Mt Major
Alton, NH 03810, United States
Mt Major

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Beautiful view

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One of my favorites this summer. Parked at a pullover near the scenic view. Hiked in and passed two gates at the end of the trail we turned right and then left onto a red marked trail. The trail passes a small pond and some residential homes from there we took the steepest route to the summit. It was a strenuously rewarding challenge. Summit is so WORTH IT even with the crowds of people.

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Beautiful nature. Amazing views and wonderful air

Review №4

Perfect fall hike

Review №5

Always love to hike this mountain. Never disappoint. Beautiful view.

Review №6

Amazing hike. Great Lake Winnipesaukee view at top. Moderate and easy ways.

Review №7

Short but steep hike for a nice view. Specially beautiful in the fall.

Review №8

We did the blue trail. Moderate hike. Has a really nice view of lake winnipesaukee

Review №9

Nice run up and down.

Review №10

Great trail. Good to push yourself, or take your time with family or friends.

Review №11

Gorgeous views at the top! Definitely a moderate hike...lots of uphill that gets your heart rate going. Dog friendly although that hike would have been wayyyy too hard for my dog. Lots of people picnic at the top which I wish I had thought of! This hike took me about 3 hours.

Review №12

Amazing views, rewarding hike.

Review №13

My daughter love the hiking experience here. And nice view at the top. Free parking but limited place.

Review №14

Such a mountain my dude, the hike up is great took the vrook trail it was spectacular.

Review №15

This is my favorite day hike to bring the dogs. It is not far into NH and a quick hike. The views at the top are worth the drive! This mountain is extremely dog friendly, I always run into dozens of dogs. It is also kid friendly, they make you feel old as they run up the mountain as you are catching your breath!

Review №16

I love coming here. I usually do this hike to start the season or to end it. Trail is very popular even on the weekdays. The trail is very easy to follow with blazers ever 50 feet or so. I personally take the blue trail up. Its difficult and the shortest trail. Then I take the yellow-blue brook trail down. It follow the water which means you need to wear proper water resistant boots. I spray mine with scotch guard before every hike. It works amazing! Happy trails.

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Mount Major is a great easy hike to do in around 2 hours. Be warned though there are many people who do this hike to so dont expect complete quiet. There are two trails to do this hike, one of them is longer but easier and the other is shorter but harder (more incline) I recommend to do the shorter/harder way first and then the longer/easier way on the way down. Recommend for all ages and a great view at the top.

Review №18

A moderate hike with a great view from the top. Very popular spot so can busy on weekends and holidays.

Review №19

Its a lovely intermediate level trail with gorgeous views. We went up the blue trail, as it is the steepest, and back down on the orange trail. This 3.1 mile loop took us about 2 hours plus some relaxing time at the top.

Review №20

Pretty easy hike. I would definitely recommend it for those who do not think they can climb a mountain so that they could build their confidence. Really nice views for not too much effort. Always check the weather though. It rained a bit while we were descending.

Review №21

Mount Major, awesome place to hiking, there is a park lot and also some bathrooms, you don’t need to buy for it. It’s a good place to go with kids, because it’s not hard to go up the top. It will probably take one hour. Beautiful trails to take pictures and relax. I loved this place. One of the best place I hiked. It’s very famous place, I would go back.

Review №22

The most beautiful exercise of my life...with a view! Mount Major is located near the popular, Lake Winnipesaukee, which is the lake that can be seen from the top. Like most hikes, there are separate trails for different levels of hikers. There is a 1.5 mile hike, a 2.4 mile hike and a 3.9 mile hike. Each trail will give you equally jaw dropping experiences. The view from the top is one that a picture simply can not do it justice, so visiting is a necessity.

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Had a nice hike here. Great view of the lakes

Review №24

I dont hike, but the amount of out-of-state cars parked along side the road during this pandemic is terrifying. I hope all N.H. residents are being extra cautious with the social distancing.

Review №25

This is a doable hike for most people. Sometimes a little steep depending on the trail you choose and it can be a bit crowded but the views of Lake Winnipesaukee from the summit are beautiful.

