Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
28373 Alicia Pkwy, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, United States

Review №1

It was a great day. 20+ people, all masked, started at the park and ebiked to Woods Corner. Most ate there.. A great vibe, good people and totally in line with all the rules the governor pushes on the people of California. Altho, dont push too hard Gov...Everyone made it back in one piece and Im sure all are looking forward to the next ride, sticking with the rules weve live by for 244 years...Ride on...

Review №2

The multiple trail options are an escape into nature and great workout for any level of hikers. Explore for miles and enjoy the ocean and canyon views! Don’t forget to bring water!

Review №3

I mountain bike here. The climbs are great and very challenging. The downhill is fun as well. I did Rocket twice. Second time I made it down the rock gardens w/o issue. I prefer El Prieto as it has a great combination of flow trail w jumps and rock garden but this was a good change and great climbing exercise

Review №4

Bit over-rated. No dogs signs posted, but dog poop seen every few steps. They should either allow dogs and provide poop bags, or enforce the rule. No signs or guidelines on Covid, re: wearing masks and social-distancing. Nine out of 10 visitors were seen without masks. Disappointed, overall. Was expecting spectacular surroundings and views. Unlikely to visit again.

Review №5

We parked our cars here and got on the Aliso Creek bike trail for some family exercise. The parking was $3.00 and the bathroom facilities were open and operating. However, the bathrooms close early at 5pm and the parking lot shuts down at sunset. We returned to the parking lot when it was dark and, fortunately, the parking lot gates were still open. I wish the place will be more specific about exactly at what time the gates will get closed.The parking lot is not paved so there will be a lot of dust.The bike trail is just okay and there is some nasty sewage smell. Plus, we didnt like that e-bikes and e-scooters are prohibited.

Review №6

Nothing was particularly scenic or interesting about this park. I hiked about 7 miles on the equivalent of a dirt road in full sun. The landscape never changed and thd creek trails were nowhere near the creek. It might be ok for cycling, but I dont recommend hiking here.

Review №7

Great place for biking or hiking. Saw 3 deers and a bobcat, as well as roadrunners! 6.5 mile round trip from water treatment plant to Ranger Station.

Review №8

Nice biking/hiking trail but substantial crowds. Parking lot was full so plan accordingly.

Review №9

Plenty of trails to hike on with different difficulty levels - easy, medium, and hard. I suggest parking at Alta Laguna Park by the Top of the World for free parking. There is an interesting trail called Car Wreck that is fun to hike on and you can see an abandoned car.

Review №10

Make sure you read signs since its Residential parking only. I parked adjacent the freeway. Good way to warm up walking through the neighborhood.

Review №11

I lived right across the street from this gorgeous trail for about 2 years. It never got old, I love every mile of that creek. It introduced me to so many of my favorite native birds. American Kestrels, Great Blue Herons, barn owls, Ravens, Cooper’s hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, etc I name mostly raptors because of how fascinating they are!!! Enjoy

Review №12

Amazing place for a walk, hike, bike, or run. Plenty of wildlife if you go early we see deer often.

Review №13

Good exercise. Connects to top of the world, which is pretty on a sunny day

Review №14

Love this place. Easy walking or biking. Peaceful and usually not crowded. Great for all ages.

Review №15

Best MTB trails, waaay too many ebikes for a place that claims theyre illegal..

Review №16

Such a beautiful natural park steps away from civilization. There are several multi use trails with different difficulty level. The trails are clean and left to nature with minimal tender human care. There are multiple entrances to the park depending on where you enter and which trails you take you might get surprised by the wild life. If you are lucky you can run into grazing deer family. There are sight of mountain lions as rumored.The trails are well marked with difficulty level and distance. The main trail in the canyon is shaded with trees. The blooming season can be experienced here in abundance. The cactis, wild flowers and occasional wild life makes this park an experience for whole family. The dogs are allowed on main trails but not on ones that connects upper and canyon trails due to wildlife danger. The park is favorites for mountain bikers and can get quite busy.You can get glimpse of ocean views on upper trail that leads to world famous top of the world. There are also few caves that gives you glimpse of earlier life in orange county.Dont forget hats, sunscreen and water and enjoy the wilderness offered

Review №17

Awesome park, you cant get lost. Lord of helpful folks here. Also the trails are nicely marked.

Review №18

I love this trail its a bit of a challenge my and I were on there today my goal was to get to the top of the hill or top of the world.

