Walter P Chrysler Museum
1 Chrysler Dr, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, United States

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The Chrysler Museum was an underappreciated gem! Great location, many interesting cars, old, new, concept, racing, etc. Some history and interesting facts and figures bring the cars to life. Now it has been closed to use the space as office space.

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Its a shame that this museum is closed forever and that its somewhat unknown whatever happened to the historic vehicles in the museum. I remember being little and my grandpa meeting a former co-worker working at the museum behind the gift shop desk. I also remember seeing all the historical vehicles ranging from the beginnings of the company thru the 2000s. The basement was the best area in the entire museum because it held the most rarest of Chrysler cars. It also held a kiosk where children could design a car, paint it, and then drive it on the kiosk. Sometimes the museum would organize car shows and related car events.

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A really cool place to visit once when the place is open. Easily spend 3 hours there. I cant say Id ever go back again because they have nothing from mid-2000 and on so repeat visits seem unnecessary.

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They have such a cool assortment of cars here! The Turbine is definitely my favorite, although thats not to say that the 16 cylinder aircraft hemi or the 30 cylinder tank engine from welded-together 6s is any less cool. And the Chrysler Air Raid Siren is truly awesome.

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An amazing museum!!!!!!! An absolute must for motor heads. It is a crying shame Fiat closed it! :( It will be greatly missed. I an very thankful I was able to be one of the last visitors.

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The Chrysler Museum was a great clean place for automotive history! It is a shame it closed. I hear that all the vehicles are still inside however.

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Very nice collection of cars. Neat to see the history with out being a huge museum that takes 1/2 your day to get through.

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I tried to visit the museum, but i was told at the door that it was hosting a private event, i called before attending with no luck reaching someone to answer the phone. The web page didnt listed which days is the museum reserved or closed to the public. I was told at the door that only two days out of what is left of the year is available. So why dont they post those days in theyre front web page? I came from Florida with friends to visit car museums and the only one without these private events is the henry fordMuseum, so do yourself a favor and visit that one. Its open forEveryone.

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CEMA autoshow every year is amazing. And the history behind Chrysler and some of the most ICONIC vehicles of this country and in the whole world, are on display at this museum. Really depressing, though, to hear that they are shutting their doors forever this December and turning it into Office space.

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Great place to see the Chrysler legacy. Also, dont miss out the Dodge Tomahawk in the basement of the museum !

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Extremely cool, but not open to the public any more (last I checked) they have a sweet tank engine in the basement that is bigger than most cars!!

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If you like history and the story of Chrysler then its a great time spent.

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Was a great museum, but alas Fiat closed it.

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Fantastic musuem. Very sad to see it close.

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It is closed to the public. What a waste. That kind of thinking is probably why they make such crappy cars.

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Excellent exhibits with some interactive activities for kids. Shame it is closing.

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3 levels of cars. Besides Chrysler, includes Hudson and Nash, which became AMC. Has some WWII artifacts also. Unfortunately closing after today.

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Its a shame fiat closed it. Why?!?!?!

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Rare and historic cars in showcase.

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A must see location of vintage cars

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Great for the Chrysler history

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Compared museum of Chrysler , and it will be history soon.

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So sad that Fiat is erasing history closing this place.

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The Museum is not open at 10:30 AM Friday 2/19

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My favorite place to go to, every summer

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Good place

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