AMC Altamonte Mall 18
433 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, United States

Review №1

It was so good to see a movie with so many people here. Covid 19 perksCome to the movies everyone there are plenty of seats and good movies out.

Review №2

All staff was great. Practice of covid 19 safety is in effect.....only draw back is no cash taken for payment inside for concessions

Review №3

Easier to navigate during covid with the app. We were far from other guests and our popcorn and drinks were waiting for us. Not too many people and we felt safe all around. Wouldve gotten 5 stars but only one soda machine was working at the time.

Review №4

Nice to go to a movie. First since C-19. The projector had an issue. But management apologized and offered passes to make up for it... which I didnt ask for. Rarely see that type of customer service these days. Ill be back.

Review №5

There are a lot of stores with a unique flare. The movie theater is amazing and VIP reservation is available for large parties or a large family. Coke awards honored here including free. Family friendly location

Review №6

Clean and awesome concession Choices. Full liquor bar and great staff. Theater seats recline and are comfortable.

Review №7

One of my favorite theaters in Orlando! Really spacious theaters, comfortable chairs, great food/drink selection (includes a seperate bar area), and the staff is reslly nice. All the movie decor is really great too!! I love seeing movies here!!

Review №8

Cannot be stated how awful this theater is.One time I came here to watch a movie on premiere day and the show was cancelled. They moved me to a 3D showing which was blurry.Recently, I saw a movie with Fathom Events. It looked like they played it from a DVD. Screen was jittery and blurry, and also had these weird green lines that appeared around outlines.Hoping Regal Winter Park opens soon.

Review №9

I am an A-list member that always sees one of the last movies of the day vending but I have disappointed time after time... The bar and concession are either closed or have limited options... Ex. Today the beer on tap was low, ok, I got over it, I took whatever was left, but then went to order a pizza and was told no more hot food for the night... It is always something since they re-opened.

Review №10

I really enjoy this theater. Way better than a regal experience. The Dolby is an especially great experience. Full bar. Stubs pass is amazing. Only one reason I am not giving 5 stars, they need to do a better job at cleaning the Dolby theater in between movies.

Review №11

Very clean. Reserving your seats online, really helps with effectively practicing social distancing.

Review №12

Good social distancing practices in place, our 1st movie in 2020 and honestly it was a great experience. Unhinged was a very good movie too!

Review №13

Post COVID-19, everyone had a mask going in. Seating is well spaced. A few removed the mask after taking a seat. After the show two workers came in to spray.

Review №14

Hey... its open, serving food, very clean, and there was literally 9 people in the theatre including me and my two friends. Thats 2020 for ya.

Review №15

Clean, great area, loved the lake walk acrossed the street.

Review №16

I dont hate the place I have never been there

Review №17

Comfortable in every way and beside the place tidy, amazing place.

Review №18

Great experience today. We have the AMC Stubs membership and we received $5 off the movie tickets. In addition, when we went to order popcorn and a drink and we got it for free because one of the benefits of having the AMC Stub Premier membership is getting a birthday gift during the month of your birthday. You get a free large pop corn and large fountain drink. It is automatically redeemed when you go to the stand and show your membership card. The movie we watched was Dr. Doolittle which I recommend. We really enjoyed our movie night at AMC.

Review №19

Very clean. Not many guests. Hopefully it picks up and they make it through the pandemic.

Review №20

This is my favorite movie theater! The Dolby theater is the best way to watch movies. Yes its pricey but so worth it. They also have a program called fathom events they are amazing!

Review №21

I always go this movie theatre with my friends and it’s really fun! Dolby is out of this world and has the best quality sound I’ve ever heard. I’m glad that they now have reserved seating for everything so now I can just know that my seats won’t be taken!

Review №22

Absolutely love the people here, they’re so beautifully hearted and just some good genuine people, but i can’t say the same about the GM tom. He doesn’t treat anyone equal while working here it’s so upsetting, i recently got fired for an issue that could of easily been fixed with communication but like i said unfortunately Tom treats everyone differently and unfairly. Joseph, Ashton & Trivella (mangers) are such a beautiful crew and they all deserve better.

