Picture Show at Altamonte Springs
130 E Altamonte Dr Suite 1200, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, United States

Review №1

We enjoyed the New Mutants as a family triple date for the first time out in a long time. A very good time together. Thank you, Picture Show!

Review №2

Definitely worth more than the price! Best value is when you purchase a $1 hot dog or a combo meal. Great for a date night on a budget or for those parents who just want to catch a movie with their kids.

Review №3

Always a great date night here. Super cheap, combos are awesome. Probably the best theatre dogs Ive had and only a dollar. Since the plandemic, theatres are empty so weve even had whole theatres to ourselves.

Review №4

Great budget theater. Parking is hardly an issue and theaters arent usually crowded. Best date spot and place to get your film on. Forever hoping Covid doesnt ruin this iconic staple.

Review №5

Great deal for those on a budget and a bit of nostalgia for Altamonte-area movie-goers! The Picture Show offers great deals on movie prices and reasonable food and drink options for families or those on a budget. Theaters are basic including quality of screen, sound, and seating but match what you’ve paid. It feels very much like a theater of the about a decade ago.Great potential for families or those wanting to “try before you buy” as they show a lot of movies that are either coming out on DVD or already available on DVD. The staff is very kind and accommodating. Great job Picture Show team!

Review №6

When I can see a movie every day of the week for less than the cost of one ticket at a first run theater I can put up with a lot! If you need to see a movie on opening day in a pristine, new theater this is not the place for you. They offer a good variety of movies including 3D. Concession prices are on par with other theaters (expensive!) but tickets starting at $1????? Im in! Ive been coming here for years and staff has always been friendly and does a good job keeping things clean.

Review №7

This theater is ok it needs some interior designing. The seats you sit on are filthy and worn. They definitely need to invest in new seats. Also the drink prices are a little over the top, especially considering the fact they dont offer atleast one refill. But overall the ticket prices are good. Bathroom stall doors need to be replaced bathrooms are always clean thats a plus.

Review №8

This place is great! We were able to see a movie with drinks and popcorn for only $13. We cant beat that!

Review №9

The prices of tickets are extremely low and concession prices are reasonable for a movie theater. Staff is friendly and great with kids. Weve been going to this theater for at least 30 years and hope to continue. This place is an icon in Altamonte Springs.

Review №10

Always a great experience! Where can you see movie for $1.07 and a hot dog for $1?

Review №11

Had a great time! Social distancing a must. Smelled sanitized!!!

Review №12

Good fin & entertainment...$....

Review №13

Exelent place to whach movie

Review №14

As a kid, when we went to the budget theater, it was usually a skivvy place with rickety seats, sticky floors, damp smelling and sub par concessions. With our 5 yr old in tow, we decided to take a chance on going to the movies here. This way, if we had to leave because our hyper boy wanted to act up, we wouldnt be upset about a 1.75 admission. We were PLEASANTLY surprised! It was clean, the seats were comfortable (the arms raised up so our kid could literally lay down) the floors looked least not sticky! The popcorn was fresh and the concession stand was decent. The quality of the movie theater exceeded our expectations considering the admission price. The movie selection was decent, too. I hope this place remains open for a long, long time.

Review №15

Prices are good but the theater obviously is old and the floors are sticky. If you don’t mind that and want to take your kids to the movies for cheap and are willing to wait this is the place to go. Food and drinks are just as expensive as any other theater.

Review №16

We LOVE LOVE LOVE that we can go here for a movie as a family and not have to break the bank! And everyone is always so friendly.

Review №17

Cute little date night. The place isnt the cleanest but its so cheap who really cares? This place has character.

Review №18

Extremely economical and intimate theater to watch Hollywood Blockbusters. Delicious fresh popped popcorn and great snack combos that you would find at all of the high end theaters. Offers a variety of theaters. Be sure and look this one up the next time you want to watch a movie on the Big Screen!

Review №19

Very nice place to enjoy with the family or friends!!!

Review №20

For the price and location its wonderful. Deal on Tuesdays and great hotdogs :) just wish it had bigger seating.

Review №21

Its dirty & disgusting but I love it! Just wear clothes to cover your entire body... Use the bathroom before you go inside.

Review №22

Decent theater. Movie selection is good and seats are comfortable. Cant complain too much since its only $1.75!

Review №23

This family-owned establishment is low price and great quality. The theaters are clean, the staff are friendly, the popcorn is fresh, and the soda is cold. What more could you ask for?

Review №24

Great service, helpful cheerful employees, fantastic prices on everything. Always an enjoyable experience. Always clean and well kept. Our favorite theatre!

