Regal Edwards Alhambra Renaissance & IMAX
1 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States

Review №1

Always fun place to go to. Check out the artwork in the front of the box office. Its very original and is a fine example of the blending of all cultures.

Review №2

I like the fact that there are many good restaurants around. So you can go have dinner and then go to watch your favorite movie. Good deal if you have rewards with them...popcorn for free is a plus.

Review №3

First up you do get what you pay for! Tickets are about $15-$17 each,but the screening facility,sound,seats etc are first rate.You can now buy wine at the concession stands,or cafe in the lobby,and take it inside.It definitely adds to the festivities.Parking is easy and there are numerous eating options outside eg Sushi,Vegan,Pizza etc. The staff is unusually helpful and friendly which is refreshing in the Theater Biz.

Review №4

This is one of my favorite theaters to see movies in LA... The great atmosphere, select seating, bar/restaurant and variety of main stream and art films shown makes it a great experience. Its on the more expensive side, but well worth the price as the service and people are helpful and nice, and quality of theater seating.

Review №5

Love that there is an abundance of parking here. Plenty of dining and entertainment in the area. I remember when this theater was first built so its nice to see that more of this area has continued to be added to and gives a sense of a smaller Pasadena. Plenty of space inside and many showings to pick from.

Review №6

Went to see a limited time showing of the Apollo 11 documentary, which was incredible. Parking was available in a garage in the back, and the theater was clean and the audio and visual quality in the IMAX theater was great. They did however play the wrong movie for maybe 5-10 minutes before management was informed and it was switched. Regardless, very good experience.

Review №7

For the note, my experience doesnt mean its for sure gonna be yours. But, I went here for captain marvel, and it was a good beginning, but it gets pretty bad. So 10 minutes down the show, the emergency lights went off for a false alarm. I mean It happens, and I know they couldnt do a 5 minute rewind. But then the room got really hot and the sound was waaaaay off. That one was on them. Parking is at the back, they also should have a back entrance. Other than that, I think its an alright theatre.

Review №8

Ive been here several times over the last 5 years and have never been disappointed. Its a newer theater with stadium seating.The seats do not recline but you can lift the armrests to snuggle up with your date. The aisles are pretty narrow and people can easily kick your seats. But the seats are comfortable.The employees have always been helpful and professional and they keep the place clean.The ticket pricing is typical of most theaters that show new releases. Evening showings are around $12/$13 at time of this review.On a side note, the theater is located next to some great restaurants, from Italian to American to Asian.

Review №9

It appears as though I may have accidentally left a one star review as Google prompts me to review and I miss have hit 1 Star when putting away my phone-- Im sorry. Anyways, this place is great and the price is fair on Sunday and Tuesdays, but since its been around a little longer than the ones my area its a little bit outdated. This place is well kept and the staff has been good so far the only thing i wish this place has was true IMAX otherwise its great and Ill likely continue to come here.

Review №10

Love the free refill on the large popcorn! Usually ask for the refill in the brown cardboard box so you don’t have to come back during the movie! It’s definitely enough to share amongst 4 or more people. Too bad there’s no recliner seats :(

Review №11

A wonderful place to hang out and watch a movie. Outside there are different eateries to choose from. If your looking for a place for your family to hang out during week days or weekends this is it. Family oriented.

Review №12

When I came here it was very lonely and chill. Prices are reasonable. The popcorn was good and the customer service was okay. When its busy it becomes a bit hectic since they tend to be understaffed. They still try their best to give you top tier customer service. Ill be back.

Review №13

I have been going to this theater with my family for YEARS now. Ever since I was little. This theater holds happy memories for me, the people are wonderful and the service is great. I try to see all my movies here. It’s that great

Review №14

This is a great theater located in the middle of a bustling avenue of shops and restaurants. The seats are clean and plenty. The staff is friendly. I recommend using their app to reserve your seat and earn points for bonuses.

Review №15

Just went to see It 2. It was a good movie. Went on a Tuesday so the tickets were only $6.50 which is an amazing price. The employees were nice. The theater rooms, hallways, and bathrooms were all clean. Over all it was a great experience.

Review №16

First time there for a late show. It was really nice. I will definitely go back.

Review №17

This absolutely one of my favorite theaters. Main reason, their Tuesday and Sunday fees are very cheap. You can bring the family and save tons of money. On tuesday’s they offer half off popcorn if you’re a member. This place is always clean, and the staff is extra friendly. Parking is available and within walking distance.

