Champys Famous Fried Chicken
10695 Hwy 119, Alabaster, AL 35007, United States

Review №1

We decided to try a new place since we were on this side of town. The service was great and the chicken was made to order + so juicy! Did not like the Champys sauce but the sweet heat sauce was pretty good. Only thing Id have to say is dont sit in the booths, there were small ants on the wall. Not sure where they were coming from but they didnt bother us.

Review №2

Went to Champy’s Chicken the other day for lunch! We are from North AL so we have been to the original Champy’s in the past.This Champy’s did not disappoint. Same decor, same menu, same great service.We chose to sit in the porch because it was such a nice afternoon. We were seated immediately and our server met us at the table.I opted for the fried three wing plate with baked beans and potato salad. Each order is made right then, fresh and hot and comes straight from fryer to your table.My chicken was so fresh I had to let it cool before I could eat it. Crust was crisp and spicy, meat was tender and juicy.Mustard potato salad was great, tender potatoes with large chucks of egg. Baked beans were sweet and spicy at the same time. No complaints with either.Champy’s is a great choice for some great southern fried chicken with a spicy kick. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!

Review №3

Champy’s is one of our favorite places in Alabaster. Their chicken tenders are amazing, along with their fries, mashed potatoes, and baked beans.Their dine in service is always great - the servers are very nice, and the food is consistently fresh. And, their drive thru option is great for call ahead orders. We’ve never had an issue at all.Highly recommend!

Review №4

Good food. Good service. Cool and fun environment. Had the 3 chicken tender meal with mashed potatoes and baked beans. Large portions. Brought the rest home for dinner.

Review №5

If you love chicken you will love this restaurant. They have the best around and the fried jalapeños are unbelievably delicious.

Review №6

Sadly, my husband ordered, went to pick up our order and the order was lost.Manager apologized, giving order for free and was going to put his order at the top.They were backed up.He was patient and as it reached almost an hour later, I had to call.The person apologized and explained that they had a lot of orders.This was not the experience needed after such a week.We truly hope that matters will get on track because their seafood is wonderful.Maybe I will get to eat by 7:30 now.

Review №7

Food was made to order and the restaurant practiced social distancing measures. Our waitresses was polite and an awesome person to speak to. She certainly made our first visit a pleasure its a shame I cant remember her name but, I do remember she is a teacher!

Review №8

While this seems to be a chain, its a great new find for me in Alabaster.Fried chicken was good. Price not bad for family pack

Review №9

Really good food. When we went there were not a lot of people there, early one evening during the week. The service at the time was good, no complaints there. The bar was starting to get full as we were getting ready to leave and the dining room had a few more people too. There were 5 of us and we all enjoyed the food. I would recommend this place to just about anyone. Ill be back for another updated review soon

Review №10

We have only tried this place once with to-go, but their Delta Hot Tamales and their smoked wings were delicious!

Review №11

Awesome North Mississippi Delta tamales! If you have not tried NM Delta tamales you need to go here and save yourself that long drive to the Delta!

Review №12

Love the food, just wished the had more beer selections and I wish they would open one up downtown.

Review №13

Awesome food! Great spices on Chicken. Yummy! I will go again.

Review №14

I had the fried chicken salad and it was delicious. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the service was great. I would definitely go back again!

Review №15

First time here, food was good service was good, I had the fried chicken livers and they were cooked just right. The buffalo sauce on the wings was different but pretty good.

Review №16

These pictures are of gizzards not chicken tenders. I dont want to brutalize this place because they are very friendly. Since covid-19 they have been putting out poorly made food. Champys please do better.

Review №17

Good Lord. This chicken is straight gold. Best cole slaw Ive had all week. They have pies that I would love to try but I would have to take a nap if I ate one.

Review №18

Everything was delicious! Im picky about the coating on fried foods, but they did everything so well. The fried jalapenos were delicious, fresh, and crispy, as was the fried okra. The service was amazing as well. All of the staff was very sweet and courteous. We will definitely be back!

Review №19

Great service and the best fries chicken around. Love this place

Review №20

Very good fried chicken and enjoyable to eat,.......thats if youre in a foul mood! HA!HA! (ie. fowl mood)

Review №21

Nice southern comfort food . Food was awesome and service was great (big ups to my server for her bright attitude). Will definitely go back.

Review №22

My experience was great i didnt order ahead just went in to make my order. It was ready in about 15 minutes.

Review №23

Alex was great she catered to our every need, great food,. Nice atmosphere.

Review №24

This place is so Delicious! The fried chicken is the best Ive had. Wish we had this place in Texas where I grew up. And the Tamales are different then traditional mexican tamales but in a good way, theyre are awesome. I was sceptical at first but now Im hooked. Love it

Review №25

The only wing place where Ive eaten the wing tip because its just that good. Try the fried jalapenos.

