Stanly County Gymnastics
1960 Post Rd, Albemarle, NC 28001, United States

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Me lik nastics lots Tank uuu

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SCG is absolutely wonderful! Both of my children take gymnastics from there. My daughter is on the competitive team and I have been so impressed with everything. From the cleanliness of the facility to the compassion and authentic care of all the staff, to the positive environment the owner ensures for all the children there. Great role models and a very pleasant place to be. We feel blessed to be able to send our kids to Stanly County Gymnastics.

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Very pleased with SCG!! Katherine loves it! She has really improved with her skills and looks forward to competing in 2019

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Absolutely love SCG and the Staff. Holly & staff has done a great job with my daughter and as a result, we cant enroll her into any other extra curriculum activity. Our daughter absolutely love SCG. Holly has been very respectful and courteous at all times. I encourage everyone in Stanly Co to at least allow your sons/daughters to try out SCG at least once.

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Professional; friendly; excellent environment for families.

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Holly Pennell and her excellent staff strive to make every student and parent feel welcomed in the facility! She is a breath of fresh air into the stanly county community! Her staff is patient, kind, and gives every student a chance to succeed! She makes a tremendous effort in making everyone feel comfortable in her facility. Gymnastics at its finest! Thankyou for bringing such an awesome program into the area!

Review №7

This place horribly treated a disabled woman, and had her CRAWL and CLIMB bleachers in order to watch her sons performance. She was not offered an accessible area to watch this. Was told they could have hidden her from sight in another room IF theyd known in advance. Really? I thought we stopped hiding our disabled in the 1950s? Now they are telling the family her son cant return, unless his father removes the negative review. The review he made because of the horrible treatment of his ex wife.

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Both my daughters go to SCG and we absolutely love it! The staff is excellent! Every coach is incredibly patient but also teach the kids responsibility and discipline. I could not ask for a better gymnastics experience for myself or my girls. The staff is professional, kind, compassionate and do all they can to accommodate both the kids and the parents.Edit: (a response to the one star reviews) I am the sister-in-law of Amy Black who gave a one star review. First, SCG was so good for my nephew. He was not only excelling in class, but it was giving him some much needed self-confidence. His coach was so great with him and my nephew absolutely loved it!Second, I dont like being negative or attacking people but you all have to know that you cant take Amys, her ex-husbands (Rick Black), or her friends (who were not there) reviews seriously. Amys son is not being discriminated against because she is disabled!!! Amy is refusing to let him go back because SHE is unwilling to work with THEM. Why would any business offer their services to someone who is giving them bad press? And asking for a heads up on the rare occasion that Amy might take her son to practice so they can have accommodations ready for her is completely reasonable, and I thought what she wanted. When SCG did try to accommodate Amy she didnt even look to see where they were offering to seat her, and she would NOT have been hidden away!!!. They wanted to work with her.Amy didnt set foot in that gym for the first NINE MONTHS that her son was there. I took him. She didnt go until his first performance. After that she only took him to two practices, because I was unable, and another performance. Apparently they were supposed to be psychic and know her issues and when she was coming before they even met her. Had this been a regular thing they would have had accommodations ready for her. So you can decide for yourself how badly she wanted to watch her son.Just to keep things accurate, Holly did not accuse Amys boyfriend of writing the original review. She just said it was a guy and I made that assumption. When I realized it was Amys ex I sent a text correcting that.

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Their blatant disregard for ADA compliance would be reason enough to find another facility if it werent for my son enjoying his class at this gym. On multiple occasions they have forced my sons disabled mother to painfully attempt climbing the abnormally high stairs in order to watch him below. With her limited range of motion associated with her artificial hips and crippling back pain due to health complications associated with her dwarfiam, she was lucky to even be walking there. No attempts were made at all in relation to reasonable accommodation for her. i.e. an exception to allow her to view him from the entrance of the lower level.If anyone with limited mobility plans to attend any of the gymnastic functions, I highly urge you to seek alternate providers.

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The SCG staff is beyond amazing and caring. They not only teach children how to become gymnast or how to do gymnastics, but they also teach respect, responsiblility, support, social skills, discipline, and so much more. The facility is clean and organized! I would definitely recommend SCG to all parents and children! Keep up the good work SCG!

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My name is Amy Black. I am a disabled mother of an 8 year old boy. I live in Stanly County and pit my son in the local gymnastics program. I went to see him perform on 4 occasions. This happened several months ago.First of all they have no disabled parking. During the first performance the parents sat on bleachers. That is difficult for me because I have failed back surgery syndrome, degenerative bone and disc disease, two artificial hips stenosis and an ankle fusion. For the 2nd visit the receptionist insisted that if I wanted to see my son I had to climb a long flight of stairs to the parents viewing area even after I gave an in-depth explanation of my disabilities. On the 3rd and 4th occasions my exhusband, my sons father (Rickey Lee Black), came with me and advocated for more accessible seating. The receptionist still refused to provide any alternative seating to the upstairs viewing area. After this experience Rick wrote a Google review and accurately described what had happened.After this I pulled my son out of the program to find more accommodating and accessible programs. Unfortunately, I became too sick to take him. My sister-in-law offered to take my son back to Stanly County Gymnastics and speak to the owner for me. After my sister-in-law did this she sent me the following text message:I just spoke with Holly. I didnt know Winston wrote a bad review on Google. She was extremely hurt by that. She loves Michael and said shed love to have him back but that she doesnt allow negativity into the gym. She said if you would make arrangements in advance any time you were going to bring him that she was happy to work with you but she needs notice because they are so busy in the evening, and if Winston will remove that review that she would be happy to have Michael back and she would talk to Collin about what class to put him in. But you cant have a horrible review out there and be using her services.The review was written by my exhusband Rick Black, not my boyfriend Winston. Either way they are forbidding my son admittance to a gymnastics class because of a review accurately describing how they treated me. I feel my son has been discriminated against because I am disabled. Additionally, the only accommodation that they offered me was a separate room to sit in next to the gym. Other than that there have been no changes to their program, facility, or policies that comply with the ADA guidelines. Im so hurt that this happened and feel humiliated for my son.

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This companys treatment of disabled is shameful. Instead of shaming a disabled mom they need to get with the ADA and comply!

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My children have attended SCG for a few years! We couldn’t ask for better coaches and staff. They have exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to the coming years.

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I go there!!!!!!

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