Review №18

Alright theater. Doesnt get too crowded from my experiences going there. Clean restrooms. They have a good parking garage.

Review №19

The IMAX will suffice but if you have enough time and ability to drive to Universal, DTLA or Hollywood it is worth the trip to see it on better screens and sound systems. Otherwise for IMAX neighborhood theater it is sufficient.

Review №20

Really great place to go see a movie. Get a Large popcorn, ask for a box and fill the box with popcorn and then get the refill. Outside the theater there’s great restaurants to dine at. Ohh and Tuesday’s and Sunday’s are $6.

Review №21

This theater may not be as fancy as the downtown regal, but parking is ample and FREE, with several places to eat located nearby. I recommend the regal unlimited card or visiting on Tuesday or Sunday with your free regal crown club membership for cheaper prices. You can earn free movies or food with your membership card.

Review №22

The workers were friendly, but thats all this place has going for it. The lines for popcorn were incredibly long and slow, they didnt have enough workers. And the seats in the movies DO NOT recline which is incredibly painful on your pack. I would rather drive a little further next time to be more comfortable

Review №23

As far as it goes, its your average movie theater. No special or creative food menu, no free popcorn seasonings, but the price is very likeable. Sunday matinees are worth saving some money, but beware if you dont like being stuck in large crowds, with many small children running around. That being said, its a mainly un-eventful theater, which is where the attraction lies.

Review №24

Nice theater. Plenty of restaurants around so getting a good meal and watching movie makes the location extra pleasant.

Review №25

The IMAX theater was NOT cleaned prior to the movie starting. Loved having to step over trash to get to my seats. Watched Bad Boys at 720pm.

Review №26

The place is nice for the price, and the bathrooms are rather well kept. However, I do wish they do the same thing as archlight which is come in and make sure everyone is silent before the movie starts. I had four guys talking in the middle of the movie. It really ruined the experience, but I guess it is what I should expect for a regal. I highly doubt they would have came in and said anything to those guys if I went out and complained.

Review №27

Go on Tuesday or Sunday its only $7 for the movie I only go on those two days for the great deal

Review №28

Very clean nice theater and no unruly people were there so youre able to enjoy the movie plus its great that when you buy the tickets online you get to pick your seats ahead of time.

Review №29

Best bang for your dollar

Review №30

Very nice. Saw a live stream of a Met opera. When can you attend an opera in comfy clothes and a big bucket of popcorn?

Review №31

$$ - reasonable price, you pick your own seats, surrounded by different restaurants

Review №32

This is one of the nicest theaters Ive been to in a long time really large and always has a good selection of movies

Review №33

This place is just conveniently located across the street from my work. It definitely needs an update. Also, I got sick because of the popcorn once. I missed a good third of the movie throwing up in the bathroom.

Review №34

Good ambiance the courtyard is welcoming with a variety of choices for food. The the cinema is clean and seating is comfortable, definitely will be back!

Review №35

Took the family for a good time. Nice comfortable seat. Only negative is the limited parking.

Review №36

Every time I come here I always see the same old lady standing outside. She looks lost, like she’s waiting for her husband. Anyways, great place! Great staff! Maybe u should invite the old lady in? Or call the cops on her!

Review №37

Go to spot for movies with friends and family. Always comfortable and great movie selections

Review №38

Daisy is awesome. Great place always clean

Review №39

Great place to watch a movie. Good location.

Review №40

It was great no long lines. Looked clean. N bathroom clean. Seats were fine n sound was great. I think I will come back again. Service n employees very friendly.

Review №41

Had a darn good time very nice theater great staff great sounds. Cant wait to go back.

Review №42

Comfy seats! Oops! Best to go on the weekend instead of after work..

Review №43

So, I go to see 1917 and this woman with a baby ruined the moment, she stayed in the theater with a crying baby. A war movie with a baby, give me a break! And then the theater forgot to turn off the lights and went to tell one of the people that the lights needs to be turn off 15 minutes into the movie they only dimmed the lights. What are these people thinking?

Review №44

I love coming to see movies here! The chairs are so comfy and everything is clean and beautiful.

Review №45

This is a great theater and it’s located next to lots of restaurant options, so overall it’s a great place.

Review №46

Hobbs and Shaw Action Packed and Some Humor Absolutely Recommended

Review №47

Side lights in the theatre were flickering on and off through the previews. Went and asked someone to fix them and they turned them off. Pretty quick work!

