American Shooter Supply Inc
1702 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205, United States
American Shooter Supply Inc

Review №1

Been here a couple of times and the staff has always been patient and knowledgeable. Not pushy or condescending in the slightest. Good, easy-going group of people and pretty decent selection considering were in the great Firearms Famine of 2020.

Review №2

Cannot give a higher recommendation! Even with the current situation they have a huge selection. The building is well lit, super clean and extremely well organized. Pricing is as fair as anywhere and they are not taking advantage of the current situation like some are. Definitely earned my respect. The staff was all friendly and I strongly recommend them to LEOs! I dealt with Brian. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and was multi tasking but handled everything with each person very well. Could not have asked for better service. I have dealt with gun dealers all over. This is an hour & a half each way and I will contact them and make the trip without hesitation in the future!Pat ODell

Review №3

Excellent experience from start to finish. Great store, everyone was very friendly and good selection. I worked with Jason picking up a rifle, and he was extremely helpful and had great customer service. Ill be back in the future, thats for sure.

Review №4

Purchased my first firearm here and went in with a little knowledge but wasn’t sure what was best for me. I wanted protection for me and my daughter being a single mom it was important that safety was key. These guys were AMAZING!!! They answered all my questions and made sure I left there knowing everything.

Review №5

Horrible service, I felt like I didn’t belong there. I went in and got no acknowledgement, so I started looking around. Found some ammo placed it on the counter and still no one bothered to acknowledge me. Mind you other customers walked in after me and were greeted right away. When finally acknowledged I asked about the ammo I picked out and the associate was real short with me, stated the am brand has been around for a while that I shouldn’t have any problems. And that’s it. Barley made any eye contact with me. Very awkward Visit. Needless to say I won’t be going back there and spending any more money with them.

Review №6

They are a Professional and Helpful teamI totally recommend Them

Review №7

Totally ignored and avoided by staff, after waiting ten minutes they tell me they have the ammo I want but won’t sell it to me until after the election. Scumbags

Review №8

The owner is GREAT and helpful. Made me fill comfortable as a new gun buyer. Same for the staff.

Review №9

An amazing TRUE American company. This amazing company donated $5,000 reward for the return of 2 PTSD Therapy dogs. I cant thank you enough God bless you and your honorable business thank you again Mary & Gil Powers

Review №10

These guys have the Best customer service. Very patient staff who are willing to help with your questions. They try to help you and not just sell to you.

Review №11

Bad customer service. Do not come here.

Review №12

Definitely an amazing place if you are browsing and know exactly what you want . The service on certain days is absolutely abysmal with helping customers . The clientele at the store is at times a bit dodgy with this store being the only place I’ve had a gun pointed at my head and this was at 3 separate occasions.

Review №13

Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They took the the time to show me different types of weapons so I could compare. I called two other dealers and they could not beat the price American Shooter Supply gave me. One particular staff member Jason was very helpful!

Review №14

I was assisted by Steph on (11-16-19) and was completely blown away by the service and knowledge. I went in to look at a 1911, and was shown that and then some. Not once did I feel pressured and always felt like I was being talked too as a person, not a wallet. She did a great job explaining certian firearm brands/types to me and what would work as a range or CCW pistol. My wife landed up coming to look around as well, and Steph turned her attention to my wife and included her in the conversation and even suggested a range that had all woman classes and so forth. I did not leave with a firearm, but we will be back because of the service we received that day by Steph and her co worker. So thank you to that team for providing so much info and loving to do so.

Review №15

Amazing and wonderful customer service. They are the best people. Very patient and accommodating. Explained my new pistol to me, made all modifications that I requested, and patiently answered all of my questions. Great attitude and always with a smile. Whether you are an experienced gun owner or a neophyte, they are very welcoming, friendly and will take care of you. The best gun store experience Ive ever had. They are now my go to store for all of my purchases and needs.

Review №16

I had shopped here a few years ago and picked up a new Waterfowl shotgun. I was in the market recently for a new rifle and they had exactly what I was looking for, great price, and the staff couldn’t have been nicer to deal with- that’s a great feeling. I would highly recommend them.

