Dave & Busters
1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203, United States

Review №1

Had a blast.. drinks and food were great as usual... we arrived just in time for happy hour.. my 15 year old got a little sundae for her birthday ...

Review №2

They always make sure we are well accommodating considering my wife is in a wheelchair. She always has ample space and they are always checking in with us and I’m assuming other couples to make sure they continue to improve.The games are so much fun. A lot of younger children games but for us adults that’s the best part. We love the games even as an adult. All in all if your looking to have a great time with friends family or even hosting a birthday party Dave and Busters is the way to go!

Review №3

First time ever at Dave & Busters. A buddy of mine was shocked that I had no clue what D&B was, so we decided to do a 4h road trip just to try it. Let me tell you, it was totally worth it! The food was amazing, the place was super clean, and the staff was incredibly friendly. We were served by Al at the bar, such a nice guy! I had the grilled salmon and my buddy had the double cheeseburger with fries. Everything was cooked to perfection!!! I have already told plenty of people about how amazing this place is and were already planning another road trip to D&B! Cant wait to go back!

Review №4

A bit pricey, but lots of fun. The VR was great, but quick. Food was delicious.

Review №5

I had to stop at the mall to charge, and we chose to dine here. Service was swift and friendly, but both entrees came to the table very salty. Our side of fries, which is normally good at my local DB, was also very salty. The waitress offered to call a manager over and have my bill credited, and if it werent for the fact that my car was done charging and I didnt want to incur an idling fee--i wouldve waited. This location can do better.

Review №6

Tremendous impression I left this place, share with family and friends, the children really do enjoy it. Good service and a lot of variety of games.

Review №7

I’m never one to leave a review, but the service on January 12th, 2020 was completely awful. The burger was burnt and tasted disgusting, and none of my party is picky, so it must be awful. The unlimited wings came out extremely slow and the boneless wings were inedible. Also, the suggested tip is completely wrong. My bill was $26.74. The suggested 16% tip was $6.30. $6.30 is 23% of the bill. If this is not illegal, it is highly unprofessional. Lying about a tip percentage to get unknowing people to pay more is a scam. Overall, it was an unpleasant visit.

Review №8

We went to play games and get dinner. The games were great as usual but the food was not so much. We got burgers and mac and cheese. The burgers were not cooked right and the mac and cheese had bacon and chicken in it. It also had bread crumbs. The bacon was not cooked and the bread crumbs was like eating sand. Staff was friendly and timely.

Review №9

AWESOME arcade, great food. The staff can be more cheerful. Alot of under cover Albany police working as security. Makes you feel safe compared to rent cop. That cant do nothing.

Review №10

Dave And Busters never disappoints. I visited the Albany location today with some old time friends. We had a blast, unlimited wings and appatizers is always the best way to go. Had a good clean seat, waitress, was in top of her game, always had drinks and a fresh basket of wings. She has a picture of her kids in her writing pad which I thought was really sweet...but back to the games. They had the game on and great views no matter where you sat we went to go play some games and it wasnt too packed and there was enough room to move around. Plenty of games and everything worked that we played. We spent about 6 hours there and it was good the whole time. Once again, thank you DandB for another great night.

Review №11

Overall Ive had good experiences at D&B. Most recently I ordered the philly steak sandwich, and as you can see in the photo it was the worst steak sandwich ive ever been given. I sent it back to the kitchen and asked for it to be taken off my bill. My kids food had arrived and I didnt want to wait for a new meal, so I just skipped the meal. Honestly they have good happy hour prices and the food has usually been good, but this past visit let me down. Weighing my past visits and this one, I averaged them to 3 stars.

Review №12

Your app shows this special for unlimited wings and game play but then after we traveled a little over 2 hours to get to the store they told us this was corporate and ended on Superbowl. We do not follow sports but were interested in this special. Should not advertise it if its not available!

Review №13

Being Saturday night it was pretty packed! To be expected. Even being so, the atmosphere was great! The bathrooms could use some attention and air freshener!!! There were only a couple games out of commission. The customer service was fabulous! I had 4 bartenders try to take my order in the time I was ordering my drink. Very friendly staff. Big downside was they do not have a scanner at the bar and one of the guys in my party was denied because of it.

Review №14

The staff went out of their way to accommodate us for our soccer team. The food was not that great but we had lots of fun playing in the gaming area. Make reservations on the weekend was busy.

Review №15

I always have a great time here. The food is always amazing, tastes fresh and flavorful. Games are fun and lots of them. Usually not crazy busy.