Review №25

A really fun place to go for a cheap movie. The food isnt as horribly priced as other theatres either. The theatres are older but they are clean and nice. The bathrooms could usually use a little work, theyre usually a little messy, but not terrible. The theatre itself is kind of tucked away in a corner so it can be hard to miss but I also kind of like that about it because it feels like a place that only the locals know about.

Review №26

The prices are great and the films are just a touch behind first run. So it is not a long wait until they come to this theater apparently but the coat to see the film is quite low. No ticket sellers, just automatic touchpads and swipe your card and get a ticket. Big theatres, though the audience members were a bit loud when speaking to each other. I am planning to return.

Review №27

Whenever I miss a first run movie, I think of Picture Show if I want to see it before disc or Internet release.Its your quintessential dollar theater here with dollar admission only on Tuesdays but its still pretty cheap the rest of the week at $1.75.$20 buys two tickets, large box of candy, pretzel, bottle of water, and meal deal that includes popcorn tray, small Coke, and mini fun candy!! Concessions have always been good for us and easy on the wallet too. Hot dogs are a buck!Not the grungiest dollar theater Ive seen but they havent changed since the 80s, so you should sort of expect that going in. Todays theaters arent what they used to be and though they keep it up pretty good, its looking tired. Remodeling would prolly mean higher prices, so I like them just the way they are.Used to be one of our goto theaters back in the day before the big AMC across the street.What a blast from the past! Seems like yesterday, was playing Darius in the arcade next door when this was a mini mall. Lots of fun.

Review №28

Always enjoy watching movies here. Old, but they try to keep it well maintained. Popcorn and snacks reasonably priced. So great to have a dollar theater close!

Review №29

Definitely one of the cheapest theaters around Orlando. Perfect for taking the kids out on a budget or during holiday breaks. Even the concessions are reasonably priced. The theater is a little older and small (so don’t expect the fancy chairs) but usually always clean and the staff members are super friendly.Not to mention there are plenty of shops close by if you have to wait for the movie to start.

Review №30

I mean the tickets are super cheap, but everytime i go, the theaters are never clean. Spilled soda under the chairs, popcorn on the floors. Im still gonna go, cuz the tickets are like 90% cheaper than other theaters, but its still dirty.

Review №31

Its one of the best kept secrets among of the locals. I really enjoy telling others about this place. My family, friends, and I have come here for years. It is always a part of Thanksgiving night to be here.

Review №32

Affordable movie theater. Especially if you have many kids to take with you. The movie choices are fairly new. The movie meal deal is very affordable with a drink popcorn and a snack sized candy for $5. Just the right size for those little ones. Weekdays cost $1.75 except Tuesdays which are $1 Tuesdays. Great offers.

Review №33

Literally the best!!! Cant beat the price and the location is great

Review №34

You cant go wrong for a $1.75 for a movie. I enjoy coming here to watch movies. Keep this theater around for many more decades. Great price. Keep it that way. Its good for large families or small families.

Review №35


Review №36

I feel like this is one of the best kept secrets in altamonte. You cant beat their prices even for concessions and honestly its the cleanest $1.00 theater Ive been too. Highly recommend. The kids and I love it for cheap afternoon fun!

Review №37

Awesome low priced theater

Review №38

Great prices, clean building, friendly associates but rude patrons. Woman was on her cell the whole time. Had 2 change seats, light from phone flashing off wall was very distracting.

Review №39

If your looking for something to do this place will fit the bill. Movies arent the latest but for the price it will work. Its not the best looking, cleanest place but you get what you pay for. Its a great deal!

Review №40

Loved it! Very well maintained property. Very affordable snacks - good Pop Corn.

Review №41

It was very clean (bathrooms & theaters), staff was really nice, picture and sound quality was good. Best $2 theater Ive seen by far

Review №42

Cheap night out, popcorn and drink w/ a movie for three. $15. good movie choices. support the place buy the popcorn. dont be rude and turn off the cell phone silence the kid. then you and others will have a great date night. low cost..

Review №43

You can’t beat the price! Good movies. Good popcorn. Classic movie experience. Been going here since the 1970’s and now enjoy it with my kids. Saw Saturday Night Fever here!

Review №44

I call this place the dollar theater it is so cheap u just have to wait until the movie gets well more popular... U go to the Christmas store and buy $1 it may not be fantastic but it cheap......

Review №45

Seats were ok, nothing special. Popcorn was fine. Screen is too small, you have to sit in the middle of the theater or a bit closer to have similar effect compared to a regular size theater screen. Speakers were good.

Review №46

Theres just something about this theater I absolutely love. Its not your typical hole in the wall, seedy, cheap, outdated theater. It feels so homey, theres such a thick air of family atmosphere. Theres really just something special here. I really enjoy seeing movies here, more so than any other theater in town.

Review №47

The staff is wonderful and it is a great bargain, but even for a budget movie theater, it needs a little TLC and renovation.

