G2 Fun Zone
2095 14th Ave SE, Albany, OR 97322, United States

Review №1

Awesome place! About 6 different bounce houses, mini golf, infant zone and an arcade. Plenty of seating for parents. Nice employees and price is totally reasonable. Highly recommend!

Review №2

So much fun and so much to do! Laser tag, bounce houses, arcade, mini golf and much more. Theres things to do for all ages. My fam had a blast! The staff are nice and helpful as well.

Review №3

This place is amazing. Real shame it is having to close down. Our son loved it and would play for hours. Laser tag was fun to and a decent arcade

Review №4

Awesome experience and worth the trip!

Review №5

The pros: its good to see a place like this in the mall for kids and families to have for recreation. At least the old Sears spot is getting some use in one of the least desirable malls in Oregon. Kids seemed to be having a blast in the bounce houses.The cons: dimly lit, its an old Sears, theyre closing, and unrealistic prices on the games for sale. I also noticed a bunch of items were being stored between two exterior doors from when it was Sears, not sure if thats kosher for egress.

Review №6

The kids had a lot of fun on the bouncy structures. The arcade portion is lacking a bit and many were out of service but they had the basics. Laser tag is also an option though we didnt play. With 3 party rooms Id say its a solid b-day spot for kids age 10 and under.

Review №7

It depends on age I personally didnt like it much because we had a party there and the laser tag wasnt much fun bouncy houses are cool tho

Review №8

Great place for kids to loose some of that energy!! Friendly staff, $ very low cost. Kids love it.

Review №9

Our Great granddaughters 5th birthday party was there.There were kids galore having a blast.Makes my heart feel wonderful when all the kids are having fun.I believe it is a good idea for kids birthday parties.

Review №10

Awesome place for the kids and the adults can play in the awesome arcade! Straight throwbacks!

Review №11

I discovered this place during a family outing. I have a 2 year old who has endless energy! He played in the bounce houses for a full 90 minutes. He was so tired that night that he slept in until 8am the next day.Needless to say we will be back!The only thing keeping me from give 5 stars is that some equipment needs replaced. Mending things with layers upon layers of tape doesnt really do it.Oh also I would like to add the attitude of the staff was very pleasant.

Review №12

My 9 year old son asks to go here every weekend. Almost wish they had a membership option. There are bounce houses, arcade games, mini golf, baby area, and so much more. There are cars for the 5 and under crowd. My son especially likes to push other kids around in them.

Review №13

Could be why they are going out of business. My son won the key master game but since the scotch tape holding it together stopped the paper from falling the employee said there is nothing she could do about it and then put an out of order sign on the game. We took photos.2-13-2020 thank you for making this right. My son picked up his prize today.

Review №14

Great place to take wobbler aged kids and up. Its about $7 for two hours. There are all sizes of bounce houses that works for many age groups. Also, there is a baby area and arcade games. Our favorite place on a rainy day. I love that its in the mall so you can go there and then shop and/or get some lunch.

Review №15

Sad this place will be closing soon. Kids (2 &4) had a blast and burned tons of energy!

Review №16

Fun but about to close so you can buy some stuff

Review №17

Great teen hangout spot, you have to go to the back.

Review №18

Great prices, lots to do for all ages and super friendly staff! There always adding new things too, I would definitely recommend.

Review №19

Nice place. Kind of higher cost than I want to pay for the time. Also adults cant get on the equipment to encourage our children to play on them. Some places allow adults to get on them.

Review №20

Fun place for kids to play. indoors. Bouncy houses and plenty of space to run and jump . price is very affordable. staff extremely friendly.

Review №21

On the rainy days or to hot out days. Nice to go in to fun zone.

Review №22

It is what it is. Its a place for kids they have a decent amount of activities for your little ones and some for bigger kids. Theres a bouncy house, foam pit,mini golf, pool tables ,hoop shoot games and arcade games. Prices were mehhh. There is not food available but its within the heritage mall so foods close by. If you book a room for your party you can bring whatever you want. Honestly i feel like its not worth it but it is an option and it didnt completely suck so yeah. In general its not bad

Review №23

Ehh, skiball is broken.However their Lego figure collection had my attention better and longer than any he there.

Review №24

1st time there for birthday party. The room was very small for our large group. Felt claustrophobic actually and a lot of the people chose to sit at tables outside of party room. They were great about all else though so thats why the 4 stars.

Review №25

Super fun for all ages and a great range of different activities to do from bounce houses, miniature golf, arts and crafts, arcades, etc! Also has a Lego shop! Will continue to come back!

Review №26

Had my daughters birthday here. worth every penny! mini golf and bounces houses galore! also arcade games ,ping pong, pool,massage chairs for the parents!!! Thanks G2!

Review №27

Great place, relaxed and entertaining. They are adding Lasertag in September 2019

Review №28

Way way much too expensive!! My daughter paid 200.00 or 250.00 for two damn hrs thats it tjats just too expensive

Review №29

Tons of bouncy fun for kids also a video arcade my three year old granddaughter loves.

Review №30

Great place for the kiddos and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

Review №31

This place is a lot of fun for the kiddos. Family owned and operated!

Review №32

Mostly for younger kids. Our kids (10, 7, 2, 2) all enjoyed it. The arcade was ok. The older kids liked the mini golf. Not crowded and the employees were nice and friendly. Low prices too. Great indoor activity for 1.5-2 hours when it’s raining.

Review №33

Fun Place ...Great for Kids Birthday Parties...

Review №34

So much fun. Grandson wanted to stay even longer. 4 hours of fun. Thanks fun zone.

Review №35

Great prices, lots of bounce houses! A nice gated infant area with a comfy couch, a reading nook, games, mini golf.. My kids love this place and so do the parents. The new location is fantastic.

