Apex Entertainment Albany
1 Crossgates Mall Rd, Albany, NY 12203, United States

Review №1

Very unprofessional place. they dont clean the arcade games after each person plays on it. this is the reason Covid 19 are on the rise in Albany County. I came in to enjoy my time with family but saw no employees cleaning so I left . this place should close down due to Covid !9 violation

Review №2

Good food people are nice they help you save money

Review №3

The lady who helped us in November 8th at around 6pm at lane 13 with our bowling balls being stuck was professional and nice. I didn’t get her name but she was awesome. Very nice and responsive.

Review №4

I came as a party of 5 and we all had never been here before. My review is purely from a standpoint about the food so take that with a grain of salt. We hadn’t ordered anything particularly complex; 3 orders of chicken strips, a double cheeseburger, a quesadilla, and chicken Caesar wrap. It took nearly an hour for our food to arrive and it was cold. Two of the chicken strip platters were uncooked and pink in the middle. The whole experience was rather disappointing and we won’t be coming back for the food at least. If you come here, it should be for the bowling or arcade because the food is definitely not worth it.

Review №5

This place is awesome. My family and I had a blast. Thank you!!!

Review №6

If I could rate the experience no stars I would. Went here last week with friends and we sat down at the bar and it took about 10 minutes for someone just to take our order when the bar was crowded, but not by customers, by Apex employees. Then we had to wait a while for the 3 chicken wings that we each ordered from the bar menu and of course they were terrible. I certainly will not be coming back to Apex, and I suggest to anyone that cares about having a positive experience to not either.

Review №7

It was just okay because the priceThe staff was amazing it was clean but it was $33 for me my husband and our 5 year old to get shoes and bowl for 30 minutes.Also $5 for what seems to be a 4ft by 4ft bumper car areas.

Review №8

Nearly all the tables were dirty, had to ask someone to clean one so we could be seated. Had to ask to put an order in, slow service and it wasn’t that busy. Drinks were not made by an experienced bartender. Maybe it was an off day, but my first experience here was poor.

Review №9

1 star for the bald tall guy who took someone else in while we were first in line for the vr game

Review №10

Bowling lanes are a bit over waxed, but Im pretty sure thats just because theyre new and Im used to older lanes. Very fun though. Bowling was a blast and loved how a group of 7 can sit together and share 2 lanes and even have some privacy. Meaning youre not all bunched up together.Food was overpriced.Arcade was so much fun! It was great for toddlers (4yrs) and adults alike. We all loved the variety of games. The cards are totally worth it.

Review №11

Kids had a blast, fun family outing! Food was good but a little on the pricey side. We will be back soon!

Review №12

We did the bumper cars which with two people you could barely maneuver around at all, I cant imagine what its like with all six going and the time you ride is definitely short. My son did the virtual reality and loved it but again didnt last long at all for what you pay but the gentleman who helped set him up was very nice and helpful. We played a bunch of arcade games and like most arcades you pay silly amounts to play to win tickets to get a whole lot of nothing. The facility was clean and the staff was friendly and helpful but the pricing is really not worth it for what you get. There are other things for older children and adults that maybe have more to offer so I dont want to say this place is a complete waste of a visit but for me I really wasnt that impressed.

Review №13

It is a really cool and big place. In a way they are better than Dave And Busters. They didnt tell us about the VIP cards which was shady. But is huge and fun but expensive.

Review №14

We had lunch before going to see a movie. The food was great. I had a Asian breaded chicken sandwich and was really good. The air temp was on the cold side. Over all a great stop!

Review №15

Like nothing else in the area! Great food, great service and so many things to do! I think the adults had just as much fun as the kids! My husband and I had a great time, and so did my friends 5 and 7 year olds! Where else can you go where EVERYONE in the family has fun! Laser tag, awesome arcade, bumper cars, bowling too. Did I mention cocktails?

Review №16

Got to enjoy my Grandkids have Fun

Review №17

My step grandson had his 16th party there,didnt know what to expect, Ill tell ya, nice place. We did some bowling and arcade games . What surprised me was the food, it was good, pizza,chicken tenders, tater tots. It was actually pretty damn good!. Great place to go with the kids!!

Review №18

Excellent experience, staff was superb.

