210 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States

Review №1

Really cool space, great exhibitions, amazing shop with books, prints, and merch

Review №2

Went for their spiderman and disney exhibit, pretty chill place to purchase and support independent artists

Review №3

Art Work is really really good.

Review №4

Awesome little gallery/store located in Alhambra on a pretty busy Main St.It may seem like theres no parking but just go back around, and there are several lots available. Just dont park in the one that says Bank only :PI first came here for the Alice in Wonderland show and it was well-curated plus the pieces were just plain awesome. Since then Ive come back at least 20 times because their events are so varied and frequent. Love their video game collaborations and one of my favorite artists MALL from the Philippines has shows here regularly!

Review №5

Stopped in for the first time to attend the Puglie event last week. The entire venue was well lit and cleanly, ideal for an art show! All staff members were all super helpful and kind, 10/10!

Review №6

The presentations at this gallery keep improving...I definitely recommend everyone to visit.

Review №7

I love nucleus, Ive been going since it opened and I get my print and pin fix here. They have amazing art exhibitions and fun events. If you have time just go and browse. Support by buying a print or art book ;)

Review №8

A great gallery that manages to get great artist and speakers for their panels. They have a nice set up for their events. Lots of parking around the area. Only complaint is that they need to be more organized with their panels. People I have met all seem to have the same complaint about their lack of organization in handling big crowds.

Review №9

Nice little gallery with really cool featured artists that change all the time. They also have a really great selection of art books and zines and art prints!!

Review №10

The theme art shows are always a big hit here. I knew through Facebook about nearby events. They also did one with Disney before too. Lots of movie themes or in this case anime themes.Small venue area but has a good vibe or energy when you have crowds of people coming in.Its a free event and if your nearby Alhambra than its not a bad night event. You are allowed to take pictures and buy art posted on the walls.Overall enjoy the art themes.

Review №11

The gallery section was lit, beautiful space and the store selection is amazing.

Review №12

Incredibly unique and talented gallery behind a comprehensive art and graphic novel store? In Alhambra? Yes. New favorite spot. Will be back soon.

Review №13

Always a nice place to go to. I’m not really a art person but going here build a great appreciation to it.The rear room is always diverse with different art exhibits. They do lots of sign ins and meet and greats. I have purchased some great art work from goonies and air bender. Great gift ideas for the art/comic/nerd in your family.

Review №14

Nucleus is an art gallery that appears relatively small initially, but contains a large amount of pieces, including an upstairs section. We came while they were having the Yakuza exhibit, and the tattoo designs were extremely impressive to say the least.

Review №15

The person at the counter was super polite. She helped me with my posters and neatly rolled them up into a package for me. I will never forget her help that day.

Review №16

If you are interested of cartoon or animation art this gallery is a good place for you

Review №17

I went to see the Atlas art exhibit for Karen Persona 5. The place is really trendy and calm. I had a lot of fun with my friends. The staff is really chill and friendly.

Review №18

What a fun place. They have two galleries that constantly change and a fun little shop where you can buy artwork, books, and other fun little knick knacks. Well definitely be adding this to the agenda whenever we visit the area.

Review №19

Always been fast and friendly with me great team at there :)

Review №20

Very neat art gallery with cool books, pins and other merchandise

Review №21

Adorable little gallery focused on anime, manga and narrative work. Will be back!

Review №22

I love the gallery very, very much. Its calming and wonderful and people who take an interest congregate there and make connections, and its just wonderful. My best experience here was during the Critical Role gallery show; it was a night Ill never forget. The art community that shows up really make it worth it.Today specifically I wanted to quickly pop by and try getting my friend a birthday gift; I showed up during the lunch break, and came back when it was supposed to be over @12. Sadly, nobody was there. I waited about 10 minutes before deciding to leave. This isnt that big of a deal, but the lack of punctuality was disapointing. This doesnt break my relationship with the nucleus AT ALL, Im going to keep going, but if you ever find yourself wanting a gift for an art enthusiast fast, definitely consider planning to do things in advance when theres no time crunch

Review №23

Nucleus is a small gathering place in L.A. for the art loving community. They have exhibited both local artists and artists from abroad; they offer an extensive collection of original contemporary, illustrated, graphic, commercial, and narrative art. The art gallery has two levels and it is spacious, clean, well lit and organized. Staff are nice and friendly. Overall, I recommend you visit this gallery.

