Ankeny Miracle Park
310 NW School St, Ankeny, IA 50023, United States

Review №1

This park is amazing! It has something for everyone! From just walking to even us old folk :-) This park was built for the ability to handle children with special needs and has the space and accessibility to do so. Todays visit was just my youngest daughter and I but we use this park constantly for all three of the kids. Ankeny would not be what it is today without the Miracle Park.

Review №2

My kids love this park and its many fun things!!

Review №3

Loved it was easy to chase my 18 month old there up on the play ground equipment. And big enough that you can stay a safe distance from others and nice picnic areas we brought our lunch and ate there.

Review №4

Great place for the family to go to play.

Review №5

It was a child wonder and 3 hours of adult conversation while the kids played on and on. Well kept too.

Review №6

Wonderful place to take the kids and let them loose. And my daughter loved feeding the ducks.

Review №7

What a great place for kids. It has a couple separate play areas. One for the older kids and one for the little toddlers. For our experience he loves it here. Always kids around. Bathrooms are clean, soft rubber ground. All around nice place. I like all the seating and bench areas if you are going to have a party here. Looks like they have a couple of concession stands looks like if you contact the city you could use a building for a party. I

Review №8

Lots of fun for grandson at social distance

Review №9

This place is so huge, SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIDS TO DO, I genuinely had a blast!!

Review №10

The kids have a lot of fun here.

Review №11

This park is one of the biggest I have been to in the Des Moines area. This is a fun park. There are many swings to use. There is a baseball field right next to it too. They have tables in the shade to sit down. They have basketball hoops and a couple other playgrounds on the other side of the fence.

Review №12

Easily accessible and inclusive playground. Everybody played nice while we were there and there is lots of safe equipment.

Review №13

Gud park but smells wierd

Review №14

My 7 year old loves this park the most out of all the parks in ankeny. Lose one star for not keeping a bathroom open though

Review №15

Great place to bring your kids of a summer day, lots of unique playground equipment for them to entertain themselves on for hours.

Review №16

Its just an awesome place for all kids. A great playground and baseball field. Last night I watched a bunch of my special needs friends play baseball. It was so much fun!

Review №17

This place was freaking awesome. A friend and I went after getting some food and wanted to do some pokemon go playing, we ended up only doing MAYBE 4 minutes of walking until we decided it was time to play on the playground for hours. We are both over 20 years old, but this was an awesome night.

Review №18

Amazing park with massive play areas for all childrens age ranges. Almost feels like they could charge to play there. A great hidden gem for free!!

Review №19

This place is huge and very clean. Great for the kids and it helps that Ankeny kids are respectful and kind to other kids and adults. Great community to be a part of.

Review №20

One of of our favorite places to play. I love that the park is well maintained and the concession stands are available for most of our trips.

Review №21

Very nice park for the kids especially for those with handicaps. But no shade on the playground. Parking was ok but one had to walk quit a little distance to get to the sheltered picnic area.

Review №22

Lots to do for everyone! Just wish the bathrooms were cleaner. Beautiful setting!

Review №23

This park is always so much fun. The kids have enough choices to keep them active for a long time.

Review №24

A wonderful park with lots of room as well as variety. Its also surrounded by a couple small parks. Walking distance from the public library and other public buildings.

Review №25

Great play ground for kids of all ages. A little lacking in shaded seating

Review №26

Love it! All 3 kids can be amused 2, 5, and 7 year olds. It is so big it can be hard to keep track of them all though. I always go with extra adults!

Review №27

When it comes to looking for a wine and spirits, they have it. Excellent selection and great value depending on what youre looking for. Go to their website beforehand and look up what exactly you want. There it will give you ratings and prices.

Review №28

This park is amazing. Best playground I’ve seen in a public park. Designed to be fun for kids of all abilities. There have been a few times kids were not being supervised well enough, but it’s rare.

Review №29

Very nice park lots of different things to do wish there was a few more water fountains

Review №30

Great place for kids of all ages.

Review №31

This is the best park in ankeny by far. I took my nephews here and i also work for a daycare and we would take several field trips here during the summer. All the kids love it and it’s easy for all of our kids to play on. If you’re in the area i would definitely check out this park!!!

Review №32

Best park in town for kids with special needs.

Review №33

Excellent, well-maintained park with play structures to ignite the childs sense of play. Park entertained toddlers to high school cousins well. Excellent location for Pokemon stops as well.

Review №34

This is my daughter favorite park.Its not called Miracle for nothing..Its big with alot of things to do with the kids/family.Definitely a good time when we go.

Review №35

Will keep the kids going and going. High quality very large playset. Roller slides and more.

Review №36

Great park to take the grandkids to. Ru erized surface was very nice and didnt have to worry about dirty/muddy feet when done.

Review №37

The best lil kids park of all-time ....

Review №38

Great place for the kids. So much stuff to do and they absolutely love it.

Review №39

Very nice playground. Its clean and has a huge variety of things to do for kids

Review №40

Great park for children and adults of all abilities. This place is wonderful and allows for a very inclusive playing environment. Would definitely recommend stopping by and checking out.

Review №41

Very well kept. Love the colors and the sheer magnitude of the area.

Review №42

Big and great for disabilities clean easy to find

Review №43

My five year old loves this park!

