Chuck E. Cheese
541 W, FL-436, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714, United States

Review №1

Came a couple weeks ago on a Monday, no one else there. We were the only ppl and took 40 minutes to get a pizza and appetizer. The chicken wings tasted like they were days old and re heated

Review №2

Great experience super fun. A++++ professionalism

Review №3

The staff were very nice. The pizza we had as surprisingly good. The games were okay just didnt last as long as expected. Overall is okay place

Review №4

The staff was great & its a great choice for something to do with the kiddos in the A/C

Review №5

Pizza was excellent. Service was great.

Review №6

I really like this chucky e cheese so much ️️

Review №7

I love the rat so much. The mouse. Whatever he is. He is a being far superior than us measly humans. PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES CHUCK

Review №8

Cant go wrong... One hour time is all I need and my son has a great time. Service is good for the most part but I wish they can stay on top of their restrooms... Other then that food is obviously great and the salad bar is off the chain!

Review №9

Open Halloween night! Lots of fun!

Review №10

Staff very friendly. Salad bar was very Spartan in offerings. Not much you can say about fast simple pizzas. Granddaughter enjoyed the games, even with the minimum rewards given. Will take my grandchildren back there.

Review №11

Well we were here for a birthday party on 12/21/19 and my son misplaced his play card. You’d expect since it literally costs them nothing they would just replace the card with the time remaining for the party but instead was told by our party assistant Haley that there was nothing they could do. Definitely won’t be booking a party for either of my children here! Merry Christmas to us right?

Review №12

We had a Birthday party for my 2 daughters. The host was excellent!!!! She really took care of everything. They made it easy for us and most important the girls had a Great time!!!

Review №13

Bathrooms dirty. Drink service bar was dirty until a very nice boy who was cooking the food was nice enough to clean it. Pizza ok. Games still fun. Kids still love the place though.

Review №14

The pizza is terrific! Very delicious. Not the pizza I remember as a kid 80s/90s. I was disappointed on how small the game area was and one of the ticket redeemers was out of order so there was a serious queue. However the organization, party planning and party area was top notch.

Review №15

Good time for the kids. We like that you can purchase a play card based on time (1 hour).

Review №16

Masked are mandated of course. Not busy.

Review №17

Its not a bad place but it is becoming over priced. The food is ok. They no longer have the playground area. They replaced that with games. I do like the play card and the option for the wristbands instead of the play card.

Review №18

My son loves chuck E cheese thats why we used to go there but the play area is too small they should do some changes there.

Review №19

We had my daughters 3rd birthday party their. Our hostess was great she was very helpful and very patient with all of the kids.

Review №20

My kids and I had a nice time. It was laid back for a Friday. Very relaxed and of course a kid friendly enviornment. Its smaller than other locations, but for toddlers its nice.

Review №21

The kids had fun but they need more staff long wait to order or turn in tickets for prizes.

Review №22

Not what it once was. The show was awful. Basically a tv screen . years ago it was a band with the characters that actually moved and looked real. This one just stares at one spot and blinks every so often. At least 3 of the games were broken . it was more fun years ago. The food was good and staff was friendly but it hardly feels like an amusement place anymore. I feel bad for the kids. Probably wont go back as there is not much entertainment for kids. The show was lame

Review №23

We had a lot of fun here. Tons of games and you can buy passes to play unlimited for an hour.

Review №24

Its my granddaughter s favorite place to go.

Review №25

This place was absolutely disgusting. Seriously do not take your children here. I’ve never seen such a dirty bathroom and toilet in my life. Wish I could upload the pics I took, there was literally dried on brown pee ALL OVER THE TOILETS. They look like there weren’t cleaned in months. Gross. Also the place itself looks run down, most of the arcade games didn’t work, and there was no play area?! My son got super excited to go to Chuck E Cheese for his first time and we left in 5 minutes. After seeing how filthy everything was I don’t know how anyone could eat food from there. Yuck!Also, this is my first review ever. I just had to warn other parents.