Review №19

No shortage of games and experiences to do here. Many more options than the previous game room. Good beer selection and the largest pretzel I have had, it is claimed to be 4 pounds and ours sure looked like it.

Review №20

This place is absolutely amazing! Not only all the things to do but the staff was also amazing. Everyone we were near made sure to answer any questions and explain how to do everything. We will absolutely back soon and highly recommend this to anyone of all ages.

Review №21

This place existed where I used to live & was a favorite for rainy days, and when we moved here they were building this one! It’s really fun, lots of unique games and traditional. It’s like a beautiful, big, clean adult arcade. Also good for kids, but honestly probably 10 & older. There aren’t many games suited for a child without a parent helping a ton. Overall awesome

Review №22

I had the worse experience of my life. I spent hundreds of dollars just to be humiliated and disrespected. The bar staff attitude was reprehensible. APEX staff lied about their job titles and abused their authority making simple request difficult. I was mortified by the way that my family and myself was treated.Update* Theresa Cassiack has been extremely helpful in resolving this matter and I appreciate her for it. She has made my family, friends and I feel as though we matter. She did so by firing the employee responsible for making our experience unpleasant. Again I thank you ️

Review №23

Booked a birthday party. Kids had a blast. A little trouble getting the timed cards running on the first go so the itinerary was off a little but great overall

Review №24

Great place with family atmosphere. Wasnt too pricey to have fun. They just opened so Im sure itll be the place to be. Bowling wasnt as expensive as the previous luck strike.

Review №25

I just visited Apex today with 6 friends. I walked in with $60, and my other friends walked in with about a range from $20 to $80. We all walked out with nothing. And all we spent our money just on lockers, Arcade games, and bowling. First off, we bought one small locker ($4) and one large locker ($5) which we all thought was expensive at first. Then we played the arcade games which was nothing different from playing normal games. Then we had to pay $40 for all of us to go bowling, not to mention they made us pay $4.45 per person for the bowling shoes. We did not want to drop even more money on what should be complementary, but they made us pay for it. We also payed $17 for four cokes and a shirley temple. We were mostly bored, and there was nothing special about the experience. This experience was not good at all and after I calculated everything we payed for in Apex, it was $267. We all spent a total of $267 for a below average experience.

Review №26

Rude bartenders that cannot count back change. I told her she gave me to much back and she ignored me so I just left it on the counter. Also staff is a little rude there. It just seems poorly operated and could use a facelift. The chalk for the pool tables is super cheap. I also stood a while at the desk trying to get a card. It was my first time there and staff seemed more concerned with talking with their co-workers and friends then helping me get a card so I could use it.

Review №27

Place was great food and drinks were awesome

Review №28

I originally went here for their candle stick bowling and had minor issues while bowling but besides that it was a blast. Then later they randomly gave out arcade cards to everyone on the lsnes. It was a fun time and would recommend

Review №29

Hate to say it better than Dave and Busters. Fun for adults and kids. Service at the tables was a bit slow but the food was good and it was pretty busy. Take your 5 stars

Review №30

So excited this place is now open! My kids had so much fun in the arcade and I love that they have so many gluten free options on their menu. Will definitely be back!

Review №31

This place is nice, the arcade is good and the service is good, but the bowling alley is not good. The bumpers at the bowling alley dont work and the shoes are extremely uncomfortable and the lanes arent oiled. But other than that this place is good. The food is good aswell!

Review №32

40 bucks for an hour of bowling, loved it.

Review №33

Super overpriced. I came in with my friends and i had $40 thinking that i will only have to spend $20 here. But no, i was wrong. I had to spend $5 on a locker for my backpack, $25 for a game card with like 100 tokens on it, all of us had to pay $40 for a bowling lane for only and hour, and the shoes you were forced to wear were an extra $4.45 per person on top of that. And when the waitress came around asking for our orders we thought the drinks are complementary, so we ordered 4 cokes, and a shirly temple and it came back at $16!! I cannot believe that me and my friends spent $267 at this place, and the worst part is all of this spending didnt even make it fun. I walked out with $0 after. And not to mention that one of my friends ordered a quesidilla and it was awfully made which made it taste awfully. I would never come back here with friends again.

Review №34

Bowling was great! Really enjoyed the pretzel! Chicken was undercooked and chewy. Service was slow. Will be back to give it another chance! Great concept!