Review №17

Good inventory and knowledgable staff.

Review №18

My father and I have getting my firearms from him for around 20 years. The owner and is shops are awesome. They are the best in the area.

Review №19

First of all, have you seen the stairs up to this place? I took my dad who has to use a cane and he couldnt even do the stairs. I am talking steep and a LOT of stairs! They do have a lot of guns which is nice, however they are rather high on the prices. A good example of this is the Ruger American which they are charging $510.00 for. Look around and you will find this gun much cheaper. They are none too helpful and have a take it or leave it attitude. Again I want to repeat that the stair situation is total BS!! Not safe for the old timers at all!

Review №20

Have been there many times as recently as yesterday.As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with a hi how are you.That same girl helped show me where items were that I came to look at.While browsing another gentleman asked me if I need help.We started talking about trap shooting and I told him I was trying to narrow down a trap gun for my wife.He showed me a recent trade in that was perfect for her.Stephanie also awesome customer service person.Everyone is knowledgeable,friendly,helpful.Doesnt get better than that

Review №21

Have been buying all my firearms here for years and have never had a issue that management has not been able to address. Best selection in the capital region and staff is professional and accommodating. Highly recommend stopping if your shopping for a new firearm.

Review №22

Super nice staff, especially Joe. He spent over an hour with me, showing me pistol after pistol until we found one that fit my hand properly, then suggested I check out the rentals at American Tactical Systems and try a few before I commit to buying one. Great guy, I highly recommend you go see him!

Review №23

Very friendly and good selection!

Review №24

Okay this post is not about the people or the store. It is a recommendation for the owners.1. Your phone number listed on your google search results is a Fax number.2. Your website does not have your phone number on it. If it does its not big and bold and in the upper right had corner.3. Because I couldnt contact you, you lost a sale.

Review №25

Gave this place 4 stars. Stopped in today after making a purchase downstairs at Havoc Archery (nice little bow shop btw). This gun shop has a hug supply of long guns and hand guns, looked like maybe 4-5 people on staff. They allowed me to walk around and take a look without bothering me, but promptly asked if I needed any help when I looked at something in the case. It was pretty busy, about 15 people and they seemed to be helping everyone as best they could and making calls to check on orders. Told me to have a good day on my way out, pretty much all I expect out of a gun shop. Seems like they may be reading these reviews and trying to improve.

Review №26

Ive been going to this gun for shop for over 15 years now. And after the owner stopped working at the store on the regular his supporting crew (employees) were terrible, they were short with customers, rude, and acted like they were doing you a favor by helping you. However after stopping in there again last week i realized that the staff that is there now ran by Brian is more helpful that ever. They all seem to go the extra mile and are knowledgeable about the products they are selling. They even bought me a coffee because he had kept me waiting even though I was in no rush. I would definitely recomendgoing to these guys, great atmosphere great group of guys.

Review №27

Short and sweet I am not happy with my purchase. I bought a $1,200 pistol, I was looking for a deal or an extra mag. They offered Layaway, told them I had cash and would pay in full. Asked if they would throw in anything since I wasnt doing layaway, they said no. Take it or leave it. Asked details on the pistol the guy kept answering; Im not sure, I can find out. That doesnt make me feel confident, an inside source told me they are paid on commission. So they can charge any price they want and screw you over because YOU have no other choice. Great business practice American Shooter supply, I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Review №28

Stopped by american shooter today and dealt with brian, he was very knowledgeable, friendly and courteous. great selection of firearms both long guns and pistols at way below other gun stores prices. unfortunately they did not have what i wanted in stock but he took the time and called all his other stores to find it. now thats customer service. now all i have to do is wait for my amendment to come. 2 thumbs up

Review №29

I bought my hand gun there, I didnt really have any issues. I put a deposit on the gun, got the receipt. got my amendment in a few days and went back and picked it up.. price was reasonable, they seemed very knowledgeable and went over everything about the gun with me. the place I bought my first gun didnt do that. so that is what impressed me at B&Js..