Review №16

Food was good although the shake was a little weird. Games are fun but there arent too many to choose from. Also, the app doesnt really work for android. They need to have a disclaimer somewhere. Overall, it was fun.

Review №17

The games are super fun and this is such an awesome place to bring your partner, friends, family, etc! It fits all occasions. Money spent here can definitely add up quick but definitely worth it.

Review №18

Alfred Bracy United States Army Military Police say Dave & Busters is the best place to go for entertainment and fresh delicious foods not to mention assorted drinks to choose from!

Review №19

Always excellent here. Food and drinks are great. Ordering a party was a good experience, and a good bang for the buck in my opinion. Some of the game passes ifeel need improvements though, they dont seem worth the money

Review №20

Service was slow... caronarita was just average.. the philly cheese steak sliders were missing most of the cheese steak... it was mostly bread... and that wasn’t even fresh... all in all. Not great...

Review №21

Great place for games. Surprisingly good food. Great place to watch sports. Great place for parties. Still a chain, very loud. Wish they had a pinball machine!

Review №22

4 stars, just because, what they are, falls short of what they claim to be. It is a good time. Well kept location. I didnt see any machines out of order

Review №23

The service was excellent! The food was delicious & the facility was clean & orderly! The staff were all super efficient and friendly! The games were clean and the prizes were quality! Very nice time!

Review №24

Not to thrilled. Something is always wrong. This time they ran out of strawberry lemonade and bottled Heineken. Blaming it on the fight from yesterday and being busy. Better management would have planned better then to just run out of several things. Your a bar that advertised for the fight you should plan better. Last time the place stayed open with no running water.

Review №25

Amazing bang for the buck. Great staff, decent food. Just an great place for the family to come together and eat and play games. Also amazing if your throwing an event. Event space is available for rent. Just host an event here yesterday.

Review №26

Every order was wrong and we waited over an hour and a half to get two plates. We were in a group of about ten and it took thirty minutes alone just to get drinks.I would NOT recommend eating here.They also ran out of burgers so some of us didnt even get what we ordered.

Review №27

Its a place where your kids want to be on their weekends. Nice, clean, place to eat and play, much more variety of arcade games compared to other arcades, but at the same time, money will be flowing out of your pocket very quick.

Review №28

So much fun for kids and adults. Play some games, drink some beer, buy things with reward tickets, eat pub food with friends, and more. Huge place with lots of rcase games and they are always in good shape.

Review №29

Loved it. Food and games. Fun.

Review №30

I was visiting family in the area since Im from Wisconsin and I took my husbands cousins two kids to Dave & Busters this is the first time that I ever been and I really love playing all the games with my husbands cousins kids I will definitely be taking them there the next time Im visiting them in town we really had loads of fun

Review №31

I just love it!! The games are awesome!! I was having a birthday party there, and I was sitting at the table and my cards were on the table. The manager took the cards off the table, and gave us free chips! Such a gentleman and very nice. But it was probably because my brother works there but still very nice.

Review №32

Great place for the family and friends. Large selection of games to play. Good food and drinks. Would like to see one in Saratoga springs

Review №33

A fun place, I went with friends. We had coupons for $25 unlimited gaming for two. Theres a great selection of games it applies to. We were able to play any games with blue swipes. Would definitely go again.

Review №34

Games selection is amazing. Always adding new games too. I take off 1 point because the food is absolutely horrible! If we go there we always eat somewhere else because nothing ive had there is good and the prices are outrageous.

Review №35

Its fun for my 6yr old son and i to go on sundays, but some of the staff need to be upgraded..other than that all is good

Review №36

So incredibly loud and dark. I now dread going there. Apex is in the same mall, quieter, brighter and has more to do. We will go there from now on

Review №37

The games were amazing, lots of entertainment for all ages and fantastic interactive fun. The girl at the ticket desk though was lacking personality at all, when asked a simple question Can you pay the difference of the item with cash, after you use tickets? She very rudely stated No and just went on about her business. Ive never been to an arcade where you cant spend cash on items in the gift shop. Otherwise great experience.

Review №38

Dave and Busters is always a good time. The arcade is loads of fun for all ages. It’s a great place to go out on a fun date. It can be a little pricy but it is loads of fun so it’s worth it. The food is also pretty good, along with their signature margaritas and cocktails. I’d definitely recommend this place if you’re looking to have a fun night.

Review №39

Loved the apps. Drinks excellent, lucky we were in a semi quiet area. Too many kids screaming, isnt this for adults?

