Gateway Pavilions
10020 W McDowell Rd, Avondale, AZ 85392, United States

Review №1

I walk into Ulta for a makeup organizer and the nice lady answered my question of where to find them. I found a great one with the little selection they had. Course there wasnt a price on it so I asked the same lady who proceeds to tell me she thinks its $20. Too expensive for what I was looking at and the told me to just go up to registers to find out. Rude!So I do and that would have been a good 30 minute wait with two cashiers and a line I never found an end to. Just a great reminder why I never go there!

Review №2

I absolutely love this mall I love the location I love the views I love how its made how the map the diagram of the home wall is mapped out its absolutely beautiful eyes love the huge large fireplace right in the middle of the mall the only thing that its upsetting.I am so upset that this mall is now dead there are no people the shops are half gone most of them are closed and Im telling you this was at the height of the holiday seasonWhat was really sad was even the food court was close I think there is only 2 restaurants open at the food court and there had to be at least 10 different restaurants at the food court really sad just so disappointing that nowadays there are no more malls for the kids to hang out at.

Review №3

I was just finished eating next door and saw this place. I ordered 4 cookies. The chocolate chip and chocolate nut. They were warm and just out of the oven. Very thick and chewy. One cookie will fill you up.The chocolate icing one had a Carmel inside. It was good but the chocolate chip was my fav.

Review №4

Visited the Food City at this location. I like this store because it has the charm of a neighborhood market and the discount prices of a larger store. Great location in proximity to the airport and freeway. If I am in the area again I will definitely stop and shop here.

Review №5

Loved this Wal-Mart. It has everything!! Only down fall is it also have the crowds of people I dont like. Other than that it is big, clean, and full of all necessities.

Review №6

I didnt have to wait in line to go in. They had wipes and sanitizer available for customers. I just wish they had more of plus size clothes in stock. Willing to give another try during the week since I did go on a Sunday.

Review №7

Wow amazing, this place was packed with cars, people. Just looked like how our Norm used to be. That was my way of seeing the bussel of everyone running a muk. Happy day.

Review №8

Sad to see the malls going away cause of online shopping, I get it but nice to get out and spend family time and able to discuss things with better half and just seeing other people but love the malls even just for the drive.

Review №9

Always have a great selection for my kids and nieces and nephews. Just wish there was a little more to choose from in the plus size department for my self.

Review №10

Ulta has dermalogica on sale.and tula which isnt bad and packed with probiotics.i did my a tie from ross mk for 6.99 and now im is t.v and done.

Review №11

Visited TJ MAXX, HOME GOODS and found good value on quality items. Great place to shop during Christmas season.

Review №12

What can I say about Ross except Dress4Less! I like alot of the stuff I buy from there especially at the price they are at. But I wouldnt pay more then that. Shoes that usually cost over $100? I get it for way less there. So Ross keep being there for those of us in the lower tax bracket.

Review №13

Harkins did an excellent job with social distancing within the theater itself. Only allowing a certain number of people and sanitizing after each show made me akd my family feel safe......thank you!

Review №14

Great deals on items, clean and well organized, and friendly staff. Although I would suggest heading to shop early in the day so as to get first pick of any merchandise you need before they are gone.

Review №15

Found what I needed and quick. Love how they maintain this store

Review №16

Lovely place to shop. Good prices and selections.

Review №17

Fast service, to bad no military, police or firefighter discounts, seniors only get a .75 soda

Review №18

Good place to shop. I always find something even though I am just out browsing.

Review №19

Great location, but wish there were more shops/eateries.

Review №20

A few great shops makes this place a 10. Be careful of parking when events are planned.

Review №21

Super great service and food! This is our fave location!

Review №22

Always well stocked up. Clean and friendly staff

Review №23

Very expansive center with lots of shopping and eating options.

Review №24

It was very nice today at Costco.Everyone thier was very pleasant and helpful. Even though this Costco is a little out of my way its so worth it to shop there.

Review №25

Parking is usually busy any time of day. Went to Ross. Its a nice location. I like it and would recommend checking it out.

Review №26

So like..the parking lots are typically trashed and they need some work on their appearance. 3 star cuz they are not always trashed..but on the weekends the trash bins are overflowing.

Review №27

Ive had good luck in my size for pants and shirts fortunately. Still cant find my shoe size but eh, you cant have everything. Also great place to pick up clippers for haircuts.

Review №28

Very clean store love to visit this one everything is restocked frequently and there is always plenty of help at checkout time. Thanks again wevwill be back.