Review №30

Great Customer Service and variety aswell as reasonable prices .

Review №31

Good service, fair prices. They are always busy but I have never had a bad experience.

Review №32

I just left the store. My son and I went to look at rifles and hand guns. I am in the market for another hand gun. All the employees were busy with costumers. We looked around for 15 minuets. I stood at the counter and waited as one employee was finishing with a customer. When the costumer left the employee never looked at me or said anything. Mind you that I was on the other side of the counter from him. He turned his back and fiddled with his phone. I waited another minuet and decided they didnt need or want my business. I will let all my friends know that I wasnt impressed and I wouldnt ever return there again.

Review №33

Few years back one of the store clerks freaked out on me and threatened to throw me down the stairs if I didnt get our right now I was attempting to pack up my firearms back into the cases that I was going to sell him and he just kept screaming get your #&$!# and get the #$!& out now. I attempted to sell him my Saiga AK and he didnt not like that I had feed ramp installed so he wasnt interested so I said well thats gay and he snapped. I was so scared he was going to shoot me he was freaking out waving his hands screaming to throw me down the stairs. I had sold multiple firearms to them and bought plenty from him but never again will I go near this store.

Review №34

Knowledgeable, professional people and a good experience each time. I see mixed reviews and can only conclude that many were not prepared for dealing with an experienced shop which does follow dotting the is and crossing the ts of the regulatory climate. Gun ownership is a serious business. Buyers need to do some homework and develop an owners sense of responsibility before seeking to buy a firearm. Prospective buyers need to develop a gun owners respect for weapons and their use, understand how they work and the risk a projectile carries if one misses the intended target. This is not laser tag. I recommend several hours of watching various YouTube videos before even crossing the threshold. Know what the level of care and responsibility of being a gun owner carries.People who are serious, are treated seriously.

Review №35

Great place to shop, quality brands and knowledgeable staff. Worth the trip from Glens Falls.

Review №36

I had a great experience there as a first time shopper. I have checked other dealers in the Albany area and have nothing bad to say about them. However they did not have exactly what I wanted so I wanted to look around. As soon as I walked up the stairs I was a little overwhelmed by the huge selection. I went up to the counter and looked a bit. A salesman promptly helped me and took the time to show me several guns. He was patient and very knowledgable. They had a great price on the gun I bought, well below retail and ammo was priced competitvely as well. I will be back for sure.

Review №37

This company is run by hypocrites. They say they believe in the bill of rights and personal freedom, but its a complete lie. They make angry, poorly thought out Facebook posts riddled with poor spelling and grammar. If you disagree with them in any way, theyll delete your comments and block you from posting again. When confronted about this, they told me their shop isnt run by the government so I had no constitutional rights to free speech on their Facebook page. How ironic...There are much better local gun shops to support... Firefly Firearms, Zacks, Franks, Target Sports. Forget about American Shooter Supply and B&J... not worth your time and money. Support businesses who actually support freedom!

Review №38

Was there 3 times looking around was asked if I needed help all 3 times. When I finally decided what I wanted they ordered it for me. The price was better then I have seen anywhere else.

Review №39

I shop here all the time, and never had an issue. I got my first glock there and my Mossberg. Brian is a great dude and knows his stuff. The people posting bad reviews are obviously the people in the world that need warning labels on shampoo bottles. God bless andstay American!

Review №40

Shameful service to certain Types of people. I was cleared by NICS on the spot and asked for one more night to think about before making the purchase. And they guy told me to Get the !@# out and never come back (for wasting an hour of his time which was more like making a phone call.The following day I called them at store open time to apologize for my indecisiveness and to let them know that I have agreed to purchase the rifle. He told me that he has too much pride in his business and will not sell it to me for wasting his time. And he asked me to piss off.I called one more time to apologize one more time to see if they had softened but this time he was absolutely livid, obnoxious and threatened to call the police and told me that he had reported to NICS about me.It is always the customers prerogative to think over a large purchase over night.. no store has the right to treat people in this manner. Do not recommend shopping here.