Review №40

Pretty entertaining place. Lots of games and they seem to be getting more. Which is great. Way too many basketball games in my opinion but they seem to be played for the most part. I feel like d&b should be in a bigger building. If the arcade was a little bigger with more games more room it would be able to fit all their people. I can’t say I’ve eaten there. But I’ve gone for multiple date nights and will continue to. Half price Wednesday is the best day to go. Their bathrooms have always been clean. They aren’t extremely populated with staff but they seem to be able to get everything done. It’s not cheap but nothing is anymore. It’s a fun time. That’s what matters.

Review №41

Good creative food choices. Average sports bar scene with added fun. Games are really cool to have in combination with restaurant-bar. A little pricey for the games unless you come on Wednesday. Definitely a fun place for the family to eat drink and have fun. This is part of the mall so you can enter from the parking lot or the mall.

Review №42

Whoa! This is a video game planet. Theres so much games here both for kids and adults; theres also so much to eat. Good music and beautiful people

Review №43

A great place for older kids and adults to go and play. Food is a bit pricey for what it is, but its the experience thatll draw me back. Besides, our server was dancing along with our daughters.

Review №44

Absolutely love this place! My wife, daughter and I go quiet often and have a ton of fun. We usually start by getting beverages, appetizers and dinner then go to the gaming floor for family laughs, high 5s and just a very good family bonding time.

Review №45

It was so fun kinda packed so if you dont want to be complete surrounded by hundreds of people dont go on a Saturday night

Review №46

Great experience with our server Christina. Excellent and welcoming service. Looking forward to coming back soon!

Review №47

Today I decided to go Dave & Busters with my family as a treat to my son for making it into his Base Ball team. Usually, I don’t do these reviews unless it is really worth it or really terrible. Overall the experience was fun as it was my first time being there. At the winners circle I was helped by a female named Alexislee (very unique name) she was very helpful and very sweet. Hope Dave & Busters bring good things for Alexislee !

Review №48

My favorite family spot...I wish they still had tickets though..made winning more joyful

Review №49

Always a blast awesome times. Love it here. This time i only ordered veggies and wasnt a fan of the vinegar in my zucchini. Will revisit.

Review №50

Place serves raw burgers and doesnt really show they care about customers. Asked for medium well and got a raw hamburger. Food staff needs to get with the ball.

Review №51

Nice arcade my kids loved it , but the food sucks , service needs to be better , its is going down the drain

Review №52

Got here with our family and we were told we would have to pay a a $10 cover for each person because they had a fight on. We were not here for the fight just dinner and games. Finally we got in and were told our wait was going to be 30 minutes .. an hour later we were seated. Our appirizers came out cold and our dinners came out under cooked. Worst experience ever. Managers were very unpleasant to talk to.

Review №53

The food was outstanding and the service was great!! Arcade games were fun too!!

Review №54

We went for a team event. Place was crowded, food option was ok - not exciting. However then we had a round of treasure hunt which was a combination of video games and clues. Had plenty of fun.

Review №55

A good time for the games. Id advise you to eat before coming, or after, because the service is horrible and the food mediocre - DONT WASTE YOU TIME OR MONEY ON THE FOOD. Even the bar service is slow on not busy days.Bottom line: go to enjoy the games. For everything else, there are better values to be found elsewhere...

Review №56

I really really want to give this place 5 stars because for the most part the staff tries for excellence. I mean you have a couple here and there that have a bad day but they always strive to make it right. The games are amazing and always lots of fun whether your 14 or 50 there is always something fun to do while you wait for your food or drinks. Bartenders, havent met a bad one they are always on top of their game. The menu .... great pub food but sometimes the freshness, depending on the time of day and how long it sits is questionable. I never complain but it is good but has the potential to be great. Regardless I still visit, play, and eat at least twice a month with friends.

Review №57

I love coming to Dave and Busters with my husband and our kids. However, I do not like the waiting to order food or drinks. If it wasnt for this amazing waitress name Stacy, we wouldve left the table because other waitresses and waiters saw me at the table looking at the menu but decided to keep going. So, Thank you Stacy for your service. I wish there were more waitresses like you

Review №58

I love this place not only does it have most of the top games but also a friendly atmosphere and a like friends feeling, great for a date or a night out with the family.

Review №59

Waitress I had was very kind and funny. I had no issues with the staff. They helped me understand the Dave and Busters app and let me know that the tickets/points never expire. So, I dont have to worry if I dont find anything that I like atm or if I just want to save up.

