back :)! They have games,arts, toys and even their version of a movie where the kids have popcorn too!!! The staff at child care are amazing and friendly!!!Ide recommend this Harkins and for being family friendly with younger children in mind is a huge plus!

Review №43

This is usually a great theater to go to, unfortunately, I went on Sunday to catch a late movie, we had already purchased our tickets earlier that afternoon, well when we got there we thought it would be a breeze to get in, get snacks and in to our movie since it was pretty dead. This was not the case AT ALL!!! We stood in line for 10 minutes at the concession stand (with management just standing around) and only 1 person ahead of us, once it was our turn we ordered our popcorn and a pretzel . . . . Then had to wait another 20 minutes just to get the pretzel!!!! By this time our movie was already 15 minutes in!!! We decided to just get a refund, so we went to the customer service counter and the manager that was there seemed irritated that he had to refund our tickets, he didnt offer us a later showing, an apology, or even 2 free tickets! By this time we were so frustrated we then decided to just get a refund on the snacks as well, so we had to go back to the concession stand and let them know what was going on so we could get the refund, and the manager just kept throwing his breath and I guess had no idea how to do a refund, (we waited another 20 min. for this refund) this was the WORST experience Ive ever had at this theater. We are very patient people but this was just too much for us!! By the time we got out of there it had almost been a hour!!! Wont be going back, Ill go spend my money somewhere else, with better service and fresh popcorn!!

Review №44

Fast and friendly service. Clean restrooms. Had a great time. Weekends parking full go early.

Review №45

The place is always clean. I love the theatre popcorn but I am not a fan of the assigned seating thing.

Review №46

Its a good place there is better than amc

Review №47

Good customer service and always clean price when up but its still worth it.

Review №48

Great upkeep with the Sanitizing.

Review №49

Thank you for reading the Honest Reviews4U! If youre in the mood to hangout at night with friends and family and enjoy a movie this theater is for you! Very clean and friendly customer service. The theater provides a small arcade area and a day care center for parents who have small children. Just make sure to book the day care online as they will not accept walk in day care service. Multiple cashiers at the food court section to help speed up the popcorn and food line. The restrooms are clean and even includes a family restroom. Seats are very comfortable with good legs space. The arm rests contains cup holders and can be moved up to provide more space. The movie theater area is located near a variety of restaurants and stores making your movie theater experience even more enjoyable. I highly recommend this place!After watching a movie checkout the local stores, restaurants or visit Tolleson.

Review №50

Establishment and restrooms are always clean. Employees are very nice They just need more of them

Review №51

I like watching movies here. Its clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. The food is good overall. I wish the seats were wiped down more often with sanitary wipes or something. Aside from that its nice.

Review №52

Very busy place. Customer service was acceptable. I didnt really see anything that stood out here negative or positive.

Review №53

I loved everything about it but the price. I wish I could take my family out to see movies more often.

Review №54

5 star expirience. feels like your actually in the movie.

Review №55

Quick entrance, tasty food and friendly personnel plus overall clean atmosphere.

Review №56

You have to walk so far from the parking lot to the theater. This isnt so easy for someone with physical disabilities. Whos the genius that thought it was a good idea to build these entertainment centers like this?

Review №57

My cousins and I went there to go watch a movie and we had no problem at all! Our experience there was great!

Review №58

Although the theater is nicer than it was just 3 or 4 years ago, some of the theaters need to be remodeled

Review №59

Parking is a little weird, but I like this theater. Good restaurants in the area for before or after

Review №60

The reason why I like this place its a nice place to go look at movies and I really enjoy the movies are there me and my daughter and my grandson we went there too he was excited about the place its different from California cuz I am originally from California and now that Im in Arizona I really like the place I would recommend this place take care and God bless

Review №61

Who doesnt like a night out at the movies. This place makes it easy to have a good day

Review №62

I love this theatre. Havent had a bad experience yet and its where we see 95% of our movies! Customer Service is great. Barely anyone here on a Tues. evening.

Review №63

Movie was good. Service was fast and friendly. My family watched jumanji.

Review №64

Ive been to this Harkins several times, always friendly employees. Something I really like about it is that it isnt crowed even when big movies come out.

Review №65

Ive been coming here since I was like 10. I love it here

Review №66

Great sound system and very comfortable seats as well. We also enjoyed the popcorn.

Review №67

Saw Sonic for Valentines with my husband. Great movie

Review №68

My family was able to enjoy a movie before the crowd (6pm) and I liked how this location offers child care so parents can catch a date night movie with kids nearby.

Review №69

I like Harkins, the theaters are nice and I like the way you can buy the cup and have it refilled cheap. The popcorn t-shirt is a good idea too. I dont like movie theater popcorn though. Nice bargain and a locally owned business. I like that.

