Huck Finns Playland
25 Erie Blvd, Albany, NY 12204, United States

Review №1

Brought my three granddaughters. Everyone had a great time... Ice cream!

Review №2

Of course they are closed right now due to Covid but this is one of my favorite places ever. I spent my entire childhood visiting the old location in latham and it brings back such great memories. Especially when they use to sell candy apples. I’m glad Huck Finns was able to save this local gem.Now my son loves this place. He loves to ride the train over and over again. The prices are ok and the party packages are decent. I hope they get to reopen next season. My son is missing his train rides :(

Review №3

My child loves it here! We paid $30 and had PLENTY of tickets left over for next time. The kids working although young had alot of love ans respect for what they were doing

Review №4

We had a great time. Small place. Great for kids under 5

Review №5

This used to be Hoffmans Playland. When it closed Huck Finns bought the equipment and moved it to their location. So glad they did. This place is great for little kids.Inexpensive, staff is friendly, clean and small kid friendly. Great place for a Grand parent to bring the Grand kids.

Review №6

Great way to spend the day. Just the right size and pace for younger kids.

Review №7

This carnival is a fun experience that kids will LOVE and adore.

Review №8

$33 for 25 tickets...rides are ONLY 1 ticket each! Fair type foods, very affordable! Also has an indoor arcade and a Subway sandwich shop inside the store.

Review №9

Great kiddie amusement park with plenty of rides for all ages kids. Pricing is very reasonable for a good two - three hours of fun. The location is a little hidden but it’s great since it doesn’t get overcrowded and there is little to almost no waiting to get on a ride. Now that’s a plus when you are entertaining kids. My kids loved it and I would recommend this place to any family.

Review №10

A great fun clean place to go with kids 8 years and under. If your children are Young there are so many great rides for them to enjoy. Rides that youll most likely remember from your childhood. I said 8 years old and younger because my son is now 9 and really there are only 3 or 4 rides that he enjoys. The staff is helpful the location is clean and organized, I cant say enough about this place. From the small roller coaster to spinning rides to a ferris wheel, just a great place to go and spend a few hours to enjoy with your kids.

Review №11

My son really enjoys coming here..

Review №12

A fun place to take the kids and relax. This place is seasonal. I believe its opened during summers and closes down during winter. I visit with the kids at least twice a month every summer since we moved to Albany. The kids love it and they always have a lot of fun everytime. The staffs are also friendly. I also hosted a birthday party for my daughter. I would say its a must visit doe kids

Review №13

Took my 3 yr old and he enjoyed every minute. No long wait times and not as exhausting as a full blown amusement park. Perfect for a quick fun day

Review №14

I went here as a kid. Except it was Hoffmans. Glad Huck Finns bought it and kept it open so I can share this place with my children. My son had his birthday partyhere. He loved it

Review №15

We had a blast my son loved it and the park so clean

Review №16

I love the new and improved amusement parks, but there is nothing better than a old fashion carnival whenever you would like! So happy Huck Finns could keep Hoffmans tradition!

Review №17

First time there and had a blast

Review №18

Bought all the same rides from old Hoffmans Playland. Its clean and cheap. Great for kids under 10 yr old but also has 3 rides that older kids would like. Food is alright (frozen) but the fried dough is best around.

Review №19

Doesnt hold a candle to Hoffmans in my opinion, but still an enjoyable experience for little ones. The food is ok and the prices are a little expensive, but compare to what youd expect at a fairgrounds. There are a lot of rides for younger children (under 5) which is nice.

Review №20

Needed something to do with our son on a Monday afternoon. This was GREAT! 25 tickets for 33 bucks. It is 1 ticket for most of the rides. We spent nearly 3 hours there. And by the time we were done he was whooped. Some of the kids that work there dont have a personality but most of them do. They have some fair food there. But Monday during the afternoon was a great time to visit. Not many ppl there and the kids were on/Off in no time.

Review №21

Thursday when it opened was the best for us. Not a lot of people the same rides when I was younger. They could of restored them and updated them a bit but it was a lot of fun with my 2 year old niece.

Review №22

So much Fun! ️

Review №23

Nice place for kids to have fun.

Review №24

I had a really huge birthday party here. The staff was great and very accommodating. The kids had a blast & it was inexpensive compared to other places.

Review №25

Great place for small children. My daughter is 2 and son is 5 and they have a blast. Prices are reasonable and most rides only cost 1 ticket. The rides for older children are 2 tickets.

Review №26

Nice little amusment park for little ones. Cute little rides. Almost no wait times for rides. My kids loved it

Review №27

Fun little place for the younger kids a few big kid rides always a good time and pretty good food.

