Brokaw 1 & 2 Theatres
200 N Public Square, Angola, IN 46703, United States

Review №1

Great little theater in a lovely little town. Tables in front of the seats for your food and drinks. Wine slushies along with a full bar! Clean restrooms. Friendly, helpful staff. Loved that we were given bowls to help share our massive (inexpensive) delicious popcorn Great prices on tickets, food, and drinks. Plenty of seating available so save your $$$ and buy your tickets in person and not thru Fandango.

Review №2

Great theater. Enjoyed the Crooks 2.

Review №3

Great experience ! Great people and facilities! Clean clean clean!

Review №4

Best movie theater around this area! Great service, and amazingly low affordable prices for whole family fun! The seats are so comfortable and the tables at your seats are so convenient! I absolutely love this theater!

Review №5

Cozy, historic atmosphere; comfy theater seats with tables, a bar and concessions shop. You can order beer or wine slushies, etc. or a pizza delivered to you while you watch a movie.

Review №6

Brokaw theater is such a great place for food and entertainment! Awesome layout including a bar. The back seats are sofas and there are tables to use also in the back few rows! Fair pricing for all tickets and concessions. Definitely will go back in the near future! Loved the entire experience!

Review №7

Nice seating and good food/drink.

Review №8

Beautiful, top notch restoration/renovation. First run digital movies. Tickets costs are less than other local theaters. Community minded owners. Theaters are cozy and have a few sofas. Tables are placed strategically between rows of seats. Seating reclines and is comfortable. Well maintained. If you order pizza, staff will bring your order to you so you dont miss the movie. Very nice. Friendly staff.

Review №9

Ticket prices are cheaper than the bigger movie theaters. Its very nice inside and there are tables for your food and snacks. You can even order a pizza and they will bring it out to you. I definitely recommend this theater.

Review №10

Watching movies at a historic place like the Brokaw is in and of itself pretty cool... and in the fact that its cheaper and more comfortable than a NCG or other theater and its always a winning combination. Love the Brokaw.

Review №11

The Brokaw is much improved after its remodel. Its clean, has comfy seats (with armrests that go up), and good quality projectors.The prices are great! We are a family of five and spent about $50 on concessions and tickets. The kids each got a box with popcorn, a full sized candy, and a small pop. We got a large popcorn and a large drink. Theres also a small menu of real food to order and a bar. Every other row of seats has a table in front of it.Great experience. Will certainly return.

Review №12

Absolutely love this small town theater. Crazy cheap prices for both tickets and food.

Review №13

Beautifully restored old theatre. Excellent sound and video quality. An all around pleasant place. Nice staff.

Review №14

My first time here and I was very pleased!! Very nice staff and very clean. The popcorn was really good!!

Review №15

Nice local movie theater tucked in a corner of the mound. Classic feel atmosphere but comfortable seating. Food and adult beverages available here too!

Review №16

My favorite movie theater great food

Review №17

Great theater!We always enjoy ourselves. Good prices and movies.

Review №18

Exceptionally nice concession staff, and its so nice to be able to enjoy a beer or glass of wine.

Review №19

Amazing renovated theater they bring you food during the movie if you order it

Review №20

Beautifully restored and small town feel a great combo and gem to view a movie at

Review №21

Really do a great job at giving you a solid movie show experience - my wife and I took our daughters recently with my sister’s family. We don’t go out to the movies often and daughters had a blast enjoying snacks and the movie with their cousins. Staff works hard to give customers a enjoyable memory - thank you Brokaw.

Review №22

Good place to watch a show. Seating is nice and open.

Review №23

It was senior day. (As in old- not high school) Free movie, popcorn, and soft drink. Lots of fun. Thank you bunches!

Review №24

The owners go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy

Review №25

Wonderful early evening. The grand girls love the tables, convenient for drinks and napkins covered with popcorn.Double butter, was no problem and was delicious.All told to see Dumbo,great experience at Brokaw!!