Review №48

This is a great theater with lots of space... but it does need to advertise its specials I heard that they have Tuesdays that are free or super low cost 4 movies... they need to do a little bit better job of advertising the specials in the family specials and the free stuff like maybe have a flyer for people when they walk in so the public is aware of all their programs. It would be five star but they also have the usual high-priced snacks the good thing is they have people that check on the theaters and if someones making too much noise they do check it out even have a mini arcade its a big theater with great free parking lot

Review №49

Pretty enjoyable experience here. The screening is high quality and the price is not too bad.

Review №50

The morning show used to cost 6 dollar last year but now its twice the price. Miss the prices.

Review №51

This is a great movie theater. The lines are quick and their staff are all friendly. Bathrooms are clean with no waiting. They just started assigning seats which guarantee you a seat. They have a wide variety of concessions for all your needs. There is an attached parking structure that is about 6 story high. Plenty of parking. Tickets are $5.50 on Sunday and Tuesday all day with membership.

Review №52

Its a neutral experience. I guess Im just use to the leather recliner chairs that this theatre brought a sense of nostalgia feel to it with small tight seatings and poor food quality that you would get from a gas station. Im glad it wasnt a crowded movie I saw and didnt have someone next to me. Thanks for taking me back to the 90s early 2000. Overall average experience of a 3. Place was well kept and clean though. Enjoy the movie, worth the 40min drive and mediocre theater experience.

Review №53

Comfortable seats and you have to try Grill Em All its delicious

Review №54

Edwards Alhambra, quiet and quaint. Location next to some restaurants and shopping. Movie theatre has been there for some time. Clean and workers friendly. Movie experience great here...crowds are minimal...good ambiance. Seating is comfortable...great place catch a movie on week day. Imax cool to view here...screen jumps at you.

Review №55

Clean, friendly people, good prices, current moives

Review №56

It says its a Dive in movie theater... IT IS NOT A DRIVE IN

Review №57

Very nice movie theater. Comfy seats, clean bathroom, delicious popcorn. The only issue is theres never enough staff at the ticket booth so theres always a very long line to purchase tickets. Still, I feel theyre worthy of 5 stars.

Review №58

Great job on replacing those stadium seats to soft recliner types of seats.

Review №59

Its not bad, Id say pretty nice and clean. I hear that they have comfortable chairs but I was stuck in the stadium seats. Bort. But I do like the staff and location. I recommend this place if you cannot make it to Cinemark.

Review №60

Good place to watch a movie, awesome vibe and the staff are friendly

Review №61

They really need to upgrade their seats into those reclining seats. They are really falling behind

Review №62

Had to ask three times for someone to come help us at costumer service while other staff saw us waiting and needing help. After a couple minutes we figured out the problem and at that point someone finally showed up to help. When we told her we had figured out the problem she had an attitude about it. Almost like she was bothered by us asking for help. Ridiculous!!

Review №63

The best bargain for snacks and a movie! The theater industry is getting ridiculous with the prices but the Edwards Alhambra is super affordable and well maintained I love coming here!Theres enough parking.If youre not feeling the hot dogs and burgers in the theater there are several well placed restaurants to explore.

Review №64

Great movie theatre and friendly staff, clean areas and comfy chairs.

Review №65

Great place.. These people take pride in their theater always clean and great restaurants around there

Review №66

The movie theater was awesome wish the arcade was bigger or cheaper

Review №67

An old standby and a favorite place to catch a first run movie - we went to see a special presentation of aqua man in their main theater. Plenty of fresh popped pop corn and cold drinks to munch on while viewing a super large screen and first rate sound system. Large parking structure nearby so thats very convenient!

Review №68

I had a lot of fun and its kept tidy

Review №69

I wish I could give them a 5 star rating BUT, first of all the seats are extremely narrow and cannot reclined like in other theaters of this chain.Second but extremely important redeem my points for a free ticket for a close friend of mine, and instead of charging the routinary 18,000 points, this guy charged me 2,000 extra for a total of 20,000, now need to go and claim that difference, something that a regular customer shouldnt be doing if employees would be doing the correct thing the very first timeAnd finally at the concesion requested to have have my free popcorn, and noticed in my receipt she charged me a $1.00 for it when she supposed to just give it to me, because I was entitled to.So an advise check carefully all your transactions when you go to this theater, seems like employees dont care what they are doing or extremely well trained to rip you off here and there, just a simple advise!!!!

