Hidden Falls
6359 Bells Ferry Rd, Acworth, GA 30102, United States

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Very beautiful and serene. Trail goes right along the river and isnt too far of a walk. There are a few broken pieces of path(hard for bikes or wheelchairs(as it claims to be for) so just be aware and you will be safe.

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Absolutely a needle in a hay stake type of leasing agency. No ridiculous fees and outrageous fees. They work well with everyone and are friendly. Yes communities is TRULY a pet friendly agency. Nice neighborhood and they run background checks to insure security of all residents. You definitely should consider Yes communities when looking for a place to live or even a home to buy.

Review №3

Maintenance man wont fix the toilet even tho it was broken when we moved in. Front desk wasnt any help either. Weve made three separate work orders on the matter and hes come just as many times and has left without even working. He just comes in and talks about my home and asks personal questions thats make me uncomfortable. He always makes an excuse not to come back and we have to make another work order even tho he has yet to do anything about it. Get a more professional crew and inspect the homes you sell before someone signs a lease for 14 months.

Review №4

Its a really calm and peaceful area to live in

Review №5

Toilet is still not fixed after maintenance had come three separate times. Lady on the number the respond to every to call had attitude and was no help. We shouldnt have moved into a place that wasnt fixed. They should do inspections before moving people in. We couldnt see the place until we signed the lease. We had to bomb the trailer 7 different times and theres still bugs. They say its not a priority but Im paying for 2 toilets but I can only use one. Ive lived here less than a month!!! Ive put in three work orders!! Whats going on??

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Constant water outages in the entire park. 95 degree heat with no water.. simply heavenly conditions...

Review №7

Tried to reach someone about renting from them but never could reach anyone. I guess their office personnel works when they want cause they never answer the phone.

Review №8

Lots of potholes on all the streets now for a few months and no signs of Management doing repairs. Very hard to skip holes when driving in and around.

Review №9

We’ve had an emergency maintenance situation going on and we have called nonstop and left voicemails for both the management office as well as maintenance and no one has called back, picked up or come by. I first started calling around 4:30 PM, the office doesn’t close until 6PM, what kind of system is this??

Review №10

You dont care about your tenants that rent You dont repair anything unless your a Mexican and then youre first in line. Also you people are real quick to evict if youre short on your rent and you refuse to take what they do have. Also you tack on of 250.00 or more late fee. The place is full of dope and cops are in there everday.

Review №11

I lived here almost 3 years and the staff was very friendly, and there were always fun activities at the club house. The maintenance staff was professional and very helpful.

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Actually I was working at the construction site right next to Hidden Falls. Supposed to be a large apartment complex or something. Nice area, growing alot.

Review №13

Clean, quiet

Review №14

Me and my fiance applied for a trailer here. There was some problems with my fiances background check. He brought the paperwork needed to continue the process. He was told to fill out the $975 money order to yes communities and leave it with them and they would give him a call to come sign the lease. We have yet to receive a phone call at all. I called twice and kept getting the run around. I called again today and was told the manager in Denver had to approve it and she said she had no idea when that would happen. She said we could come pick up the money order but it was already made out to them. Now we are being told that the money order has to go through corporate for a refund. Its ridiculous that we have to go through all this. All we want is a home.

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Review №16

Great as long as you love being chased but dogs and never need anything from the office.

Review №17

Not a fan. Every rent bill I have received, there are extra fees added on. Pet fee- i have no pet, electric utility fee- i had the electric transferred a week after we signed the lease, charged water bill for before we moved in and while they were doing renovations and my personal favorite was told rent would be one thing and then when they asked for deposit we were told it was another. They did a full inspection of the place before we moved in. One of the fans broke - Called in April. We were informed today, June 20th, that they are not replacing the fan since they didnt put it in. Well they should have removed it before we moved in. And according to the office elderly people lived here before us. Id like to know how they installed it while they only lived here a couple months. Looks just like the rest of the fans. I guess the rental property didnt install those either. The place gets really hot and the ac makes little difference, its set at 75 and the bill still ends up in the 200s. The fans are most helpful. But why be helpful right??? Just want as much money as they can get. Told them how the previous place treated us and they were appalled. Well these people are worse. Cant wait for the impersonal Oh sorry to hear that call us at..... number theyll respond with. Franky, go elsewhere. I should have read the warning signs. Now who knows how long my family is stuck here.Update: Nothing has been fixed. Its getting to the point where the trailer gets so hot, my family doesnt want to visit. Ac is set on 77 and the temperature is at 84. I mean do you blame them??? The office doesnt care. Tried reaching out to the response number, and shocker, no one ever called. Been trying to get stuff fixed since April. Nothing. Then they treat us like we are not allowed to be frustrated and upset.