Review №70

The place for a date night or family time as well and always clean well not were there work at you will see popcorn all over the floor y i DONT know why but does not bother me cuz its not like they pick the popcorn up off the floor and sell it to you it is a movies theaters so of course youll probably see popcorn on the floor but besides all that they keep it maintained on the carpet the theaters is clean no bed bugs like some theaters restrooms are always playing just a good place to hang out and keep in mind just right on that Plaza also is a Peter Piper Pizza they do have an ice cream shop next door a Mexican restaurant and other stores or hang outs

Review №71

Missed the movies so much

Review №72

This place is always pretty clean. The staff members that work at the concession stand can tend to be short with you and stare at you like youre stupid (for lack of better words). Parking at times (in the front ) can be a nightmare. I suggest parking in the back.

Review №73

Went at 1030pm. few people. Good seats. Snacks pricey of course. 22.50 for a pretzel, hot dog, and a cheese. Overall, no complaints on actual movie experience.

Review №74

My experience coming here is really awesome the employees are always helpful i ordered a cheese pizza and a monster energy i got what i wanted i was there last night to watch with my friend Roberto we watched angel has fallen we loved it we had the best guys night out ever

Review №75

Nice theater with super friendly staff! The seating was comfortable and the lines werent too long.

Review №76

Just let people bring their own food

Review №77

The costumer service is great and thr theaters were very clean

Review №78

My wife got tickets on fandango for Overcomer at Harkins. However when we got there, she couldnt pull the email confirmation. Harkins was great checking into the situation, and getting us taken care of, also the was great. Now we want to see Cats, I still Believe, and Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Review №79

This is basically any other old school Harkins. You can reserve seats but theyre the old ones that arent very comfortable and put you way too close to the other viewers. Ill be more than happy to come back once they update-if they update to the big comfy seats. But for now its only somewhere Ill go if there arent seats anywhere else.

Review №80

Immaculate theatres and bathrooms. Staff is super friendly. We actually had bought our tickets online and found out when we got there that we had accidentally purchased tickets for the wrong theater, which they quickly fixed for us. Great customer service!!

Review №81

Too many annoying teens at these Harkins. I prefer to drive out a little bit more for some peace - Parkwest.

Review №82

Tori b was the friendliest employee. She made sure we were well taken care of. Def coming back

Review №83

Took my granddaughter to see The Secret Life of Pets2 today. We loved it. I am handicapped and sometimes its a little hard to get around in a public place. Everyone that helped me today at Harkins Theater Gateway Pavilions was very friendly and helpful. Thankyou so much for such a positive happy experience. And a special thanks to the young man who helped me find the money that dropped out of my purse and somehow ended up in the row of seats in front of us. Again thanks

Review №84

Always Enjoy movies and CLEAN also helpful when lost Items are a Concern !

Review №85

I enjoyed the movie Harriet. I also had a Large Popcorn, Nacho, and Coke. 5 Star

Review №86

Best quakity and popcorn really nice seats and nice people

Review №87

We like going here because its not packed with people when we go. Of course the food prices are unreasonable.

Review №88

Good basic theater. Decent prices.

Review №89

Great I was so lit I passed out halfway through the movie

Review №90

It Feels so safe taking my kids There to watch a movie

Review №91

Im a Harkins devotee, but this location is trying my patience. Bottom line: They are either understaffed or do not deploy the staff they have correctly. It takes forever to get a movie ticket, then it takes forever to get through concessions. I just got back from a Sunday night show, and it took me roughly 17 minutes (timed it) to get through the ticket line and concessions. All windows werent manned and there were cash registers to spare. If its the company being cheap: Gimme a break, you are making a killing at this location. If its managerial incompetence: Get someone in there that can manage their personnel. If youre looking to go to this location Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, show up early!

Review №92

Loved comfortable seats. Great time with tasty snacks.

Review №93

Love harkins theaters better than amc and consolidated

Review №94

I enjoy going to Harkins theater it is very clean the staff is very friendly and I really enjoyed myself and Ill always come back

Review №95

Very nice place to be entertained. This is one of our preferred theatres in the area.

Review №96

The theater was clean and the staff were very friendly. The assigned seating requires planning ahead if going in a group but the comfort of those seats are completely worth it.

Review №97

Fun time... venom was a great movie

Review №98

As much as I HATE having to pick my seats before I go to the theatre... It IS convenient and those chairs at this theatre ARE comfortable (so this is not a plus or a minus for me just different and kind of a retro throwback lol). Everyone was nice and everyone was helpful. I would go back to this theatre.

Review №99

Like the fact that there is an area where trained staff babysit your kid while you watch a option!

Review №100

Its always a great time to go

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  • Address:Gateway Pavilions10250, W McDowell Rd, Avondale, AZ 85392, United States
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  • Phone:+1 623-478-9411
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Assisted listening devices:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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