Eugene Simpson Stadium Park
426 E Monroe Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301, United States

Review №1

I only went to the playground. Which was nice to be a small neighborhood park. Everything was clean and well well kept. There is not a lot of shade at the actual playground area. I have a toddler who is 3 and everything was so hot she couldnt enjoy it. Nevertheless the playground was exceptional

Review №2

Big park with lots of cool and fun places to play. Nice wooden/rope obstacle course to go through. Also two interesting mosaic sculptures.

Review №3

Very busy on a Sat morning. Area needs more parking & fewer bikeshare stations.

Review №4

Great baseball field and very well maintained. Only draw back is theres a dog park located right next to big simpson field and it really stunk last night. Maybe this isnt normal and was to be cleaned up soon but it was awful.

Review №5

If no one is using the cort I usually roller skate. Great exercise. Only once did I have a problem with a random civilian who wanted the whole cort to himself and his son when I offered to be on only one half. The place is for everyone.

Review №6

Good neighborhood park. Contains soccer field, baseball field, dog park, tennis court, short walking path, newly built childrens playground, gorgeous volunteer-group neighborhood kept flower garden! Handicap parking.

Review №7

FYI : Tennis Courts do NOT have floodlights. Still a great park! Just an FYI

Review №8

The kids love the playground and the bathrooms are sparkling clean

Review №9

This is one of my favorite parks to bring my dog. The entire park is well maintained and all the people you bump into seem happy and friendly. Even when they shut off the pipes for water in the winter someone does their part in keeping water jugs full for the dogs. The fields for soccer and baseball are standard and well maintained as well. No brainer to swing by for a reliable friendly jaunt outside. Also, it is across from a great coffee shop!

Review №10

Great park with a bathroom dog park and a basketball court

Review №11

Great park for basketball game, soccer game and baseball game.

Review №12

Great fields, which they were unlock to use.

Review №13

Friendly outdoor park. Gravel. Off leash. Fenced in. Grassy hill in the back with a bench, in case you want to avoid the gravel. There’s easy parking nearby.

Review №14

Great urban park on the edge of Crystal City. Soccer central during the season. Note that the subsurface is solid cement, so dont do anything that requires digging. On the edge of Del Ray, so you can get coffee or trendy food.

Review №15

So well done with lots of activities and musical instruments (e.g. giant xylophone). Very fun and safe!

Review №16

Nice space, plenty of parking, nice dogs, if you can deal with siddity/ folks and social clicks then its a pleasant experience

Review №17

Was there for a soccer tournament. No parking at all and public restrooms were awful. Great place for the dogs to play though.

Review №18

It has a very large fenced in dog park. Also great place to go to watch little league baseball games. A very popular coffee/breakfast shop directly across the street. You can always smell the fresh aroma of coffee being brewed there.

Review №19

Its a park, but has multifunction. Two full sized baseball fields, a large dog park, two full sized soccer fields which are normally at least split into two half fields each. Now a new playground which is nicely done (merrigoround , big tire swing, 4 regular swings, climbing structure).

Review №20

Fields and facilities are nice and the kids love the new bug playground as we call it.

Review №21

Great facilities

Review №22

Wonderful park where you can let your little doggie just run its heart out and a place to wash him up after world. Need to take better care of the bathroom.

Review №23

Large dog park with a hill that offers dogs plenty of room to run. There is no separate sections for large and small dogs and most of the regular dogs are on the larger side so I wouldnt recommend it for most small dogs. There is a wash station (hose and some gravel) just outside the dog park.

Review №24

Great park. Huge fields for soccer and running. Two baseball diamonds, but they are usually only used by organized teams. There is also a dog park there. Right next to the YMCA and a grocery store and CVS so you could go to the park and get all your errands done within a hundred yard radius.

Review №25

Very nice stadium with plenty of seats for soccer game. Restroom is clean and well maintained. There are parking around the neighborhood if you come late.

Review №26

Alas, this scrimmage was the last baseball in who knows how long.

Review №27

This a the best softball stadium in the greater DC area

Review №28

Great dog park with gravel!

Review №29

Great local park in the heart of Alexandria. Plenty of street parking in addition to being near dog park, cafe, and aldi.

Review №30

There is a nice, well-maintained garden here.

Review №31

Very large space with so many different sections, such as dog park. It is great to have large parks inside cities. We like here because there as a very good coffee shop across the street, swings coffee. Highly recommend for people with dog and / or kids.

Review №32

Ive been there twice for soccer tournaments. The fields are nice and well maintained. Parking is nearly non-existent. There is a small lot and some street parking, but when you have a couple hundred kids there for a tournament, you might have to park far away.