Review №18

I felt beaten half to death by the ridiculous amount of speed bumps within the park. Complete overkill!

Review №19

This place is UNBELIEVABLY UNPROFESSIONAL! On October 10th I came here to view a property I was considering renting. I spoke with Ben, we discussed an application fee of $90 for my husband and I. He gave me the application to fill out and I gave him the $90 money order. My husband was not with me, so I needed to leave in order to get both of our signatures on the application. Ben assured me that my $90 money order would stay on his desk until I returned with the application. After leaving and talking with my husband, we decided not to choose a home in this park.We called Ben, told him we had decided not to apply and he again said that is was no problem. We could simply come pick up our money order. WELL, when we went to pick It up, It had already been cashed!! Ben was no where to be found and the RUDE receptionist stated that she would have to get a refund through corporate. We have been calling them for WEEKS asking when the money will be available... NO ONE will get this sorted out. WE NEVER GAVE AN APPLICATION! THEY HAD ZERO REASON TO CASH OUR MONEY ORDER IN THE FIRST PLACE! We have called SO many times! Today is November 1st and we have yet to get our money back! 1 star simply because google wont let me give them zero!

Review №20

Pretty upset. I had an appointment to meet with the office rep yesterday to see a mobile home for rent. We drove over there which was about 40 minutes. Shortly after arriving, we learned the place had been rented over the weekend. The least she could have done was give a courtesy call. I feel like if a simple detail like this can easily slip through the cracks, what about the rest of the place?

Review №21

Just dont move here. Just dont. Drug deals, fights, stray dogs, stray cats, cars lined up all over the road, kids that will bolt out in front of your car and think its funny, robberies, attempted break ins, domestic violence EVERY WHERE, the office doesnt care at all about any of these problems. They claim they do but dont. Theres been SOME improvements made but honestly they will let anyone live here and never enforce the rules. Oh, amd they will definately try to pressure you to buy the home. Dont do it. Its not worth it. I pay $1300 a month buying my house when they have brand new ones for rent for $1100. And dont expect to get the referral bonuses. I referred 1 couple to buy and another to rent ans never got the bonus(even after filling out the paperwork 3 times). I cant even sell my home to move because nobody wants to live here especially next to the nieghbors i have. If you want to be packed in like sardines then this is a great place to call home. As soon as i can sell Im leaving.

Review №22

Have been trying to have maintenance work done for months, all of which were supposed to have been taken care of before I moved in. Had to hire a plumber to fix a septic problem because they are so unreliable. A gentleman stopped by 2 weeks after I called the emergency maintenance line to ask if I had the problem fixed. Of course I did! I dont want my home to smell like that! Unfortunately they just want to take your money & leave you to care for everything on your own. Despite several emails, calls, and physical visits I have made, no one seems to give a damn.

Review №23

I have been here almost 3 years. The previous people who were first running the office were great. Between the light bill being 450 and the water bill being over 300 bucks its not worth it. The response number doesnt call you back. This month I will pay 1398 to stay here. Think long and hard before you move here. I am on a fixed income and very sick most days. If it was only me I would have moved long ago. I did put in 2 applications to places and I am hoping to here something soon. Please read the reviews and take them serious. If there is anyway you can find something else take it. This is rock bottom. The park is nicer then any I have seen. The trailers are nice but when problems arise you will be on your own. I used to wonder why people would drop off their rent and not go in and get a receipt. I always did but now until I move I will be like them and not go into the office. Sad really. I have seen so many nice people leave here. The turn over rate is high.Update....The office replied to my complaint at a timely manner. Hopefully after mantienice came and fixed a toilet that was getting stuck yesterday the water bill will be normal next month in October. I really appreciate the attention given to this matter. I hope from now until I move it will be good going.