Review №41

Very friendly staff, Brian is very helpful, i bought a few guns from him and prices are very fair.

Review №42

Will not go here ever again. Stopped once before today. Stood around for about 20 minutes waiting to be helped. Finally start asking questions and people that work here cant tell me how much there items are they are selling. Finally I left.Stopped today to get some ammo and possibly buy a new 12 gauge. Phone are not allowed are you kidding me. I cant look up ballistic info ? Oh wait you dont want people to find out how much they are getting screwed on your prices. Recently built a Ar-15, Thordsen stock $129.99 Amazon. Their Price $199.99 Does that include lube ? I will take the $2000 I had in my pocket today on a new semi 12 gauge and go to some place that actually values customers.Your not the only shop in town So stop acting like it!!!!

Review №43

Large selection of inventory, knowledgeable staff and always great finds on second hand firearms

Review №44

I am going to post the business I letter I wrote to the Owner of this store. He did not even have the fortitude to contact to even discuss this situation. So Below is the letter I sent.. I will let you all decide..Dear Mr. Olesen,I am writing this letter to inform you of the service that my wife and I received from your store American Shooter Supply located at 1702 Central Ave Albany, NY 12205 and American Trade & Goods located at 1213 Louden Road, Cohoes, NY 12047 on June 17, 2016. My Wife decided to do an amazing thing and for my 1st Father’s Day, she decided to purchase me a Glock hand gun. She entered your store and spoke to a Christopher DiNardo. She said this salesman was amazing in helping her pick out the Glock she thought I wanted. I was able to open up a gift card that said this gun was on hold at your in Cohoes location. On Monday, June 20th I went in to speak to your salesman about the Blue Label program that your company offers and I was told I would have to go to the Store on Central Ave due to that being the store where the transaction occurred. I drove over to that location and was told to speak to a Brian Bell about the program. As a courtesy I let Mr. Bell and your staff work with potential customers in the store since I already had store credit and I wanted to just purchase a different gun. At 6pm, when the store was about to close Mr. Bell approached me and we started talking about blue label Glock 23 with night sights. He said that Glock was out of stock and had to contact Amchar (Glock Wholesale out of Rochester, NY) and you Mr. Olesen to get me the price. I said ok and left the store after I had given Mr. Bell all my information. Approximately 3 business days later I received a call from Mr. Bell giving me a price of $569.90 for the Glock 23 with night sights. I did proceed to question this price Mr. Bell had provided me as I had the Glock Blue Label Price in front me which is $455.04. He said I was out of my mind, he proceeded to say that I was a pain in the ass and when I asked to speak to the owner of the store he hung up on me. I felt disrespected at this point and went back to your store and got a refund of the money my wife had spent.Since all this experience, I have done some research speaking to The Glock GM Mr. Regan, and Dave at Amchar. I feel as if Mr. Bell should be disciplined for his actions and for the manor he treats customers such as myself. I would like to have a conversation with you to smooth this over and straighten this situation out. I am coming to you first before I utilize Social Media to get my point across. Having an employee like Mr. Bell treating customers like I was treated is giving your stores a bad name, he could use some training in customer service. He should have taken my number and asked you to contact me to resolve any price questions or issues instead calling me names and hanging up on me. Needless to say it destroyed my 1st Father’s Day gift that my wife put some good thought into, and made me not want to enter any of your stores in the future. Please feel free to contact me by phone, E-mail or I can even meet in person at your Cohoes store.Sent July 14th and still no response from anyone.. Next I start using every social media outlet I have.

Review №45

Always a pleasure. Great staff and products

Review №46

Great place to shop, friendly staff, professional, good selection of items...

Review №47

Friendly service and knowlegable

Review №48

Great place and best people.

Review №49

Workers are mean

Review №50

Great place !

Review №51

They know theyre guns. They also supported Trump.

Review №52

Terrible service. couldnt make us feel more awkward.

Review №53

Dont buy guns!!

Review №54

Sells broken guns and then blows you off.

Review №55

There hours on here lie

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