Review №26

My daughter loves going to Chuck E. Cheese. I DONT know why. I rather her go to the park and play with dirt. The place smells like pee. And as soon as you sit down at one of the table you get all itchy like there’s things crawling on you. You ever go into a bathroom to wash your hands and feel like there’s no point because the bathroom is so disgusting that you feel it’s not even cleaning anything? I did here. I hate coming here but my daughter loves it so I’ll continue bringing her once every few years until she grows out of it. As per my son? I hope to never introduce this place to him. The whole place needs a deep cleaning. Or just tear it down and redo it. Yuck!

Review №27

Hailey our party organizer was amazing and she took care of everything for us

Review №28

Great place! The staff works great with children.

Review №29

Today was our nephews birthday and our hosts was Yaritza, who I have to say was kind, polite, sweet and caring person. She made sure that the entire time we was there that we was taken care of. Also treated us and our family as we where apart of the Chuck E. Cheese family. Haley as well another caring person and so sweet. Between both of them they where amazing. Would I come back to them? Yes and as well recommended them to family and friends. A Well job done ladies. Five starts to you both. ️️️️️

Review №30

Kids had a blast, about 15 minutes of arriving Chucky Cheese came out.

Review №31

This place is too small for the area it provides for. The place was older and felt dirty. Salad bar and drink area was a mess the whole time we were there. Food was hot but had to go back several times to get the whole order. Pizza, breadsticks, plates, sauce.... should have be available at the same time. Dont ask for any sauces. I waited almost 10 minutes to get marinara. Staff tried really hard to keep up with the demand of the customers. Looked like they were standing in top of each other.

Review №32

Good improvement removing the climbing tubes and adding play cards that operate on time that can be paused as opposed to the tokens. Also since the tubes are gone you can see most of the game area without being blocked. Pausing the play cards so kids and go eat and resume when ready is a huge improvement too.

Review №33

Fun environment for children of all ages including things for adults as well. Great opportunity to do things alongside your little one

Review №34

We went on a random day during the week after school and the kids had so much fun. I really like the new unlimited play for a set time idea they are offering. It was empty on that day so the kids really enjoyed all of the games as opposed to the craziness on the weekend. The staff was really friendly and kind.

Review №35

Amazing for children to release their energy. Family friendly.

Review №36

My son loves it, thats why they have 3 stars. But, they are always understaffed and the games are often out of order or tickets or some kind of issue and no one around to correct the issue

Review №37

Not much to do, many of the machines inside were broken. The establishment wasnt very clean.

Review №38

Fantastic time!

Review №39

Everything was wonderful the food was fine for the kids and hungry adults. Atmosphere and staff was great. I miss all the animation that use to be at Chucky cheese.

Review №40

My girl and her friend had an excellent time here. Hailey the manager was excellent. She was making sure everything was working with the games. She also told me what to do bc I was new to the unlimited play. The pizza was hot and fresh!! Awesome time has by all!!!

Review №41

Fantastic entertainment for the kids too costly and you get nothing in the way of rewards for the children takes too many coupons to get anything they would enjoy. Would have given it on my charge cord if it hadn’t been so expensive.

Review №42

I wasnt sure if adults could come in without children. Yes, you can. If you dont mind all of the children running around its the cheapest arcade by far. Most of the games are 1 credit and I believe I got about 40 credits for 14 dollars. Probably spent about an hour and a half there. Chuck e cheese; where an adult can also be a kid.

Review №43

Its a little smaller then the ones we have in Illinois.. But its nice that they offer the unlimited play cards now.. Bc those token ones cost to much... Now its family fun at an affordable price

Review №44

Amazing experience for my birthday girl. The staff were amazing and everyone had a great time!

Review №45

What a delightful evening spent with my favorite people. After school starts for the year, this place was not busy and we has so much fun! We loved the play for an hour option card for a flat fee, we really felt like we got our moneys worth instead of play per game.

Review №46

Loved it!! Booked my sons 4th birthday party and had it today. It went so well! I loved my hostess she was amazing her name was makayla. She ensured everything I needed or didnt have was available to me in no time . The set up and clean up fast and quick and easy! Really nice facility. They really make sure the birthday star is a star no doubt. This was my first time doing a birthday here I have always attended but never got a chance to experience it but today I am glad I booked it well worth every penny. :)

Review №47

Went for my sons 9th birthday and they had a great time. Good pizza and fun staff!

