Austintown Bounce Inc
Austintown, OH 44515, United States

Review №1

Last year I tried celebrating my daughters birthday there horrible experiences horrible customer service !! We paid for the party room and got nothing for it but wrong pizza no type of server was brought to us we had to get and order everything ourselves! Spoke to the person at the front desk and she had an awful attitude! This year we planned on getting a bounce house completely tried to forgive them and again support their small family owned business and the bounce house deflated 3x on not 1 but 3 children and they’re trying blame us for the power source then they said okay maybe not well it’s the blower but still blaming us for it!! And not trying to refund us any kind of money !!

Review №2

My son absolutely loves the bounce house! We do too! Its awesome that we can play with our son and enjoy interacting with him in an amazing atmosphere. He can roam free and we dont have to worry about him wondering off because he is always enjoying everything! We have been here twice and every time the staff has been amazing! They are nice, friendly, and helpful! We will continue going here until our son out grows it! Thanks for all that you guys do!

Review №3

A great place to take kids for a fun morning/afternoon. The cost is low, no paying by the hour. And the snack/food sold on hand is reasonably priced!

Review №4

My kids always have so much fun here!

Review №5

Well run, poorly organized (from a layout perspective). Party rooms available and unlimited bounce. Clean facilities, snack/vending area. Good overall place. 3.75 stars.

Review №6

Loved this place. My grandson is special needs. He had fun but some of the things were hard for him to climb in and out of. He loves jumping itwas nice to go.inside n jump with him.

Review №7

Kids LOVED it for my daughters birthday. Pizza was much better than expected. Mary was the best.

Review №8

We were pleasantly surprised! The staff were truly two of the nicest young ladies, and the place was so clean! We actually had the entire place to ourselves and our high energy children (ages 8, 5 and 1/2, and 3) were entertained for two hours. There were only four bounce houses set up, but they were pretty awesome, especially the maze/obstacle course. And the price!! You cannot beat the price of admission, and the games are actually $.25-.50 with some cute options. We really did enjoy ourselves and plan to go back on rainy days!

Review №9

First time in 8 years and nothing has really change kind of disappointing.The workers were excellent though.

Review №10

This place was highly upsetting. I took my soon to be 4 year old and soon to be 3 year old here. The older kids were telling my children they weren’t aloud in the bounce houses. Might have spent maybe 45 minutes there due to the lack of employees doing something about it and the amount of times my child came to me upset about “not being aloud to jump”. Also older children jumping on the top of the bounces they aren’t aloud to be on causing a grown little boy to just miss falling on my 3 year old by a hair. All the employees do is say “ your not aloud up there” just for themTo continue. Maybe going over the loud speaker telling the customers if their child doesn’t follow the rules they will be asked to leave would have been nice. WILL NOT BE RETURNING.

Review №11

I am very pleased with the facility and staff. My niece, nephew and I could not be more thankful for this place. It is very affordable and the staff are very friendly and treat us with respect and dignity. I would recommend it to any family looking for a good time.

Review №12

The kids love to go bounce and have a great time. They recently raised the price of admission which is fine, however I would like to see some improvements. The arcade games need to be desperately updated and fixed. Not a bad place to bring the kids.

Review №13

Great place...cmean friendly and amazing price. Will always go back cant say enough good things about this place.

Review №14

My kids loved Austintown bounce, staff was very friendly. The party room was very cramped though and the bathroom was kind of gross.

Review №15

Awesome place!!! Great for all ages of kids. Nice little arcade area also. We have 4 kids and most places are very expensive for us to go. Austintown bounce only runs us $28 for unlimited bounce time. Staff is always extremely nice. Our one son has autism and got into the snack section, no one got upset they actually gave him a popcorn. Highly recommend.

Review №16

Staff is very disinterested! On phone have to beg for service. Told 20 min for a hot dog??

Review №17

Great cheap fun place to take kids and burn off energy. Family oriented and not a big fuss.

Review №18

I have been calling all days, to ask questions for arranging a closed party for my children. I even drove by and I should have stopped in, but have groceries with me.So I tried more calling again when I return home. Now, being a reasonable person, just thought is was under staffed and busy. I have brought my children there many of times and with the younger staff there I was understanding of the situation. When I call half hour before 7pm thinking that it was more settled down. I was very unpleased to be hung up on numerous of to catimes.Then I back two more time to all of a sudden a answering machine. I am very upaet, and with that will not be spending a good amount of money, for two closed parties there. My boys love coming just to play, just on normal open play days. With that, I will be very vocal on this let down by this business running me around today mainly. I am very understanding and made my day of trying to speak with someone very much cater to that they just may have been super busy. This was just unsettling and being on many of times, very upsetting. My boys were not happy to find out I am going with a different company. I hope as a small business you take in account for what happened and never do this to another.