Review №28

Nice clean place. Friendly atmosphere.Brought my 3,5 year old granddaughter here and she had a blast!

Review №29

We took the children from our church this past Saturday they really enjoyed themselves

Review №30

Lots of fun and they have the great staff.We loved the rides.Even though windy and chilly we all had a super time, Especially the haunted house. Had a blast with my family. Looking forward to our next visit.

Review №31

Off the local bus route, taxi $7-$8 from downtown Albany, drink was nasty but the fried dough was enough to feed 4 people...cute but rusty looking rides... staff was amazing. $15 + for rides. Carry hand wipes!

Review №32

I love the rides here. They were once part of Hoffmans Play land before it was closed down. Huck Finns playland is a great place to take kids on a hot summer day. They have a concession stand that has many types of food, drinks, and desserts. The rides are a bit old, but they add to the nostalgia of the place. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to plan a day out with the kids.

Review №33

Nice for toddlers, great when $10 all day pass is available! Tickets are still available if you need to go on a ride or two.

Review №34

Its the same old Hoffmans playland rides I enjoy as a kid, but its a great joy watching my grandchildren enjoy them as well

Review №35

Weve been coming here with our son every year since he was born. We absolutely love it here!

Review №36

The staff was absolutely great and friendly. The park was clean and well staffed.

Review №37

Weve taken our grandkids here even when it was Hoffmans Playland. The price is a little high, but thats because they know they can get it because its easy for people to get to. The rides are more for little kids, they only have a few rides for kids over 6 years old. Theyve added a slide this pass year, but again its not that big. For the fact of the price and size of the rides it will be our best interest to go to Magic Forest until things are updated here.

Review №38

Great place for your little folks. Free admission and parking, rides cost around $2.00 and theres a Subway and snack/ice cream shack there if you feel peckish. The ride attendants are pleasant and appropriately kid friendly. Fun way to burn an afternoon.

Review №39

Family fun for young kids. Bring sunscreen.

Review №40

A great place for kids

Review №41

Food and rides are both a fair value, no gouging. Save the snacks until after the tilt-a-whirl, or you gonna tilt-a-hurl.

Review №42

My autistic brother and I have been going to Hoffmans since we were little. Hes now 22 and the staff were amazing to him and didnt treat him badly because of his disability. They were very friendly, let us take our time when he needed it, and werent judgmental at all. One of them even recognized him from when his day program would visit. We need more staff like these employees in our world! Praise the Huck Finns Playland Staff :)

Review №43

We miss Hoffmans Playland. We now have Huck Finns Playland its a little smaller but still great.

Review №44

I dont care if it was a marketing ploy. Huck Finns saved Playland so that another generation (and hopefully many more) can enjoy the treasures of rides and entertainment and family fun.

Review №45

We brought kids from 0-12 and everyone had rides that made them happy.

Review №46

Had a great time celebrating my neice 6th birthday party there.

Review №47

Came here for a birthday party, was pleasantly surprised how nice this place is. Tickets on expensive side, but great for little kids

Review №48

Nice place small selection of rides but great for kids

Review №49

My experience was good. I enjoy myself with my family. Children enjoy themselves as well with the rides. Just pleasant time. At Huck Finns Playground.

Review №50

This is a great place to spend a few hours with kids from toddlers to older children. Dont expect Six Flags entertainment - these are more like the rides you would find at a fair but without the lines and higher prices. Nice little place.

Review №51

Friendly staff and friendly prices. Excellent rides and entertainment even for the toddlers.

Review №52

Great for the under 7 crowd. Kid sized rides from the 60s, with a few rides for adults and kids. This is a great gateway park, if you want your kids to build up to the bigger parks. Reasonable priced. There is Fair food like cotton candy and fried dough, but they do have pizza, chicken tenders, and hot dogs. You pay per ride and do not need to pay anything to enter the park. Water fountain has a water bottle refill feature. This is not a place to spend the whole day. You can do all the rides on about 1-2 hours.

Review №53

I dont dislike it. Its not for kids 9 and up

Review №54

My children love it here. Prices are very reasonable. Wish they had more of a wristband concept for an all day pass though

Review №55

We visit at least once or twice a year. It is such an amazing, cute amusement park for young kids. Brings back lots of memories of my own childhood.

Review №56

Rides are very old and slow. Park is in the warehouse district of albany and in a sketchy part of town. We decided to go somewhere else upon arrival.

Review №57

Had a great time prices where fair

Review №58

I love this place! Im so glad Huck Finns bought it and now my daughter can enjoy the rides i did as a kid. They did a really good job setting it up. They even have the stands where you can get drinks and fried dough. The only things missing are the arcade room and bumper cars from when it was Hoffmans playland.