Review №44

Amazing park for kids to play at of all ages, easy parking, and good picnic areas

Review №45

Great big park, excellent for really little kids to older big kids

Review №46

We had so much fun We will be back

Review №47

Its a fun place to take your kids

Review №48

Fantastic park with various special access equipment.

Review №49

Excellent park for the whole family.

Review №50

Literally THE best park we have ever been to. Handicap accessible with 2 different play sets, one more for toddlers and one for older kids. Tons of slides and climbing areas, a big boat you can rock in, and lots of swings including a hammock swing. Soft rubber floor covering whole play area. Bathrooms near by, baseball fields, even concessions if theres a ball game going on. During the summers you can also access the schools playground right next door, otherwise its locked up facing the park side. Worth the drive up to Ankeny to visit this park, its AWESOME!

Review №51

Fun and adventure in a local park

Review №52

Very nice place. Lots of stuff for the kids to play on, very safe soft rubberized ground, picnic areas. Great place for the kids.

Review №53

It was such a fun and engaging park, lots to do especially if you have older children. There is an area for toddlers too but does cater more for older kids. I took my 2.5 year old and he had a blast....I did too!

Review №54

It is a great place for kids to play and to get to know people in the neighborhood. It is designed for accessibility in mind for children so children can be more diversified and accepting of children who are different. It is a very safe place to be.

Review №55

One of my kids favorite parks

Review №56

This park is! The playground itself is huge. I have been told it was designed to accommodate any age or special/physical needs (and I believe it). It has a shelter with picnic tables. There are bathrooms. The playground equipment is big and spread out so keep a close eye on the kiddos. I lost sight of my 4 and 1 year old a few times. The only thing missing is a slash pad.

Review №57

Good for kids and teens

Review №58

Its a great place to go with the kids and have fun. Though they do need to make sure all restrooms are unlocked. June 26th around 7:30, 8pm the men and womens restrooms were locked. Thankfully the family restroom was still open.

Review №59

All inclusive and fun for anyone and everyone

Review №60

Its always cold and wet here. bht i suppose i always go at night ao idk.

Review №61

Easy parking, clean area and great for kids.

Review №62

Very clean. It was huge! The kids loved exploring and didnt want to leave even though it was almost 100° out. Well definitely go back.

Review №63

Fun atmosphere and lots to do!

Review №64

All my 4 grandsons love this park...ball fields lake nearby.

Review №65

My absolute favorite park

Review №66

Great for kids of different ages and abilities! My kids love this park.

Review №67

This is another home for my year old daughter. Nice place. Big five to community who built this place.

Review №68

Great place for people of all abilities

Review №69

Wonderful for special needs people to play ball and have some fun. Great to see them have a ball

Review №70

Great place for handicapped people

Review №71

Great play ground for all ages! Musical components make this a local favorite! Clean and restrooms and water fountains nearby.

Review №72

Love this park, wish they had a water fountain closer and more than one bathroom open.

Review №73

Great park for all kids

Review №74

Excellent place for all kids. Clean. Nice and fun.

Review №75

Great park. Lots for all ages. And spots for parents to sit!

Review №76

Great park for kids. Lots of activities for kids and adults to do.

Review №77

Great place to take the kids.

Review №78

My kids love this park. Its a little wild with lots of kids so hard to keep track of multiple little kids. Very nice and well kept park.

Review №79

The park was cool.

Review №80

This playground is a league above most others. Lots of walkways, levels, slides, and fun things to discover. My kids love it here.

Review №81

Unbelievable play area, unique equipment not seen very much. Very busy, but large enough where the risk n of collisions are minimal. Soft rubber mat surrounds and is underneath every piece of equipment, creating an environment that please a child of any age.

Review №82

Great place to go and let the kids play

Review №83

Awesome place to let your little one run loose. Very big outdoor structure. With slides and swings, etc.

Review №84

Nice big park with a lot of well maintained play space.

Review №85

Big beautiful park for all ages

Review №86

It would be nicer to put the parks in more convenient location like one in Urbandale or grimes ether why’s it’s a good park

Review №87

Love this whole complex, very amazing park.

Review №88

A very happy and uplifting place to go and play and watch baseball games!

Review №89

My daughter loves this park. It is well made. Made for a variety of ages and levels.

Review №90

It was nice for my twin grandaughters to play at.

Review №91

Easily the best park in Ankeny. Wish there were two to ease congestion

Review №92

Tons of stuff for my 16 month old to do.

Review №93

I took 6 kids all ages from 1-15 every single one of them played and loved this park..the 14 and 15 year old were playing like little kids at this park! Will be bringing them all back here again

Review №94

Really fun place!

Review №95

Perfect spot for kids!

Review №96

All kinds of kids playground equipment for all ages. I think its the largest playground area Ive seen around! If thats not enough, the are two other parks within walking distance. One is public and the other is at a school.

Review №97

A very nice park try an visit if youre in des moines

Review №98

Beautiful park that has fishing, tennis, volleyball, baseball, and a huge play ground.Handicap accessible swings and ramps, sensatory (bumpy) slides, lots of musical noise makers.Monkey bars that are lower to the ground so younger kids can practice without being scared of a long fall.Swings that are lower to the ground. The kids can get up on them without assiasance.

Review №99

So much to do, we love playing here!

Review №100

Great play area for kids, rubber ground for soft falls, kids burn of steam!

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