Review №23

We saw Spies in Disguise which is a great animation featuring Will Smith! Soooooooo good! Great family movie! The customer service is always so awesome here and the staff is super cool! It an awesome place to just chill. The concession area is always clean crowded with fresh hot popcorn and food. We had a great overall experience! Thanks guys!

Review №24

AMC Altamonte Mall 18 is a great movie theater. As you would guess, it is right next to the Altamonte Springs Mall. There is tons of parking from the mall and two small parking garages. They have the latest movies and screens like Imax and comfortable seats too. They even have a full bar and all the normal movie foods.

Review №25

I Watched John wick 3 today. It was amazing! And the theater I was in was okay clean and the quality of the sound and image for a regular theater was good. I Did not try the Dolby experience there yet, but Dolby is the best way to experience a movie by far! If you havent tried it, you need to!

Review №26

Kinda expensive, but what does one expect of a modern movie theater. At least you can refill your soft drink with the Coca-Cola product flavored as you would like!They have very comfy seats, stadium seating and an excellent sound system.

Review №27

Food is way over priced. I wish they would lower their prices and have better food options. Lots of junk food. Go well fed before you head there.I am not sure when was the last this theater got a face lift.. But it definitely needs one.Reclining seats would awesome.

Review №28

Every time we go its an awesome experience. Clean theaters and nice staff. After working in a theater myself, I know how hard it can be but Im always pleasantly surprised that Ive never seen one negative person.

Review №29

My fiancé and I are AMC A List members and we love it! We try to come once a week but the membership allows up to 3 movies a week which is amazing!! We love the free upgrades on fountain drinks and popcorn (regular to large), the priority lanes for AMC Stubs A-List & Premiere Members and the simplicity of the app when selecting our seats! This theater has always been clean and has a friendly crew. We haven’t had any issues and don’t think we will!

Review №30

Best location and great security team and very professional.

Review №31

This is a great place to catch a flick. I wish they would upgrade their chairs to recline, especially since they now have reserved seating. I also wish they would being back the regular stubs card and do away with the subscription based card. Another nice to have would be more cashiers at the concession during break hours.

Review №32

Nothing special about theater 15, basic seating. Arm rests did not lift and seats did not recline. Felt cramped against the stranger who sat next to me. Food service was good, not super fast, but fast enough. Decent selection of movie snacks, food, and drinks (Coca-cola products).

Review №33

Their seating is great and the movie experience itself is top notch in my opinion, but there is definitely a Customer Service issue. The greeters tend to be less than pleasant and dont want to be bothered with doing their jobs. The concessions situation is abysmal! If the Rewards Members line had anyone in it then only one other cashier addresses the non member line. We literally stood for 20 minutes and were late for our movie with 4 cashiers because 3 were servicing the Members Only line.

Review №34

Didnt have pretzels. Other than that okay.

Review №35

My family and I went to see DeadPool last night 5/19/2018. The manager on duty that night was very helpful. We had no issues and the prices were reasonably. Restroom was clean and so was the lobby area. There is a lot of parking. This theatre is next to the Altamonte Mall

Review №36

My only complaint is that I wish all the seats were recliners.however, even in the non-recliner seats, the chairs are comfortable and wide. Screen and audio quality is good.

Review №37

This AMC is in need of a serious makeover, seats are dirty, worn, and faded. The red or burgundy seat covers are dark and or looking dirty white due to fading. And I would love to see a more healthy options in the food section. Offer some fruits or a vegetable. Bathroom is just old and raggedy

Review №38

Movie theater at its best to watch all latest movie releases. Fast purchase of tickets and clean atmosphere !!

