Riverbend Skate
508 A W, E Delmar Ave, Alton, IL 62002, United States
Riverbend Skate

Review №1

My granddaughter turned 4yrs old . Had a skating party....but quickly found out that...she cant but they also have a bounce castle and games that she played it was great

Review №2

So glad we finally have an online skating place. The owners are welcoming and awesome. Such wonderful levels of hospitality. Its much bigger than what it looks like on the outside. Cant wait to come back for some more skating fun!

Review №3

Great hangout for people of all ages! The staff is very friendly and accommodating for customer needs. Its about time a family friendly skating rink came to the Alton, IL area! Love the atmosphere, and I always have a blast every time I go up to skate! Highly recommended for birthday parties or a night out with your friends!

Review №4

I brought my family down for the weekend to come to Riverbend Skate and we truly enjoyed ourselves. The atmosphere was great and there was lots to do. I will be back very soon. If you are in the surrounding areas this is a great place for good fun with good church people.

Review №5

Great atmosphere for families. Very friendly and helpful staff with great hospitality! We will be returning! My children myself and nephews had a great time!

Review №6

The grand opening for this facility was in May I believe. So open about 2 months. Tonight was our first time there. Upon entering we were greeted by incredibly friendly staff. Behind the register was a game room, pool table, bounce house, couple claw machines, shooter game, and a pool table. You cannot see the skating area upon entering.To the left you get your skates. Roller blades are not available. A handful of lockers are available, otherwise you can leave your shoes on the very large shelf in the game area. They also have drinks and snacks available that are very inexpensive.The cost for entry is $5. The cost to rent skates is $3.I’ll reiterate that my expectation was a new facility, as they have only been open a couple months. That was not the case here. The skates are heavily used. I did not pass judgement, it’s whatever. Entering the skating area was a bit of a let down. Instead of a finished wood floor (as expected), there was uneven concrete. It was also very small in comparison to any skating rink I’ve been to. There was about 15 people on the skating floor and it got very hot and crowded quickly. We spent an hour there and did have a lot of fun, despite the floor condition.A couple of things that would make the experience more enjoyable. First, $8 per person feels a little high considering the condition of the place. It cost $42.50 for all 5 of us and felt pretty high for an hour. I cannot say if we would have left if we saw the skating area first, but at least we wouldn’t have been surprised. Second, a finished floor suitable for skating.I will continue to support this place, as it has a ton of potential. The staff is amazing, all of the patrons seemed to get along well, and no issues what so ever. A finished floor will earn a 5 star rating.

Review №7

I was very disappointed. My friends and I thought it would be fun to enjoy a night out skating and was excited to have a new skating rink in town. I read online that there would be an arcade, rock wall climb with foam pit and a big skating rink. When we walked in there were only a few arcade games, defiantly would not consider it an arcade. The rock wall was so small that toddlers probable would not have fun with it. There was only one inflatable. Last but not least the skating floor was not even a skating rink. It was CONCRETE flooring with two beams right in the middle. The concrete flooring was not smooth at all. We decided to exit the floor and go to the concessions where there was a drop off that I did not see and I fell extremely hard on to the concrete flooring and hurt my back pretty bad. We ended up leaving about 10 mins later. The owner did not seem to worried about it because we had already signed a waiver. Which we should of left when we found out we had to sign a waiver because why should anyone have to sign a waiver to skate??? My friends and I are all 21 and older and are very good at skating so my fall was not because I could not skate, but because there was not anything stating that there was a drop off when exiting the rink to go into the concessions.As far as the actual interior. The bathrooms were filthy, the walls were not painted all the way. It looked really gross all over. The music they were playing was NOT family friendly and there was a lot of little kids there. Overall I would NOT recommend this place to anyone. It is not safe for children and not worth the money or time. I predict this place will not be open for much longer.

Review №8

Happy to see a place like this open in the Alton area. Children and adults of all ages were out skating and enjoying themselves. Good tunes from the DJ, super friendly staff and employees! Keep up the great work!

Review №9

We loved this place! the staff was so friendly, we enjoyed everything we did, it’s not expensive, we had adults and children as young as 1 with us and we all had a blast! there was skating, knocker ball, bounce house, foam pit, games, and even more! I hope your business succeeds and expands. we will definitely return!!

Review №10

Fun place! My kids had a blast! Owners are amazing! Definitely will be back!

Review №11

For a new and upcoming business this place is fantastic! Only being open for a few weeks and they are taking off. Staff is amazing and always treat me and my friends with the upmost respect even tho we are the older kids! They also offer a small entry fee and skate rental usually only cost me about 8$! They keep growing everytime we visit. I’m sure there is nothing but bigger and better things on the way. Also I do know there is a food court in the works!

Review №12

Its very fun. Lots of cool things to do as well !!

Review №13

This place shouldnt be listed as a skating rink. It is a tore up concrete floor, in a shopping plaza with support beams in the middle of the room.The foam pit and climbing wall is built for toddlers.The bathrooms were dirty, no Lazer maze and no room for one to ever be built...unless its for a toddler too!There were just a few video games, I wouldnt call it an arcade.Overall, it was a waste of 5 bucks and 20 minutes of my life that Ill never get back.

Review №14

The kids had a good time. Will go back again

Review №15

The floors my not be wood BUT the staff is wonderful and the music is great! Going tonight cant wait!!

Review №16

Very disappointed in this place first time ever going there the girl at the counter where u pay was very rude an disrespectful I told her only my daughter was skating and I got charged an entry fee for walking in the door so it was 15 dollars for me an my daughter to get in so we get to the rink and my daughter instantly says she doesnt want to do it so I have her go around one time just to see if she would like it the music was so loud u couldnt even talk to each other theres 2 big poles in the middle of the rink and the music wasnt kid friendly at all so we decided to leave we walk back out and I ask the very rude girl working the front desk if there was any possible way we could get our money back since we were there for literally 5 mins she calls another lady and while Im getting my daughter shoes an stuff back on she brings me 3 dollars and says heres ur money for the skates I said ok thanks but do we not get the entry fees back she said i dont know an walked away. Safe to say I will never return back there an I will make sure I let everyone I know not to go there also

Review №17

The floor was un even and the door to enter the skating ring was a slope in and out. Dont come here

Review №18

So glad to see a place like this open in Alton/Godfrey. Definitely will be back soon.

Review №19

That skating floor is dangerous. No one should be allowed on that floor, especially with skates, until it has been fixed. Its several tragedies waiting to happen.

Review №20

Kids enjoyed it although floor is concrete

Review №21

This place needs some major renovations, skate floor was in poor condition, no inline skates. In and out in 15 minutes regretful visit to say the least.

Review №22

Well I cant skate but my sister man o man she had fun

Review №23

Here 5 min people skate all over in every direction. Uneven floors still wet paint on the floor. Cant get a refund.

Review №24

Very bad need a lot of work on they floor

Review №25

The music is yo load and the floor is concreat.

Review №26

Low quality skating rink with rude staff members. Charged $5 entry fee + $3 for skates. Concrete floor for skating and only quads, no inlines.

Review №27

It was fun

Review №28

Fix the floor.

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