Chuck E. Cheese
287 Washington St South, Attleboro, MA 02703, United States

Review №1

This place is not at all covid safe. It is very dangerous and is not being serious. I have pic of no masks and not 6 feet not even 3 feet apart.Please someone do something before more people get the virus. The manager should be fired its out of control. These are the places where diseases spread and kids get sick and go to school to get others sick.Hello

Review №2

Following the standard for covid-19 protocols. a little hard on the pocket $93 for two kids pizza and drinks

Review №3

People weren’t wearing masks I think the employees were to intimidate to say anything. This place is a breeding ground for covid

Review №4

Love this place!!! Only issue we have is please add juice to beverage. Right now only 1 that isnt soda. Fruit punch.....moreplease pleaseWe love the new! We can spend $20 And we are having fun for 1and half hours!!!!! Awesome Sauce. Thanx Chuck E Cheese

Review №5

Fun place to bring the kids. They just had a brand new remodel, its very clean and more tables so there is no waiting like the old days for a place to sit and eat your pizza. The salad bar is delicious too,good varieties to choose from. The is something for everyone here. We use to come here with our kids now we are bring nephews and nieces so they can experience the fun.

Review №6

Amazing resterant better than any one out there!! Great service and great cleaning!!

Review №7

My daughter had a great time for their bday. The pizza is really good now, way better than I remember. Only complaint is they didnt tell us you could pause the unlimited play card. So instead of getting the full 2 hrs my daughter only got an hour of play and the rest wasted away as she had pizza, cake and presents. They should really tell the parents.

Review №8

Pricing for kids isnt that bad for regular weekend or weekday fun, but parties are another story. The price isnt gouging, but isnt great either. $25 per child. My daughter had 18 friends go. Do the math. Not cheap. That doesnt count food we needed to bring, like pizzas. Altogether cost us around $500.The kids always love the place though. Games are the cheapest around at 1 token/1 quarter for every single game, ride, etc. Now its even easier as theyve gone coinless, with just cards that are loaded with cash, like a debit/credit card that gets quickly scanned at each game.The long party tables are situated way too close together leaving little room for movement between parties. If youre at all claustrophobic, dont bother, youd run out screaming.The food is below average. Salad bar is the best deal. Our family doesnt drink soda, so there are few options for drinks.All in all, a decent experience, taking the good with the bad, and since the kids had a good time, alls well that ends well.

Review №9

We go every year for my kids birthdays (their choice) but we love it in the service is great. They even said I can have my 30th birthday the if I wanted Haha

Review №10

There was someone walking around sanitizing the entire hour I was there.

Review №11

My son loved it! It was busy but didnt feel over crowded. The pizza was better than I remembered. They have a salad bar- it looked very fresh

Review №12

I just spent $80 in this place my pizza been sent to the wrong tableI asked about it 55 minutes after and asked for the manger she told i will through 1 in the oven now for you so I asked why you guy didn’t tell us instead we been setting here and waiting.Manger responded back to me yeah I know I am telling you now mistakes happens.We got our pizza under cooked cheese crust cheese in it was not even melt in the crust.No clue how this place hire a manger like that with no customer service skills I own a restaurant myself and will never go back to this place again I am a random customer it was too many screw up lately.No more chuck echeese for us .

Review №13

Kids enjoys this place very much

Review №14

Very accommodating and friendly staff! Recently had my sons 5th birthday here and it went very well! Well organized and clean. The party staff very helpful and patient!

Review №15

Love it here!! Its really fun for the kids and a safe feeling for us as parents to let our kids play here!! Clean and staff were great

Review №16

My kids like this place and they felt more happy then the one in Warwick. This one now so big but including A lot for games for all ages. The food, I do not fell good just like all Chuck E. Cheese but also my kids like thier pizza. They need take more care from cleaning the games. The parking lot free here. Thank you so much dear friend. FIRAS AL RUBAIAWI.........................