Review №39

Dolby cinema theater with reclining seats. Super awesome state of the art place to watch movies. The dolby sound had the lady next to me contemplating and complaining about how loud the theater is (she couldnt handle it) regardless the movie theater seats couldve been cleaner is my only complaint with popcorn stuck between the cracks of the seats. Probably one the best spots to see a movie. But make sure to buy tickets in advance the place fills up quick.

Review №40

I really enjoy this theatre, especially this time of year when Disney Springs is really crowded. Theres always avalaible parking spots and the Dolby room is a blast.You wont find Dine In rooms there but if you just intend to watch a movie and head back home this is a really good option.

Review №41

Always have a great time at this theater. I love their ticket Tuesday deals! They have lots of good food and a full service bar as well.

Review №42

I am an AMC awards member and its great. I pay about $20 a month and I can see any movie up to three time a week. If youre an avid movie goer, I highly recommend!! The theater is nice and clean. The only thing that can be a problem is during the holidays its extremely busy. It always seems it be short staffed in concessions so having to wait in very long thats going very slow can be quite frustrating. So I recommend getting there a little early during the holidays or when a popular movie is coming out

Review №43

Excelente place... Excellent customer service... Wonderful movie

Review №44

Great location and staff are lively and good. They need to staff better during peak hours in their concession stand. Other than that, all around good. Not quite 2010s like other theaters but technical quality picture and sound are up to date. Lovely place to spend a non-busy evening to enjoy a movie.

Review №45

The movie movie quality is amazing twt,, I just saw the new my hero movie (AMAZING BTW!!!) and I loved that the volume was just right,, the people working there were amazing,, and it was over-all an amazing experience

Review №46

Old style theater, current prices. Seats are very uncomfortable, its crowded, and honestly, I know its not the theaters fault, but everyone in there was coughing. Yes, I understand that they cannot control this, but I would have been a lot less bummed out about it had I more personal space, and a comfortable seat, like most other modern theaters. Anyway, I probably wont go back unless they update it.

Review №47

Very nice, newer theatres. Good quality seats, sound and screens. I would recommend.

Review №48

Seats dont fully recline but nice clean theatre. Awesome sound system. Concession has many nice add- ons like caramel corn and cheese corn . Concession staff very friendly and accommodating.

Review №49

A great theatre to visit. Lots of places to park, lots of movies showing all the time, and really quality theatres. This is the place to come for a big summer blockbuster, like a marvel movie. Their sound system is excellent.

Review №50

The seats are basic, but it was clean... Free mints, and the staff was nice.

Review №51

We love epic films like Star Wars but the sound level shouldnt blow your ear drums out. We came prepared with ear plugs but I have seen all the SW films over the years and its only in the last few years Ive had to complain to management about the sound level. I was told they cant change it because its set by the studio. So we come with ear plugs and dont go to as many movies.

Review №52

Very nice theater. AMC is the top of the line for movie theater experiences. I saw star wars rise of Skywalker in Dolby Atmos and it was definitely worth it. The bass from the action scenes would literally shake your seat. AMC stubs rewards is also amazing and the best movie rewards program Ive seen offered.

Review №53

Who doesnt like going to the movies and eating way oversized food and drinks. Comfy seats. Clean and staff friendly.

Review №54

The seats were comfortable and the popcorn was fresh.This was a good theater. The sound was good and there was no bleed through from adjacent theaters. The picture was clear and the seats were comfortable (although not recliners as I have seen at other AMC theaters). The theater and bathrooms were clean.

Review №55

AMC Altamonte was a nice experience. The theater was clean and the staff friendly. As with most movie theaters, the food prices are too high. Go see movies, it was fun!

Review №56

I had a good time with family, facility is nice but good God...the price of snacks is unreal.

Review №57

The seats are so comfy. It was a great experience. The food was good also.

Review №58

In a convenient area. Other than that nothing great about the place. Seating is dirty, bathrooms are gross. Staff is just there...

Review №59

Large theater .. remodeled years ago from 3 screens to 18 including 1 screen with recliners... has alcohol available... clean.. in a good part of town.. easy to get to..