Review №24

Great place! Went to a friends showing, great space. Only thing I would caution about is the bathroom situation.... one for all to wait and share.

Review №25

Cute pins, prints, books, tees, etc. in the front part of the storefront and the gallery is in the back. When we went over the weekend they were doing an Into the Spiderverse exhibit. Lots of unique Disney art, loved it!

Review №26

Really great art gallery located near the busy downtown part of Alhambra. Free parking available in the many local structures. The gallery is pretty popular on opening night of exhibits, so be aware you may need to wait in a short line (15 mins?)

Review №27

Pop art that doesnt suck. New exhibits all the time so stays fresh and interesting. Also great spot for unique gifts. Great selection of childrens books too! We usually do dinner on Main Street and take a stroll over to the gallery.

Review №28

Good art place for open galleries. Went here for Final Fantasys 30th anniversary art gallery contribute. It was fun!

Review №29

It has a very nice atmosphere for a tiny place. Their exhibits are always a pleasure to visit. The support they have for amateur illustrators and artists are very touching, and their works are all very nice.

Review №30

Cool place to come see different expos and exhibitions

Review №31

Its always a fun experience and its really nice to see new art from artist you dont know about. I love the posters that are for sale,they always have my favorite characters from movie and shows I love.

Review №32

Nice gallery with a bookstore in the front and very large gallery floor and secondary smaller space on the second floor loft.

Review №33

All the employees are nice and happy to answer questions. They are super knowledgeable and if you have questions about an exhibit or book they know. Not to mention all the art books, prints, and pins and really everything else in the store is amazing. Such a great selection and they host great events. Be sure to check this place out if you can.

Review №34

It is a good place to buy art books and other things about art, such as T-shirt.

Review №35

Cozy local art gallery with well organized events!

Review №36

A cute little gallery (two floors btw!) with lots of charm and friendly staff!! After visiting this gallery and its super fun events (Im pretty much always there), Ive worked up the courage to submit to one of their shows and recently gotten a piece into this gallery for the first time! Theyre all attentive, sweet and cant wait for future shows!!

Review №37

Really great local art gallery, always hosting awesome events and has plenty of indie Nd non-indie stuff as well.

Review №38

Nice and clean gallery for wonderful niche art!

Review №39

A great little art book store with weekly and ongoing events, art exhibits, signings, and more! They usually have extra signed copies in case you missed someone. Dont forget to visit the upstairs area. Parking lot on the side street. Check out their website for upcoming events!

Review №40

Great small gallery with a good selection of art books and enamel pin(yes please) and prints. The exhibits are freaking awesome and change pretty often and they have frequent events and a good online presence. I highly recommend stopping by if youre anywhere remotely close by as there are places to eat nearby . It makes a nice outing to go see the artwork and then go eat.Just go!

Review №41

Gotta be the best gallery for pop culture related art. They host dozens of events every year. I love all their collaborations with games companies. Always an exciting time when I visit.

Review №42

A great gallery for pop culture and illustration. They almost always have a cool show going on. Daily admission is usually free. Tons of great places to eat around here too. If youre going to a gallery opening day be sure to get there very early since its a small gallery. Theyve very hard-working and kind staff.

Review №43

Love alll the artbooks they sell here and art work as well. Gallery isnt always open but i love going here when it is.

Review №44

Great neighborhood gallery. Often holds author and artist panels (I got my Wonder Woman book signed by the illustrators there ). Also a great place to find eclectic books and clever t-shirts - perfect gift shopping for that difficult to shop for person we all have in our lives.