Review №17

They renovated the one in Attleboro so theres a bigger party section with no more animatronics. We had my daughters birthday party there and it was fabulous! They took care of everything for us so it was super easy. The pizza is surprisingly really good! We ended up ordering more! They aslo serve beer and wine which is a huge plus for the adults. Its way better than the Chuck E Cheese I grew up with!

Review №18

Nice place for adults n kids

Review №19

Kids love it there I had a bday party there and the prices to pizza and party are very high and the set up of tables for party is very crowded

Review №20

My kids had a great time, I do wish the location was bigger because it was very packed with all the birthday parties. It was hard to get a table because they were all dirty, so we had to locate a employee (which they were short on) to clean the table.

Review №21

Great place for the little ones to have some in door fun. I still prefer Dave and busters, from food to game. but the atmosphere is much calmer for the little ones here.

Review №22

My kids love it but it gets pricy with 3 and the prizes are 6X the price of you just buy them. If you don’t hold onto your tickets, it is a waste. My kids love going but it always cost $80-$100. Not really affordable. Urban Air has same games but you can get real prizes. Just not a fan.

Review №23

Love taking the kids there to just be able to be kids. Very affordable and has great food especially the chicken!

Review №24

So where do I start. Went for a birthday party, they are currently under construction. Exposed pipes and walls. Only had one restroom open. Had an employee sitting in front of the door directing who could go in when. There was actually a line waiting to use the restroom. I would suggest going to this location after the construction is complete.

Review №25

Great place for kids! My son loves it.

Review №26

Its been a bit better than before it has a bit of feel like Dave & Buster with the games, also that remodeling the outside is a good improvement. The good part is that as long as the young one are having fun cant complain.

Review №27

Great place for a kids birthday. Recently changed it so you can buy free play time instead of just tokens. Way better option. Bought a $20 card for my son and he played any game he wanted for an hour. Great pizza as well. Also for adults, now serving beer. Grab the kids and head there for a fun afternoon for the whole family for a way better price than it used to be.

Review №28

Better than it used to be. Staff was really good!

Review №29

We went there later in the evening, around 6:30. It was quiet l, and not too crowded. The children had a nice time. Staff was young but helpful and friendly.

Review №30

Carried out the large pizza for $5. Was disgusting. Also carried out mozz sticks, fries, and cheesy bread. Disgusting food. Half frozen.

Review №31

There are animatronics here. do not go here.

Review №32

Had a great time. Went about 1am and not to crowded. Kids had a blast and employees were very helpful

Review №33

Place has no bug sign outside, carpet way dirty,so expensive for party and food too way much expensive. Service bad and staff just needs from you to give them good feedback than they well give points for your kids to play!!!!

Review №34

My daughter returned from a field trip today with a bag full of tickets. They were told they do not redeem tickets on the same day you must return another day to collect prizes. I understand trying to encourage familys to return another day for business purposes but maybe try a coupon, not sending home groups of disappointed children. These types of establishments are supposed to provide joy to children, and Ill tell ya there were quite a few upset faces at daycare this afternoon.

Review №35

I just had my daughter’s 7th birthday party here, she had a blast! I had made a huge mistake and reserved the party for the wrong date, so when we all showed up there, they had no reservation for us. The staff helped me out and squeezed us in, instead of simply turning us away. I was so grateful.

Review №36

The stuffed cheese cross was the best thing ever invented for their pizza

Review №37

Take my granddaughter there all the time. Fun place for everyone. Chuck E. Is great with the kids!

Review №38

Its a fun place for your kids any age but if youre gonna have a big chuck e performance with a dance floor at least have chuck e dance with the circle of kids and not just stand there, christ what a pathetic show

Review №39

Was under construction but I do like the one in Framingham better! Just cause they have the characters and a stage

Review №40

Nice but a little chilly without a coat

Review №41

Was for my granddaughter birthday...

Review №42

Lots of fun for the kids. If you buy the two hour package on the card you get unlimited play for those 2 hours

Review №43

Nice place to enjoy a good moment with your kids,let say with your family.

