Total Fish & Pets
137 Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States

Review №1

Owner is great! Very honest man. Excellent customer service would recommend this place to everybody looking for information and supply. Will definatly continue to shop here.

Review №2

BOOM! Look no further, these guys have a great selection of fresh and saltwater fish, corals,plants,koi,supplies,tanks,etc.....and if they dont have it....ask, i cant remeber the owners name, but hes a very friendly guy and if he doesnt have something can probably get it for you. They even sell good used equipment sometimes. Never left his shop feeling disappointment.....thats more than i can say for a lot of other fish shops.

Review №3

I went to Total Fish & Pet on July 23, 2020 and purched $56.00 worth fish pellets and brine shrimp for my more then foot long grey & white Gobi. At that time I asked if I could bring in the Gobi to sell, due to its large size. I was told they had to see it first. Today, October 27, 2020, the sales person said that I had to talk to the big boss. I showed him the Gobi, he then said he would only give me $10.00. I then stated that I had paid $35.00 originally & knew that he could re-sell Gobi for at least $100.00. Big boss then offered me $20.00 after looking in some book. Then says just a minute and starts waiting on another customer. In the meantime Gobi starts gasping for air and when I mentioned this to him, he said that he knew what he was doing and continued waiting on the other customer + another. He eventually came back to me and I ask him to, atleast, I was just give $35.00, the original price that I paid. Finally, an assistant came took the Gobi and put him in a bag of water with some oxygen. Personally think big boss needs to learn respect his customers and treat each of them equally. I will never tell anyone to shop there! ( Sorry, I dont have photo of my self)

Review №4

Nice place and great service. The person who helped me is very helpful.

Review №5

Very Affordable fishes, I got my parrot fishes here compared to commercialize pet store, in very great shape. as of now I still have my 8 fishes alive and swimming in my tank

Review №6

Owner is very helpful. I have been going here for over 20 years ever since they were in Monterey park. Satisfied customer

Review №7

Really helpful, great prices, good deals on used tanks too, if you need a new setup! I went in for a piece of spider wood and left with a new Betta. Some of the most beautiful Deltas, Half Moons, and Veil Tails.

Review №8

Great shop with friendly and helpful staff.

Review №9

This place is way better than the petco fish department. With so much to look at and the driftwood i needed, the friendly employees made this place a definite go to again.

Review №10

Nice friendly service. Clean tanks and can see that they take care of their pets. Prices were competitive as well. Would come again.

Review №11

From Taylor. Good quality fish good service very good price. Before you buy ,have to come here first

Review №12

Selection but seems like they just go along with prices, came for a fish and it was higher than what’s on the tag but I still bought it then my friend came the next day to get the same one and he got it for the price tag plus lots of dead fish

Review №13

Family run, giant store, reasonable price, experienced staff.

Review №14

Good prices, lots of fish, cherry shrimp available which is what i was looking for

Review №15

I have been coming to this fish store for over 20-years ,I drive 30 miles one way at least once a month.

Review №16

Huge selection of fish/supplies and reasonable prices! However, 6 of the 8 fishes I bought from here died :(

Review №17

Best fish overseas great place

Review №18

Place is pretty clean tanks are well kept. He has tropical, saltwater, and goldfish and koi. Also has tanks, equipment, and supplies. His goldfish can be pretty dently priced he does sales sometimes. His show quality goldfish are a little on the pricey side but got two for a deal. Overall nice little aquarium place.

Review №19

It has many interesting things to buy such as shrimp, fish, pond accessories & much more.

Review №20

Excellent venue for gifts in the way of tropical fish.

Review №21

Fast n parking easy

Review №22

Great selection of exotic fishes.. price is kinda expensive

Review №23

Very friendly LFS (local fish store). I visited this place with brother to pick up some Plecos for his tank and the owner gave us pretty fair pricing for them. Independent LFS in my area is extremely hard to find, so please go support them or else youll be buying your next gold fish on Amazon Prime.

Review №24

Reasonable prices and friendly service.

Review №25

Best variety of tanks

Review №26

Good customer service

Review №27

The people are very nice and helpful with what you need

Review №28

Big selection of fishes, freshwater and salt water they sell tanks, RODI water, salt water. The store also sells freshwater plants and salt water plants/mushroom/corals. If you are looking for shrimps or snails, they dont have any here.

Review №29

Very helpful and kind. Answered all our questions. Wonderful selection of fish!

Review №30

Love this place I get all my exotic fish from the man behind the counter with the big smile!!!

Review №31

Is very good

Review №32

Ive been all over SGV and this is the best by far. Owner is so friendly and nice, and when I let him know I was on a budget he didnt push me to get the most expensive thing. Got a rimless tank for $15, such a good deal!Selection is great from dry goods to fish. Im relatively new to aquascaping, but this store is for sure gonna be my go-to.

