Toboggan Run
450 Ln 100 Lake James, Angola, IN 46703, United States

Review №1

Our family had so much fun tobogganing! Such a fun place for family and friends! Good old fashion fun, so glad we have this here, highly recommend!

Review №2

Wife and I visited during off time but was still a great site to see.

Review №3

What fun! Living in South Bend, I had heard of the toboggan run but had never thought to go until I ended up at Pokagon for a work retreat. The weather was perfect for some sledding, sunny but cold and crisp.Its a little nerve wracking to ride down because it seemed like we might jump the track but I never saw anyone do it and the hint of danger ramped up the fun level.The ride is short but sweet and you get a great workout/warmup hauling the sled back up to the tower. I think we went down 5 times in the hour we had allotted. For $10 or so dollars that seemed like a great deal for two people to have a lot of fun.Its a very family friendly activity with lots of kids riding down on the day we were there.Highly recommended as a day trip or overnight stay at the lodge in the winter

Review №4

The run is so much fun. Can get very busy, but well worth the wait.

Review №5

A great way to spend the day. Family fun in the outdoors. The staff is fast and friendly. The run is zippy fast. Great value and a fantastic Indiana tradition.

Review №6

Long time northern Indiana resident for 20+ years and went to the toboggan for the first time with the entire family. We had a great time even without snow. Advise you to call ahead and reserve sleds.

Review №7

The quarter mile plus track can get you going over thirty miles per hour. There is an indoor warming station as well as a good sized outdoor fire area which was roaring while I was there. Get there early and only expect about one ride an hour as the lines can fill up quickly on nice weekends.

Review №8

A holiday tradition for my family. Make sure to visit the inn for lunch.

Review №9

My kids absolutely loved this! It was a bit of a wait to get on. At first it took about a 10 minute wait, but then it was closer to 20 minutes after that. The lines moves quickly though.We got up to 32mph on our rides. My kids are already begging to go again.

Review №10

Chilly and cheap winter fun. Plus theres a warming center to warm up in

Review №11

Baby shower at the warming center

Review №12

Love the toboggan run. The trails and the comfy Inn make a great family weekend get away.

Review №13

Our Boy Scout Troop goes here every year. Its always a great trip. Individuals, families, and groups all have a great time, both riding the toboggans and in watching everyone else. Excited screams are half the fun. The radar (speed sensor) near the bottom of the track displays the speed for each run.Theres a fire to warm up by and a concession stand upstairs in the cabin. Its like a tiny ski lodge with observation windows facing the track. A great place.

Review №14

Everyone had a blast even 87 year old Grandma. She was able to watch it all from the warming station that was close to start of run and close to parking lot.

Review №15

Long lines but it was the last day of the season. We only got 1 ride for the hour but it was a nice experience. My suggestion is to call ahead and find out when they are slower.

Review №16

Too much fun! 35mph on a light sled tonight! Good fun with the family!

Review №17

Very fun!! A little bumpy.

Review №18

Hours of family fun with a little friendly competition finish your day with hot chocolate next to the bond fire

Review №19

Lots of fun. Wish we could have gotten more rounds in.

Review №20

Tell your friends. Tell your family. This is a good time.

Review №21

Always a great time. It is one of our holiday traditions. The employees are great and it is fun despite the cold.

Review №22

A great fun day for all. Be prepared to stand in some long lines, and a little bit of bumpyness going down.

Review №23

A lot of fun! It can get tiring having to carry your toboggan all the way back to the beginning though.

Review №24

So much fun! Wait times can be long, but its worth it.

Review №25

Frighteningly Fast but all in all a real Blast! Friendly Staff

Review №26

Lots of fun. Huge walk back up but worth it

Review №27

Fun on the way down but you better have more than one strong adult as you have to carry the very heavy sled back up to the top and it is a LONG walk. Im a mom who took my 2 younger kids and we could only go down twice because I could only carry it back up that many times.

Review №28

The day we went it was pretty busy. Had about 30 min wait just to get a sled. Then had to wait about 20 min to actually go down the hill. I am not complaining it was fun. I suppose if there would of been snow the kids would of been more entertained.They had a nice campfire going with seating.There is also a snack shop and bathrooms but we didnt use any of them.

Review №29

Kids had a blast doing this. Only thing I will say is when they ask if you want the light or heavy sled make sure you realize you are going to be carrying it back 1/4 mile to go down again. The heavy ones go faster but not sure its worth it. It was alot of fun we will be going back.

Review №30

Always fun. Staff is good!

Review №31

So much fun! The lines can be long but everyone had fun. There was a fire pit mid-line to allow people to warm up.

Review №32

Great fun for all ages you wont regret it

Review №33

Lots of fun! Easy to navigate. Well priced. Friendly staff. Beautiful setting. We did it with our 3 year old and all went very well. Will return.

Review №34

The toboggan run is SO MUCH FUN!! We had kids ranging in age from 47 to 6 and everyone had a blast! The sleds are HEAVY, so if you have someone with a truck who can meet you at the bottom to drive the sleds back up, it makes for a more enjoyable time. If not, pack your muscles and your advil!

