Seacliff State Beach
State Park Dr, Aptos, CA 95003, United States

Review №1

The parking is on the top of cliff and the beach is in the bottom. People have to walk 5min to get to the beach. The sand and ocean view is nice. But the smell of dead animal is unpleasant. Meanwhile, there are so many flies in the beach which is also annoying. As a non-free state park, the beach should be cleaner.

Review №2

Awesome beach, a mini version of Santa Cruz Boardwalk and much more intimate!

Review №3

You need to pay $10 to drive in this state park. Most people keeps the social distance on the beach. But not everyone wears the mask. The view is good. The water is cool.

Review №4

What a beautiful sunset, a great place to go for a walk. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Review №5

As beaches go in California Ive been to better. As of this date you cant get close unless you have a handicap placard. So be prepared to carry anything you want several hundred yards down the hill to get to the entrance to the beach. Also the end of the pier is homesteaded by a variety of birds which causes a strong oder if the wind is blowing in your direction. So much for that salty fresh sea air. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves but like I said...better options not that far away.

Review №6

I love Seacliff for the beauty and the smaller crowds than many of the other beaches in the area. It is not as accessible of a beach since you need to walk down quite a ways from the upper parking lot area and the lower level lots are currently closed, but it does have a bathroom convenient to the area and an older sunken ship that is visually interesting. Small fee for parking (I believe it is currently $10).

Review №7

The best beach for sunsets! Great location to walk along the paved roads, or to venture to the beach. Easy to access with a bicycle or wheel chair. Plenty of picnic tables. Wide, open space for walking, running, or bicycling.

Review №8

Great place to camp. Ocean is your back your backyard. I love to walk the beach there seems to go for miles

Review №9

Great and amazing view of the ocean. Theres also a ship that crashed long ago. Pretty cool to see.

Review №10

Great beach. For now, parking near the beach is closed. The easiest way to reach the beach is through the stairs and it’s also closed. We have to take the long way and it’s hard especially with the chairs, umbrella etc. picnic area is also closed. They can at least consider opening a few tables here and there.

Review №11

Loved it. Beautiful beach, sunrise and sunsets are amazing. You are right on the beach. Will be back again!!

Review №12

The RV parking is right off the beach and if you can get in its a great place to stay

Review №13

Been away from SC county for a few years after living here for 36 yrs. Was a little surprised about how restricted car access was, but Covid has done some odd things to our routines and the State Parks are doing the best they can given the States restrictions. Still one of the best beaches in SC and reminded me of all the mindless days we spent swimming and lounging around. Of course my all time favorite for this beach, given the massive shoreline is winter surf fishing, especially if you catch a dry warm day, shorts, a tee shirt and barefoot is a blast in January!

Review №14

Amazing views, from the westside to mosslanding. Epic beach plus historic cement ship, go see it while it is still above water. JJC Electric Serving Santa Cruz County.

Review №15

Just a lovely, popular beach, with an old pier rookery. Free parking if you dont mind walking a ways. Restrooms and fresh water available.

Review №16

My home spot I grow up surfing the pier. They have camping and great day use area. Plenty on bathrooms. A museum. And snack shop in the summer time

Review №17

Its a lovely beach with a great walking path. The only downside was all the people from out of town who werent wearing masks. You had to be wearing a mask to get past the guard gate, but then a lot of people obviously thought they could just take them off. This utter lack of concern for other humans still astonishes me. Fortunately it was outside and a gorgeous day and we were able to avoid people who thought that masks just didnt apply to them.

Review №18

Beautiful and relaxing.. We need to walk down to the beach.. i like that there are restrooms every quarter mile or less

Review №19

Its a wonderful beach with very little smooth stones and very smooth surface to walk on. I went to the beach around 10.40 am in morning,weather was nice and cloudy. Unfortunately my shoes got wet by the beach waves! I had to be barefooted in the cold sand but lucky that nothing was stinging.Lot of dogs come here for walk. Had fun time building sand castles with my kid. right now the pier is closed and the entry fee was $10 for a car( expensive I feel, so 1 star less)

Review №20

Very nice and beautiful. My family and I had a great time. Just watching the ocean, air, birds, kids, sand, family having fun.