Review №26

Fresh hot food. Chicken is awesome. The baked beans and slaw was good.

Review №27

High end top notch friend chicken

Review №28

Food was good. Service was good. Took a little to long to get my food. They use paper towels instead of napkins. Your sides come in a small plastic container. I had a fried breast and wing dinner. It was $9.00 plus a tea. I expected a little better.

Review №29

One of the best chicken joints in the south!

Review №30

I meet friends in this great restaurant many times a year! This is the best place to grab a bite. I visit this place many times. The food is very good, the staff is polite and the charge is reasonable. I like going in this restaurant over a decent meal.

Review №31

Try the tenders dipped in buffalo sauce. It has a chili pepper kick.

Review №32

Food & service is fine. Somewhat noisy; patio eating with traffic noise.

Review №33

They should seriously consider a sampler plate. Otherwise, menu was unappealing and boring. I probably wont return.

Review №34

Okay, I try not to judge on a first take, but...... I will have to say Im impressed. Ill just keep it to the point. Thursday night, a nice crowd, the place had a good atmosphere and a live band that was quite entertaining. The service was on Q and the food was hot and tasty. No complaints. I think we will be going back again soon. Check em out.

Review №35

Great food, always hot when served. Atmosphere great for family, singles, friends. Staff great too, Usually someone playing and singing especially on Thursday thru Sunday after 5pm. I got the chicken tenders, baked beans, fried okra and Mississippi mud pie-awesome. By the way, they grow their chickens BIG. Lots to eat, great prices, wish they had some grilled options. Skip your diet, food all fried and also just awesome.

Review №36

The chicken is delicious albeit a bit greasy.

Review №37

Awesome place! Great music and atmosphere. Plus, the best chicken around!

Review №38

Best chicken in Birmingham Alabama. Cant go wrong. We always order pick up and its always quick service. Champys chicken is Undisputed the best.. just trust me on this one

Review №39

The food is amazing. I love the tamales and fried catfish. They have live music regularly and it is so loud you cant talk. I sit on the patio to avoid the music if the weather is nice.

Review №40

It’s a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s really good (food-wise). Sometimes it’s not good. For me, here lately, it’s been the latter. Consistency “would” make them superb!The staff is always pleasant though.

Review №41

Tastes like simple chicken. Took almost an hour to get our food.

Review №42

Nice lunch place. Chicken is great as is service

Review №43

Great food, great service! Family friendly.

Review №44

Great place to get a bite to eat with the family and nice portion size.

Review №45

Delicious! Absolutely delicious! This is my favorite place to eat. They have the BEST fried chicken in Alabama! Staff is super nice and always takes great care of me and my family. Food is cooked fresh so give it time to get to your table. Watch out as it will be piping hot!

Review №46

The food is regularly fresh and yummy, workers hands over excellent service. I liked how clean it is and ambience. Keep up the good work.

Review №47

Great atmosphere. Friendly staff and clientele. Fried chicken is tasty. Looking forward to going back and trying the catfish.

Review №48

Food and service was good.

Review №49

Loved it,as their t shirts say blues,beer, chicken

Review №50

Good freshly fried chicken. And great fries!

Review №51

Tamales were awful dont waste your money

Review №52

OMG I love Champy’s! Their fried chicken is amazing!!! I’ve had them before and just today I had dessert here after lunch and tried their Key Lime pie, it was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! So I had to come back again for their fried chicken since I didn’t do it earlier. Plus they have open mic this evening so we got an little extra free entertainment by a real great banjo player and his band. MUST check it out.

Review №53

The food and service were beyond our expectations. We surely liked the atmosphere of this spot. Excellent spot to take my family out for lunch.

Review №54

Excellent fried chicken and excellent staff. Will definitely come back

Review №55

Excellent Fried chicken. Homemade and made to order.

Review №56

Great food, service and price.

Review №57

Best fried chicken ever! Also their seafood is phenomenal. Casual atmosphere reasonable prices and friendly staff. Cant go wrong with that.

Review №58

Great potatoe salad, friendly

Review №59

Great food great service

Review №60

We decided to try Champys for lunch. It was after the lunch rush so we thought we would be in and out, wrong. Our food took a long time to come out but it had no seasoning at all. A little salt and pepper would of made a difference. I do not use hot sauce but they had several varieties to choose from. Only positive was it was fresh.

Review №61

Great service great food

Review №62

Love the huge chicken fingers

Review №63

The best fried chicken around!Great atmosphere!!

Review №64

Amazing good and the service was great! Try the tamales and you MUST get a side of sweet heat for the chicken.

Review №65

Wings overcooked and dry service great!

Review №66

Love the meat/cheese/pickle app. Miss the sweet potato waffle fries though

Review №67

Everything is so good, but word of wisdom get your order tossed in sweet heat

Review №68

Amazing chicken and its piping hot because they cook to order. If you want a neat place to go with good food & family friendly, visit this place.