Review №60

Always very crowded, but the service is great. Staff is really nice and the place is always clean.

Review №61

The theater here is nice...the audio was amazing, lighting the way I like to watch movies and the presentation when you walk in does the magic. The only issue we had were the seats. Theyre a little beat up and could use an upgrade. Nothing thats unbearable.The AMC Stubs is Golden, so we absolutely will be visiting here often.

Review №62

Stadium seating is great, sound system is perfect. Youll wait in line forever to buy a ticket or get food. We skipped the popcorn and drinks because of the line, as Im sure many people did. It took us at least 20 minutes to buy a ticket. Why do companies make it difficult to take my money? Get there 45 minutes before your movie on a Friday night if you want popcorn.

Review №63

Love the premise seating feature online. Movie was good. No problems.

Review №64

Your normal AMC, always expensive but good. I do prefer the $1 theater just 2 minutes from there. Picture Showtime.

Review №65

To begin with Handicapped parking was convenient. Then our time ordering at the concession counter was pleasant. Robyn served us and she was very welcoming and patient. She didnt rush us or give us attitude since we ( party of 4 ) were visiting the first time and we werent familiar with the menu. She made sure we were content with what we ordered. She is one reason we would return to this theater in the future and we live in the Waterford Lakes area.The theater needed a little better cleaning since we had to get napkins to throw out candy wrappers left in our seats and cup holders. Theater # 12 was comfortable and the sound was balanced to a decent level. I rather have it just a touch lower but it was ok. Temperature was comfortable and leaving the theater was easy without much crowds trying to enter while we were leaving.I would visit this theater because it met our expectations.

Review №66

Absolutely love this theater! Been a AMC Stubs A lister for over a year and the experience has been nothing short of awesome! Theyre always promotions gong on... Free upgrades and free items from the concessions for birthdays.I love organizing group movie nights with my A lister friends. And btw whoever says no one goes to the theater by themselves... Clearly theyre no premier member! cause when you get to watch 3 free movies per week... You start to run outta people to Invite .

Review №67

Horrible! No recliners? Really? I could watch a non anticipated movie nice and comfortable up north. Come to FL to watch an anticipated movie...not so much.

Review №68

Decent movie theater with clean seats, floors and restrooms. Usually screens any movie with a decent budget.

Review №69

This theater is so elegant. Seating is luxurious. The place is kept clean.

Review №70

3D movie was totally different than the regular movies. But are excellent at this location. Clean bathrooms and lobby. The only downfall is there lack of games to play.

Review №71

Great concession stand with good selection of real food. Only some of the theaters are updated, the rest are small and seats arent very comfortable. Clean inside, easy parking in garage.

Review №72

Great movie theater. They even have a bar area you can sit and enjoy some drinks before your movie. They have a multitude of different theaters, from IMAX, to Real3D, to the Dolby cinema theater with awesome sound. They even have reclining seats in some theaters

Review №73

I thought the volume was too high.

Review №74

There were several prepackaged gluten free options however finding any prepared food that is gluten and/or dairy free is impossible. Service is good and the theatres are comfortable.

Review №75

Great theater...stadium seating.Seat selection given for theaters with lots of room between to distance for COVID.This is my go-to theater...The big comfy leather seats in the Dolby Theater are fantastic...the recline is a great angle for viewing plus the seats vibrate during action scenes so you feel like you are in the action...

Review №76

Spaciage Comfortable seating, along with friendly and polite staff! As well as decent selection of food.

Review №77

The girl at the refreshment counter was using her phone when we walked up. The theater itself is ok. Not as nice as some the AMC theaters Ive been to, but it does the job.

Review №78

Nice little local theater. Staff is so agreeable, but I visited in off hours. Clean fun!

Review №79

Good quality mall

Review №80

The Dolby Cinema here is great and has comfortable recliner seats, but the rest of the theater needs to be updated. The seats are often dirty and or stained. The concession is often understaffed, leading to long lines. I used to enjoy going to this theater, but lately I find myself choosing Regal instead.