Review №33

Good quality fish and really good service

Review №34

Variety of saltwater and freshwater fish, tanks and supplies. staff is friendly and knowledgeable. got some fish food for kids goldfish

Review №35

This was was super helpful I’m new to having a pond and helped me find a great uv filter and gave me a great deal on it. This is my new store despite it being far I just made a little day of it. Also per the stores owner I tried a near by Vietnamese restaurant. It was fantastic as well.

Review №36

They really have everything for your aquarium needs. Best flowerhorn selections in the area so far. They are the biggest in town.

Review №37

Excellent place to go shopping for all your saltwater or freshwater fish needs. Owner is very negotiable and reasonable very knowledge.

Review №38

Nice guy

Review №39

Cool spot too check out Fish and get Supplies.

Review №40

Great selection of fish and supplies

Review №41

A (new) hold in a wall shop and slowly improving. They did a great job at show casing the coral tanks. They have many good quality coral at a discount. I just brought two frags at half the price at certain store on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. It is a great place to shop for coral. I will visit them offen from now on.ST

Review №42

Awesome place to get your variety types of fish they also have feeder worms for your fish .its cool to see the tropical fisheat live worms

Review №43

Really nice aquarium store. Very clean. Really healthy fish and tanks. Highly recommend.

Review №44

Good prices.

Review №45

The place was hypnotic. 80s music and beautiful fish along with accessories. If youre clueless like me though, know that they sell nothing unrelated to fish. So its not Fish&Pets, just Fish

Review №46

Im giving this place a 1 star rating because of the service I was given and Im pretty sure it was the owner which makes it worse he was very rude

Review №47

Great place for rare fish. owners greeted me and ask if I needed help .and have alot of knowledge on their fishes and products

Review №48

Everything you need here

Review №49

This is one of my most favorite fish stores to go to definitely reliable

Review №50

This is a good spot to get fish and accessories from, they take great care of there animals.

Review №51

This place is nice and clean. They have lots of saltwater fish and corals. If you are looking for rare freshwater fish, they got them all. Lots of pleco KoiRare bettas, and lots of discus. I been coming here for years and the owner sure know a lot about fish he is the fish whisper . This is a one stop fish store,They have everything and good customer service.I highly recommended ,........

Review №52

Great place for rare Monterey fish

Review №53

Healthy strong fish

Review №54

1-Year LaterOkay Ken, Im updating my review! haha.So Ive been going back consistently to get fresh R.O. water and salt water from their source in San Diego. Apparently a really good salt water mix.All the tanks are up and running and they have much more fish and a really great frag tank for all you coral addicts. Decently priced at about 4 frags for $100 for their standard corals. I wish there would be more diversity in the corals and price range from $10-$50+ corals like larger saltwater based stores though.They have 3 very large, VERY beautiful salt water tanks with the mother colony corals in which they fragment their smaller corals from.I bumped their rating from a 2 to a 4 because of all the effort theyve put into a great store. Its not quite a 5 star store yet because they still lack the great prices and large diversity of coral and fish like some of the stores down south in the OC, but they are definitely one of the top stores east of downtown! Great service! Keep it up.****Theyve actually moved to a new address about a month ago and are currently still setting up the new shop at:137 East Valley Blvd.Alhambra, CA 91801I probably should give this a 3 star, but because they were in transition and setting up phase, everything is still kind of a mess at the shop.Their freshwater selection seemed to be pretty decent also, with about a row and a half of different cichlids, gold fish, and koi.The small amount of salt water fish that they had didnt seem to happy or healthy but I hope that turns around in the future. Their selection of snails, anemonies, and crabs arent that great either.Im looking forward to seeing what their coral frag tank will turn out to be like, but until then it seems to be your average LFS.They also sell salt water (.75 cents a gallon) and R.O. water (which is not set up yet).

Review №55

Ive bought all my fresh water fish here.

Review №56

Great selection, quality is good, price is expensive compared to other place, and if u leave without buying, owner makes annoyed face.

Review №57

Pretty decent size fish haha beautiful golds and salt water fish

Review №58

Lots of exotic and expensive fish. Not too many supplies for the novice.

Review №59

Nice little place

Review №60

They are really nice people

Review №61

Plenty of fish, fresh and salt water

Review №62

Cool place

Review №63

Nice place

Review №64

Best place to go

Review №65


Review №66


Review №67

Very bad attention from the owner

Review №68

Has alot of fish!! Beautiful Fancy goldfish at a reasonable price!!

Review №69

Nice fish and the owner is pretty knowledgeable

Review №70

They had a real nice variety and really nice set ups/ display, but i went there for bettas are they were horrible dirty cup and ripped tails

Review №71

The prices and selection were great. Ken was wonderful.

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