Review №45

Theres really great art inside and they have really cool pins if youre into that kind of stuff. Free entry but they did have an event going on where you need to pay to get in. Pretty chill place.

Review №46

A unique gallery specializing in one of a kind exhibits. Its free, and there are usually exhibits that turn the nostalgia feelings to 11. Its a must see if youre anywhere near the Pasadena area. Highly highly highly highly highly highly recommend!

Review №47

Always fun and entertaining. Great artists, valuable prints, and good management. Its a place to keep and bookmark for events. Worth the drive from anywhere.

Review №48


Review №49

Love the artists they host here.

Review №50

One of my favorite places in LA County. Two exhibition spaces, special events, and a great store with a wide selection of prints, books, and other fun finds. They consistently bring in new material for discoveries on each visit. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is nice. Highly recommend.

Review №51

Interesting art gallery that changes their exhibitions every month. The store is in the front and the gallery is located behind the store. The store can be quite pricey but depending on what you purchase, it can be worth it.

Review №52

Nice store. Small gallery. I went for the Disney fan art exhibit. There is plenty of prints for sale in the front of the gallery. There is also a small upstairs section with more art on display.There is parking in the back of Alhambra Place. You can just walk from there. There is also one hour parking in the front of the gallery if youre lucky you might find a spot.

Review №53

Fantastic space, definitely check out the events they put on. The artwork they showcase is entertainment - related (concept art from movies, games, etc). They regularly host events such as artist signings, opening receptions, and workshops. I still cant believe how many of my art heros Ive met in person because of this gallery.

Review №54

Small, but lively gallery. They have several events here with impressive guests, but lack any kind of event organizational skills. They are never prepared for the crowds big or small and are unable to even organize a line consistently.I attended an opening where they changed the way people lined up three times. Each time I was put behind people that arrived much later than myself.

Review №55

Awesome place to find art books and new artists to follow. I widh they would turn on their AC in the summer time. its a greenhouse in there.

Review №56

Live this gallery. Has a great selection of books for artists and always has cool gallery showings going on

Review №57

Constant amount of events and friendly staff. Great selection of artwork to bring home and variety of books.

Review №58

It has so many great art books and supports so many indie artists, as well as some of the bigger artists. However, you know that once you walk in there, you will find something unique and never seen before.

Review №59

Came for an art gallery event, cool space and a front area with really cool custom art, both original and from various media

Review №60

Cant see lower mounted gallery pieces when its crowded. Not well prepared for large openings, even when tickets are required. They should space out the ticket times for their small gallery viewing space, which isnt much bigger than their store or upstairs VIP area.

Review №61

This small treasure is a must see for any anime/comic book/game and animation industry lover! Love how they are always keeping things interesting by switching up themes and merchandise.

Review №62

Went for the critical role exhibit. Spaceous tidy and an overall great place!

Review №63

They hold art shows here all the time. Ive been to various themed events here and appreciate that we have one of these places locally. They sell unique shirts and modern art prints. The staff is friendly and courteous and Ive never had a hard time finding a parking spot. If youre into this kind of stuff, then youre in for a treat. Make sure to also check out the upper floor, as it can be easy to miss.

Review №64

Great concept! Frequent exhibitions from all sides of entertainment industry. Great books and merchandise to buy. Prices are a little higher than found online.

Review №65

Lots of neat art, especially tribute art. They have regular events and receptions with artist signing. Neat place to check out if youre in the area. Beware, if you attend a reception get there early, these events are popular and there will be lines going out the door for 1 hr or more.

Review №66

The place has always and i believe it always will have something awesome to add to my creativity. Exhibits at this place are really fun. Its worth the extra buck and drive over. such an awesome place.Love Life, Live Legit

Review №67

Been gong to this gallery for 10+ years now and is still one of the best galleries around. Always current and inspiring.

Review №68

They always have great events going on! Really want to come to this place more often. Its amazing how they do a lot with a small space gallery.