Review №19

Great place for kids my granddaughter loved it although it was only for an hour but I would definitely take her back

Review №20

Good for kids 3-10 & for about 2 hours. Not ideal for arcade games or extra perks, of last 6 years visits, never have games all worked. I LOVE tho that adults admit with kids . Staffers tonight exceptionally friendly,

Review №21

Cool little place to take your demonspawn to and get them to blow off some steam. Be wary of some of the arcade games...they take your money and dont work.

Review №22

Great place sweet people you should definitely come who would want kids would have a blast I’ve been there myself adult bounce free you can sit down Watch TV do your business get something to eat come down on Tuesday or Thursday two dollars on Tuesday three dollars on Thursday your child would love it I go there every week dirt cheap give them a chance

Review №23

Cute place for the littles ones.

Review №24

Great place for children to play. Pizza is delivered from right across the street so its fresh and hot.

Review №25

Fun atmosphere for kids. Better to go on deal days, but still worth paying full price.

Review №26

Had a birthday party there. The people treated us awesome and took great care of us. A little pricey though

Review №27

My son had a fantastic time, space wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but still a great time

Review №28

Cheap fun place for kids to play indoors

Review №29

My daughter loves it there and the staff seems to be on their toes Everytime Im there and are very polite

Review №30

Bounce houses are nice but the arcade games are in disrepair, really need updated or a least functional

Review №31

Really great place for any age child! They have a lot of indoor bounce houses,(perfect for bad weather) games that you can redeem tickets for prizes, and a great little snack bar! Also, they do parties!

Review №32

Great for young kids.

Review №33

Great staff. Fare price. Kid loves to go!

Review №34

I have always had an enjoyable experience at Austintown Bounce! They have a great staff, clean amenities, and a positive environment.

Review №35

The kids always have a great time here shout out yo the 2 dollar Tuesdays

Review №36

This is a great place to take the kids on an ugly day outside. Some bouncey houses for the kids to play on, nice lounge area for the adults with free wifi, and a snack bar with coffee. They also have some little arcade games for the kids but need to bring cash and change for those. Overall great experience, my son had a blast and it is really reasonably priced. Definitely will be back.

Review №37

Kids had a great time

Review №38

This place is great for younger kids, the bounce houses are bigger than i thought they were going to be

Review №39

I bring my daughter niece and newphew here often, and I must say tonight I was very disappointed with this place.. first off 3 kids for $21 dollars to get in maybe I’ve never came on a day where there is no specials going on but for $21 can the parents at least get a complimentary cup of coffee.. I wanted a cup so bad tonight there wasn’t even any made and when I went to the front desk to ask the girl if some could be made she had such attitude about it she didn’t even respond to me just walked towards the snack bar to get some made doesn’t she speak??? Not even a water fountain to grab a drink of water.. I’m really ranting and raving sorry but tonight was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had here at least hire friendly staff. Giving 2 stars only because we usually enjoy ourselves here

Review №40

The arcade games in my mind are pretty much the only thing worth doing here. Place is small.

Review №41

Small place, but nice to get the kids out of the house to burn some energy on a cold day.

Review №42

They need to be more specific and helpful when you have a party.

Review №43

My son loves going here to bounce and get all his energy out... really nice place and clean.

Review №44

Wonderful place a little on the expensive side for admission food and for their party packages. The only thing decently priced is their games. My kid loves it we would go more often if they would lower their prices a little bit.

Review №45

Very clean kids were happy just wish there was more for small children

Review №46

My niece had her sons birthday party there and I really enjoyed myself so on the 8th I would like to have my granddaughters birthday their of December

Review №47

My grand kids love it ! And it has a great place in the back for the adults to sit and relax

Review №48

For as many kids were here the staff had the place pretty clean,and very helpful

Review №49

Then girls had a blast!

Review №50

Love love it. They are also very clean. Staff is super.

Review №51

My kids love it there and we had parties there. Great prices and friendly staff.

Review №52

This place was pretty fun for our toddler between the bounce houses and the arcade machines (most games are 25 cents). Everything looked pretty clean. Spent 7 dollars to get in.