Review №19

High quality maintained trails. So many paths along these interlocking ridges. Cool shady fire road crisscrossing the creek. Dripping Cave is super relaxing.

Review №20

Nice park for biking (MTB) and hiking with a number of good trails. There are also some decent vista points from the top. If youre a good mtn biker and want a challenge, try Mathis, Cholla, Rock-It, Lynx, ... Coyote is also nice. Lots of wild flowers in season and some cool rocky parts. The only downside is that you have to walk or ride on flats for a while before you get to the interesting parts. And watch out for rattle snakes!

Review №21

One of the best mountain biking places around. Serene, some technical and steep trails, and never a good range of trails.

Review №22

Great place to ride Mt Bikes with fun trails good workout and nice people

Review №23

Favorite trails. They all lead back together = less chance of getting lost. Old timer cyclists are friendly and directionally helpful!

Review №24

Loved the bike through the mountains, the climb was difficult as it was my first time, but lots to see here.

Review №25

Compared to other nature parks in the area, noisier than most. Paved roads easy access for wheelchairs. Lots of runners & bikes.

Review №26

My sister and I went there today and had a great time. We did two of the trails and loved spending time in nature. A BEAUTIFUL gem in O.C.

Review №27

An awesome park with a vast variety of environments to explore! Wildlife is very active and there are various trails for any level of difficulty. The scenery is beautiful and the park is a wonderful place to explore.

Review №28

Very limited parking, very crowed trail. Kinda short paved trail.

Review №29

One of my favorite places to go on a beautiful day is in our own backyard! Wood Canyon is full of different trails that leave the noise and traffic of Orange County far behind. A range of very easy to difficult trails means each adventure into the park feels fresh and new. One of the main trails is paved so its good for wheelchairs. I love to hike but many enjoy mountain biking through the park. Early morning and dusk hikes can be full of wildlife spotting including deer, coyote, road runners, all kinds of birds, and yes be careful of rattle snakes! Very kid friendly, but be sure to bring your water and sunscreen.

Review №30

This place is soooooo cool. Went for a mountain bike ride with some friends. Its unbelievable how beautiful it is. So many different trails, and the views are so worth it. Lots of deer as well. Cant wait to go back

Review №31

Decided to take the Aliso Creek Trail for about 1.5 miles. It was super easy all paved and there were lots of other users so it felt very safe. I could not believe this gem hides deep in Aliso. You feel like you are so far from any kind of city life.

Review №32

Good atmosphere . Getting there was risking . Avoid FasTrack

Review №33

Looks like it might be beautiful, but no dogs allowed at this OC Park. We didnt make it past the parking lot.

Review №34

Beautiful gentle trails.

Review №35

I love hiking here!! The scenery and the trails are beautiful! Most of the trails are easy for beginners. It’s a very large open area bordering Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel. There are so many different trails that lead to one another! Definitely will come back for more pictures!

Review №36

Great trails. First time 4 me. .

Review №37

Very pretty view.

Review №38

Well maintained trails for walking and cycling

Review №39

Great bike path.

Review №40

Nice California chaparral wildlands!

Review №41

Great park. Miles of trails. Great for family hiking, running, or mountain biking. Lots of wildlife. Beautiful trails.Porta potties in the parking lot. And at one major turning point a ways into the trail.Beautiful views and lots to explore. Bring comfortable shoes/hiking boots, water, and snacks. :)

Review №42

Great park to hike or bike. Long trails that are easy to moderate level, both paved and dirt trails. Add in a couple of landmarks with a dash of history and boom you got a nice day out.

Review №43

Aliso and Wood Canyon is beautiful and always a fun ride, especially during the week. Weekends are crowded but you can enter at Laguna Niguel Regional Park and ride or walk across the street to Aliso. Also buy a park pass for $55 ($35 for seniors) good for a year and you never have to pay $3 -$5 at either park.

Review №44

Liked it but couldnt walk most of the trail due to rain and the trails are closed up tk 3 days after rain.

Review №45

Various horse, hiking and biking trails ranging from easy to difficult. Well maintained with portable toilets.

Review №46

Great place for hiking, biking, or just walking. Beautiful nature and saw deer on our walk this morning.

Review №47

I love the hikes and nature at this conveniently located wilderness park, however the trail quality for other use types is impacted by the volume of mountain bikers. They tend to go very fast and sometimes groups will crowd the entire trail, seemingly oblivious to other users and causing ruts in damper areas. If it were not for that factor, this park would be an absolute gem.