Review №69

Worth the trek! We always love the artists and shows featured at Gallery Nucleus!

Review №70

I did a panel there and everyone was fantastic! Really beautiful art and a great environment.

Review №71

Amazing art, exhibits, and regular signings/events.

Review №72

Awesome little gallery and a lot of cool book for sale.

Review №73

This place is great. Theres always great commissioned galleries here. Also, they have prints at really fair prices and books for days.

Review №74

Beautiful art book store and gallery. I will definitely be back.

Review №75

I truly appreciate having such a great local art space in my neighborhood. The constant rotation of galleries by various artists keeps me going there every few weeks to check out what is new. The staff are super chill and I love the policy that allows us to take pictures of the exhibits to share later online. Would highly recommend this place!

Review №76

Went to this gallery for the opening of a Disney show last night. The staff was super friendly, the little shop up front was stocked with awesome Disney merch. They had a great system for buying prints, but at least for the Disney show it definitely paid to get their early and wait in line if you wanted to buy anything.

Review №77

They always have some guest artists from popular tv shows but sometimes I feel that they should expand beyond their comfort zone in terms of showcasing art. Their content is interesting on its own but I would love to see some changes.

Review №78

Great place to pick up some art books and to look at prints by artists. I love the panels and the weekly drawing nights. Its a good place for creatives to go to.

Review №79

Its a great place to learn and buy books.They have gatherings of writers and its big for many people.

Review №80

Retail service was poor, but the gallery itself is amazing. Notified the management of my bad experience and they took my comments very seriously. Havent been back yet but looking forward to returning.

Review №81

Exhibits here change monthly and are always appealing to the younger crowd with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Big Bang Theory themes. Most popular pieces on display are also available for purchase in print for $25+. The gift shop also sells quirky accessories, t-shirts, and books.

Review №82

They host cool events here in addition to stocking a great selection of art books.

Review №83

Nucleus is one of my favorite galleries and its a great store as well. The shows subjects range tend to touch on popular culture and can always be trusted to be interesting. Theres also prints galore for sale, and t-shirts and gifts available in the front. Dont forget to check the gallery space upstairs as well. Photography is not only allowed, but encouraged as they understand the value of good social media buzz.

Review №84

Im just glad this gallery, collectible toy shop is still around.

Review №85

Great gallery with events that range from Illustration, childrens books, comic art and pop art. Staff is friendly and helpful. Good selection of art books as well

Review №86

Super cool little art gallery and store where you can buy everything from pins and prints to books and comics. No cost to go in and look around.

Review №87

Just received a framed print for my daughters room. Great job! They checked multiple times to verify framing preferences and were friendly & professional at every turn. Wonderful crew.

Review №88

Great place for artists or art enthusiasts who want to discover new artists or check out galleries nearly every week

Review №89

A casual, pop-cultural central, even for those who dont GET art.

Review №90

Neat gallery! The staff were very friendly! If I lived closer (I live on the east coast), Id check out more of their galleries!

Review №91

Great place! Nice art shows, and parties. The only thing is the prints could be more organized and easier to thumb through.

Review №92

Fantastic experience, well managed event, had a blast!

Review №93

Wonderful selection of art books and rotating gallery shows. One of a kind!

Review №94

Love this gallery. Lots of illustration. Lord Almighty. Opening receptions are the most fun with new works coming through every month or so.

Review №95

A unique place to get prints, books, and dodads related to illustrated art. There is also a rotating gallery in the back, mostly free to view.

Review №96

My favorite place for modern culture. If you are into quirky and reative then stop in here for inspiration

Review №97

Always enjoy visiting Nucleus. Went back recently for the Incredibles 2 exhibit.

Review №98

Great place to look at cool animated artwork and to check out gifts for friends.

Review №99

Really liked the art gallery of the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy and also the whole collection of sketchbooks.

Review №100

This place is gorgeous and the staff is wonderful.

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  • Address:210 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States
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  • Phone:+1 626-458-7482
  • Art gallery
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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