Review №48

Great first date spot

Review №49

Nice place with unlimited play cards! They have BEER and WINE too for parents! Would have given 5 stars if their pizza was cheaper!

Review №50

We love

Review №51

Im only giving this a two because the manager was very nice or else I would give it a one star. Majority of the games were either not working or werent giving out the tickets. The prize my son wanted most was no longer available and they refused to give us one of the few they had out of the case. Normally I would be fine with this but since we couldnt play majority of the games and lost out on a lot of tickets I was very upset about this. I would not recommend coming here, we spent the same amount of money yesterday to play at Dave and Busters with a huge variety of games and got triple the tickets at Dave and Busters. If you do come here, make sure you check if the games are working before you pay and start playing.

Review №52

It was a fun place to go with my nephew. I actually liked their pizza there.

Review №53

This place is very expensive. I feel Dave and Buster is better

Review №54

Food was great the games are great always changing every time I go thereI wish they do a all day pass instead of the hourly pay for games other than that its still chuckie cheeses and great

Review №55

Awesome attention. They have a lot patience

Review №56

My kid loves it here. The manager is awesome (cant remember her name but its unique). Its fantastic.

Review №57

I hate to leave a bad review but I think I have to. This Chuck E Cheese is special to me, I am 35 and have been going to this location since I was younger than 10. It has gone through so many changes over the years but was steadily the best one in the area. I havent been in a few months and took my children today. Theres literally only 4-5 staff, they dont serve you the pizza anymore, I was told to take the hot pans myself without any hand protection, the place is very dirty, among so many other things. This location needs a visit from corporate and a revival, hopefully it wont close down.

Review №58

I’ve taken my granddaughters here often and they always enjoy it.

Review №59

Fun for all the family members and not to bad on money

Review №60

Great time

Review №61

They now have a timed unlimited play for a set amount of money. It seems as though there are less games but to my kids, they still think it is an amazing place.

Review №62

Good for children and families. Parties too

Review №63

The service was great and we had a great time

Review №64

Excellent Service

Review №65

Disappointing. The little ones enjoyed the games the adults not so much. The food left a lot to be desired. The pizza was not particularly tasty. The sausage tasted horrible, almost as if it were spoiled. The salad bar was limited but okay. The best part was the machine that Drew the pictures. They came out exceptionally well. The employees were great.

Review №66

Small selection of games. Some machines were broke but the pizza was good as always.

Review №67

The host who took care of my birthday girl today didn’t know how to do. First, we and all the guests waited for half an hour before the kids started to play. Second, she took long time to serve the pizza and the birthday cake. For example, she gave a person a piece of cake but without the fork. She had to go back for the fork. I asked her to bring some water, but she didn’t bring any plastic glasses. She looked like little busy, but her organization wasn’t so good. When she wanted the feedback, she made us gave her 10. I was very dissatisfied.

Review №68

Absolutely crowded when we arrived, the trash was full and didnt seem to have been changed for the first two hours we were there. Pizza was good and the sandwich was decent. Had the orange soda and contracted a horrible stomach ache after having left. Came for my nieces birthday party and the workers placed the first pizza order incorrectly and sent out the wrong size, as well as didnt change the charges properly. Was overcharged and had to have a manager deal with it. If it wasnt for my nieces enjoyment, I definitely wouldnt have stayed.

Review №69

My 3 kids loved it! Was really nice wasnt as packed as the others in the surrounding areas which made it even more enjoyable and relaxing for us adults. We were able to sit and watch the children play and not lose sight of them in a crowd. The salad bar is pretty expensive for being a small station but you do get unlimited salad. So in al it was a great time with my family! Thanks chuck-E

Review №70

Great place to let the little ones unwind after a very long car ride. Pizzas good & staff was friendly.

Review №71

My grandson love it there

Review №72

Time to upgrade your machines... Would be nice if there was a less reserved seating and 1 or 2 more fun games for adults

Review №73

My grandson had a fun birthday.

Review №74

They throw a great kids birthday party! The weekends are jam packed but during the week is much less crazy. The line to get food seems to take quite a confusingly long time. Bonus: The new deal where you can pay by minutes instead of coins for machines is brilliant!!