Review №35

Booked a corporate event for 50 people and I was extremely pleased with the venue, service and food! Team building onsite where the meeting was held really made logistics of planning this event easier. Anne Marie in sales is top notch! Laser tag and bowling was a big hit for our team and would highly recommend Apex!

Review №36

Apex Entertainment in Albany, NY was a 2/5 star expierence. The activities we participated in was laser tag; bumper cars; the arcade; and we ate dinner.My fiances sliders came out and the patty felt cold to the touch, my brothers chicken wings came out uncooked. Felt like they were sitting there for the hour we sat waiting for the rest of the food.The waitress was nice, but food was the reason it only got two stars.We will be going to Dave and Busters from now on, thank you.

Review №37

It’s alright. There aren’t many games and stuff. Wouldn’t recommend spending over $100 there. The drinks are good though.

Review №38

We had my nephews 13th birthday party here it was very nice we loved our party planner it was very pricey but we enjoyed all the Stuff that was included we reserved a vip party room you can decorate it any way u would like the food and drinks were great

Review №39

We went here for dinner and to play some arcade games. The games were ok but the food service was terrible. This is the second time we went here and service was just as bad as it was the first time. Both times my wife ordered a gluten free meal and both times her salad came out with croutons on it. It took 2 hours to get our food and check. I dont know that we will ever go back for food. Seems like waitstaff are just hourly workers and have 0 motivation.

Review №40

Was a fun place to check out with my son. Virtual sports seemed cool!

Review №41

This place is a lot of fun. Looks like a small arcade but its huge. Not to mention bowling and yummy food. I cant wait to come back!!!

Review №42

Not bad kids there was a little out of control and now staff keeping them in check, bumper cars where fun. The service at the bar was slow we waited awhile for service because all the bartenders were all on one side of the bar and the drink was extremely strong. Also I think the escape room is over priced $20 per person. I would come back and check out the bowling but probably wont get another drink here again.

Review №43

Great selection of arcade games, 2 escape rooms, VR environment, laser tag and bumper cars. Bowling alley setup is nicer with couches and big projection TVs at the end of the lanes.

Review №44

Gomez did a great job of helping us find Apex in the Crossgates mall. He showed us where the birthday party was and he was very pleasant to talk to.

Review №45

I just was on hold for 10 minutes trying to speak to someone to book a party for a friend of mine. She had already emailed once and left 3 messages! Wow guess no one wants our business. Too bad we had 30 people willing to eat and drink all night. Customer service will be key in staying in business.

Review №46

This place is great, been to the other locations and they do a ton to support the community food and drinks are awesome and Albanys largest pretzel is 2lbs 5 of us couldnt finish it. TRULY FUN FOR ALL AGES!!

Review №47

Great time at the arcade and bumper cars! Employees super friendly and helpful at the end of the night when checking out at prize counter. We will be back!

Review №48

Nice place to bring the kids

Review №49

The service was horribly slow, the chicken ranch sandwich was incredibly bland, kids pizza was awful, pork sliders were good as were the sweet potato fries. Kids loved the bumper cars and laser tag

Review №50

Honestly I dont write reviews , but I visited with my family last week and, wanted to have there gluten free pizza , it was so bad , so was there service, we decided to give today them another chance, while we waited 1 hr for our food at Dave and buster , we decided to come back to apex, I was impressed, our food came out on time , and the service was top class , our server roth took special care of us, we were impressed how he suggested gluten free items on there menu, great server we had in a while, i take my words back , Apex got lot improved in Matter of week , we will definitely be back.