Review №53

Fun and entertaining for the children and big children too.. Lol

Review №54

A really fun & cheap place to take ur lil ones to have fun

Review №55

Hosted our sons birthday party here last month. Incredible, friendly, helpful staff, clean facility. Thank you!

Review №56

My two daughters have a party there..they were very friendly and helpful...kudos for this place

Review №57

We love it Mazza family

Review №58

Parents need to watch there kids better. They are rude and mean.

Review №59

Great place for kids! Very friendly staff!

Review №60

Had my 2 year olds birthday party here. He had the time of his life. And I had the best party experience. No stress at all they did it all for me and were so understanding when it came to the walk and talk. Only down side is it was way too hot in there. They even had a designated toddler area. Now if the kid on duty could only keep the bigger, rougher kids out of there it would have been perfect. Also, after inputting address into GPS it took me right there no wrong turns and I am extreamly directionaly challenged. This is a great place to have a party if your child is born in a month that doesnt allow for outside play.

Review №61

Awesome place for kids

Review №62

Great place always fun and happy. Staff is awesome.

Review №63

Fun atmosphere, they kids love it and are always wanting to come back.

Review №64

Kids like it. Will only go on $2 day

Review №65

This place is amazing . Always clean safe environment .

Review №66

Very nice place to take kids for a day to get them out of the house and very reasonable prices

Review №67

Cool place, great owner

Review №68

Lots of fun for kids and good prices

Review №69

Has to be the best bounce house within 50 miles of home!

Review №70

Im always been a person of good customer service. When customer service is bad place it makes the place terrible. I have a daughter thats getting ready to be 2yrs. Ive been looking around for places to have her second birthday party I remember coming here for both of my boys when they were little for multiple parties. I decided to bring her because she had an encounter with a bounce house outdoors at an event the past weekend. Not only was I shocked that they wanted to charge me six dollars for a one-year-old but they asked me how tall she was because if she was 24 inches long and then shed be free. My daughter was 19 3/4 in when she was born. I told them that was completely ridiculous but I pay the $18 then I asked if parents were still aloud to bounce with small children. While my children about bouncing and I was with my toddler the two associates decided to have a loud conversation about me. Completely rude.

Review №71

Nice place to spend a cpl hours

Review №72

Staff help 100% with our party very nice place

Review №73

Really fun and had a blast especially when i was little by the way for people who are in a wheel chair there are no stairs so that means there is no elevator and its only on one floor

Review №74

A very fun place to take your kids and have their birthday parties at. The staff is nice and the expeeience there is really fun.

Review №75

Carpets needs scrubbed and it smelled like straight urine!!!!

Review №76

Good Cheap place to take the kids

Review №77

My 10yr old and 11 year old said this is for kids. My 8 yr old enjoyed herself

Review №78

Nice bounce around business. Kids love it.

Review №79

Loved it but gets a little packed on weekends . And others are rud

Review №80

Had my kids birthday party there. It was good, the party room is a bit narrow but we didnt send to much time there

Review №81

Kids already have a great time here

Review №82

My 3 yr old loves this place. She is afraid of the pump sound but still enjoys. Good price and a decent size place.

Review №83

Good price. Only 3 bounce options... The rest you have to pay extra for the arcade.

Review №84

Great time . kids loved it ,they didnt want to leave n i was able to relax and watch tv and use their wi -fii as well . cant wait to return and bring more quarters games are awsome

Review №85

Nice place to take the grandkids on the weekends.

Review №86

We had a great time here today. It wasnt busy at all which made it even better for our small group.

Review №87

Had my daughters knocked down by two 20-25 yr old males. This wasnt the first time either. They will harass you here dont even bother. It would be a nice place except for the locals that will do things to cause confrontation.

Review №88

Great Place! Kids had a ton of fun. The arcade games were awesome!!!

Review №89

Great price and the kids love it!!!

Review №90

My children enjoy every moment spent here!

Review №91

Nice place for young kids

Review №92

Grandson had a Great time!

Review №93

Mi kids live it great friendly atmosphere clean and very nice people tht work there

Review №94

Son loves it left a surprise 4 others to enjoy

Review №95

Great place for kids good price clean

Review №96

Nice place for toddlers birthday parties

Review №97

Great place for the kiddos

Review №98

Great place to let kids play

Review №99

Fun place

Review №100

Its a very open space with four very big bounce arounds + arcade games only downside is that the party room is very small if youre having a big party.

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