Bowl Haven Lanes
3003 Washington Ave, Alton, IL 62002, United States

Review №1

Everyone who works here is amazing! Constant smiles and always willing to help! Im always there with my buddies going bowling.

Review №2

Love their free bowling program for kids in summer. Older bowling alley but very well kept. Staff friendly

Review №3

This is a great bowling alley. Great food. Great drinks. GREAT service. Always hosting some kind of league or tournament. Would give 10 stars.

Review №4

Everything I could expect from a old-school bowling alley. Price was good. Didnt have my size shoes or would be a 5.

Review №5

Had a lot of fun!! Had good pub service too!!!

Review №6

Spent my grandsons Birthday party and we all had a Blast. Thank you Alton Bowl Haven

Review №7

Love going there... it was where my DQ Christmas party was and we all had a laid back fun time!! Plus even if youre not a pro-bowler you can have a good time and not be judged!!

Review №8

Always a blast. Food is good. Clean area to sit and eat. The lanes are very nice. The only downfall is the organization of the balls. Its like a mad hunt at times. But, in the end It is worth it

Review №9

Clean, friendly staff, great lanes.

Review №10

It was great but crowded. Tables are kinda close together. But still had a good time...

Review №11

Amazing bowling alley with very helpful staff, a wonderful pro shop and an amazing bar and grill! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Review №12

Its xxcx a great place to get together with family and friends to bowl

Review №13

I do not understand why they close at five. Pretty ridiculous. They really need to edit the times when they open and close when you look it up. Very disappointed. I used to absolutely love this place, but now is a three star for me

Review №14

Awesome league bowled here great place to get alchohol underage they fail to card people

Review №15

Love the lanes and the staff and especially the food

Review №16

Bravo for hosting the IL Special Olympics 2019. Staff was very friendly and prompt with lane issues. Concessions staff were on the ball and quick to serve.

Review №17

This place is a lot of fun. Great food

Review №18

I love to bowl and its a good place to have family night.

Review №19

Was very friendly enjoyable time out. Hoped they didnt have wooded lanes but seen to be in good condition. Just moved into the area looking forward to having some fun, meeting new people, joining a league this fall.

Review №20

Family, friends and bowling...a great combination and the food is always atmosphere as well.

Review №21

Fun place to bowl

Review №22

Good availability on lanes, amazing customer service

Review №23

Great food and friendly service most of the time. Bartender was nice and made the drinks very well.

Review №24

Super fun cheap well made food

Review №25

Nice employees, cheap prices during the day.

Review №26

We bowl here on a league, it is family friendly. Food is a little expensive but they do have a gaming area for kids and a gaming area for adults only. This is good for a night out with friends.

Review №27

Had a wonderful time..good food good prices

Review №28

Had a great child birthday party

Review №29

Good food! Friendly workers

Review №30

Fun place with friendly people and staff.

Review №31

Fun and always good to see Dave at the counter.

Review №32

Love Bowl Haven and the Spectator Bar!!!! Great great great food. The employees are so wonderful!!!

Review №33

Great place for family fun.

Review №34

The kids had a ball & the food is really good!!!

Review №35

Its a fun bowling alley with good pizza.

Review №36

Place is a great place for your family or just a date. Food is amazing (especially the wraps). Into craft beers? They have a surprising good selection too. Also, for the gambling adults, they have video gaming slots. All around, well rounded, great place.

Review №37

Clean, great customer service!

Review №38

Best bowling alley ever! Awesome bar and food, very clean, and very friendly staff!

Review №39

Fun place to take the kids

Review №40

Need to fix or replace Popcorn machine other was a great experience

Review №41

Family fun & good food

Review №42

People are great. The pro shop altho small, is fantastic! Things are ordered and recieved pretty fast. Havent ordered food in a while, but others say it is really good.

Review №43

Awesome place. Kitchen staff & counter staff so helpful with our event

Review №44

Good food amazing service

Review №45

Simply the finest bowling establishment in the area.