Review №81

Spacious and clean. Variety of movies. Has hot food. And $5.00 Tuesdays. Also $5.00 popcorn and drink special.

Review №82

The Dolby Theater is awesome but the other theaters could use a seating upgrade.

Review №83

I have A list and love this theater a lot however, the power at this location keeps going out. Its always someone is hitting a transformer or it just went out. I get it, things happen but in the last 6 months, this is a common occurrence. Just went out last Friday for Frozen ll and now tonight as well. Figure something out AMC altamonte or Ill cancel along with my family and go to Regal. Enough is enough because its getting real old.

Review №84

Great movie theater! Right next to everything even the dollar theater down the road.

Review №85

I made so many amazing memories with friends while enjoying amazing movies, five out of five for amc putting up with me

Review №86

Been coming here to see movies for years and always have a good time

Review №87

Ok but could be updated. No stadium seating, a bit crowded when full. Would like to see upgrades to food, not just snacks available.

Review №88

Greeted with professionalism... Upbeat staff and clean.

Review №89

Had a blast with my little one great price and clean theater

Review №90

Horrible customer service at the ticket booth. Stated to me that I was not a alist member. We argued to the point that I missed half the movie. I see now why tickets are better to be bought online so dodge ticket counter. The rest of the place is fine. Some people some of the time like to tell people to be quiet in the theatres pretty rude and some actually go to management so terrible. Never a long line at ticket booth. I see why lol. I do usually get 3 free movies a week for 25$ a month is wonderful. Also I had brought my grandson for a 8PM movie and was told he wasnt allowed in because no kids his age are allowed after 6PM. Pretty weird I think. Their so strict i hadnt heard that ever before. So $15 later i ubered him back home the night was terrible.

Review №91

Love this theater. Even better now that they offer alcohol :)

Review №92

I wish I could give no stars, I was treated with such disrespect by the security guard who accused me of being underaged and wanting to see a rated R movie. Im 23 for goodness sake, and I am offered no apology for the way I was treated, I contacted their help line and their solution is head back to this horrible place and ask for free movie tickets, as if Id ever want to return to such a place again.

Review №93

Went to see the movie Overcomer! Excellent movie Awesome sound system. My only disappointment was I thought this theatre had those electric recliner seats. Especially for paying $12.50 each for tickets before 5pm.

Review №94

So happy to see Broadway final night film. Waited in line 20 minutes for popcorn. Missed opening minutes of the film. Bathrooms were much quicker and clean.

Review №95

Sat in the Dolby cinema, and its nice to see the reclining seats, finally. However, they managed to even make that feel cramped - Im 510 and had to bend my legs to keep my feet off wall in front of me... That means any time someone inside needs to leave everyone else has to move their foot portion of the recliner to allow passage. I MUCH prefer AMC at West Oaks in Ocoee... Better seating, better layout, lower prices, much less traffic.

Review №96

Nice the people are great they are open for x mas and thats nice they give up their holiday to be there so people can enjoy the show thank you for being open on Christmas

Review №97

This theater was not a pleasant experience at all. It want clean by any means whatsoever. Everyone was rude from the time my ticket was taken to the concession cashier. Which was the rudest one of them all. It seemed like the rest of the employees avoided eye contact as not to speak. The seats were stick and I slipped on liquid that was left on the floor after the cleaning of the auditorium. I even wrote in to corporate just to get a generic response that was never followed up.

Review №98

Nice clean theater whit big screen and great sound. Seat reservation its great.

Review №99

Lil on the expensive side the bathroom I was tring to go to was over flowed with toilet paper all over the floor normally they r pretty clean but I did go on Christmas the seating was good. I have neck problems so was a lol bit uncomfortable for me . over all they are good not great but getting there .

Review №100

Nice wide rows so you can easily get to your middle seat!

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  • Address:433 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 407-551-2262
  • Movie theater
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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