Adele Grage Community Center
716 Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, United States

Review №1

Nice, clean community center with a covered playground / play structure and swings for kids. They have a tennis court, one basketball hoop and a green space open area. The playground is small more interactive for littler kids. Bring a ball to play catch if you have a big kid in tow.

Review №2

Unique community asset, from farmers markets to yoga classes, live music, and theater, the center offers benefits to almost everyone. The modern childrens playground has lots to offer and a fine tennis court is there as well. it is also a nice shady respite from the beach that is 2 short blocks away

Review №3

Beautiful park to chill and 2 blocks from the beach! Very nice environment and great beach access.

Review №4

Excellent beach with pets allowed after 5 pm. Very busy on a Sunday afternoon.

Review №5

Perfect place for kids and parents to play with plenty of shade.

Review №6

Absolutely fantastic Park with great vibes close to the beach. But the place is very hot.

Review №7

Very cute little community center next to one of my favorite parks. I was just there recently to see a friend’s photography exhibit. They do an artist’s reception during Art Walk every month.There’s also yoga and a weekly farmers market in the field next to the building. Definitely worth checking out and picking up an events calendar! During the summers there’s music and a food truck on some Sunday nights too. Lots of fun little community events.

Review №8

Small space, cute and nice. Beautiful art exhibition.

Review №9

Adele Grage is a beautiful for a wedding/reception! I do have some advice for future couples looking at using this venue to help save them the stress we had to feel leading up to the wedding due to booking issues (the reason why I docked stars):1) When you go in to book the place, make sure that you see that your time is getting booked on the calendar. This was our biggest headache with the entire wedding and time leading up to it as there were issues 4 times with us not being on the right calendar or it being in the right place (I think its because they had a lot of turnover between the time we booked (14 months out) and the big day... unfortunately new staff and management had to pick up the pieces/try to fix which Im sure was stressful for them too). Note: Not being on the calendar or in the right monthly folder (theres a system of folders for each month, because our April wedding was put in the December folder) means the venue gets double booked for the time you paid for.2) If you are unable to see that you were put on the calendar/right place in that first consultation, we recommend calling every 1-3 months to be sure its what you agreed to and that no one else is getting booked over you (when you pay, it books the ENTIRE building - a lot of our frustration was that other groups were getting double booked for the same times, they just wanted 1 side but when you pay for the entire building it feels wrong and my husband was supposed to get ready on that side! He didnt need to be getting dressed for his big day with strangers).3) On that note, if you dont select a full day (for example, we realized we also needed to book 3 hours the night before to setup and went in to book/pay for that also) that the hours you specify are on the memo of your check/their calendar too/all the places. We booked 7-10pm and paid for the night before in Dec, but 3 days before the wedding in April we were told we could have 8-10pm because another group was in there. Im not pushy, but at that point I had to ask but we paid for 3 hours. We ended up getting 8-11pm. This worked, but also wasnt ideal because we had a noon wedding. This stressed out my parent because they needed their sleep. I had to manage my own frustration about it and an upset parent which was a lot.4) Make sure you ask which tables can be used when you book/pay. Get the number of tables and write them down. The group that was double booked in the building before us (for the night before - yes - both the night before and wedding day were double booked) told us we could drag back over the tables to the side we used for the reception when they left... then a park ranger came in morning of and needed those tables for a different venue (somehow they didnt all belong to Adele Grage). We had to resetup half of the room again while our hair/makeup artists were there under a schedule. My family about lost it on the park ranger (even tho he was the messenger), because of all the issues Id had so far there.... *Overall, I want to say great location, super pretty (youll get great pics!), kid friendly, nice that it has chairs/tables/kitchen... but I wanted to provide the above advice to others who plan to setup and have a wedding/reception here... things I wish I had known how to handle differently. I still probably wouldve picked the location, but I wish Id known how to handle it (us both being introverts and non-confrontational) so that we wouldnt have had the stress we felt.

Review №10

Cute little place to enjoy with your smaller kids.Playground is kinda small for older children.Shade over the swings would be nice also, and a closer bathroom for the children.

Review №11

This is a great place. The monthly Songwriters night is a wonderful evening as is the acoustic night. The small yer remarkably professional theatre regularly presents some wonderful productions.

Review №12

Quiet, safe place to take the kids while enjoying a wonderful ocean breeze

Review №13

I want to live here. I promise to be the nicest and cleanest grifter as long as you dont call the cops on me.

Review №14

Nice art show and company. Highly recommended!

Review №15

Adele Grage is a great local venue for small concerts and shows. In the summer, Atlantic Beach puts on an acoustic summer concert series in Bull Park. Food trucks and a playground add to the environment.

Review №16

I would have given it 5 stars, but there wasnt enough parking for a large group.

Review №17

Awesome playground for the kids with plenty of shade

Review №18

It was charming, simply charming.

Review №19

Well-maintained community center and park. Grassy field hosts a mid-week farmers market and the covered playground is great for young kids.

Review №20

Nice small park for ages 3 and younger

Review №21

Beautiful paintings at this center.

Review №22

Nice facilities for groups and small events and a park for all ages

Review №23

COAB sent me to Adele Grange to get forms. The doors were locked & no one answered the phone.

Review №24

Fabulous ABET production of Man Of La Mancha!

Review №25

Nice little community center for small gatherings. Very limited parking.

Review №26

Musical Revival

Review №27

Love this place very nice and clean

Review №28

Beaxh was great

Review №29

Very nice unique offering in this beautiful neighborhood.

Review №30

The doors were locked during business hours. I waited 45 min and no one came. Frustrating!

Review №31

Great playground for the little ones.

Review №32

They are very friendly

Review №33

Amazing show Tonite.

Review №34

Wednesday farmers market 5-7

Review №35

Beautiful park, beautiful building, all meticulously maintained

Review №36

Great Park

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  • Address:716 Ocean Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 904-247-5828
  • Tourist attraction
  • Auditorium
  • Park
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–6pm
  • Tuesday:8am–6pm
  • Wednesday:8am–6pm
  • Thursday:8am–6pm
  • Friday:8am–6pm
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:8am–6pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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