Review №24

If I could possibly rate negative I would! I have lived here for 3 years and it has been 3 long years of hell! I am finally moving out and I cant move out quick enough! All complaints and concerns I have had over the years were ignored by the office staff. My complaints were:1)Parking on the streets, I almost hit a child one day because he ran out from in front of a parked car on the streets. Expressed my concern to the office and they acted as if they didnt care!2) The constant loud music! One night we had to call the police 12 times due to a party and cars lining the streets you could not get through! Once again complained but no action was taken. This has been a problem from day one and the park states it is a quiet place to live, could not be more far from the truth!3) Complained about the park not being safe and security was really needed. For example came home late one evening and caught kids trying to break into the mail boxes. I have seen drug deals, people fighting in the streets etc. Once again complained and of course no action taken.4) Some of the homes are so run down it is disgusting! Management will send out letters but no action is EVER taken. Due to this it was EXTREMELY hard to sell my home! I ended up having to sell to someone that is moving the home out! Once again management does nothing!So the list could be longer MUCH longer but again nothing will be done by management as they could careless. My biggest concern is the elderly population and fearing something horrible will happen to one of them because of the type of people living there now! Also, a child getting hit because nothing is done about parking on the streets. Also a large number of illegals live there, the community is supposed to do back ground checks but guess the illegals can forgo that process! This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen! My advice to anyone wanting to know about living here is DONT, just drive through the place at different times and you will see for yourself!

Review №25

Previously Shadowood Mobile Home Park. Very nice and well kept...

Review №26

I like living here, but the customer service sucks. I call up there 7 times in a row and no answer? And they close at 6.Its 5:30. I hate trying to ask for maintenance , they act like its hard to do their job. Been asking for my porch to be fixed for months Edit : we finally moved out in September & best thing we ever did.

Review №27

Only reason this place gets two stars is location.I wouldnt recommend any one move here unless you love feral cats using underneath your home as a litter box and living space.Loud music every night of the week from neighbors that have no respect for others space, not to mention the club house that will blast music from night till the early morning on Saturdays.Call the cops all you like for the noise nothing will get done and youll be responsible for removing the dozens of cats yourself that are infesting your property cause the yescommunity wont do a thing.... but make sure you pay that lot fee on time . In a nutshell stay away from this place

Review №28

We have only lived here 3 weeks an cant take the loud neighbors cops nor management will do anything about it on top of that if your not a Hispanic dont waste your time living here thats all that lives here an the school here is a joke my kids cant even ride the same bus an they go the the same elementary school.... Not pleased at all for the money we spend to live here should be a lot better of a place....

Review №29

NO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not live here, the place is over run by drug dealers, illegals, loud music, gun shots and much, much, more!Tried numerous times complaining to the office and the stock reply is call the police! The police are tired of coming out and often times will not show!The lease here states NO LOUD NOISES AT ANYTIME, NO PARKING ON STREETS OR GRASS. But yet you can barely drive through the place because of the cars lining the streets and the loud music is NON STOP! The place is run down and after dark DO NOT GET OUT AND ABOUT it becomes a drug dealers paradise after sundown!Tried selling my home almost had it sold but the nice couple was smart enough to come through several times before deciding and saw all that I am posting right now! Complained to the office about this but they dont care and nothing will be done!AGAIN STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU LIKE LIVING WITH DRUG DEALERS, ILLEGALS, LOUD MUSIC, GUN SHOTS AND RUN DOWN HOMES!

