Toy Train Depot
1991 N White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, NM 88310, United States

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The Toy Train Depot was the perfect way to spend our Saturday afternoon! The collection is honestly amazing and I was surprised at how much information there was. I loved everything about it!

Review №2

They are open! This place rocks. Its full of models, photos/pictures, and awesome train stuff. Its train watcher must see stuff.

Review №3

Really sweet people running a really cool place. If you have kids like my 4 yr old who is OBSESSED with trains, this place is a must. The train ride on a 1/5 scale Pacific is so worth it. Stop by and spend some time, your kids will have a blast. Great way to spend some quality time with your family on a budget.

Review №4

Affordable museum and fun little train ride through Alameda Park, which is at the heart of Alamogordo! And the staff at the museum are very knowledgeable about the history of Alamogordo, which makes it super interesting to visit!

Review №5

This little museum and train ride was a lot of fun. It has a lot of neat train layouts in the museum. They give guided tours to educate you about the history of trains. The train ride provided much excitement for my kids. The guy that gave us the ride was very friendly. He seemed to really enjoy his job. They also have some train memorabilia for sale. The things they had were not bad priced. See the pictures below for their hours. Google has the hours posted wrong. This is a great stop if you have a train enthusiast in your family.

Review №6

My kiddo and I had a great time riding on the train. The staff here is super friendly and accommodating. If you are not interested in model trains, this is not the attraction for you.The train ride is remarkably long and worth the money, in my opinion. You can just buy tickets for the train, which can be nice for those with smaller kiddos.If you like toy trains, and are in the area, definitely consider adding this as a stop.On the train line there is a nice park, several shady places to picnic and a disk golf course

Review №7

Great place to eat picnic in this C-19

Review №8

Troy was awesome in giving us a friendly tour. Loved the history behind all the pieces. Highly recommend. It was fun.

Review №9

Must go if youre in Almogordo. The guy that took us on the tour was very knowledgeable about not just trains but also the history of the area. My 10 year old son loved it!

Review №10

Came to town for a visit and saw this cute gem. Unfortunately got in near closing so got an abridged tour but none the less it was a fun and eye opening sight to behold. Truly friendly staff and should be loads of fun for young toy engine fans and the older model rail enthusiast as well.

Review №11

Hidden gem! The people are very polite, helpful, and so nice. Im glad we went and will return as much as possible.

Review №12

Pretty cool and interesting store / museum. Awesome history of trains on display and multiple toy train models on display for all visitors to enjoy. Also dont forget to take a ride on the mini train that travels around the park and back.

Review №13

The train ride is $5 per person. We loved every minute of it. My son is 3 and sat through all of it up until the last minute. The train goes all the way down to the other end of Alameda park and loops back around. The toys inside the gift shop are a little expensive in my opinion. We didnt go to the museum. Its a nice quaint place.

Review №14

Great family friendly museum! If you like trains in the slightest this place is a treat. The staff was very knowledgeable with full size train history as well at model size. I would highly recommend if you are in the area to check out this great little train depot!

Review №15

My kids and myself with the grandkids all rode the train. The price was just right for all of us but next time well have to do the museum. The kids had fun. I would recommend this to anyone cuz for a short ride it was well worth it.

Review №16

Had an amazing time here. If You are a train enthusiasts or just Young @ heart; I highly recommend that You stop and check it out. They have a Beautiful set up of small replicas of the train towns in the surrounding area. They explain the history of how these towns came to be. And the schedules for when some really old original trains will be shown @ museums in cities throughout the U.S.A. Then we went on the train ride around the park. If You have Kids or Grandkids; their enthusiasm @ seeing the trains & getting to ride the small train around the park, is infectious. Make sure You Google the days & times that they are open. Just to be sure. Really enjoyed watching my little Granddaughter enjoy it, so much.

Review №17

Love seeing all the toy train.

Review №18

This small museum was a hidden gem on my familys road trip. The tour guide was enthusiastic and an expert on the history of railroads, model trains and model railroads. I knew next to nothing about toy trains when I came in, but my family spent over an hour there and we had a good time and learned a lot. The museum is well organized, educational, and fun! I highly recommend it.

Review №19

If you are interested in trains you should see this place. There are miles of model train tracks in multiple layouts with wonderful details.

Review №20

Its a nice place to go and have a picnic and relax with your family and friends

Review №21

Great group of people. Very neat little place

Review №22

Great place cost 24 bucks for three us to get in and have A train ride.

Review №23

This place was pretty cool! The guy with the beard (didnt catch his name) taught me more about trains in the 15 minutes i talked to him than ive learned in my whole life.

Review №24

Nice place and you learn alot about the trains

Review №25

Swiss Naval Museum is certainly worth a stop if you are in Alamogordo. The Museums curator hes very knowledgeable and very interested in the collection of toy and model trains

Review №26

Cool place for train collectors! Took my dad. He was in heaven. He even got to play with some of the models. The people running the museum were very nice!

Review №27

Its a cute thing. The trains they have would be amazing for children and I def would bring them if ya come through

Review №28

Fun little museum with a great staff of volunteers. I learned a lot about model trains, and had a nice time. Well worth the $5, and a fun break if your passing through town.

Review №29

Definitely a spot for people that are obsessed with trains. My kids loved it. If it was just the museum, it would have only been ok. But with the train ride, it made it much worth the stop.

Review №30

If you dont go here for fun, you have issues. Train rides, train museum, friendly staff. Fun times, great stuff. Love it.

Review №31

Huge train display. Awesome train ride. Kids loved it

Review №32

Love this place! Our kids cant get enough and beg to go everytime we head into Alamo to visit family.