Review №70

Nice theatre... but the tickets were full price today (December 31st) What a bummer!!!

Review №71

Great popcorn, great medium size drink, great picture, sound, and atmosphere

Review №72

This has been my local go-to move theater for years. Matinee pricing is around $13/adult and normal price is a dollar or two more. Sunday, however, is the cheapest day to go because thats the discount day where adult tickets are $8. You will need to sign up for a Regal account, which is free, to access this price if you book online. The movie selection is solid and theres plenty of complimentary parking nearby.

Review №73

Comfortable seats with tilt backs and beverage holder. Vision to screen is unblocked and the total movie going experience is great. Prices are very reasonable one might even say cheap. Well worth it. Also, large parking garage has more than enough spaces. Highly recommend.

Review №74

Theater is clean, well lit, free parking, RR available and great customer service at the physical location. Over the phone is a diferente story.Horrible customer service... Tried calling for more than an hour to inquire about service dogs and special seating for people with disabilities and no one picked up the phone. Anoying recordings kept me going in circles. Regal Cinema/ Edwards theater must pick up their game regarding customer service over the phone. Not good to ignore any customer!!

Review №75

My favorite place ..Sundays best day $6.50 a ticket..thou you mist have the reward card..its free

Review №76

This theater is a little older but still quality and in a great location, near plenty of good restaurants and shops. Theres a free parking structure behind the theater (can enter from Garfield or the east parallel street. The screen sizes and sound are excellent. It even has a little arcade if you want to kill some time like you did back int the 80s and 90s.

Review №77

Nice no frills theater. Comfortable seats.

Review №78

On Tuesdays and Sundays with the rewards card your ticket can be $5.45! There’s no other place that beats that price ! The seats are okay, but for the price they’re amazing !The bathrooms are usually clean and the lines for concessions are kinda long.. but again.. can’t beat the price! It’s also a bit difficult to find parking so have someone get off and secure a place in the line because those tend to be long. Other than that, the popcorn is great and also at a discount with the rewards card.

Review №79

Always have a good time when Im here love the specials!

Review №80

Plenty of parking and ease of entry and exit. Very clean restrooms

Review №81

Its very clean and fresh I like the way they upgraded the system.

Review №82

Ordered loaded fries and the box they came in was full of cheese on the outside from the person who handled my order. I had to wipe it off before I was even able to grab the box. Overall, theater was clean and we did enjoy the movie.

Review №83

On a sunday and Tuesday only spend $6 then on tuesday 1/2 off popcorn

Review №84

Very nice ,clean and comfortable

Review №85

Go on Tuesday and Sunday, its cheaper. The price did go up a bit because now they have assigned seating which is great cause that just means I dont have to get to theater an hour before movie starts.

Review №86

Had a great date night with my hubby enjoyed the Movie. Verry clean facility.

Review №87

I like coming here. I wish you can reserve your seats. A nice theater to bring your whole family.

Review №88

It is a nice place, but the popcorn arent so good

Review №89

The seats are very uncomfortable, my back was sore after sitting in a hard seat that reclines about as much as coach class on an airplane, other then that the picture and sound quality are good. Priced lower then some theatres but if comfort is a concern try a different theatre. I do not plan on returning.

Review №90

Clean, neat, and nice colorful lighting but the refreshment are pricey and the tickets pricey too. They have no promotion for a discount and they have no discount for veterans.

Review №91

Great value, nicely maintained. Tuesdays are half off $7.50! Stadium seating, tons of parking in the back.

Review №92

One of my favorite theatres. Great customer service.

Review №93

Its my first time in this theatre and its pretty good!

Review №94

I luv their gourmet popcorn!

Review №95

Love this place prices are good especially on Sunday and tuesday

Review №96

The employees were real nice and their little arcade section is cool, seats are a bit small though

Review №97

Always have a good time and even better on Sundays and Tuesdays.. great deals $6 a ticket per person.. and if you have a regal card which adds points each time you go to a regal theater will even come out to $5 each person.. great deal to enjoy on Sunday funday.. this location is on Main Street.. perfect location to grab a meal around.. plus is always clean and seats are comfortable.

Review №98

You have to choose yr seat when you pay, center seat usually works well thou. Short line at the window. Good service too!

Review №99

Good atmosphere. Clean location. Friendly workers.

Review №100

The movie angels has fallen was the best action movie you guys showed ever

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:1 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 844-462-7342
  • IMAX theater
  • Movie theater
  • 3D movies:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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