Review №33

Friendly place, but poorly maintained (so, play at your own risk). Public bathroom for the baseball and soccer fields are available 24/7 year-round; a huge advantage over nearby Shirlington dog park in Arlington. The City has put off much needed renovation and nearly all maintenance, waiting until Pulte Homes puts the finishing touches on a nearby dog park that was required under their development permit for condos across the street. Now more than two years overdue, the consequences for Simpson dog park are showing. Since Simpson dog park is built on top of debris from the collapsed Monroe Ave bridge, over-use of the dog park has killed all if the grass that held a protective layer of dirt in place. Wet weather turns the park into a muddy cesspool. The debris is increasingly exposed and increasingly becoming a hazard to dogs in the park. The picture is of a piece of metal debris that my dog got caught between her toes recently. Understandably, fewer and fewer people use the park. Once a jewell in Alexandrias crown, this dog park is best avoided nowadays. ... unless theres nowhere else to go. (Actually, there isnt. Just brace yourself before you come and plan to bathe the dog upon returning home.)

Review №34

There is a dog park, baseball field, and a huge soccer field that the Alexandria soccer association uses for kids classes at the weekend. Theres also a basketball field and a couple of picnic tables. There is a small parking lot. Its right across from an Aldi and a coffee shop, if you want to grab a cup before your kids games / practice.

Review №35

Beautiful layout, friendly population, much to do with family with coffee shops, burger joint, convenient stores only a walk away

Review №36

Different options available for family. Dog park, basket ball court baseball and soccer field. I loved it.....oh there is also near by shopping... Aldi & Cvs

Review №37

Nice facility. Arrive early for events to find good parking space

Review №38

Great park for my 2 year old son

Review №39

Overall, a great dog park. Responsible owners, always a handful of tennis balls around, my dog always has a good time here.

Review №40

Great place to watch a local game

Review №41

Good sized park with benches and water. bags were limited so remember to bring your own

Review №42

I wish there was more grass and that some of the owners were quicker to correct their dogs behavior. But its super convenient. Ok parking. Water fountain for the pups. A hose for the summer and plenty of benches with shade during the summer.

Review №43

Big area but not much grass, so it can get pretty muddy, and no separate area for smaller dogs. Its located next to a pretty busy street so be careful when crossing because there are blind spots due to the cars parked on the street. Also, sometimes it is a bit challenging to find parking. It may be a bit of a drive, but Ellsworth Park in silver spring, md is much better.

Review №44

We go for the Dog Park, which both our dogs love. Its always fun to see kids playing softball, tennis, and basketball when we visit. Great park, and pretty well maintained. The dogs to chew up the grass pretty badly, but theres only so much that can be done about that.

Review №45

Great dog park, especially for larger dogs as they have plenty of space to run. Even small dogs get along well, owners are pretty conscientious.

Review №46

Great field, the Citys crew who maintains it do an excellent job.

Review №47

Good for practice, needs work and maintenance.

Review №48

Nicely manicured field and nice bleachers. Next to the YMCA.

Review №49

Large dog park with strong community support and an interesting history.

Review №50

Peaceful and serene. Could be better without visible poop on the ground.

Review №51

New and more fun than before

Review №52

Had picnic & watched ball game. Kids went to playground. Dog park was nice.

Review №53

Great place loved it we love taking my dog to the dog park here and a very nice playground do wish that there were more things to do

Review №54

My favorite dog park

Review №55

Could be an amazing venue but the parks and rec probably dont have any funds to update it.

Review №56

We love the new playground!!

Review №57

Well maintained baseball and soccer fields, clean (enough) bathrooms, and the best dog park in the area. No small dog area, but neighborhood dogs are well behaved.

Review №58

Nice high school baseball field. TC Williams home field.

Review №59

Great fenced off leash dog area as part of the park.

Review №60

Great dog park! Everyone is respectful and attentive.

Review №61

Awesome skatepark always stoked to go

Review №62

Big area with place to wash your dog and also nearby restroom

Review №63

Nice dog park. Ok playground.

Review №64

Went to the dog park here which was kind of sad looking. The dog had fun though such I suppose is the point

Review №65

Clean, well lit, and diverse. Something for everyone, including dogs.

Review №66

Lots of soccer teams

Review №67

Dog park is okay...

Review №68

Great for playing Pokemon go

Review №69

Nice place

Review №70

Nice park!!!

Review №71


Review №72

Steve scalise was shot here

Review №73

Never visited

Review №74

Best park in Alexandria.

Review №75

This is a great park.

Review №76

Baseball Park

Review №77

Good field

Review №78

Best dog park in Alexandria / Arlington area

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  • Address:426 E Monroe Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 703-746-5492
  • Recreation center
  • Baseball field
  • Dog park
  • Playground
  • Park
  • Softball field
  • Tennis court
  • Tourist attraction
Working hours
  • Monday:8am–10pm
  • Tuesday:8am–10pm
  • Wednesday:6am–10pm
  • Thursday:6am–10pm
  • Friday:6am–10pm
  • Saturday:6am–10pm
  • Sunday:6am–10pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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