Review №48

Great place to get away from the city and take a hike or bike ride. The new (not yet open) welcome center looks like it is going to be really nice...

Review №49

Great trails! Love the Car Wreck Trail. So many good ones!

Review №50

One of my favorite places. It is my go-to bike ride. Both paved and mountain bike trails. Also wonderful walks and more strenuous hiking. When it is greened up in the spring, you might think youre in Scotland.

Review №51

Cool place to hike!

Review №52

Dog are not welcome at any trails in this area

Review №53

Beauty endowed upon this place by nature. Could not reach in yoga hike but could feel that it’s wonderful place by good administration. Good area for feeling nature.

Review №54

A great set of trails for amateur and skilled riders alike. A lot of room on most trails for both hikers and riders.I highly suggest going off trail to make your own cool little discoveries. I remember there was this one cave that led back to a little river covered in poison oak, but past the poison oak forest was a tight valley. Following the valley back youd come to an end where you had to scale up to the top of a sheer rock face. Then on top of that rock face was a bushy area with a great view and a mysteriously placed rusted out ford truck.Great memories here.

Review №55

There are some great mountain biking trails for riders of all skill levels. Ive seen little kids on dirt bikes riding them with their parents. Some of the trails are pretty technical, so talk to someone in the know or read about the trails somewhere like on Geoladders. Some of the trails are not meant for the novice rider, so beware. Rock-It is a pretty steep descent on (as the name indicates) rock. If you dont know what you are doing you could really take a tumble and get hurt. There was a dirt single track on the right side of Rock-It to allow for an easier trail down, but the recent rains have put a big ditch down the middle of that from drainage and it is no longer an option. And if youre hiking on them, watch out for crazy riders bombing down the hill.

Review №56

This is such a wonderful spot to go hiking, biking or mountain biking. Its peaceful and very well kept. You feel like you are in the middle of the wilderness, you cant here any road noise or see house (unless you go high up the trails). Really great place to go.Parking cost $3 and they only have portable toilets though. If you have a bike, you can always bike to the closest park to find better facilities.

Review №57

One of my favorite Orange County Regional Parks. And Ive been to all of them. You can get all kinds of mileage hiking wise on different Trails create your own loops and for where it is theres an abundance of wildlife Ive seen Deere Bobcats coyotes roadrunners of course Hawks vultures just really neat here.

Review №58

Awesome park with a vast variety of environments to explore!

Review №59

Serene. Happy friendly people walking running biking, families, groups, kids and pets. Many Trail options to explore

Review №60

Nice easy hike. 1st mile or so is mostly uphill with a beautiful view of a canyon and as you get closer to the top you get a nice view of the ocean. 2 miles there and 2 miles back. Dog friendly.

Review №61

Beautiful views

Review №62

Nice place to hike with all the spring wildflowers out. Not too strenuous or too hot. Trail to Dripping Cave closed for repair.

Review №63

Great network of trails from easy to advance. Close to all South Orange County.

Review №64

It was a nice mix of hard trails and easy trails. Nearly endless riding for one day. It was kindof confusing finding parking, other than that it was totally awesome.

Review №65

Quiet peaceful walk in a natural setting. Not much shade so choose an overcast day or bring a hat and sunscreen.

Review №66

Excellent trails for different levels. Beautiful wild flowers all over

Review №67

I just decided to stop there all of a sudden it was already getting to be sunset soon. Thats why I did not get to investigate the whole park the little bit I did see was very nice and clean I will probably going there before the summers out again

Review №68

This is good place to hiking there

Review №69

Very nice trails, gorgeous after a good rainfall.

Review №70

Nice hike. Great hiking or roars or my biking for family! Outhouses available. My favorite place to go with so many levels you can do. Nice to pack a picnic and eat in a beautiful spot. With the fires everything was cleaned up and growing. Not too many hiking places left with Irvine company building homes, condos and apartments all o we the hills in Irvinecand Laguna Canyon.

Review №71

This place is beautiful anyone that goes there will love it

Review №72

Great park that has many trails. If you mountain bike or just like to walk this place is perfect. For mountain biking there are many trails that are easy to follow and are also well kept. The parking is right at the trailhead, and there are restrooms on the lot.The map is easy to follow, and be ready to see wildlife. You will have opportunities to see deer, roadrunners, and many more.