Review №75

Went for a friends kids birthday party. The staff did a great job of bring out food as it was ready and keeping the tables clear of trash, used plates etc. Staff was available to assist those in need at games and to answer questions.This review was a bit of a challenge to write as Im personally not a fan of CEC, obviously, as Im not a kid. But I felt the staff did a great job so wanted to convey those details.

Review №76

It was okay. Would like to see better games

Review №77

Its a really fun place please go here your kids will love it

Review №78

We took my daughter here for her 8th birthday per her request. I had a $25 gift card so she could play for 2 hours. The menu says $25 for a hundred and twenty minutes. Be prepared to pay an additional six or seven dollars for this because it came out to about $31 in change or so instead of just a flat 25. She had a blast so it was worth it. My husband and I were prepared to eat School pizza but were pleasantly surprised to find out that their Pizza is actually pretty good! I even told him that I would come down just to get pizza once in awhile LOL!

Review №79

Have been going there for 30 yearsThe food is so much better now

Review №80

Great place. Not much waiting time, good food quality

Review №81

Great service 5/14/19 young lady that was there went above and beyond, I did not get her name but she never stop cleaning or asking my entire family if we are doing okay, God bless her.

Review №82

Always a great place to bring kids! Game prices are good. Pizza is good. Staff is friendly. I do wish they would do away with the paper tickets and just award points to the card. And maybe rotate out the games more often. Always a good time though!

Review №83

We had a blast! That pizza tho What is in it?

Review №84

Kids had an awesome time

Review №85

Not the Chuck E. Cheese I remember. They took a lot out of here and yet thought it was a good idea to raise the prices on stuff? Not so much. There was like no games left and the teenage girls working there were rude and didn’t acknowledge you were there. Walked in and turned around back out the door within 60 seconds. My 7 and 3 year old both said no. What’s that tell you?? It’s sad. Used to love coming here.

Review №86

Actually its a nice fun place to go for the kids and time goes by fast which is fun

Review №87

Great place for a childs Birthday 10 and under go ahead take your kids there theyll love it and (they serve Wine for mom and Dad hehehe

Review №88

Usually no employees on the floor. Usually dirty.

Review №89

Always fun to bring the kids

Review №90

So much fun !!

Review №91

This is nothing like you remember when you were a kid. Dont waste your time going here. Monkey Joes is the closest thing to what we had as kids..

Review №92

I have taken my kids here plenty of times and they had a blast. However, this one is kind of small compared to the ones in South Florida. Seams like everytime Ive been inside there is one or two of the games were down which were disappointing (especially when its kind of small already)Pizza is okay jusy depends honestly. Ive been there and its been good and Ive been there and it tasted like cardboard.The soda machine area is always a mess with liquid all over the place. Just being honest!

Review №93

A lots of games and a delicious pizza

Review №94

The kids had fun, but theres nothing to do if you dont pay for it. All of the slides, tunnels and ball pits that used to be there, are gone...

Review №95

The place itself and concept of a childs arcade is guaranteed to be fun. The reason I give two stars is not the toys, its not the games or the equipment. It was the customer service, the energy they all lack, and experience that is influenced from the Staffing. I was not impressed.I understand they were young employees and its summer, however they clearly didnt enjoy the fact that they were stuck with kids all day. They were not helpful unless approached, even when kids needed assistance and they were standing in front of them.Being young and no adult staff in sight no one stopped some children from doing things they shouldnt and shutting down a whole wall of games while others played.The young girl at the rewards table where you cash in your tickets was the only pleasure working today.All in all you cant go wrong as far as your children having fun, but dont expect much assistance or help answering questions

Review №96

Place was a little stinky on entrance but went away maby because we got used to it. Anyway we had a blast kids loved it! All games worked pizza was great pretty clean all around besides the smell. Only other complaint was there was this one younger lady who seemed annoyed i asked for dipp n dotts for my 4 kids. Just seemed rude an annoyed. Other than that we had a very good time there.

Review №97

Ok. Great for kids but next time hopefully games will be running lol

Review №98

Run down, over crowded, rude staff and about 40% of the games were down

Review №99

Its clean, its ok not very big or have all the games other locations have.

Review №100

Love their salad bar and location

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  • Family friendly:Yes
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