Review №51

First time.. Place is good for gathering with friends and family. Kids friendly

Review №52

Our family was interested in trying candlepin bowling. So we went there to celebrate my husband’s birthday. That was a mistake. The group had 4 adults and we went there on a Thursday afternoon. We purchased one hour of bowling. We go to alley 10. At the 3rd frame, the alley appeared to stop working. There were no pins. One of us went to tell the desk. Finally they looked at it. After about 15 min they switched us to alley 9. At that point the alley took awhile to reset the pins after the 3rd ball. At one point, around the 6th frame, while resetting the pins, the pins literally were falling out of the equipment and falling onto the lane. At one point there were 2 pins in the gutter. It took a little bit of time to get someone, at the desk to help us. It took them approximately 15 min to fix that problem. What was funny was that at the 8th frame, a time count down appear. Because of the problems with the lane, we literally could not bowl for 30 minutes out of our 60 minutes. We just laughed and knew that we will never come back to here again. This place has been open for a couple of months. But obviously they are having issues. The amazing thing is when we returned our shoes, not one person apologized to us about the problems we had to go through. I saw about 5 management people standing around. Not one person came over to talk to us at all. We were on a candlepin lane and there were 2 groups bowling 10 pin. That was it. It was not a busy day at all.We will not return here. Maybe in one year we might try again. Obviously management does not care that their equipment does not work correctly. Nor do they care about the experience that we had. I will not recommend Apex to anyone. Nor will I bring my grandchildren here.

Review №53

I just called to see if I had a good possibility of getting a bowling lane tonight for my nieces and I and the woman who answered the phone answered with just give me a minute then proceeded to act like I was inconveniencing her. Then hung up on me. Im not bringing 10 year old girls in that place if the people working there are ghetto.

Review №54

New spot for families. Fun location. Good food selection.

Review №55

Not as great as i hoped it would be. Not many games in there arcade wise. Almost all of the good ones are across the hall at dave and busters. Food is overpriced and not that great. Bumper cars area is so small and the bowling is expensive. The sports simulators do look awesome though. My favorite thing was the zombie game that squirts water evety other game i have played before.

Review №56

I liked going here!!! They have great attractions, bowling, food, and a great restaurant!! If I wanted, I would probably go back again!

Review №57

Like Dave & Busters but a little extra! Cool place definitely enjoyed it will be back very soon!

Review №58

Lots of fun had a small error on one of my cards manager fixed it and gave me extra time. Well worth the experience

Review №59

Love it. Cant wait to Celebrate my Sons 13th Birthday..Awesome Place!!!

Review №60

Ridiculously slow service, possibly the worst Ive ever had. Waitress took forever to come back, or get anything throughout the night. We were waiting for the rest of our party to arrive (total group of 8 people), and ordered an appetizer, but when they arrived, she took their full order and disappeared until their food came out. I was hungry and very disappointed with the experience. Getting any drinks from her was also a challenge. I dont plan on eating there again.

Review №61

This place was meh. Figured since it was new wed check it out. I really wanted to be impressed, but wasnt. Tried to go bowling, but was told there were no lanes (it was pretty empty), and was given no option to reserve one later. This was after waiting 5 minutes at the counter with staff that didnt appear to be properly trained. Did laser tag instead. That was okay, and the attendant was nice. Thought about getting food, but gave up and left. We may give it another try someday, but wont be in a rush to do so. Also, a lot of fake reviews on here, so view all the 5-Star ratings with some scepticism.

Review №62

Perfect for us. Had a drink while our kids spent a small fortune on video games trying to win prizes.

Review №63

Had a bar for the adults, a cool bowling alley, and huge selection of games and VR as well.

Review №64

Love this place they should build another apex at colonie center

Review №65

It was okay, honestly the entire experience was kind of ruined because youre forced to sit with people you dont know if you dont have a large group and the people in front of us were awful, drunk and obnoxious at 2pm on a Sunday. Also a bit pricey for bowling.

Review №66

Better service than with Lucky Strike but bowling lanes are now time limited, and finishing a game with 6 players in an hour is very challenging and not relaxing at all

Review №67

Its a great place to take your kids and have fun. Has a lot of games and a bowling alley.

Review №68

Not a bad place for a family to go, seems to be more geared towards the younger children. As where some of the other locations look tbe geared towards middle age teens and young adults. My family had a good time. We were there approximately 3 hours and spent about $150. Most items used the cards, where as the Lazer tag, bumber cars, bowling, and escape rooms had to buy passes prior. Appointments for Lazer tag and bowling during busy days would be good if you like schedules. Over all we would return.

Review №69

Place is awesome. My grands had a blast !!

Review №70

Service is very slow and a couple of workers are very rude other then that its nice and is higher prized then competitors with lousy prizes all the good prizes are way to much for the ticket value its sold for i think they need to knock the prizes down and the prices as well

Review №71

I can’t wait this is going to be the new place to be!!! Laser tag and bowling and what looks like amazing food!! Open up already my family is excited!!

