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9100 Meadowheath Dr, Austin, TX 78729, United States
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A great perhaps helping out the Austin Blackhawks and the blind community of Austin

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I am always looking for great parks to ride my bike and I discovered Lake Creek Trail that meanders thorough Town and Country Sports Complex - This wonderful park has miles of walking and biking trails. There were several baseball & softball fields, creeks and ponds with fishing and wildlife. Great evening ride with fantastic sunsets. Town and Country Sports complex has something for all family members to enjoy.

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Come out today and enjoy some Youth Soccer as well and Some Delicious KONA ICE!! We will be on site till 6pm so come and get it! #KONANICE!

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Field are in great shape!! Cant wait for soccer to start!!!

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Our sons have enjoyed playing soccer at T&C for several years now. Its primarily volunteer-led but is a great value for the $. Thanks T&C !!

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Great fun, future Hall of Famers !

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My son played baseball for Town and Country for 6 years, and its a well run league. Weve made lifelong friends, and his love for the sport began here. I highly recommend it for starting your child in sports.

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I’ve practically grown up here. I love it, but its field/light quality is not great. Practice time are limited because of this and the fields are often closed after any sort of weather situation. Still, they host a great range of sports and ages available for each. I recommend everyone tries out a sport at T&C. I have many lasting friendships from those early lacrosse years.

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Great fun with friends. Nice facility and certainly a family friendly. The service club built a nice convenient facility for the kids. We enjoyed watching all the excitement and thrills. We love seeing our friends enjoying themselves. Well be back. Go Levi!

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My grandson plays base ball and flag ball here. Well kept fields.. Very organized

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Lots of fields, multiple sports, lots of space. Not well organized or used efficiently, older and needs some updating.

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Awesome little league baseball. If they’d just use some of our money to fix the potholes and the entrance to the fields they’d get 5 stars from us!

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Great fields with a great coaching staff and refs. The fields are very nice and the office staff is very helpful when registering or just general questions. T&C has 8 sports that they offer.

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Awesome rec baseball environment. Fields are in good condition.

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Great fields. Very well taken care of and painted well. Good snack shack, too. They have stadium lights for when it gets dark on every field. They have an easy to read map at the entrance as well, so as long as you can read a map you cant get lost.

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Fun facility for childrens sports (football, baseball, soccer) with clean bathrooms and a convenient snack bar. The parking lot needs some resurfacing, but the fields are nice.

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The field conditions in the main field complex were widely varied, but the fields by the baseball field were well maintained.

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Fields are in good shape, and have the best chance locally to be playable after rain. The volunteers seem to genuinely care about the kids development. My son and daughter have grown tremendously. Perhaps the most telling is that they always want to go back. My only negative is baseball costs. After registration you have extra costs to use the fields for practice. Not so for any other sport they have played.

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Great place! Love the covered stands and the grounds are always clean.

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Nice place for soccer, baseball, etc. nine full size soccer fields (some sub-divided) and eight smaller fields spread across park. With three different parking lots suggest you look at map of complex online and know which parking lot to use otherwise you can have a long walk.

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Coached teams in soccer there for years along with oldest son in Lonestars, who use the fields. The T&C group has always been great and focused on the players and youth development. As with most leagues, plenty of politics ongoing, but is usually kept pretty private.

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Love the park and have had the good years heres so far. Like with most things, there are problems. Such as right now were in a very lackluster fall season - only three teams so we keep playing the same teams poverty and over again. Overall, though, the coaches are awesome and the facilities are good.

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T and C is great . Weve grown up from t ball to 14u and we love being a part of this organization.

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The grounds are taken care of but the sportsmanship with the teams, officials and managers is non existent. I have seen teams who hurt another teams player (accidentally) just stand there and then laugh at the situation. This shows the coaches dont teach them to take a knee OR to NOT LAUGH! I have seen umpires who are obviously siding with one team or the other. I have seen parents who act fools too but thats what happens when they see their children are being treated unfair. I have seen managers who say its about the kids having fun yet they tell the kids they can no longer come back because they decided only Town and Country teams can play on their fields, even though they paid to play. Im not a big sports fan, this is my sons first year playing and im not too big on freaking out over this stuff but I will say they seem like rich, entitled individuals. Any by they I mean from the kids all the way up to the managers of the facility. Sadly its not the kids fault, its the coaches and their superiors fault for teaching them this sad behavior. My son will continue to play but I will not be putting him back at Town and Country.

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Great volunteer organization. Usually the right balance of fun and competitiveness. The fields are generally well maintained.

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Ive been a volunteer for TC for a long time. There are few better places in North Austin better-suited for your child to learn and grow physically, emotionally, and socially than by participating in youth sports at T&C.

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Clean ground and well maintained

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Great organization. The fields are well maintained and there are lots of parking options, depending which way you come in.

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Beautiful scenery around the fields. Well kept and well run by organized groups of volunteers.

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Well maintained and capable of housing huge amounts of kids. Parking could be improved though.

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Doesnt care about neighborhoods behind their property. Plays loudly and late, throws trash in peoples yards and peek into backyards. My dogs have been hit by lacrosse balls, our lawnmower has been broken by them as well. Others use the property to fly their drones over and ended up flying them into our backyard a few times. Screaming happens alot and very loudly, you have plenty of field away from homes, cut it out.

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#DicksSportingGoods #TexasTomahawksLacrosse

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This is what you want to navigate to if you are looking for the Miracle League Field at Town & Country Optimist Club. Wonderful things being done here, particularly in the spring and fall months (softball and kickball for challenged or special needs children). Would highly recommend attending games, cheering on the kids, and showing any support possible, whether it be spending your time there lending encouragement, helping with fundraising, or volunteering.

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Field was good but hard to find. Parking was crowded and far from the field.

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Great place for kids sports carved out amidst the city. No dogs allowed so dont bring em

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Fields are older and not up to par with other city fields. Its more like sandlot and fun Atmosphere.

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Great place for sport and youth development

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Played youth soccer as a kid for years here. Still a nice place for sports.

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Excellent. There are two parking lots. Theres a bridge between the two. Needed to know that.

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Its a nice complex, food and drink are pricey.

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Excellent soccer grounds, baseball grounds, and nice walking and cycling trails.

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Great place for kids to develop a love for sports

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Great youth sports facility.

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Great place for family and dog walk

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Have played at Town & Country for years. Great field and staff.

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Great staff, good service, and pretty decent fields.

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Fields are kept nice, bring your chairs for seating. Concessions are not always offered at events.

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Fields are very good for playing on

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Bad quality soccer fields

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Cold today!

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Great soccer and baseball grounds

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Host baseball games for children with disabilities and autism, soccer fields, nice concession stand

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Just Solid - Clean fun.

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Great facilities

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Great soccer fields.

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Evelyn was very rude, I am just trying to start a referral partner and I get rude cold shoulder treatment.

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