Review №21

Nice quite beach for walks and run. But filled with a lot of seaweed and dead birds. Not suitable for kids, since they can come in contact with the carcases. The side walk along the beach is good and maintained. Good campsite facilities.

Review №22

We went around 3 am to checkout the bioluminescence , we were disappointed though . But the beach is so beautiful with am amazing Sunrise view. We check the clouds forecast before coming , but it was fully clouded. So its your luck actually.

Review №23

It’s a cool beach. It gets the job done. $12 for parking. Restrooms were clean and were continuously being cleaned by park rangers. I liked it because there wasn’t a lot of people. They closed the parking down the hill which doesn’t make sense. You have to walk down the hill With all your beach equipment to get to the beach. BUY A BEACH WAGON!!. When you’re tired after a day of activities and walking on the beach it helps going back up the hill. They do let drivers with a handicap plate drive down the hill. All seating and food locations are closed off. I would probably go again just because I know the restrooms are clean.

Review №24

If you are willing to pay $10 for parking, this beach has good views, a not too far walk down to the beach with bathrooms (not that clean, but they are there), and cooler temperatures than in Santa Cruz. Stay away from the flies that linger around the clumps of dark seaweed on the beach. It can get a little windy.When we went, folks didnt wear face masks on the beach but they were worn off the beach like on the walk back to the parking lot and in the parking lot.

Review №25

Open today just to hang out by the beach. We cant park down below close to the beach because of the virus. The stairs going down are also close. It would have been nice if they said it on the site before we drove all the way and be able to stay. We had been there before and we loved it that is why we came back but because of the virus we couldnt enjoy it.

Review №26

Beautiful beach! But depending on the day the sand flys can get hungry

Review №27

I highly reccomend this place to take a stroll by the beach. The sunsets are amazing. Very clean and safe place for all ages. There is a high five hand at the end of the trail for people to take fun pictures.

Review №28

Nice to get out and enjoy the beach!Weather was perfect and loved catching the sunset!

Review №29

Our stay was fabulous. The house was perfect for our group and there is so much to do. We definitely would like to reat again. Check out the Nicene forest. Great trails and beautiful.

Review №30

$10 day use parking...slight hike on sidewalk down to beach. Nice restrooms and showers. Pier was closed but staffed with lifeguards. Lots of picnic tables.

Review №31

The beach was open only restrictions they had no stair using from the parking lot to the main beach area. The main parking lot was close only can use the upper parking lot that was by the main entrance. Very limited restroom uses. All this due to the cov19.

Review №32

My favorite spot to stop for fresh air and a beautiful view !

Review №33

Nice location beautiful sunset and you can build a bonfire and make my fav Smores

Review №34

Always a great walk. I wish peeps would respect personal space, dont roadblock.

Review №35

One of my favorite beaches. You have to pay to park which makes it nice :) You can see the cement ship from here.

Review №36

Ill always give Sea Cliff a great rating as one of my favorite stops.

Review №37

Beautiful beach with a historical oddity in view. The S.S. Palo Altos slowly disappearing wreakage sits peacefully at the end of an old harbour. The pier on which the former ship can be viewed from is currently closed, meaning the best views of the the ship can only be achieved from the cliff near the entrence to the park or from certain angles on the beach itself. Bring a telephoto lense if you intend to take pictures.

Review №38

The beach is always nice. But be prepared for extra 10 min of walk because the stairs going down to the beach are closed. And visitors have to take a much longer car route.

Review №39

Such a great place with perfect access for everyone. Park your car nearly on the beach. Very nice facilities, looks like there will be more upgrades on the building in the near future. They have picnic tables and large areas that are semi-covered from the sun. Great long side walk that links up to a small town south.

Review №40

The beach is so long, it makes for a great place to stretch your legs, fly your cats or run your dogs.

Review №41

Long stretches of fine sand beach. Park fee is $10 per car. Nice and plenty of beach facility, including restroom, outdoors shower, BBQ grill etc. We came on a afternoon partial cloudy day in October. It turns out we saw the most beautiful sunset in California for the past 20 years. Many people wait on the beach and on top of the Cliff upper parking lot to view this unforgettable sunset with expanses of red clouds all over the sky especially the couple minutes before and after sun sink into the far away ocean line.