Review №29

The place was cool. I enjoyed Ross the most. I bought a hat and a wallet

Review №30

Even during quarantine me and my crew were able to still have an enjoyable afternoon

Review №31

Went to Avondale Costco this am for senior early open. What an organize well run operation. Employees very friendly and helpful. See to it people maintained order and preventing panic buying. Lines were fast and had plenty of essentials. Ive always liked ed Costco but my experience today really solidified my loyalty. Thank You

Review №32

Ross is the best place ever I swear I love shopping here theres always good deals good bargains Im finding clothes that I really like theyd fit and yeah maybe theyre youre so outdated but whatever theyre cool and theyre great prices so definitely recommend checking it out people here are super nice and I really enjoy walking through the store and just browsing

Review №33

Not stocked very well. Usually out of most things but very clean and organized.

Review №34

The mall is big,and they have good deals.very nice stored

Review №35

Not bad, lots of free space.

Review №36

Wasnt really busy, was able to find parking

Review №37

Went to Best Buy. Had ordered online Sunday and was available for pickup first thing Monday morning . Very easy to get in and out without much contact.

Review №38

Got the best brands great low prices

Review №39

Didnt do much here except return an item from Amazon which they were taking to have something shipped back walked in dropped it off all good

Review №40

This location has a wide selection of stores and the parking lot is very easy to get around. Live flowers on the sidewalk give it a nice look and the smell so nice. The layout is nice as most similar stores are close to each other, like Marshalls and Ross.

Review №41

Gateway is your one stop place so many things can be done right there. Business, Entertainment,Shopping, take in a Movie, Hobby Shopping, Bowling I mean whatever you need its all here.. Ive spent hours just exploring the newest shops & restaurants and entertainment spots. Take one weekend and check things out you will enjoy with or without the Kiddos.

Review №42

This place has the Trifecta of shopping delights - DSW Shoes, Marshalls and Ross! I always come home with something. It also has Costco, but that store is always jammed packed with people.

Review №43

Alot of sizes and items are out of stock but the service is great alot of cute girls

Review №44

This is my go to area for the quick gift, movie, lunch and dinner- Costco, Ross & Marshall’s. Across the street are all the newer stores and dining spots..... Hobby Lobby, CANES, a hair school, and so much more. This area is building and getting better everyday.

Review №45

Always have helpful staff and incredible prices.

Review №46

Nice place to go shopping

Review №47

Went to the Harkins Theater today wasnt too busy. About 7 people in the movie theater we were in and we got to watch I Still Believe!! It was a very touching movie a about a musician and his fiance who has cancer....Then we watch the Movie In the call of the Wild...another great movie!!!

Review №48

Its winco. Also if you go around back of winco and past Safeway theres an excellent consignment shop. Got lots of good household stuff and furniture .

Review №49

Went to great clips to get my hair cut. Carol was wonderful. Her happiness & positive energy made my day even better. She also did and does a wonderful job cutting my hair. Had gone to pick up my tuba before my hair cut. Took it in and showed her and others inside. She thought it was a great instrument. How often do you get to hold a full size tuba?? The work to make such a thing. Love the hair cut. Thanks Carol.

Review №50

Good stuff, some is closed for covid. :(

Review №51

Great selection and several cool finds!

Review №52

Its nice you can find just about whatever youre looking for in this pavilion.

Review №53

Went with a friend at night, we got icecream and sat on the comfy chairs with beautiful lights surrounding us. The sound of the water fountain was really chill, I plan on going there once a week.

Review №54

People dont shake hands, very impolite and hostile.

Review №55

Great breakfast and good prices, excellent service!

Review №56

Had great success at Ross even with no dressing rooms.

Review №57

It always feels so hot inside the store

Review №58

A nice shopping spot

Review №59

Good stores select, ulta, ross, Marshall, BBB and some other.

Review №60

I ordered a nice Hawaii Hamburger and it was delicious!

Review №61

Its Ross they have new stuff almost every day. And now the shelves are fuller than a week after they reopened. Its worth it to check by every 2 to 3 days

Review №62

Lots of restaurant choices offering sandwiches, Mexican, Chinese. Fast food and more. Get your bulk shopping done at Costco & go see a movie at Harkins. Get your tires mounted at Discount Tires then grab lunch or dinner at Red Robin or get offbrand & discontinued items at Marshalls. Lots of parking & easy access to the I-10.

Review №63

Clean, well maintained shopping mall. Many nice stores to choose from. Lots of close-in parking.

Review №64

This place has a wide variety of shops that suit most needs. I like coming here for Costco but there is also a Designer Shoe Warehouse and some fast food places. There are also a lot of shops across the street. Pretty good to go here to get a lot of things done in one place.

Review №65

Prices, inventory, friendly staff! Even our our German Shepard loves Ross. So we bring him in the evenings when its cooled down. I would recommend!