Review №35

Recommended to Everyone, young and old!! Make certain to ask for the Light Toboggan, youll understand when youre carrying it back up the hill. :0)

Review №36

We had a blast! 2 adults and 2 children got up to 36 mph!

Review №37

Great family experience. You get a great work out as well. Unless you have multiple people to help carry the sled do not get the heaviest one (60lbs) go with the lighter one.

Review №38

So cool that magical places like this exist tucked in our beautiful state park. We had one of these where I grew up that was always closed, Im so glad this run is consistent & a blast!!

Review №39

Great time

Review №40

Lots of things to do for familys. Needs some updates.

Review №41

Great family fun. Be prepared to carry toboggan up the hill and steps. Is a decent workout and great thrill racing down the run.

Review №42

Staff is always helpful, great facilities. Good old-fashioned fun. Make certain you have gloves on toboggan!

Review №43

A fun activity to do with your family during the winter!!

Review №44

First time there. Definitely going back. With the wait, and walking back up, you can get about two trips down the track. Straighten your back to minimize the hurt.

Review №45

I go every year with my family, my brothers and Is fastest time was 96 mph, its a lot of fun, if you havent tried it, Id insist.

Review №46

Its always helpful to take an extra cushion to sit on. The ride is fun but rough.

Review №47

It was fun. However, expect to wait. Also, must be able to crosslegs or wrap around person in front. My mom who is older wasnt flexible enough.

Review №48

Definitely a unique experience thats worth doing at least once if youre in the area. Be sure to keep your knuckles tucked in tightly.

Review №49

We had a wonderful time riding the tobogans!! Spent about 2 hours and got 6 rides in perfect weather!!!

Review №50

Great place to have fun, just be sure to follow the rules

Review №51

Fun place to toboggan! The toboggans get heavy, so be prepared for a bit of a workout. I stood in judgement of the people I saw who drove their toboggans to the top...until I had carried mine up a couple times. Great afternoon of fun!

Review №52

Great place for family fun

Review №53

Kuds had a great time lines were long but it was the weekend.. trailer were great .

Review №54

Great family experience and a ton of fun. The fire pit was awesome to warm by

Review №55

Too old for this! Lol

Review №56

Awesome family fun time

Review №57

Be prepared to be jumbled up a bit, but this is a fun thing to do at least once a year.

Review №58

#RUN was good, It was not snowing so we haven’t had skiing experience. Overall Good natural park

Review №59

I had a blown out disc in my back.. and i still had fun.. even carrying that toboggan back up..

Review №60

Had fun ,make sure your gloves are on and inside toboggan, dont skin ur hands :)

Review №61

Could use a lift of some sort to help with the toboggans but other than that it was a great adventure for me and my kids

Review №62

Really fun! Youll get a work out carrying the toboggan up the hill too.

Review №63

Had a lot of fun! Only challenge is getting more rides per hour, we got 2.

Review №64

The best toboggan run in Steuben County.

Review №65

Had a great time!

Review №66

So much fun

Review №67

Great time. Lots of fun and good for kids

Review №68

Super fun! Love it here, fantastic park.

Review №69

Awesome time. Always friendly staff

Review №70

Great trip we loved it and i was well worth the 20 bucks we spent

Review №71

A fun experience with young kids and teens! We hit 37 MPH coming down the hill.

Review №72

4 adults went down at 37 mph, very fun

Review №73

Said it was open online. Drove almost 2 hours to get there and they were closed. Make sure you call.

Review №74

Had a blast! Will definitely be going back!

Review №75

36 MPH! our new record. Hilarious fun

Review №76

They said we had a 20-25 minute wait but we waited more than an hour and still didn’t get our sled ready. We are sure they say a random amount of time to you and then you just hope someone returns one. It is a messed up system and I don’t recommend unless you are willing to wait for a while. They don’t know when the sleds are coming back. If you have more than two sleds, forget it.

Review №77

Great fun for the whole family. Great staff.

Review №78

Long lines, but worth the wait. Fun!

Review №79

Thrilling ride, lots of exercise getting to the top.

Review №80

Lots of fun!

Review №81

Great Black Friday activity with kids or grandkids.

Review №82

Its good

Review №83

Love coming here

Review №84

Nice to see, out of season though.

Review №85

A great time riding down the super long track. I could only go three times carrying the toboggan before tiring out. Get there early as the line fills up quickly.

Review №86

Pretty much in the middle of nowhere but its fun to see and take pictures!

Review №87

We was there to walk from top to the lake then go back to the top..nice long walk, we might came back in winter to check the ride!

Review №88

Great family fun

Review №89

Very fun.

Review №90

Awesome!!! First time there!!! I wish they had a ride that could take you back up the hill!!!??

Review №91

Love it we go every year

Review №92

Love that the kids had a lot of fun

Review №93

Great fun at a great value!

Review №94

Had a blast with the girl scout troop

Review №95

Had to wait two hours to get our sled and hot chocolate was way overpriced

Review №96

Great winter activity. Well run and fun.

Review №97

Ton of fun you must experience it at least once

Review №98

So fun. Really cool place. I hope DNR keeps it open. Great exercise for kids during the winter.

Review №99

Looks to be fun!

Review №100

Great experience

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