Review №30

I give this place NO STARS!!!! WHAT A RIP OFF OF A PLACE TO LIVE! UNLESS YOU LIKE CONSTANT LOUD MUSIC, GUN SHOTS, LACK OF SLEEP FROM THE LOUD MUSIC AND GUN SHOT THEN THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU!Management does NOTHING about the speeding through the community, the CONSTANT loud music, the CONSTANT gun shots! Although the lease agreement states no loud noises at anytime, the response from the management team is call the police. The police is sick of coming out for complaints of loud music. The place is OVER RUN with illegals but yet you have to pay to pass a background check? Makes me wonder what the management team does with the money for background checks? I got to the point where I complained to deaf ears so much I have stopped complaining because its a waste of my time and negative energy. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS PLACE YOUR BETTER OFF LIVING IN A TENT THAN THIS PLACE.

Review №31

Nicer and cleaner than most trailer parks in the area better trailer selection two nice swimming pools people are usually friendly and helpful.

Review №32

The manager (Kim) is extremely unprofessional. Dont even think about try to get a clear understanding about an issue because she wont let you talk and then she will start yelling then go back to talking normal like she is off of her meds.... The other two office personnel are very nice though.

Review №33

I used to live here but then i moved in 2012. i liked it alot had alot of friends there. it was very fun when it snowed. i loved walking in the woods. i also live in a very nice house. and the pool are nice in the summer. i wish i could live there again.

Review №34

My friend lives here. It is a very clean and well maintained m.h.p.

Review №35

I love it there but not my family so much

Review №36

Every single time I call the office no one answers the phone. And when I walk in the office all the office staff are in one office talking and laughing like there is nothing better to do. No one seem to know what Customer Service is? Office needs new staff. They all need to take some sort of Customer Service as well as a Telecommunication class. I give it a 1/2 a star. I wish I had corporate office number. Anyone out there knows it by any chance?

Review №37

Ol shadowood . lived there bout twelve years ago... sounds like it hasnt changed a bit , only the name

Review №38

Nice staff. Dirty home

Review №39

The only reason that I give as high as 2 stars is because I had a great experience moving in in a short period of time. I have 2 kids and we moved into a 2 bedroom due to price but when we wanted to move to a 3 bedroom, they push the homebuyer thing hard. The office staff is seamingly unorganized and never gets back with u in a timely manner. And in timely manner, I mean 30 days is too long! I called again and asked about a home for rent that I saw on the website and they didnt know anything about it and continued to try to recommend purchase only homes. Why would I buy from you when its impossible to work with u now. I didnt have a problem with my neighbors or anything but I will not purchase from someone who says one thing and does another. Unfortunately I still live here until my lease is up.

Review №40

Love it here just a little slow on repairs but there are many homes so Im sure they are busy

Review №41

Rented for a year and liked so much that we purchased. Staff always friendly and helpful and FYI it is not a trailer park but a modular or mobile home community.

Review №42

Decent place to live... If you are Hispanic.

Review №43

Its decent for trailer park but the bumping music outside my childs window at 11pm weeknights and 3am on the weekends gets old fast. You can only stand calling the cops so many times

Review №44

Not a great place to live, recently when the snowstorm came in December 2017 a lot of trees feel down and have not been pick up yet. Shows how unprofessional the maintenance department is. I asked the office twice and said they start on Monday, they have not started and avoid answering questions since then.

Review №45

Bahaha. If you like your water being shut off every week and people stealing stuff from you yard, and trying to break into your home, multiple times then this is the place for you to live

Review №46

Loud neighbours and many drivers drive fast with music way too loud in neighborhood. Will not let my child play outside because of it.

Review №47

For a girl who has lived here her whole life I like the place sorry to the people who dont like yes the bill is excessive payment but its not a bad place not only do hispanics live here so do Americans really hate how people are disrespecting this place

Review №48

Manager Kim is very unprofessional. She told a lady to kiss her a** while I was at the office .

Review №49

Good place to live there God bless

Review №50

I live here

Review №51

Wish I could rate negatively

Review №52

Over crowded .

Review №53

Very friendly place,great atmosphere

Review №54

Dirty and annoying

Review №55

Place is alright

Review №56

Someone actually stole my damn bike

Review №57

Very bad administration light bill super high (I think something is wrong in that place)instead of stars

Review №58

I like to places

Review №59


Review №60

Loud neighbors and blasting music day and night

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