Review №48

Been going here since I was 8, I’m 25 now and it still one of the best movie theaters in Orlando

Review №49

Love this place!! Affordable movies and snacks for the family with fairly new movies as well as older ones available.

Review №50

Before the have more family movie. It was more family environment....

Review №51

Nice....I dont go here as often after I bought a jail broke fire stick!!!

Review №52

Love taking all my grandkids here easy on the wallet and they always have a great time

Review №53

Great price for movies. Good for young kids

Review №54

Great for the price plus $1 hot dogs!Id bring your own drink or snacks tho if youre on a budget because that stuff is pricey.. the place used to reek of urine but it seems like the Establishment has stepped it up since my last visit months ago.

Review №55

Great deal to watch movies a second time or catch up if you never saw then to begin with. Food and drinks are regular price, but still a good option.

Review №56

Great theatre for pricing and mostly clean . Good sound.. Great pricing on popcorn and all food items

Review №57

What a great movie theater $1.75 to watch a movie great popcorn great snacks and great staff and by the way great movies have a great night

Review №58

Its a very simple, budget movie theatre. Tickets are less than $2 everyday and they only show movies that have already been out a couple months. They sell concessions and restrooms are relatively clean. Very much worth it if you are on a budget.

Review №59

Best value/discount theatre hands down. Although food is same price as regal the over all cost with a ticket is much lower. And if you go Tuesday it is only 1 dollar. Ive been here at least 15 times and I have never had a problem with staff or other customers. Seats nice not worn out or torn. Floor is clean and not sticky. Popcorn is fresh. Bathrooms are clean. Its my favorite place to go. Love that they show movies after dvd release gives me a chance to enjoy quality films in peace.

Review №60

It was wonderful!I got a movie ticket with popcorn, lemonade and fruit snacks . All for $ 6.50!!It is a great deal!The place is clean and beautiful!I will be back!!!

Review №61

I can not afford the other theaters but my girls and i love going out to see movies.. so thanks for having the Affordable pricing...It allows them to get the kids meal deal too

Review №62

I wanted to see several movies and we made a day of it. Each theater we went was fairly clean, it basic seating. Its fun if you want to have a movie day out. And there are a few different shops and restaurants nearby for intermission (as I said we made a day of it).

Review №63

Very nice dollar theater clean recent movies. Very nice people and hospitality staff. Clean bathrooms clean aisles clean hallways. Generally overall the whole place just seems and smells clean. For a dollar theater that means a lot.I havent had a show there that I did not like so far. I will keep coming back to see more movies. Its just an overall great place.

Review №64

Whenever my funds are low but I want to bring the kids out for a movie this is my movie place of choice. I can afford the tickets and a meal pack. Theater can use a new renovation but I like it.

Review №65

Went to see Dark Phoenix. Movies are real cheap, food/candy prices are decent. But the movie kept skipping, sound pixelated. And people there are not as respectful (being quiet). The place needs upgrades... looks kind of run down.

Review №66

They show pictures at a very reasonable price. The screens are small compared to most movie houses, but theyre easily compensated for by sitting closer

Review №67

This place is like a movie theater from the 80s. Its a great price for the movie itself but the snacks ended up costing as much as any other theater (unless you get a hotdog because that is only $1)... even a normal bottle of water was priced at $3.50 without tax. The movie quality was a 3/5 with the sound not being that great as well. The bathroom stalls were so tiny that your knees are touching the toilet paper holder while sitting, not to mention the spaces in between the stall doors were so large that you are definitely making eye contact with all who walk past. I would go again if only to watch a movie and make sure to use my home restroom and eat beforehand.

Review №68

Cant beat the deals ...nowhere else to be found .. plus its summertime... Get up, get out and do something... Take the kids or even yourself or your spouse out... heck, the whole house can go and the best part? You can actually afford to buy a snack AND a beverage along with your movie ticket... Ha ha... Enjoy your movie

Review №69

Love how affordable it is to go here with a big family and have a great time with all the pop corn and refreshments.

Review №70

It is really ok but it can be better like bed seats and stuff and a bigger screen and more theaters to watch the movies

Review №71

Yesterday was my first time going.This is an old-school-throw back theater that only Gen Xers and previous would recognize. The smaller chairs inside of a long hall means that you need good eyes in order to sit in the back. The Dolby stereo seems to be more pronounced because of the extra long length of the theater. The prices are unbeatable! I went on a Tuesday and I paid less than $8 for my ticket AND a bucket of popcorn that has a free refill. It was easy to get back in line and pay an additional dollar to see another movie since I still had another bucket of popcorn to eat. I like the at home feel of the place. The workers were Happy Orlando Nice and that was a big plus! Tell the manager to let the workers eat on the house for a whole day, because this is Spring Break week and all those screaming kids had no effect on the workers at all. That large crowd seemed to motivate the employees to go above and beyond and I want them to know, I noticed! Bless you all.