Review №60

Fun times for kids and the young at heart lots of games variety is amazing even had some of the games from way back in the Atari days.

Review №61

Had my daughter 10 year old birthday party. She had a good time. And for me thats what truly matters.

Review №62

Fun for the kids. Can be pricey and crowded. Very loud also.

Review №63

I have liked DB since finding them in IL, kids love it, adults love it, youll love it.

Review №64

We entered through the mall entrance and there was a sign saying to go to the street entrance to check in whatever. I dont play games, I brought my kid here for the entertainment and ordered an appetizer and one of the D+B favorites the Philly cheese steak. It had American cheese on it which was my bad I would have changed the type of cheese if I wasnt so bummed just being there. Items on the menu are overpriced. The nachos were all broken as if it was the bottom of the bag and the toppings didnt even cover the chips they were so dry with barely any cheese. It doesnt even come with salsa, sour cream, or guac on the side. Last time I visit this place. We waited so long for everything.

Review №65

Great Fun & Games, & Food Inside Crossgates Mall

Review №66

Its just a glorified arcade. I strongly discourage anyone interested in going to eat anything there. It would be smarter for them to get rid of the dinning section as well as the kitchen which is basically a freezer and a microwave and turn it into something like a VR arena or something cool. Maybe put in a laser tag or event space. Also it is always understaffed and smells of stale fog machine odors. They should really hire more people and train them to be able to work all parts of the arcade. This would definitely make everything way more efficient and it would make customers want to come back instead of just thinking of this place as an option. Also it would be great if the staff members and managers could smile without it being when we give them money at the entrance. If you work in an arcade your job should be fun, no? I would love to see staff getting involved with customers and maybe if they see someone playing a racing game by themselves join in and make it memorable. It is the little things that make people want to comeback and that breeds customer loyalty. I believe that this business can be successful, but not if they cannot adapt.

Review №67

We used to enjoy going to Dave and Busters we would go a few times throughout the year. Today my wife and I went into celebrate our Anniversary. Today they decided to kick us out because my wife bought a beer which I had taken a few sips from. My ID which had a small crack is invalid at this establishment. Now I am out over 60 bucks with beer and gaming credits because of a ridiculous policy instead of using some common sense. Will never be back and I will be sure to share this story with everyone I know.

Review №68

I liked the dine and play but the credit system for playing the games is really a turn off. It s like this a game shouldnt take 6.8 credit s to play. Makes it harder to keep track and ice you dip below 3.3 you basically cant us the credit on the card unless you put More on it. To me its like they are ripping you off . They really need to drop the .# and make the credits whole. The star grade was really 2.7 but 3 looks better...Right?!

Review №69

Games are fun at a fair price. Even better deal if you go on Wednesday for half price games. The food is decent, but nothing memorable. Service was friendly and prompt, however it is so loud in the building that it is challenging to hear others at the table. Good environment for both kids and adults.

Review №70

I love this and children do to. Its a bit expensive$$$$. I only go when I have enough to spend. But overall it is a great. The games are awesome.

Review №71

Huntt was awesome

Review №72

It is good for adults and children, they have good service, food is good. Children can be playing video games and have fun.

Review №73

Its Dave & Busters - Ive been to a few of these but this is my local D&B. Not super impressed compared to others - always seems a little unkept in places like tables next to the games, frequent out of order games, and the rewards shop is too cramped for how many things are going on in there. But, its an arcade so I should expect some of that stuff - right? What gives this place three stars besides what I just mentioned is the food and bar service. My experience with people who work in that area is severely hit or miss. Either theres the bar tender who is trying so hard to keep up with everything o and then theres 3 waiters not tending to their tables, just chatting and joking or theres just not enough employees covering these areas. Happy hour here is great, but the service really takes away from the quality as you cant entirely make use of it since theres not enough employees to meet everyones needs at happy hour.

Review №74

Called ahead to see if they carry the Impossible Burger everyone is lit about. They said yes. We drive 30 minutes to find out they’ve been out of stock for several days. I ordered the strawberry watermelon margarita before being told this and when it arrived it in no way resembled the menu image, huge ice cubes instead of blended ice and it tasted like a ghetto kool aid mixed drink. The waitress was polite and provided excellent service for the visit at least. Thanks for nothing and an overpriced margarita abortion.

Review №75

I only played games and hadn’t dined in or out so the last star was left incomplete. The games were super fun especially the Jurassic park and Men in Black VR game.

Review №76

My kids enjoy it. They and all locations should replace all the carpets.