Review №26

Nice little day hike with a good view

Review №27

Excellent hike and amazing views! Accessible via multiple trails. Definitely want to have a bit of experience with physical activity and be steady on your feet if taking the blue trail, as it includes very steep rock faces and steep cliff-like edifices which require near vertical scaling. Breathtaking views of Lake Winnipesaukee and nearby mountains, from the top!

Review №28

Mount Major has stunning views from the summit over the Lakes Region of NH. There are decent outlooks along the way which keep the hike rewarding all the way through. This is a faster hike and can be completed by many beginner hikers.Unfortunately on a busy summer day, there is a lot of litter at the top of the mountain. Porta Potties at the base of the mountain were also full of trash, despite signs reminding people to be kind, since someone has to empty the trash before the restrooms can be emptied. As hikers we all have a responsibility to keep our trails clean.Overall Mount Major could maintain its beauty as long as the people who enjoy the trails also show this beautiful place the compassion and care it deserves!

Review №29

Beautiful hike, rocky trails and all. The view is worth the effort. Could do this over and over again! Its doable even if you have to rest frequently bc the trail isnt super long, just get an early start if thats your situation! Highly recommend.

Review №30

Views at the top are wonderful. On peak days, trail is pretty busy - get in early or wait til the shoulder seasons! The trail to the left at the fork is pretty eroded from lots of use. Still a fun hike with unique views of the lake.

Review №31

Nice reasonable hike to the top, summit has great views of the lakes.I had a wonderful experience at morning watching the sunrise and recommend that time. Since the top is exposed it can be windy in the winter, I gave it only 4 stars because the summit is the only interesting part of the mountain.

Review №32

Follow the Main Trail for some of best views in NH. Beers at Shibleys.

Review №33

Favorite place around to hike for a great view of one of the best areas in NH.

Review №34

Pretty and not too strenuous!

Review №35

Took my two kids, 10 and 8, and a dog. Really great trail! Challenging but still fun and pretty. View is spectacular. Did 4 mile loop, blue up and orange back took us 2.5 hrs.

Review №36

It was a good hike. There are three trails - Blue, Yellow and Orange. Blue is the toughest but shortest trail. Almost 1.5 miles but takes an hour and 15 minutes. We tried this trail as we heard the yellow is the longest and as we went there afternoon wanted to come back before sunset.Though Blue is short but very steep climbs last 30 minutes and has few spots where you can enjoy the scenic view of the lake. If we make it to the top it’s really worth the view especially if you are visiting during fall. 360 view of the lake was awesome.

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Great Hike and incredible view of the Big Lake Nice rock shelf ....well worth the hike went with Sister in Law and my niece and her boyfriend ... Plan to do it again real soon ....

Review №38

Great hike for the whole family!

Review №39

Ready for a short hike? Mount Major may be the destination you are seeking. Appropriate for families, limited parking at the base of the mountain however it is permissible to park alongside route 11 just pull over to the side as much as you can. This is a gorgeous hike where are the end you will be rewarded with beautiful views of the mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee. Located just a short 5 miles from Alton Bay and 10 miles to Laconia, enjoy the hike and then plan on having breakfast lunch or dinner and one of the many great local restaurants.

Review №40

Nothing like a hike to this summit on a beautiful Fall day. Go mid-week to avoid the crowds.

Review №41

A great morning hike but it reads family friendly. i think if your family is into exercising regularly. all trails have a bit of difficulty but go early in the morning prior to 8 am to park in the parking lot and not be in a somewhat congo line climbing the mountain. btw . great views of lake Winni.

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Easy access to trailhead. Took blue trail to summit, which provided steady vertical climbs--but not too dangerous for a family hike. Gorgeous views of Lake Winnepasaukee at summit. Took yellow trail back to parking area. Approximately 2 hours.

Review №43

Breathtaking views of the Lake. We spent an hour there just looking at the views.

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Easy parking, clearly marked blue trail up the mountain. The yellow trail back down isnt as well marked, but its still pretty obvious and easy to follow. The views from the top are as spectacular as everyone claims. Bring a snack!