Review №72

We thought wed try candlepin bowling despite the exorbitant price which discouraged smaller groups, but the experience was disappointing. The sensors recorded scores when people werent bowling, pins were replaced in the middle of turns, and at one point no pins were being replaced and every ball thrown recorded a strike. One of the worst bowling experiences Ive had, and certainly not worth $40/hour for a Sunday morning. We wont be returning.

Review №73

Went last night with my wife my 14 year old son and his 14 year old friend.What a nightmare I signed up for candlestick bowling they took my name and phone number and told me it would be about an hour so I noticed that there was 3 lanes that were not being used for a out 15 minutes so I went up to ask why there was a wait when they werent being used.I was then told that there is a party coming in and they have all the candlestick lanes reserved and I would have to wait until 930 which would be 2 and a half hours longer on top of the half hour I already waited so I said why was I told it would be an hour and she said that person must not have looked in reservations.So they did laser tag and paid to do bumper cars waited in line they were the next 2 the girl running the attraction put them on the ride and this nasty woman came over and started saying the white boys arent going on the ride that she is here for a birthday party and they have been waiting longer and I said they were next the girl already put them on the ride so she told my wife she was going to knock her out and went up to my son and his friend who were sitting in the cars that they better get out its not your turn so I demanded a refund and the manager gave it to us.I do reccomend this place as it is very poorly run and you will probably get harassed by the thugs that have taken over the whole mall.

Review №74

So I had a good time other than the security man with the bold head comming up to me afterwards and angrily asked me to give a stolie mug back which whatever but he made it into an issue as if I was steeling something exponential even though being that I work in the industry I know that it is given to any bar that get there product as PROPOGANDA.... so not even really your property and didnt need to be assured Ive a mug. I will be contacting my friend at the distributor about there unhospitable attitude. Sincerely BGB ps the two stars is for the bar tender cause she was nice..

Review №75

The manager told my 4years old son and I to leave the store because he is in a shopping cart and it could be a hazard for people walking around..We was waiting for my other two children to play the hologate VR and he had no manners while he was asking us to leave the store... with his attitude the store would not be open for long. We did not even said a word to him and just left because we have no time for unruly people “and ha was a manager “ so sad for the people that own the store because he is ruining it for their business it was Sunday dec 22 at 4:30 pm

Review №76

Games were very spaced out and all of the claw macines were too loose so they were all a waste. The VR was really cool but pricy. Bumper cars were cool but you dont get alot of time for what you pay.

Review №77

Great place to spend a hour great staff

Review №78

I was at the bar yesterday Jaclyn and another girl who was there around 4 pm were soo rude to me and my friends, soo much attitude when I asked for lemonade and made me feel like I was stupid and very confrontational. I will not be coming back

Review №79

Such a fun place for family parties but also work events!!! There are so many things to do!!!!

Review №80

Very courteous staff. Otherwise its pricey and noisy.

Review №81

The redone bowling alley feels alot better than the old place that it replaced

Review №82

Arcade with a variety of video games, claw machines, and other amusement games, including a bowling alley and dining options.

Review №83

Can’t wait for this to open! Will definitely be coming with all my friends!

Review №84

Bumper cars was 5 dollars. Laser tag 11. Plenty to do

Review №85

Good just need more games

Review №86

My sons had fun.

Review №87

Nice but seems unfinished

Review №88

Food good but over cook

Review №89

Had a great time bowling.

Review №90

Kids had fun on the games.

Review №91

So excited for this to open, they have the best laser tag!

Review №92

Kids and adults have fun here

Review №93

Too expensive

Review №94

Bye bye Dave n busters theres a new sheriff in town..lazer tag and bumper cars a must with youre kids

Review №95

Lanes were dry and dusty. Would not bowl here again.

Review №96

Zero customer service! Ive been trying to book a party for 2 weeks now. E-mailed numerous times, called and left voicemails, not a single call back. How can you advertise parties and social gatherings when there is no way to book them???

Review №97

I can’t wait to visit. Looks like it’s going to be a great place to take my children

Review №98

Such a cool place!!! Can’t wait to visit again!

Review №99

The bald head guy is very rude, he gotta go

Review №100

Good food fun games

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  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
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