Atlantic Beach Dog Park
268 Aquatic Dr, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, United States

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Dog Park was great! Small pond for dogs to play in; has a hose to clean paws before you leave

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FREEDOM loves coming here to make new friends go swiming and playing chase

Review №3

Like every dog park apparently in Florida. It is membership only. That is completely fine. But I drove 40 min to the park only to find out that it is a membership park.

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You need a membership ($20/year) to access the park. Its well worth it. Its a big pond where all the dog owners get exercise too, walking in circles around it. The labs LOVE swimming in the pond.

Review №5

Great dog park! Just added a drinking fountain for dogs&humans. Wow!

Review №6

Seems like a fun little please for your dogs to swim and get Really dirty. Not a very large park but theres plenty of room for your active dog to play. The area is fenced in and is an off leash dog park.Bring your pups but be prepared to go home with a wet, dirty and happy dog!

Review №7

They wont allow you in the park unless you pay $50 for a membership fee.

Review №8

Great place to take your dog. People are friendly.

Review №9

Love this park and so does Jago. Enough said!

Review №10

Met some very nice people there. No problems with dogs being too aggressive to our puppy. They allowed us a first time visit as a quest since hed never been there. The lake makes it very nice.Dont quite understand how well behaved but uncut dogs are not allowed in the park. We wont be going back for that reason. Im told by other places its the neutered dogs that cause the problems yet they get to stay. How screwed up is that? It would make more sense to ban bad guests or dogs but then that means someone has to tell some snowflake to behave or leave and that isnt going to happen. Just another way big brother doesnt get it.Other than that it was real nice. Everyone we met was as nice as could be.

Review №11

Am I really being asked to pay $50 to use a public dog park? It is a fenced area around a reservoir. Is the city trying to keep the Riff Raff out-- poor people have dogs too. An Animal Control officer sits in her truck watching. Unbelievable!

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We go in the morning and its a great place for Beauregard to socialize with others dogs burn off some of his morning energy. Nice group of people that enjoy walking and letting our dogs play.

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Nice people nice dogs. not muddy. Some nice person let me in with my big standard poodle. Maybe it was the out of state car licence. When you are a tourist a dog park is a godsend. Having to register sucks, need a system to let tourists use dog parks, I would pay, and need a vet card system for verifying shots, etc.

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Really great and clean! Lots of nice dogs come to play. Never had an issue with aggressive dogs visiting the park. Not too big but still a great space. $50 a year.

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It has a pond for dog swimming, hoses to clean up, and no riff raff. It needs a restroom.

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The pond is just water run off and looked like something out of a horror film. Its like you want me to pay this for that? Has a decent amount of shade. But just overall did not feel right. Even my dog just stayed by my side and wanted nothing to do with the place.

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I love this park! But most importantly our dogs love this park! Plenty of room to run, play and swim. The owners keep an eye on their dog so the play stays play.

Review №18

Bacon and Puggles love it here. The maintenance they do is top notch. The poop bags are always stocked too.

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My puppy loves the lake and the other dogs that frequent this place. It doesn’t cost much and offers a place to rinse off your dog before going home.

Review №20

Stop by to see what it was like wanted to take my dog to her first dog park the people there were friendly but had to pay a $50 Dollar club fee to be a member in order to bring our dog

Review №21

Entrance is wet and muddy from dog washing. Walking trail is full of roots and holes and was muddy.

Review №22

$5 per day charge. You have to go to city hall to get the gate pass. The park is not big, but there is a place to have the dog swim, but not a lot of room to toss a ball without hitting the pond.

Review №23

The park itself is great! We didnt necessarily meet the most friendly people.

Review №24

Nice park. You do have to be member, which you can do at Atlantic beach city hall

Review №25

I dont really ever post reviews about anything, as it is just bitching into a vacuum, but this ones pretty bad. I didnt actually get into the park, because you need a card. I learned this from the public works employee that was standing hosing off the same piece of sidewalk for 10 minutes. He explained that I needed a card, and where to swipe it, but not how to get one. Not worth the extra 30 miles r/t from the highway.

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Great dog park where the owners stay far more engaged with their dogs than other local spots. Clean and convenient!

Review №27

It was better before they built apartments next door and modified the park.

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Its a dog park where a lot of entitled people go but it could be a lot better besides having the dogs swim in run of water.

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A great big pool for water dogs, nice shade from the hot sun and many nice dog owners and dogs.

Review №30

The dogs love the park but they need to tar or cement parking lot

Review №31

Really cool but make sure you go to the city and register your dog so you can get the key card to get in and out

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Great place to exercise and socialize your dog.

Review №33

Traveling around from Michigan thought wed give the dog a break. Follow Google Maps here because it said free dog part. Wasted our time and gas to find out you need a hard pass to get in. Thanks a lot Atlantic dog park. After reading the reviews I see we are not the only ones that were taken by this.

Review №34

It’s locked and looks like no one goes here. The bigger fence is locked with a lock and the smaller “park” is locked and you need a key fob to get in but it looks broken. Drove all the way here for nothing.

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Didnt even know this place existed. Kinda small, but nice and secluded.

Review №36

Must have a membership card to use park. Other dog owners very snobby about it.

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Small but nice

Review №38

Love this dog park!

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Beautiful park.for your pups

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Couldnt get in.

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Was not allowed in because you have to pay.

Review №44

I like it, and so does Heidi.

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Nice place

Review №46

Why do i need a membership ?

Review №47

Costs to get in

Review №48

2 large, local, fenced-in areas for dogs to interact: run, play & swim....

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This is the place to take your dog!!!

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  • Address:268 Aquatic Dr, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, United States
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