Review №66

Scottsdale Ross of course is better, but this one had chucks I got my man for like 27 bucks! thats like a third of what they cost, AND for some reason Any of the chucks you find at Ross tend to be special edition, Which in my opinion makes them even more cool and special.

Review №67

I enjoy the rewards program benefits. If you are a regular movie-goer, there is an awesome popcorn pass that allows a popcorn per ticket purchase for an extended period of time for $30! If you go once you will see the savings on the menu!

Review №68

Love Ross! Its probably really hard to keep things organized with the amount of customers in and out. But it would be nice to see staff on the floor organizing and available to customers. Staff is only at fitting rooms and registers.

Review №69

Not my ideal place for a date or shopping. There is an abundance of teenagers all over the place. The parking lot could be a bit cleaner along with the landscaping. Other than that its a decent plaza.

Review №70

West side of Costco so you cant avoid traffic in front of Costco

Review №71

Being shopping in the heat?welll.... get into one of the shops really quickly the airco will blow you stiff frozenIts far to walk from one shop to the other end- i understood people don’t walk there you jump into your car first drive over the other end park, walk... and so forth- i found walking is quicker- but if your buying a lot- the car is your best option

Review №72

Went to Costco in Phoenix, huge parking lot and yet it was packed, the gas lines were normal. Every Costco is always flowing with customers great job .

Review №73

Awesome place to shop, eat and get great deals. Lots of things to do and places to eat.

Review №74

I love Ross

Review №75

A very nice shopping plaza, set up just the way you like it. All of the stores are nice on the inside and out. From the fresh cut lawn and manicured gravel to the trimmed trees it couldnt be more of a relaxing trip. Once inside the stores are always clean and well kept. They have a host of friendly staff waiting to help you on your next big or little purchase! A+ in my book.

Review №76

We were from out of state and had come to visit our young grand daughter 1and took her here to see Doolittle. Its a beautiful theater and wonderfully maintained EXCEPT FOR THE SNACK BAR!! We were at the first showing of the day so I expected that that area would be clean. On the walk though begins the pop corn machine some huge bags of popped corn had torn out of there bags and were all over the floor. We got our food and went and found our seats. After the movie we came out to refill our popcorn bag before leaving and the popped corn was still all over the floor. I spoke to the concessions manager she said he would clean it up. I waited and watched and it was never clean. Im not eating there again.

Review №77

Has Costco on one end and a Movie theater on the other end. Fits the bill if you are heading to one of the stores located here. Not a mall though, so not big enough to just go without having anything specific in mind. Has plenty of fast food and places to eat if you are hungry.

Review №78

Im hoping for a bright phone.

Review №79

Not much left in the store. We asked if they were going out of business, they said no they were having trouble get product, but it happens a lot at this store not as bad this time.

Review №80

I love this place.

Review №81

Love the food drinks and desserts at red Robin my go to place when I want to go out with the wife lots of good food to choose from.

Review №82

Ross has great prices and clothes are fashionable

Review №83

Found great pair of addias that are valued way hire than my purchase total =) will return

Review №84

So much to do here. College soccer games and tournaments with evening inexpensive carnival games, rides., Fear Farm in the fall for family. Wide range of restaurants and shops, banks. Car and foot traffic can get congested so be ready for that and is why I reduced 1 star.

Review №85

Great deals. The lines are always so long during the weekend. When your paying they are already trying to ring up the perks. Like geez.

Review №86

A long line only one register open. We left.

Review №87

Very good donuts, frecuent promotions

Review №88

Always nice and clean and very safe place to go

Review №89

The shelves are empty. Looks like they are going out of business

Review №90

Ross, Marshalls and DSW All in a row..Do I need to say anything else

Review №91

Its a safe and nice place to go visit

Review №92

Do not go its not worth the drive I am talking about Ross. You will take the clothes off your back just to put clothes in the store

Review №93

Great family friendly restaurant with live music and table service. Ribs, steaks and sides very nicely prepared.

Review №94

I must admit it as soon as I walked into the door I fell in love!!!

Review №95

I love to go shopping here the parking is very convenient the food is good lots of varieties of food

Review №96

Prices always pretty good. But seems like its always in a state of disarray.But I guess thats the zip code. Customers are sloppy.Staff is average.

Review №97

I dislike how customers use it for a daycare and a dumpster. People at Ross do not get paid enough to deal with the slobbery that all colors of people inflict

Review №98

The prices are amazing. Great selection. Clean store. Very good over all shopping experience!

Review №99

Very clean and well kept shopping center. I love shopping here. They have pretty much everything. You can shop, go to a movie, have ice cream, ect.

Review №100

Dont have a great selection.the one on Goodyear on Litchfield park Rd thats the place to be for a great shopping experience

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