Review №26

This is a very charming place. There are only two theaters here and so theres only ever two different movies showing in this place at a time, which is the only major drawback for me. This place is very old and both the interior and exterior designs show it beautifully. Im absolutely in love with the aesthetics of this place. There are couches in the very back row of each theater, which I really like because I get uncomfortable and claustrophobic in normal movie theater chairs. There are tables in front of some of the couches and in some of the normal move theater chair rows. They have dinner options here, but I personally like to stick to the usual popcorn, candy, and soda when I go to the theater so I cant speak for the rest of their food. Their slushies are very good, and, unlike most movie theaters Ive been to, the popcorn isnt dry and flavorless near the bottom of the bucket. Because this place is so small, it is almost never too full, which I like because it means that Im much less likely to have disruptions during the movie. The staff is very polite. Love this place!

Review №27

It is a very neat theater. Seats and tables are great. Prices and staff are great. Best experience in a theater i have had in years. We go often. THANKS SO MUCH FOR A GREAT EVENING.

Review №28

Clean, comfortable, friendly staff. Food was good. Fun place to go for a movie.

Review №29

Charming, cozy, with a very personable staff. And the prices cant be beat. We love going to The Brokaw!

Review №30

Comfortable seating, couches and nice chairs. They serve beer and its just a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Review №31

This was the most amazing and lovely small town theater! Super clean, super comfortable seats, and the most amazing friendly staff. Totally renovated yet nostalgic classic theater charm!

Review №32

Theatre is awesome ! Really clean and friendly. Love the Art Deco style. Chairs are so comfy and I like the tables where you can sit and eat a meal. Outstanding !!!

Review №33

Nice clean theater. Very comfortable , nice remodel. We had a very enjoyable experience.

Review №34

Very comfortable seating. Love to have a beer while I watch a movie here.

Review №35

Avery at the front desk is my favorite. Everytime I go there he is always super friendly and is quick to get me everything I need. I will definitely be coming back to this place for the great service and amazing wine slushies.

Review №36

Had a great time! I loved the history of the building. Looking forward to coming back!

Review №37

Very clean and modern. Little tables about everyother row to place your things on which is awesome. If you are lucky enough to get there early there are couches in the back.

Review №38

Eric always does a great job there! Keep the great help. Thank you for all your hard work.

Review №39

I love this little theater! Great prices, comfy seats, tables for your stuff, great staff. They really try to accommodate every need. You wont believe how inexpensively you can catch a movie!

Review №40

Such a quaint little theater! Loved the comfy couches and how can you go wrong with a red and white wine slushy? Perfect!!

Review №41

My evening to see a movie was pleasant. Friendly staff greeted me sweetly. Every spot was clean. Even though there were only 6 viewing the late showing, there was no mention of not showing us due to a small group. I will be going to see more movies at our Brokaw

Review №42

Small theaters, limited offerings, but great ambiance!

Review №43

Love this place always take my boys and watch new movies and best of all you can have a little drinky poo while you are there lol.

Review №44

What a cute small town theater with all the big theater amenities and more!

Review №45

Very nice. Large comfortable seats with great leg room. You can even get a beer with your popcorn.

Review №46

Small place but beautiful and cozy. Awesome concessions. Love that there are adult drinks. The bar area is really cool. Seats are super comfortable. Great place! Id go again for sure.

Review №47

Small but a good theater, especially for students. Great family atmosphere with a lounge/dining area

Review №48

Love going here and making a date of it. The pizza and popcorn are quite cheap for a movie theater so it doesnt break the bank. Also love supporting local business instead of a chain.

Review №49

Love the seating and drink selection! Staff is always friendly and lines move quickly. The restrooms were very clean.

Review №50

This was the first time I saw a movie here but I was highly impressed with everything. The prices were reasonable and things were nice and clean.

Review №51

Has two screens, so a small theater. Not expensive and it has a decent selection of food and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Its no fault of the theatre, just finding a parking space can be difficult since its downtown.

Review №52

Best movie theater within two hours of driving

Review №53

Great experience. The movie house was clean and neat. The prices were very good. The food and drink were good to very good. Few places can you have a beer or wine while you are watching a movie. The seats were very comfortable with plenty of room for someone to get past you. There were drink holders at every seat and many seats had a table.

Review №54

This is an excellent little theater. Only shows 2 movies at a time, but they are recent movies. Seats are incredible comfortable, even including some couches in the back (perfect for movie snuggles). They also feature a bar and you are able to bring drinks into the theaters. (Try the wine slushy with mixing red and white)

Review №55

I love this theater. So comfortable no matter where you sit. The staff is great! Everyone is very so friendly.

