Anaconda Smelter Stack State Park
100 Anaconda Smelter Rd, Anaconda, MT 59711, United States

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Very informative on some of Anacondas history. Was good to visit finally after 3 months of being in town.

Review №2

The site has good information on the smelter, its relationship to the Butte copper mine, and other historic facts about the people involved during the heyday of copper mining in the area.The unfortunate thing is that cant get anywhere near the stack.On the information plaques, its compared to the Washington Monument, and the fact that the smelter stack is taller. This is somewhat of a useless comparison since you can walk right up to the Washington Monument, but can only observe the stack from a noticable distance.

Review №3

Good water available. Not too many nice tent sights. Swift water flows nearby.

Review №4

The history is cool. Its really, just a stop off for info sort of place, kinda like a memorial. Theres nothing else there, like no camping, no picnic table, no bathroom, but for what it is, its neat.

Review №5

Nice quick stop if you like history. Enjoyed reading the history placards about the mining and smelter history of the area. Too bad you cant get closer to the smokestack, but this is probably about the best view you can get, and its only 10 minutes or so out of the way if you are traveling on I-90.

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Cool town to drive through. Tower is visible for miles from we had to check it out on drive back through.

Review №7

Pretty cool. Just wish you could go closer.

Review №8

Pretty little park on the outskirts of Anaconda, Montana.

Review №9

Worth the stop. Very well done.

Review №10

Worlds largest brick structure. (Brick only.)Which is exactly what you see. A tower of bricks. From about half a mile to a mile away.Don’t go out of your way for this one.

Review №11

I was disappointed that we could walk up to the smelter.

Review №12

Really not much to this park other than a nice view through a free binocular of the Stack and a series of plaques explaining what the Stack was all about. I was disappointed in that there was no explanation about the huge black slag pile other than to acknowledge its presence. Is it a Super Fund clean-up site? Was a cover placed over the slag to prevent it from becoming windborne?

Review №13

Nicely done. Very interesting, worth a look and reading about the stack.

Review №14

Great History of Anaconda and Butte when Mining was heavy in this area, Learned a lot more than I knew. Definitely worth visiting Anaconda are.

Review №15

Interesting story about town history and its role in the American copper industry. Plaques are definitely worth the read.Was disappointed to find that I wasnt allowed to actually go to the stack.

Review №16

A true experience.

Review №17

Took a 100 year anniversary tour and it was neat getting to go to the stack. I believe if there had been a docent at the stack to tell about the history and the stack itself it would have been incredible.

Review №18

I had noticed the stack off in the distance the couple of times Ive driven to Glacier, but after doing a little research I decided to drive up to Anaconda and check it out.Anaconda is a small town in a remote area of Montana, but it used to be a bustling mining town. The stack is amazing, constructed in 1919 it stands 585 ft. and remains one of the tallest brick structures standing in the world. The Smelter was shut down in 1980 and was part of one of the biggest environment cleanups to be funded by the Superfund of the EPA.The Stack was preserved by a heroic effort of the local people and now stands on the National Register of Historic Places. A State Park has been designated for a small portion of this area.The visit was surreal, as there were huge mountains of black slag looming everywhere. You cannot actually visit the Stack, its just too toxic, so you have to settle for viewing it from one mile away. We drove up the Stack Road a way, but it was blocked off, so we went back to the tiny and weathered State Park which consisted of just a few mining artifacts, some placard memorials and a very impressive recreation of the enormity of the size of the top of the stack and the base.This park was in a state of disrepair, but the impact of the smelting operation on the environment and economy of the area was apparent. We drove up and down the streets of the small town, a town apparently struggling even after all these years with the aftermath of a bygone era.If you are traveling I-90 in Montana, take the time to make the detour and see The Stack, it is well worth the time to see some important American History, the good and the bad, and it is very impressive.For those who love American History and Americana, this is recommended!

Review №19

The very essence of what the town of Anaconda was and is! Great interpretive signs and a mock circumference of the stack showing you just how big it really is! Must see

Review №20

Worth checking out. Smallest state park Ive seen. Informative displays.

Review №21

A lot of great history

Review №22

Awesome possum loved the slag

Review №23

The overlook is very informative without the park fee.

Review №24

Great beer, fun nostalgic place!

Review №25

Great review by Cosmicstargoat. We have driven past several times driving through MT and today learned about its history. Americana is a long lost love. Enjoy the view.

Review №26

Good place

Review №27

I love the history of this place!

Review №28

Great view, good memorial

Review №29

Interesting to see circumference of stack in exhibit

Review №30

Dont go out of your way to see this .the viewing area is pretty far off .

Review №31

Not close enough at all to the stack, but the smokestack itself is awesome.

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