Review №72

Is a great $1 per movie Theater. If you have a bunch of kids or you see every movie thats release, take this theater into account, youre gonna save money. The shop has basic candies, but you always get a tub of porcorp and soda for a fair price.

Review №73

Wish they could just clean the place up some.. carpet cleaned fresh paint on the walls..

Review №74

Best chip movies

Review №75

Very affordable and clean....your going to pay more for concessions...but how do ou think they stay in business........

Review №76

Truly a hidden gem. Customer service was great, bathrooms were clean and the theaters werent packed which I loved. Sadly it has typical theater food prices but other than that its great for the entire family.

Review №77

Saw a great movie with my adult son, at a great price. We almost missed seeing the movie on the big screen thanks for running it.

Review №78

Its very mellow place very good for family couples. Kids ect... the prices of tickets u cannot beat that. Good investment they are kinda pricey with the drinks. But the popcorn is amazing 6$ for a huge bucket and u can have a 2nd free refill its amazing. In my behave I think u can go and try it. U wont regret it!!!

Review №79

Value for your dollar (+75¢). Clean facilities. Always friendly staff. Hot dogs are still $1 only. Pop corn cheese sprinkles, additional melted butter oil, are free for adding. Bigger size theaters and screens, and updated sound system. Family place of movie entertainment on budget. Enjoy when this business model prevails.!

Review №80

Yes for sure go out to the movie theater in Altamonte springs the movie maleficent with Angelina Jolie was really really really good

Review №81

Great theater! Comfortable chairs and you cant beat the prices. Just wish there were more theaters like this one that offer discount prices.

Review №82

Great price for movies that have been lit for a while. The theaters could use some updating tho. New seats and a deep cleaning. Other then that it is great for what you pay for

Review №83

The seats can be a tad bit gross, but you know what you are getting into for $1.75. The concession prices are great and we enjoyed the Popcorn and Nachos.

Review №84

Stall was friendly, snaks were easy to get. We had, water ,coke ,popcorn, and candy all fresh and good. Just an older theater. But clean.

Review №85

Love this place you just cant beat a two dollar movie if the movie sucks you only lost two bucks. They obviously dont leave money on the tickets to try to help them out by their $5 sodas I know its against my Judaism to spend $5 on soda but thats what keeps the place open so I dont mind

Review №86

Relatively acceptable. Affordable but a feeling of ghetto.

Review №87

Great deal on tickets all the time!!!!! It is clean for the most part. Can be pretty spacious in theaters at certain times. Love it!

Review №88

This place is honestly great. Everything is cheap, but really decent quality. The popcorn is good, and the classic Large Soda + Tub of Popcorn deal is only $10. Thats almost $8 less than the AMC right up the road, if Im not mistaken. My friend and I were able to buy 2 tickets, a hot dog, a Coke slushie, and the LG Soda + Tub for $19 and change. Thats crazy. Yes, the screens arent the best; yes, they are movies that have probably been out of mainstream theaters for a few weeks; yes, the theaters are old-school and if someone tall sits in front of you, their head will be at least a little in the way. But, as long as none of that bothers you too much, you really cant go wrong coming here. I mean seriously, $1.75 on most days for a big screen experience? And only $1 on Tuesdays? Hard to come by these days. And as per the clip before the movie, its a family owned company, which we should all strive to support whenever we can.

Review №89

My wife and I love this theater. What makes it even better is the fact that we love 50s style places and this place brings us back in time. We are really tight on money and we love going here for a little date to catch a movie. The snacks are very affordable too and honestly its pretty well kept. It feels old and cozy at the same time and we love it!

Review №90

Great place for the price. I would definitely go again!

Review №91

Good place to go with the family. The tickets are at low price

Review №92

Excellent and economic plan! You can find tickets at $1 or $1.50.

Review №93

I love the inexpensive movie experience! The concessions are not bad either.

Review №94

Awesome theater that has movies that are inches away from extinction and the admission is a dollar. The concession stand isnt expensive either and have really great movie theater snacks. The seating is really comfortable, stadium, and the sound system is superb. Its a great place to catch that movie you kept saying youd see, you thought it was outta theaters for good, but the Picture Show will just be getting it.

Review №95

Best place for affordable movie time. Every Tuesday movies are $1

Review №96

Great family fun and affordable. Recommend it to everyone

Review №97

Theater is filthy, hot dogs taste like something I brought from home, but for under $2 cant really complain

Review №98

$1 movies. What else can I say? I am happy!

Review №99

Nice to chill

Review №100

Always awesome!!

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  • Address:130 E Altamonte Dr Suite 1200, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 407-644-7469
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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