Review №46

Clean, friendly and fast service. We played pinball and some of the other arcade games and had some good food!

Review №47

Its a great bowling, with an amazing pro shop that is well maintained.

Review №48

Awesome place to bowl and have a good time. The food is pretty good also.

Review №49

I feel like I live here. Good fun

Review №50

The guy at the counter was awesome. Super nice guy and real helpful.

Review №51

A little dated but nice place

Review №52

Very clean great service do alot of birthday partys here

Review №53

Visited 3/30/19 they were fairly busy, which is fine and understandable. But, was met at the counter by an older gentlemen, who just stared at my girlfriend and her younger sister, and myself with out saying anything. When we asked about getting a lane, he stated that we would have to wait until a lane opened up and that we would only have an hour to play. Again, fine. So, we sat at the tables next to the counter and as soon as we sat down a family behind us was told a similar story but followed up with being given a lane immediately, even though our name was taken down in a list for who gets next open lane.Which is extreamly puzzling, why we would get skipped.Id like to believe that the man just spaced on it, but then it started adding up that he wasnt interested in out business as my girlfriend and my self have facial piercings and visible tattoos and are an interracial couple.My guess is we didnt fit the demographic for the establishment, so in turn were put on the back burner for service.Needless to say, will not be returning and will advocate for other alleys in the area.

Review №54

Fun bowling and great pizza

Review №55

I went to Spectators Bar & Grill to eat. (The bowling lanes are great). The food is good there. I had forgotten that they do charge for each refill on drinks.

Review №56

Great place to stop by and grab a drink with friends or family.

Review №57

It is very nice

Review №58

Nice bowling alley. Reasonably priced. Good drink specials.

Review №59

Join the wed night bowling league! A great time with even better people

Review №60

Yesterday my boyfriend, little sister, and I wanted to go bowling. Ive been to bowl haven plenty of times and always had a great experience. When we arrived I walked up to the front desk. There was a older, thick, man with white hair and facial hair at the desk. I think he may have had glasses but cant 100% remember if he did or not. He was on the phone so I patiently waited. He noticed me but kept talking on the phone. I didnt think anything of it of course. Once he got off the phone he continued to act busy so I continued to wait. He then looks at me with a blank stare. I was confused as to why he was looking at me that way so I didnt saying anything, seeing as he should obviously be the one to use the customer service skills to welcome me to the bowling alley and to see what I wanted. After looking at me crazy for a good minute, he finally says what do you need by that time I am annoyed because he seems kind of rude. I tell him I want a lane and some shoes for the 3 of us. He tells me they have been busy all day with a league and that I would have to wait, and that we would only get an hour to play. I told him that is fine. He took my name and I took a seat. I decided to look at other bowling allys in there area, mainly because of how rude this guy came off to me. I found one, so I walked up to the counter to inform the man that we decided to just go to a different bowling ally. There was a family in front of me asking to get a lane and shoes as well. The man at the front desk told them the same thing he told me except he didnt make them wait for a lane or shoes. he gave them their lane and shoes right away, and told them they only have an hour to play. I hate to make this about race because I personally dont see someone as the color of their skin, however because I am black, I have had to deal with it. My boyfriend is white and my baby sister is very light skinned. The family that asked for the lane after me was a white family. The color of my skin is my only thought to why we were treated so rudely and had to wait while the family after us did not. I Understand bowl haven had been busy, but that man did not treat the family that asked for the exact same thing as I did, as poorly as he treated me and my family. For that reason, I will be telling my friends and family exactly how he treated us that day. We ended us going to the bowling ally in bethalto, and all the employees there were very nice and respectful. I am very nice and respectful, and to go to an establishment and not get the same treatment that I give, really upset me. Id understand if we were acting a fool and being disrespectful but we werent. I even had enough respect to inform him that we were leaving so that he wouldnt have to waste his time letting us know he was ready to give us a lane. Because of this, I do not see myself going to bowl haven ever again, and it sucks because I have always like this place and it is in town. But Id rather waste the gas then to be treated poorly. I dont know if he was having a bad day because of how busy they were or what. But I think it is sad that I am still trying to understand why we were treated different

Review №61

My daughter Bowled a tournament here.Nice facility.Lanes played nice for old wood.Great snack bar.