Review №42

Went to visit a friend there and the beach was so quiet with very little attendance . Listening to the crashing waves was a relaxing time. We will come back

Review №43

It’s a beautiful beach. Offers a very nice and long hike. Lots of birds and some other sea creatures to see (crabs etc). Dog friendly. There are restrooms, picnic areas. Parking is $10 unless you park on the street.

Review №44

Nice beach & stunning view from the cliffs. Could see people coming and going even after the hours.

Review №45

A most beautiful beach. The walk along the beach is wonderful. You will meet many people walking their dogs. They must be on a leash though. Walk to the end of the RV park and there is a hand on the wall to high five!

Review №46

View is beautiful but beach stinks a lot. You can feel the lack of maintenance here.

Review №47

Peaceful and really calm beach stretching a long way. Perfect for long walks

Review №48

No whales, dolphins. Seals, otters.Lots of sea birds though. Mild.Still pleasant. Somewhat scenic i suppose.

Review №49

Cool place just need a little update with some cleaning and paint

Review №50

Great if you love American flags and RV campers!

Review №51

Were Local folks and we had our childs school field trip today. Great, educational program for kids. A must to visit the center here and have your kids learn all about the area.

Review №52

It’s a nice place to go for a walk and see the beach.

Review №53

Our favorite camping spot steps from the beach. Nice and clean area, beach gets a bit dirty with seaweed and branches but overall great place to camp and ha e the kids play in the water and sand then light a fire to watch the sunset

Review №54

Its a bit of a hike down to the beach but the beach itself was nice, although more fishy smelling for my taste. It was cool to watch the pelicans dive for food. Occasionally you will see seals and dolphin come pretty close to shore.

Review №55

Clam and quiet beach. Accessible restrooms. Paid parking available ($10 day). Food options just a block away from the beach parking.

Review №56

I imagine that during pre and post Covid-19 pandemic days this is a pretty amazing place.

Review №57

Beautiful views. There is camping here. Park/beach is 10$ per day. Good work out on many trails with stairs. There are rip currents here, but has a sandy beach.

Review №58

What a great place live up the street in high school fished the cement boat now the boat looks crazy

Review №59

One of the best beach in Santa Cruz with plenty of BBQ areas. Cement boat wreckage for WWI is amazing. Also, beach watchguard for safety. The snack bar is temporarily closed for maintenance but you can walk 5-10 min to food places and ice cream stores nearby.

Review №60

Fabulous place to get married June 27, 2020 we had our pandemic wedding... 6 feet distance and mask. Now thats determination. Were moving forward with our lives.

Review №61

Very cool, just wish it was open to non residents. Couldnt park in their lot and walk down the stairs to the beach.

Review №62

Came on a Tuesday.. Not a lot of people, tons of beach to relax on or walk. 10 dollars to park. Highly recommend!

Review №63

Beautiful place to watch the sunset

Review №64

The first come first served camping thing sucks. We spent a whole day waiting to be turned away. Crazy process, very disappointing.

Review №65

Great place to walk the beach! We grilled out while watching the sun set. The sunken boat is a cool site to see.

Review №66

Signage is difficult to understand for parking in the area. Access is limited.

Review №67

Seacliff is a community of campers set right on the beach. It is near Capitola and Santa Cruz which is perfect for family vacationing. You need reservations so book early!

Review №68

Great clean beach with lots of pickick areas and relatively clean bathrooms. they have showers and a great little visitors center. this is our favorite beach and when the snack shack is open the food there is good. Good for rvs and surfing and hanging out with the family

Review №69

Sunken ship was cool, and liked the amenities. Stagnant water spots and trailer camping were a bit off putting, though.

Review №70

A good place to spend a time with family and friends. The place is quiet and clean, have plenty of parking and bathrooms. I only went to scape the heat from my hometown (Los Banos), it was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze. The water is cold for this Caribbean girl but I guess if you are a local that will not be a problem.

Review №71

It was okay, long walk to the beach from parking lot. It definitely isnt the prettiest beach in the area. Its pretty good for dogs.