Review №69

It would be best to order something grilled. For a Saturday night, youd think the cooking grease would be fresh. It was obviously days old and overdue for a change. It made the fried chicken awful. The server & live acoustic guitar singer was good, but not good enough to make up for the horrible food. We wont be back.

Review №70

My smoke wing didnt taste smoked at all only fried hard with very small amounts of sauce.

Review №71

As a plumber I have to go and get food on the way, today I decided to try champys great chicken, but no napkins or forks to eat with given to us and rude girl when I asked for honey mustard, wow try to get better service the food is good but eating with my fingers very wrong during this pandemic

Review №72

Food and service were absolutely impeccable. Rachel was absolutely amazing, service like that is hard to find. She’s truly a gem, 10/10 would recommend.

Review №73

The food is so delicious and not just the chicken the whole menu is great!!!! And the atmosphere is so relaxing and fun. Even great band. Just a great Place to enjoy a good meal and have fun and meet people. And the service is fantastic everyone is super nice and go out of there way to make u nite out great.

Review №74

Good food & service!

Review №75

I really enjoyed dining there. The hostess was so precious and polite. Our waitress was very attentive to our needs and the food was delicious!!!!

Review №76

Great food, great service, and great music.

Review №77

Enjoyed a live band tonight along with great fresh cooked wings and tamales

Review №78

Not to be all over the map, but I downgraded Champys because they changed their sweet heat sauce.I sent an email, and they listened, and assured me they have gone back to the same recipe! I return my 5 stars!Go get you some Chicken!!!Great place for chicken, tamales, and or beer!I once gave it 5 stars. And then.....they changed the recipe of their sweet heat sauce. Game changer! Now, just another chicken joint.

Review №79

I order catfish for what I paid it was not worth it !!! Will never go back food was cold

Review №80

Their fried chicken is very tasty! I wish the sides were larger, but all in all everything was delicious!

Review №81

Delicious chicken!

Review №82

The best fried chicken I have ever had.... just be prepared to wait for a few minutes if you order the chicken. They cook it to order. It is worth the wait. It is crispy and has a little bit of heat to it.

Review №83

Great food served hot!!!! Service was outstanding. Definitely a place you can take your whole family.

Review №84

Service with a smile. Football, great food and great beer. THIS is how Southern hospitality is supposed to be.

Review №85

Had a half chicken wanted more.

Review №86

The best fried chicken cooked to order. Also love the band on Thursdays once a month.

Review №87

Fantastic place to stop for food! The best fried chicken I have ever had. Live band Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and a bar. Great prices, super friendly staff, and fantastic food!

Review №88

Champys in Alabaster makes the most delicious chicken tenders because they are made fresh when ordered ... never frozen. We like to order the chicken tender basket with fries which comes with their homemade honey mustard. Mmm ... mmm ... mmm! We usually pick up at the drive through and bring home. If youre in the area or decide to dine in for lunch allow extra time as the chicken is made to order. Its so hot you have to wait a few minutes or youll burn your mouth. YummY Yum Yum! Owner and team are terrific and personable.

Review №89

I really like Champys. The chicken is good in the restaurant, but even better the next day after being refrigerated. If youve never tried day after fried chicken right out of the fridge, you should give it a shot.

Review №90

Food,service, and everyone was excellent!

Review №91

Love the food, wonderful atmosphere.

Review №92

The food was fantastic! We had tamales, jalapeno bites, and chicken. The only thing that was better was the service. Highly recommend to anyone local or just passing through. Definitely worth it.

Review №93

You cannot go wrong with this place. I ordered the three piece chicken tender meal and asked for buffalo sauce on the side. Not only did they bring that they also brought me the champys sauce which was even better than the buffalo sauce. Best chicken around!

Review №94

Called in order for chicken livers Saturday 4/25. The livers were over cooked to the point of being burned on the edges...very disappointing. have

Review №95

Great chicken. Livers were perfect and few know how to do that anymore. Sides were basic and good not significantly better than others. Potatoes salad was great however. Their apps were awesome! Make sure to get the sausage cheese and pickles, and the tamales. Super good

Review №96

Food is great. Prices are high. Service was good. A group called The Cast was playing. Wonderful!

Review №97

Champy’s catered an event for us and they did a great job. Online ordering made the process simple, food was delivered on time and was delicious, staff was friendly and very helpful.

Review №98

Fried chicken really good

Review №99

Very good meal. Not everybodys favorite, but chicken livers were great. Not quite as good as moms but closest Ive had yet. Great service

Review №100

Wonderful food !

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  • Phone:+1 205-621-3991
  • Blues club
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  • Live music venue
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–9pm
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeaway:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
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  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Comfort food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Small plates:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Catering:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cosy:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • University students:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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