Review №44

Went for my daughters 2and she had a blast. Everyone was super nice and friendly.

Review №45

We squeeze the tickets out of one game is way better now that they have the option to pay for playing time instead of coins per game... we will come back!

Review №46

Good location. The machines all work.

Review №47

We celebrated my grandsons 7th birthday there this past weekend. He and his friends loved it.

Review №48

Was great time. Awsome games love go back agian

Review №49

Chuck E Cheeses is always a good time. I have a three week old and my older son (5) was feeling a little mommy-deprived so just he and I had a special Mommy & Me trip. We had a blast. With unlimited play I could play the games with him without feeling like I was taking away tokens from him. The pizza is always delicious. We had a blast playing the games and doing the Chuck-E dance at the ticket splash. I cant wait for the next special Mommy&Me trip.....neither can my son!

Review №50

Cute like the games at the warwick location more

Review №51

Great place to let the kids mingle and burn some energy. Affordable and every game was working as it should.

Review №52

This place was clean and my son enjoyed it being that hes a toddler. I didnt noticed the same cheesy vomit scent that most Chuck E Cheeses have. We had a good time up until some guy grabbed his pregnant girls breast. Also an adult trying to climb ito one of the toddlers ride and staff did nothing about it.

Review №53

Fun for kids but parent should remember how to behave in front of children

Review №54

Decent food. Great pricing on tickets relative to Dave and Busters. I will usually buy two cards for my kids and then let them decide how to spend it and do it in their given that they dont allow the kids to leave . I feel safe because of that knowing that they check the stamps every time to make sure kids dont get lost . I teach my kids about the price of games by letting them play on their and weigh whether or not to spend their tokens on the games. The cons are that it can get crowded and also that because some games are better than others, people tend to hog those games and play many many times despite other people wanting to play them.The food is decent but better deal to just go and get Papa Ginos right next door. The birthday parties are okay.

Review №55

So you want to go to Kids Arcade? Then here you go, Kids are Kids and Adults dont have much of their Games here. PIZZA on Birthdays! And Loads of Games! The Most best thing about Chuck E Cheese, is That I come here as a Kid and there used to be a Playground but they removed that. Why? Because Children were getting hurt, or Children could NEVER Get out of it, they can just Camp there and be Lost and Parents can be Gone! That they would have no parents, and also TRAPS that couldve kill children who were playing up there. Also People can just go to the Playground for free without Tokens. The thing I hate is that they removed Tokens!!! But Ill take one star from the review for doing that. I hope this review is helpful for New Visitors

Review №56

Understaffed in overpacked and overpriced and not at all like it was when I was a kid

Review №57

Nice exciting for kids, my kids wonder I played and have fun to get prizes

Review №58

Lots of Fun.Now they have all you can play

Review №59

It seems as if the crew does not care to clean the facility much. I understand there are several children (and adults) making a mess constantly, but I also know it is part of the job description to do so.

Review №60

I used to never want to come here but they recently changed the cards to unlimited play and you pay for how long you want to stay there. This made my last experience so much better because you dont have to worry about your child running out of tokens/card play in the first 15 minutes and then needing to dish out another 20 dollars for 15 more minutes of games

Review №61

Nice plaxe to be a kid again.

Review №62

Got to play unlimited games in the 45 minutes we loaded to the card, so much fun!

Review №63

A family fun place to be. Staffs are nice and always willing to assist when needed and the food is good. They have recently updated there establishment and the games for both adults and kids. They serve alchohol with a valid license. Will be visiting this location again.

Review №64

Good clean fun for the kids!

Review №65

I guess its ok. Not the Chuck e cheese of the 80s but it will do. The place is packed with video games which is cool but nothing for the kids to climb on or jump in. This was a staple of the old joint. Then a guy dressed as the mouse came out to greet kids. Or so I thought. He/she was only out to sell balloons and cotton candy. When I said no to both the rat immediately walked away from my child. Sad. The positive was there was much value in their play cards. A small amount lasted quite some time. In short I would go again but only if in the area with 0 other options to entertain my children.