Review №72

The beach was really nice. the waves crashing in were really cool. I was out in a boat earlier though and saw a great white shark less than half a mile off shore.

Review №73

I loved it but the flies! big the shiit outta you

Review №74

Amazing place. Great for kids and dogs. Easy parking and great surf fishing as well. Could be overlly crowded on the weekends so come really early.

Review №75

Sun, surf and skewers. Day 3. Ill be home next week, if you need to call.

Review №76

You have to park on the upper level and walk down the hill. You get your exercise before and after the beach since there is a big hill to get to the beach. The beach itself is nice.

Review №77

Lovely, uncrowded beach with the remains of an old WWI tanker vessel now used by sea birds and otters. Enjoyed watching the sea otters playing in the waves.

Review №78

First time with kids and they loved it, Beach BBQ and Fishing. Cant wait until we come back again for our next time.

Review №79

Great beach but wasnt allowed to drive down at this time.

Review №80

We saw so many other families there having a great time which was a sight in itself. There is a life guard on duty and plenty of parking.

Review №81

Love this place. Great view and good fishing.

Review №82

Be prepared for a stinky beach. Although its really cool to see the shipwreck and the amazing amount of pelicans, its a bit of a walk from the parking lot.

Review №83

Picturesque beach with beautifulViews. It’s a longish walk from parking but, as long as you’re prepared, it adds to the experience.

Review №84

Beautiful Bioluminescent Algea bloom

Review №85

Came here for a friends wedding! First weekend the beaches are reopened. We had a great time and thank the State park for letting it happen.

Review №86

And now, an original song inspired by:SEACLIFF STATE BEACHThere I wasA little crankyBut the sea breeze saved meWaves crashing over and underClose your eyes and hear them thunderMany dogs enjoyed the scenerySniffing butts ever so serenelyTake me back another dayBring a kite, Ill bring champagneTheres nothing like the rising tideThe crashing wavesThe dancing lightTossed a stick into the oceanMy dog mildly approached itTurned around and let me downShould have bought a retrieverTheres nothing like the rising tideThe crashing wavesThe dancing light

Review №87

Loved the placeVery peaceful and well maintained social distances at sea shoreBe careful of aggressive shark recently showed up there

Review №88

My fave place with my fave peeps to see my fave locals.

Review №89

Great walk to Capitola at low tide

Review №90

Want a good beach for good summer weather? Then Seacliff is probably your best choice along the Northern coast of Cali. It has nice Pacific waves. Gets warmer weather than most places in the Santa Cruz. The beaches are kept clean frequently. To top it off the view is quite pleasant. Its admittably odd though having a broken down pier that no one can walk on. The sunk ship is cool atleast.

Review №91

5 star for the beach. Parking is a little hectic. It’s about 5 mins walk from the parking lot to the beach. There’s no ramp to move your wagon from the path to the beach. Friendly staff. $10 to park.Pier is closed during COVID.

Review №92

My favorite beach vacation spot on the west coast!

Review №93

Im ready to go back, hopefully to do some seaside camping. Plenty of parking. Such a beautiful beach!

Review №94

My wife and I chilled out for her b day great place.

Review №95

I love to walk along the ocean it is so peaceful and especially Seacliff with its weird broken ship with an interesting history. Lots of beautiful beach front homes to admire and most of all that glorious sea coasty breeze. Its all good.

Review №96

Fun place to go. Only $10 for parking, but show up early if you want a picnic table. The nature center is quaint, and has some interesting displays about the cement boat, which is a unique and interesting landmark, despite its slow deterioration over the years.

Review №97

No frills which means social distancing comes easy and the joy of the beach in its natural state can be enjoyed. A mix of people wearing masks.

Review №98

Love this beach, we have been coming here for years!! Get there early because the parking and picnic area fill up fast. Bathrooms can get really run down by days end, Note: bring a couple of rolls of TP just in case they run out!

Review №99

We had a great time. The last time i went there we could walk out on to the cement ship but not know. But the stairs from the top parking lot have not gotten any easier.

Review №100

Such a magnificent walk, such a beautiful beach, such a beautiful scene. Stop and enjoy the serenity, take in the sights, it will not disappoint.

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