Review №59

Fun for the littlest of amusement park visitors :)

Review №60

Love that they have most of the old rides from Hoffmans

Review №61

The kids love coming here! Today was $10 all you can ride!! They have enough variety for all the kids and even a few to ride with the kids and be a big kid again :)

Review №62

Best place to meet up

Review №63

Perfect afternoon for younger children. The park is clean and inviting. The entire thing is fenced in to keep little ones nearby. Prices were fair for both rides and food.

Review №64

I have some mixed feelings for here. Ive been here with the kids at least 3 times, and its not bad- but not great. Its pretty mediocre, but not to say you cant have a great time. Would go back again, because its kind of the only place of this sort around.

Review №65

Decent price and decent rides. Killed about 3 hours here with one book of tickets and one child. Can be seen right off the highway so it is easy to get to. Clean in all areas

Review №66

No lines which was great but gets expensive very quick. Great for my 5 year old but older kids would get bored quickly.

Review №67

My six year old loves it!

Review №68

No shade , very hot even when the temperature is low 70s

Review №69

Perfect place for my little one to go on a few rides. Close to home, super friendly and clean.

Review №70

I am extremely disappointed with Huck Finns. For years my family has watched fireworks in the Huck Finns parking lot. The last two years we played at the Playland and enjoyed the fireworks afterwards. This year we were rudely kicked out of the parking lot with absolutely no explanation. We were told that if you’d don’t move quickly we will be locked in. I thought Huck Finns wanted to give back to the community. A true shame for not taking advantage of this opportunity on our nations birthday....

Review №71

Great place to take the young ones during the summer. Not too expensive, and the food is okay. Same rides that I used to ride as a young one when it was Hoffmans playland. Parking lot is usually full during peak times and you will need to park out on the main road and walk a little bit to get in.

Review №72

A fun time! Who needs Great Escape when you can get your ride fix for much less, right in Albany!

Review №73

Was fun, overpriced and not so much for kids under 36

Review №74

Loved it! Worth it for the kids!

Review №75

This place is wonderful for toddlers. The rides are long enough to be fun for kids and parents.

Review №76

All of the equipments are very old and many rides don’t spin well. I wish there were more rides to spend more time there.

Review №77

Loved this little anyday carnival! Great prices too!!

Review №78

Fun for kids and adults.

Review №79

A-1 great staff

Review №80

A bad place to go it here they treat my kids bad I like Hoffmans. Playlad I hate the new place it sucks so bad Never go there . and I got almost got killed by the fairest will It is dangerous

Review №81

Its awesome fun place from family and friends. Easy access on Google map to find.

Review №82

Nice old school rides, well maintained. Can get a bit expensive if your child wants a parent to ride with them. A fine place to spend an hour or so.

Review №83

My daughter love it it was her first time she want to go back .

Review №84

I feel like there could be more fast rides but it was fun just add more big fast rides please thx!!

Review №85

Nice area but the rides are very short especially considering the price of each ride

Review №86

I hear it doesnt have the same nostalgic feel as the original but its a great (albeit small) local getaway for families.

Review №87

Small place. Nothing like when it was Hoffman playland. Food sucks and it’s limited rides. Don’t like it. Took my kids there once since it’s been there and that will be the last time. It was better when it was in Latham at Hoffman’s playland

Review №88

Clean, fun, great for little kids. Food is reasonably priced for a small theme park.

Review №89

This playland is great for toddlers! Clean, all employees are nice and helpful, what a wonderful gem in Albany, NY! I cant keep my granddaughter away!

Review №90

Great time with the kiddo! First time on rides solo and the kiddo loved it!

Review №91

A great place for a nearby outing with the family. I grew up with Hoffmans Playland and am happy they were willing to keep the traditions going.

Review №92

Good fun but ridiculously expensive

Review №93

But should be a smoking place. Some There

Review №94

Birthday party, lots of fun.

Review №95

Great place for the kids to enjoy

Review №96

Great day for the kids.

Review №97

Needs more shaded areas

Review №98

This is the perfect place to bring children under the age of 8, there is no admission charge and the ride prices are fairly reasonable. What I love the most though is that for a parent who has two children with autism its the perfect place to bring them because its never too crowded.

Review №99

Dont waste your time. Advertised as closing at 9, closed at 6 for employee time. Got there at 5:50 expecting a night of family fun. Try explaining that to a screaming 2 and 4 year old! Well never be back...employees were to busy changing to operate rides. What a waste! Advertise candy apples and ice cream but dont sell any. False advertisement!

Review №100

Nice rides for young kids, with a couple of faster rides for the older brother and sister.

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  • Address:25 Erie Blvd, Albany, NY 12204, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 518-242-7575
  • Amusement park
  • Festival
  • Video arcade
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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