Review №62

We had our employee Christmas party there today it was really nice

Review №63

Great friend fun

Review №64

Bowl Haven was a great experience. Staff was friendly and helpful. I know there was previous review regarding the prices being high, but as a business owner I know that they are probably fair when you take into consideration what the cost to run the business per day most likely is.I will definitely recommend the place to others and anytime I am visiting my family again I will return to do more bowling.

Review №65

The PRO SHOP was really great! Very efficient!

Review №66

Great People, Friendly Staff

Review №67

Went to watch my grandchildren bowl. Food was ok but high priced.

Review №68

Very popular. The game room was a bit limited for the kids but overall good experience.

Review №69

Good place to hang out with family

Review №70

Great family place with lots of fun for small and medium aged children

Review №71

Its a place you can enjoy and a good family entertainment spot.

Review №72

Went to Mother Son bowling here Saturday! The employees are amazing!!

Review №73

Get family atmosphere. A fun place to have parties.

Review №74

Fun place with a nice lounge and good food, like the St. Louis Style pizza and homemade ranch salad dressing.

Review №75

Took our kids here on a rainy day. We all had a great time. Cant wait for the kids bowl free program to start back up again.

Review №76

Need a bigger more variety arcade area

Review №77

I coach a basketball team every year they host our team very very friendly extremely clean best bowling alley and in town

Review №78

Clean, good food and a nice game room for the little ones!

Review №79

Fun fun and have deals for kids to bowl free not to impressed with the food

Review №80

This place is awesome, the pro shop is supreme, the food is enjoyable, the bowling is to look forward to, whats there not to like.

Review №81

First time there. My God daughters siblings birthday party. Enjoyed the kids having a ball bowling.

Review №82

My daughter is 6 and loves the Arcade room better than bowling lol (Its the closest thing to an Arcade in Alton ) !

Review №83

Good was great. Good service. Went there for dinner not to bowl

Review №84

Bowl Haven is a nice place if you want to entertain and have fun with your children or friends and family

Review №85

Its just a classic bowling ally

Review №86

Good fun and cold beer

Review №87

Very clean and updated atmosphere! Great food also.

Review №88

Striking Out is ok here...thats the goal!!!

Review №89

Good lanes but horrible service, a few relatives and I waited an hour and a half for one lane. There were atleast 5 lanes open but we couldnt use them until they were cleaned. Which took another 20 minutes and the man behind the counter took their time cleaning the lanes while ignoring the other costumers at the counter.

Review №90

Great place to bowl!!

Review №91

So friendly! A very fun place!

Review №92

Same price for kids as adults. I think should be a little less for kids. Lady behind counter a little dismissive to people there just to bowl. I was alone at counter when others came up and was ignored while she waited on 3 people stepping in front of me to get money for colored pins. I have found bowl haven to be friendly for many years 30 or more but lady at counter today was rude and not a very friendly perdon. She may have been overwhelmed with all that was going on. I hope thats what was but if she hates her job as much as it appeared she should quit.

Review №93

It was great

Review №94

The food was great and the place is very clean!

Review №95

Best bowling alley in the region. Fantastic and knowledgeable staff

Review №96

Its really good blowing and you can get drink if your older than 16 and theres kids drink and adult. Drinks if you over 16 and dout drink

Review №97

Bill. And Scott are awesome

Review №98

Always friendly

Review №99

Love the food also I bowl league here on Sundays and love it so glad I joined

Review №100

Place its cool, but sometimes you have to guess when its open.

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  • Address:3003 Washington Ave, Alton, IL 62002, United States
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  • Phone:+1 618-465-2695
  • Video arcade
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  • Bowling alley
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–10pm
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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