Review №73

When you are in this park it is so hard to believe you are in the middle of over-populated Orange County. You really get the sense of being out in the wilderness. There are trails for all skill levels. I love the Top of the World! It is a strenuous hike for this old grandma but oh the views when you reach the top! Magnificent! The hike to the Old Corral is an easy level walk. Visit the ranger office before heading out if you have kids. There are all sort of stuffed critters. They will soon have a new Visitor Center. Watch out for rattlesnakes. I hiked this park may times while living in Aliso Viejo. Just made my first trip back since moving last year and visiting this park was on my must do list. OC does a great job with there parks system. If you live in Orange County, get the OC Parks and Beach parking pass. Well worth the money.

Review №74

Beautiful area to walk or hike.

Review №75

Kudos to those that had the forethought to set aside places like this in the middle of suburban Orange County.Can get crowded but theres plenty of room to spread out and lots of secret corners and little used trails to explore if you look closely.Classic mountain bike trsils, sandstone caves and old (and new) west history easily justify a visit to this OF hem of a park!

Review №76

Great place for birding. There about 2 hours and saw 39 species. Wilson Snipe and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers

Review №77

Amazing hike action. A lot of strenuous trailsm

Review №78

Great for walks, hikes, mountain biking. Has a nice little museum for kids in the beginning. Early mornings and sunsets youll find lots of wild life walking about. Ive seen snakes, coyotes, deer nice to see some wildlife in a suburb

Review №79

Meh... more of a mountain bike park than a hiking park. Trail maps were hard to follow. Passed by a park ranger...he looked at me like he wanted to see proof of citizenship....

Review №80

Wonderful nature reservations. We need to protect and expand these beautiful lands for many generations to come. Please let us get together and connect the AW to Aliso beach. It would be such a wonderful improvement.

Review №81

Great hiking. Cycling and hiking with great views and food people. No pets allowed. Can see snakes, coyotes and deer. My zen place.

Review №82

Great place to hike some trails. Trails are full sun (sunscreen and lots of water is a must). LOTS of mountain bikers on the same trail. Even though hikers have the right of way, lots of them speed down the trail. Just fyi.

Review №83

Perfection. Great people on the trails with you. Keep it clean please

Review №84

This is the place to be if you are hiking or shredding the mtb. If you don’t know, now you know

Review №85

I go here all the time. Its a great place for a quick walk or run. You also have fantastic trails if you want more of a challenge. Perfect for hiking and mountain biking.

Review №86

Awesome place to get close to nature right inside Orange County. Last week it was deer. This week rattlesnake and a bobcat!... really great place for mountain biking too.

Review №87

Great ride, it was a beginner then progressed to moderate level. Opened us ip to different trials to explore

Review №88

This park has something for everyone. I mountain bike and hike here. I tend to hike in the afternoons and there is hardly anyone on the trails. When I do come across people, everyone is friendly. Cholla Trail is a good workout and hiking up the ridge to the Top of the World is worth it. The views from the top are incredible on a clear day. Besides the awesome views, I dig the many trails. You can easily make it a short or long hike. This park is great.

Review №89

This is a hard hiking.

Review №90

Beautiful and ready trail

Review №91

Its the wilderness

Review №92

Very good trails for hiking and bicycling. Views of the ocean and so cals mountains.

Review №93

Lovely Beautiful park! Beautiful scenery

Review №94

We love this nature Park!

Review №95

One of the better OC wilderness parks. Lots of mountain biking and hiking options. From beginner to advanced mountain biking and hiking. Just be sure to be aware of other users. Great views and challenging Climbs.

Review №96

Great hiking trails and bike trails. Its very nice to walk out our front door and be in nature, with no visible buildings or cars, within 5 minutes.

Review №97

A super easy hike but the distance makes up for it. Nothing spectacular at the end but a good day activity to do if youre in the area. Very friendly for kids, bikes, pets, etc. but watch out for snakes.

Review №98

Great day for a hike.

Review №99

There are some really challenging MTB trails here, but I dont like that I have to ride so long before I get to the good stuff. The climbs can be brutal and the downhills feel quick and not as technical as I would like, except for a couple that are way more technical that I can handle. I would be myself at a lower-intermediate rider so take that feedback into consideration.

Review №100

Love this trail. Always very peaceful and can get really crowdy on weekends and holidays. Great for hiking, trail biking or just simply nature walks. You definitely have to go all the way to the Top of the World for a spectacular view of Laguna Beach.

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