Review №56

I really like this cinema!

Review №57

Great staff not overcrowded or overwhelmed with concession prices

Review №58

Love this place!!! Always clean and great staff.

Review №59

Beautiful place. Comfortable seating. Would love to see local popcorn and all natural seasonings.

Review №60

Nice job on reworking the theater to make room for having 2 movies!

Review №61

Love this theater great seats, service , and quality of movies

Review №62

Beautifully restored historical landmark. Picture is great. Updated seats. Sound system could use so work. But great date spot.

Review №63

The place looks amazing. With that being said, I felt rushed. Everyone seemed frantic. Not to mention how rude the usher was. She had the worst attitude out of everyone. My boyfriend said the bartender seemed drunk. Maybe its better coming on a weekday instead of a opening movie night.

Review №64

Small & cute but high quality. You can order a pizza & they will deliver it to your seat. Also they have wine slushies & their frozen Margaritas are on point. Small town gem!!

Review №65

Great service...old school cool

Review №66

Love this place.. but first time coming on a Monday.. didnt know it was a Trine night. Its over packed and full of kids. If you want a quite night at the movies DO NOT come here.

Review №67

Recently renovated. Now with food and drinks. The interior still looks a bit old, but is miles better than what Angola used to have. The best place to catch a movie if youre not willing to drive to Auburn.

Review №68

Great service!! They take good care of there customers

Review №69

I loved the atmosphere of this theater!

Review №70

I ordered a family dinner combo.Pizza was great. The staff was nice; like always.

Review №71

They only have 2 theaters but dont let that stop you. Its beautiful inside, and they serve beer and wine.

Review №72

Brokaw is cool. Theyve got a decent spread of things including booze. I just wish you could pay an extra 2 bucks to sit upstairs

Review №73

Pleasant small scale theater. Especially nice for Trine Students becuase of the discount.

Review №74

I loved Dumbo!!! And Im in my 60s.

Review №75

Nice theater. Clean great pop corn

Review №76

Going to miss this great historic hometown theater!!

Review №77

My 6 year old son and I enjoy the Brokaw

Review №78

1st time here. Ill be returning

Review №79

Had an awesome time. Noticed they now serve alcohol.

Review №80

I love this theater, love the seats, the smallness and the bar. However we showed up tonight longing for a good movie with a delicious local brew, only to find the bar closed down. Really disappointed. We had been waiting for a while to finally go out for a movie at this special theater. Why closed? Trine Night.

Review №81

Nostalgic and quaint but renovated to include amazing seats and couches! Best seating ever. Don’t miss this place!

Review №82

Very nice atmosphere with great theatre layout. Love the classic Art Deco styling done so well when bringing back a classic theatre. I love the root beer floats!

Review №83

Really nice theaters they redid the whole place it really looks nice. And great friendly service :-)

Review №84

Very clean and comfortable...The employees were extra nice and made it a great experience........

Review №85

Could be better but for the price it was decent

Review №86

Love what theyve done here

Review №87

The updated theater is perfect! You must visit

Review №88

Seats are comfortable. Prices were reasonable. Overall was a good experience, and i will be going back again.

Review №89

Great small theater. Nice seats, like the tables. Prices are fantastic.

Review №90

Extremely clean. Friendly staff. Great prices.

Review №91

Perfect in every way...atmosphere, price, service was the best. We totally loved it. We have family coming home from San Diego to visit and we are taking them here. Looking forward to it.

Review №92

They have the BEST seats

Review №93

The matinee prices are very reasonable. The seating/viewing areas are clean and comfortable. I definitely recommend a visit.

Review №94

Friendly staff and great hometown theater!

Review №95

Nice hometown feel. Prices very reasonable friendly atmosphere and very clean...

Review №96

First class for half the price of coach.

Review №97

Definitely has a small town feel to it ,which is pretty charming

Review №98

Nice little theatre. Order food and they bring it to you. Also have a bar available with beer and other drinks.

Review №99

Great to enjoy a small town theatre with all the modern amenities !

Review №100

Best theatre I have ever been to comfortable seats. I enjoyed the whole experience.

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  • Address:200 N Public Square, Angola, IN 46703, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 260-665-3912
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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