Review №77

Havent been here since it first opened. Went for a kids birthday party and it was nice. Very upbeat lively atmosphere. Expect lots of running, yelling and bumping. The food for the party was plentiful and decent. The waitress was amazing and very efficient. My only complaint was my drink. It was cute and tasty but had ZERO alcohol content. Maybe because it was a kids party so they watered down my drink well actually sugared it up. So I guess next time Ill order at the bar with no kids. Maybe I will get a cocktail with actually alcohol in it !

Review №78

Great food and service!

Review №79

The food is so bad the cooks are just awful dont ever go here to eat unless youre so drunk that you wont notice how bad and rubbery the fries are let alone any other portion of food that you order. The games are fun though and they do have a good selection of interesting and fun and scary games which makes up for the fact that you didnt eat there you had to eat someplace else. And if you do choose to eat here I know you thought they might be better than I told you they were but theyre not. Its not your waitresses fault you tip her good its the cooks fall until the manager and the manager will have to tell the corporation and maybe someday theyll get it right

Review №80

More strategically placed hand sanitizer especially during the cold and flu season.

Review №81

Had a great time playing games and not to mention a nice Margarita too wet the palate. Lol

Review №82

Very loud, and energetic. Drinks are good, and so is the food

Review №83

I Have To Say The Food Is Great!! staff were Super Friendly. But the only thing is that to be Able to play it does cost A lot!

Review №84

My neice had a awesome time service was great just wish more wings for the price but overall good

Review №85

Amazing games but the restaurant part is horrible the service is horrible they take forever with the food and refills would come back for games and not food sorry...

Review №86

Always a fun place to take the kids. A little on the pricy side. The low rating is because the place reeked of marijuana.

Review №87

Huge arcade, so many great prizes! Love this spot.

Review №88

I dont know who loves this place more... Me or the kids

Review №89

The food was terrible. Literally had no meat on one of my sliders. The server was great as was the manager but it was a terrible meal. I remember going to the one in Philly as a kid and the food was great. This was garbage served to us. None of us could eat our meals.

Review №90

I went to Dave and Busters today in Crossgates Mall with my youth group. My husband and I went to the bar to get a glass of water. The bartender “Al” made a drink for a guest. As she was about to hand it to the Server to serve the drink they requested. She put a straw in it to try it. Then changed the straw. Al and 3 other employees allowed it and clearly thought that it was the sanitary thing to do. By trying a drink after she made it. “Stated that it was nasty.” And still served it to the guest who ordered it.Please!! Please!! Explain to your employees how unsanitary and disgusting that is! And IF You are to try a guest’s drink and state that what you just made is nasty! Then re make it!I will definitely never buy a drink from here again. My friends and family will also be aware of this!

Review №91

I just love Dave and busters. I haven’t been in awhile but a date is being planned to go. Good food and good fun. It’s nice that they’re open later

Review №92

The manager of the bar, the tall young and white man. Very rude! The ladies at the bar are rude too as well, not that cute hun.

Review №93

Great experience! There was a mistake made And they went above and beyond to fix it! Great customer service!

Review №94

A lot of the drinks were near the same, which were also sweet. Some were even nasty but thats just the specialty drinks on the menu ... Its not worth me going back there

Review №95

Food is mediocre at best. Service was slow. Games are fun but expensive. Grab a coupon before you go to make it worthwhile.

Review №96

Fun place, waiters are quick and very nice and friendly. Drinks are reasonable price and they have a wide selection of games that you can play and enjoy. Really fun if you go with friends or on a date. They keep the place nice and clean and everything is easy to use or understand.

Review №97

They have a deal after 9pm, ½ priced game play from Sunday-Thursday. Its a perfect place for a date night, it really has a bunch of fun arcade games. Also offers a military discount for active and veterans. The food to me, could be a little better

Review №98

Ot really cool an arcade with a bar and food definitely would recomend

Review №99

Its a fun time and a good environment. The credit system, does make it a bit difficult to keep up with things. Got a 250 pt card, at the end of the gaming, had 0.7 left. Theres nothing there that can be done with this so, thats that. Some of the games just end regardless of what you do. A single turn and game over. Left me standing there asking whats next? Is that all? . Ill stick to skee-ball next time.

Review №100

Super fun for all ages. The only complaint we have is sometimes the games don’t work correctly and they don’t have staff easily found to help in those cases. Overall though this is a great way to spend a couple of hours having fun!

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 518-313-4500
  • Video arcade
  • American restaurant
  • Event venue
  • Sports bar
Service options
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Dine-in:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Food:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Happy-hour food:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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