Review №36

It was a fun place, but they definitely need to improve upon the attention they pay to the entrance and safety of the kids. We went to a party there this past weekend, while i thought my 3 year old was off playing with his cousins and uncle he actually walked past the front counter where 2 employees were at, on their phones, and walked all the way out into the mall to the bubblegum machine in front of Bath and Body Works without anyone noticing. It wasnt until my sister noticed he was not with them anymore that she went and asked the employees who said they told her that he did walk up but they told him to go back in. He is 3, just telling him to turn around does not always work. I feel they should have watched him go back or maybe walked him back in and also watch who comes in and out of the entrance. Thankfully my brother in law was able to see him across the mall and ran to get him before anything happened. I understand that sometimes they may be busy but there just on their phones not paying attention. Even something as simple as a bell that goes off could and get their attention.Until that point we were having a great time, it is a fun place for kids but they need to improve upon how they let people enter and exit. It is way to open of a space and with so many little kids running around they really need to think of safety and security. If a 3 year old can walk out unnoticed who knows what else can happen.

Review №37

Great kids packages groups from Scholl or church mine had lots of fun ¡!!

Review №38

Lots of bounce houses, mini golf and a place for toddlers. My son loved it

Review №39

Had our kids bday party there. Big place lots of bounce houses. Pool air hockey and other fun games in the back.

Review №40

Lots of fun. Took my 1-year old there, and he had a blast. Great way for kids (and parents) to get their energy out.

Review №41

Bad lighting and dont put a party room near the bathroom

Review №42

Pretty fun..wore my kids out!

Review №43

A great option in the winter, probably in the summer too. Kids like the bounce houses, mini golf, arcade games, etc.

Review №44

Not enough security for the entrance and exits.

Review №45

Great staff and loads of bounce houses for the kids to play in. Prices reasonable. Unfortunately they are closing in mid-February; they need more parking and the current location just doesnt have enough. Hope they find a place soon; we need them in the community!

Review №46

Nice place and not to terribly priced either

Review №47

They charge the same price for two very different size party rooms. Anyone booking room 2 is being robbed.

Review №48

G2 ensures that all of your children have a great time.

Review №49

Perfect for several age groups. Plus comfortable places for parents/grandparents to sit.

Review №50

Very fun place for kidsThey have lots of fun activities and for a decent price. They do, however, need to clean the bathrooms better and more often.

Review №51

My kids love this place & it is great place to play pool as well as there are not many places to play pool around here except local bars.

Review №52

To little things to do

Review №53

Fun place for a birthday party

Review №54

G2 fun zone is great place for kids with all the wonderful bounce houses. Great place to have a party with several rental rooms in the back. Theres even several adult games you could play like pool foosball air hockey. They also have a few arcade games along with skeet ball basketball and a few mechanical claw games to win prizes

Review №55

Doesnt look like much from the street but its a fun jump place for the younger kids. We havent done the black light mini golf but may in the future. There is a great area gated off upstairs for the babies to play.

Review №56

Its fun but I really like the old arcade they used to have by food court

Review №57

Super cool

Review №58

This place is a great way for kids to interact and goof around in a safe and engaging environment. The owners are such kind and amazing people, the prices are reasonable, and I would recommend it.

Review №59

My little girls absolutely LOVE coming to the G2 Fub Zone! Between the bouncy houses and Glactic Golf, this place offers hours of indoor fun. Very affordable too!

Review №60

We had our daughters 9th birthday here. The kids had a great time, and the staff was amazing. Well worth the money!!!

Review №61

Great place to bring kids and have birthday parties. My 11 and two 4 year olds absolutely love going there!

Review №62

There are 7 bouncy houses that range in activities to do. Its not a huge place but the staff is great and my three year old has a blast every time!

Review №63

We love this place great for the kids to burn off energy

Review №64

So friendly and when you live in a place where it rains all the time this is a MUCH needed commodity for my three littles!

Review №65

So much to do here so many blow up fun toys to bounce on arcades you can have parties here bring the little kids to a reasonable price and you can its 7:25 for the first child and after that its each additional child is like 8:25 or 8:50

Review №66

Grand kids loved it.

Review №67

Smells like little kid sweat and feet..But whats to expected? Its a place to let your kids run around and burn off that energy thats about to drive you crazy. Has not stopped us from going there multiple times. +1

Review №68

Had my sons 3rd bday party here. They are incredibly friendly, understanding and kind. Perfect family place. Had over 40 ppl at the bday and they accommodated with cups, socks, water, balloons, table clothes etc. I highly recommend this place! My son talks about it all the time. And even better when you leave the kids want to nap because they burned all their energy! Only down side is with a bday going up and down stairs to try and gather people together or if you have elderly that the stairs are hard for!

Review №69

Basically a collection of bounce houses and kitchy stuff for toddlers.

Review №70

My little girl is crazy about this place.

Review №71

The staff is caring. And very clean.

Review №72

Awesome prices, kids love it, and free wifi.

Review №73

Its really old and kinda gross

Review №74

Awesome place, kids always have a blast!

Review №75

Cheesy place for the price.

Review №76


Review №77

Very fun for all ages

Review №78

Kids love it

Review №79

Fun for all ages

Review №80

Always fun.

Review №81

The nicest staff!

Review №82

Awesome place!

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  • Address:2095 14th Ave SE, Albany, OR 97322, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 541-791-7902
  • Video arcade
  • Laser tag center
  • Children's amusement center
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–6pm
  • Tuesday:10am–6pm
  • Wednesday:10am–6pm
  • Thursday:10am–6pm
  • Friday:10am–6pm
  • Saturday:11am–6pm
  • Sunday:10am–6pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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