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On July 2nd, a group of us hiked to the top of Mount Major. Hiking group included: my brothers Sean & Brendan Crotty, my two nephews and friends Marc & Jeff Zdunczyk.We had done this hike once before in 2006. And both times we were blessed with amazing views of Lake Winnipesaukee from the summit.We hiked the orange trail up and back for a total combined distance of 3.2 miles and an elevation gain of 1,148 feet. It took us 1 hour 52 minutes going up and 1 hour 15 minutes coming down. We hiked very slowly enjoying the scenery and taking frequent breaks.I highly recommend this as a very doable hike for many different abilities.I did a fun little video of the hike: me know what you think.Liam

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Scenic views from summit and outlooks of autumn foliage and lake. Easy hike for pleasant nature walk. Suggest wearing hiking boots for the wet leaves and muddy ground but sneakers can suffice as not steep incline. Open area for picnics at summit. Winter hikers take refuge in the four walled structure for quick snack before proceeding on hike down.

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Great hike. Incredible views.

Review №48

Mt Major was a nice surprise. We were on the way to white mountain NH and stayed overnight at the nearby hotel. The hotel receptionist recommended the Mt Major for hiking. So we went in the early morning and the hiking trails were very nice. It turned out Mt Major was a popular place. Several trails with variety of difficulties. We didn’t park at the parking lot so we were not sure which trail we took, but it was pretty steep and short hike to the top. I only had short time to hike but definitely coming back.

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Beautiful views. Parking lot gets quite busy.

Review №50

We had a wonderful time hike here. Definitely bring a waterbottle and a camera.

Review №51

Great little hike with some amazing views of the lake. Perfect for dogs and little kids.

Review №52

Great hike, very easy and quick good views. Great for first timers, kids or maybe the first hike of the year.

Review №53

Really nice hike, but dont go on the weekend. Its a zoo. Still, very good view and quick 5k up and down.

Review №54

Great hike. Amazing view from the top. Trail is a little steep at points but not overly tough.

Review №55

It was amazing and the view was AWESOME when you get to the top stack some rocks on top of each other ( I know it sounds weird but you’ll understand when you get to the top)

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In short, a beautiful hike that has a rewarding view for an overall low amount of time spent hiking. It overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee and has a gorgeous summit. It was populated and dog friendly as I saw about 20 dogs on the summit. The hike is 1,150 feet and will take under two hours to summit.There is a map in the parking lot listing the trails. There are 3 different trails: orange, blue, and yellow. Right from the parking lot you need to decide if youre doing orange or blue/yellow. Orange (I didnt use this trail) goes up the southern side of the mountain and gets steeper as you near the top, judging by the contour lines. Takes about an hour and 25 minutes and is 1.6 miles long.The blue/yellow trail are the same for the first .7 miles until the split. Yellow bringing you a more roundabout way with a less steep of an incline, and blue taking you right up to the summit. Blue can be a little challenging at times but wont be an issue if youve hiked or done long walks before. It can be steep so be careful. 1.5 miles total and an hour and 20 minutes.Yellow splits off to do a total of 2.4 miles with a summit time of an hour and 45 minutes. The rocks on this trail can be loose and slippery, like oversized gravel, but the incline isnt bad. I took blue up and yellow down and had a great time.On the summit there is a large rock area to chill in with sights in nearly every direction. It doesnt get crowded and is worth the sight. There is also an old stone hut-like structure that is interesting.The trails are well marked and the parking lot is a good size, although countless cars overflow onto the street but that doesnt seem to be a big deal. Overall, fantastic hike, and would recommend it for both beginner and veteran hikers.

Review №57

Awesome moderate hike with a good view at the top.

Review №58

Nice hike here. Quiet. Streams. Scenic top

Review №59

Navigate to MOUNT MAJOR PARKING LOT, don’t navigate to mount major.

Review №60

Great hike for people looking for something with a view and minimal work to earn that view.

Review №61

Great hike with excellent view at the summit.

Review №62

Easy trails, best effort to view ratio in the state.

Review №63

A quick hike with a nice view

Review №64

Beautiful to match the change of season.

Review №65

Nice view at the summit. Watch for mosquitos though.

Review №66

Sweeping views of Lake Winnipesaukee

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Great views from summit

Review №68

Havent been in years but I will be taking my family on hikes on Mt Major

Review №69

Great hiking

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