Review №33

My kids had fun here. We are a big train family so this was great for us. If you arent obsessed with trains then this place is definitely not for you.

Review №34

Was in a sad state of repair , displays were not well taken care of , those that working trains were pretty awesome tho and the people were helpful and friendly

Review №35

Great place to take the kids and spend the full day at a reasonable price. The staff is amazing!!

Review №36

Very poor place to stop, hemmed in by a bunch of locals. Can not get any shade for my dog. I think that when people come here to park you shouldnt have to be hemmed in. I Will Not Reccomend this place to anybody I know for that of many reasons.

Review №37

Take your time and enjoy this wonderful nostalgic trip into a delightful collection of model railroads. A great ride on the toy trains through Alameda Park tops the visit. Its a great place for kids to bring their parents. More than a century of history to see - the kind of toys that made/make America great!

Review №38

Great little train ride a lot of old information very nice day

Review №39

Awesome place , huge selection of train layouts , the train ride was fun too.

Review №40

Great place to take your kid and spark that love of trains.

Review №41

The tabletop Railway was amazing and we enjoyed the train ride.

Review №42

Nice ride around the park. The depot building houses nice, affordable model trains and train related memorabilia.

Review №43

Kids loved it! Friendly staff.

Review №44

Nice to see inprovments being done

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Review №46

This is a fun little stop. Plenty of neat trains to look at, and wonderful people to talk to. The train ride was great, we all loved it.

Review №47

The members have assembled a very impressive ho lay out, several infact! Very much worth your visit.

Review №48

I love this place... my grandma took me here when I was younger and Im going to take my kids here this coming summer now that they are old enough to know whats going on! I can wait !

Review №49

Just went to sit and have lunch with my kids but it was nice and peaceful

Review №50

The Toy Train Depot is an Alamo Must See! I took my eight year old girl a few years ago and she was almost as entranced as I was by all the displays for trains. I cant remember all the different size designations but I believe the really tiny ones were Z scale - and they had them from Z Scale all the way up to the one that takes passengers around the beautiful park where the depot is located.My one bit of advice to the great, passionate people running the place: dont underestimate the intelligence of the youngsters who come in - they prefer it if you treat them just like the rest of us kids!

Review №51

Awesome place my kids love the trains

Review №52

Hey the train depot open later on 1 minute nighttime and daytime open one minute

Review №53

Its Glory days are behind them. Unless they spruce up the place. A little paint wouldnt hurt. As for the train ride, its great for small children. The museum is tiny but interesting. However its over priced. Maybe it both the train ride and museum were both $5 instead of $5 each

Review №54

Its pretty neat it brings beck fond memories of being a kid, I too had an electric train. Puttin itogether to play with always was exciting.

Review №55

My 11yr old Got to drive the train for her birthday

Review №56

Fair price fun

Review №57

Good displays, fun ride for kids.

Review №58

The kids had fun. Kinda pricey for the size of the trains to look at. Train ride was fun.

Review №59

Theres really a little train there.

Review №60

SHOULD be a safe and wonderful place to take your kids for a ride on a beautiful day! Be sure and wave when the train goes by!

Review №61

Our grandkids (age 3,4,5) loved the train ride & the waiting room with toys & lots of trains on display . Employees & volunteers nice & knowledgeable. .

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Review №63

Nice non-profit museum. Have a huge train ride that goes around the park. A caboose out in the front. Cheap admission. Worth the stop if in Alamogordo.

Review №64

My kids had a blast

Review №65

Such a unique place! Definitely bring the kids here for a train ride! The model train exhibits are also really impressive!

Review №66

I think the price is just right and its fantastic for kids ... The price is moderate for the current cost of living ... Love the historical aspect !!!

Review №67

A good train ride with Santa.

Review №68

Love this little place! Amazing trains!

Review №69

Outstanding visit. Im very impressed with the amount and the way the trains are displayed.

Review №70

Fun little train ride, my kids enjoyed it so much!

Review №71

This place is awesome.

Review №72

Convenient stop nice train ride small gift shop nice owners perfect for 3-8 yr olds nice 75 min break from the monotonous road if you need to reward the patience of your little troopers stop in they will love it.

Review №73

Very cute

Review №74

Great place for kids

Review №75

Great fun place. Nice people.

Review №76

So much fun. Our kids and husbands loved it.

Review №77

Great place to take a kid!

Review №78

Cute trains fun for the whole family!

Review №79

My kid loves it

Review №80

Very interesting...

Review №81

This is a great place to have a picnic!

Review №82

This is a one of a kind our kids love the train ride

Review №83

Cool train, but people that work there are rude.

Review №84

My grandson was in heaven. It has rained so we couldnt ride the train , but it is set up inside with several amazing tracks that they ran for us.

Review №85

Very nice place for families to visit

Review №86

Fun but a little expensive.get a 4 minute train ride for $5

Review №87

Its a great idea an adventure an a great idea for children, but its poorly managed and never open

Review №88

The train displays themselves were dated and disappointing. The train we rode outside was great fun though.

Review №89

Little train that goes around the park. Great for little kids.

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Review №91

Need some upkeep and it over priced but, if the kids have fun its worth it.

Review №92

Great fun

Review №93

Our son loved it

Review №94

Really fun for the kids.

Review №95

This is one of the places i take out of town company to come ride the train.

Review №96

Very fun and entertaining.

Review №97

Closed on a wednesday...

Review №98

Always closed They do not open on the dates that are on website.

Review №99

Nice place

Review №100

Very good for the kids

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  • Address:1991 N White Sands Blvd, Alamogordo, NM 88310, United States
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  • Phone:+1 575-437-2855
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Working hours
  • Monday:12–5pm
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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
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