Review №66

Had a wonderful time with my 4 year old grandson

Review №67

Food wasnt good and staff got order wrong. Staff were also playing on their phones and not paying attention to patrons.

Review №68

We went for a school fundraiser. It is an easy fundraiser that includes coupons, special offers, and a trip to the school from Chuck E Cheese himself. We appreciate the 30-minute all you can play card. It lets us contribute without spending too much. Since we have food allergies, we cannot eat there, safely. It is an easy place to have

Review №69

Fun for both kids n family, friends etc...

Review №70

The giant mouse man from the commercial gave me a heart attack

Review №71

Great place to play on a budget also the only arcade that i know of that is still just 1 token per game. But now they have these great cards that eliminate the need to carry coins around. All around fun time!

Review №72

Disappointed that the games are now worth more than 1 token... They have always been 1 token and everything keeps changing to technology some kids like/prefer the classics

Review №73

We didnt not enjoy at all. The food was expensive. The game card was not working most of the time.

Review №74

We love this place! I give it 4 stars because it is very very loud and the kids cant hear chuck e cheese sing. Maybe Chuck e cheese could have his own radio so when he is doing his dances and getting ready to throw tickets the kids can hear him better.

Review №75

The games are fun!! The prize counter is a HUGE ripoff!! Grand prix has the best games with a extremely reasonable prize counter!! No child should have to be turned away because the prize counter is insanely high!

Review №76

The salad bar is disgusting. I mentioned to two employees it needed changing. They both completely ignored me. I saw one employee fluffing up the older looking vegetables trying to make them look more fresh. Im afraid to eat any of their food, definitely dont want food poisoning.

Review №77

My son love it here

Review №78

Nice friendly staff and love how they’ve added new rides!

Review №79

Awesome place for family fun.

Review №80

Good time for kids 5 and under

Review №81

Kids love it and I like the new cards. $16 for a hour of unlimited play

Review №82

A very friendly and fun place for the kids and the adult. It has the most delicious pizza and a awesome salad bar

Review №83

Good place to bring your kids. They should have open a location Boston and brockton or Dedham.

Review №84

I LOVE how you have to use a game card now instead of carrying all of those tokens its Awsome.

Review №85

Had a great b-day party for my 11 year-old. Lots of new games catering to older kids. Each party had its own hostess who took care of everything. Endless play for each kid for the duration of the party. Great pizza, et al. The kids had a great time.

Review №86

My kids love this place ️ good food a lot fun for kids.

Review №87

Chuck e cheese is good on a rainy or hot day.. The games are alright for the youngans.. The food is not the best, for adults. Kids may take to it or may not.. sometimes there is three or four games that is out of order which is a drag, it seems to happen a lot.. and you will win a fair amount of tickets and at least you can get a prize before you leave weather be a small pieces of candy or if youre spending a fortune there you could get something decent but again you have to spend a fortune to get a decent prize.. Chucky will come out and Frolic around and you can get pictures of him with your children quickly even if hes entertaining a birthday party which is good... people dance and throat gets in the air for the children to get anyone on site, very good...

Review №88

Great place for kids and parents. Pizza was good and they even had salad. Very loud and very stimulating!

Review №89

Great time for the birthday boy and friends

Review №90

Kids always enjoy here

Review №91

Great arcade for your kids and you if you would like. This place is great. It has a sign which I think is from the original Pizza Time Theater

Review №92

Kids love it and they sell beer and wine. Win win.

Review №93

My son love this place. He play with the toys other kids and earn some prices.

Review №94

Nice, clean and fun for the kids

Review №95

Love the new all you can play option! 2 hours of unlimited play. No more tokens!

Review №96

Kids love it but I dont cause if their food

Review №97

Good service nice employees of course hectic lol

Review №98

We had a birthday party awesome

Review №99

Great place for a childs Birthday party. The Pizza is good. Most of all the children have fun

Review №100

Great place to bring the kids

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  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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