Eastgate Mobile Home Community
6310 Bells Ferry Rd #15, Acworth, GA 30102, United States

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Scenic and beautiful views rival yosemite valley

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This is the greatest trailer park in the world its clean and very nice nice great peoples working in the office chhe rent very good people lives in the trailer park I lived here for 48 years I love it I would not want to live no place else

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Been here for a month now and I love it. The place is quiet and peaceful. Neighbors are friendly.

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Jesus Christ...

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Eastgate Mobile Home Community is a great place to live. I been living here since 2004 and my family love this place too. its a safe place to raise your family, neighbors are always looking out for each other. i recommend this place 100%. Management are awesome!!

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Its ok

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Clean, well kept park, friendly neighbors, quiet, management excellent, they trim dangerous trees, repair holes in the road & keep the park well maintained, youre close to many stores, excellent schools, Id recommend it & give it 5 star.

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Dont buy a trailer here. They have you fill out an application to get approved to rent the lot but dont ask if youve been convicted of a crime, if youre a sex offender, or any other important information for a subdivision with children. There is always some fight or other incident at night involving the police. The place is riddled with drugs. Children always playing in the streets unsupervised. Management is extremely rude. I would recommend you buy or rent anywhere else.

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I want to live here . my mother in law lives here and I love her she is the best . Theres never any available for sale.

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I always walk threw east gate at night just to get out of my house and to go pokemon hunting and walking my dog . East gates directly behind my house so we always cut threw to avoid the rd . At noght everyones always outside interacting walking have there fromt doors open having cook outs it seems like a lovely place. Everyones so friendly I have been wanting to look into this place but no one ever is at the office and its never open thats my only concern the for sell sign is always on they havent changed the lettering of the electrical sign where you can set it up to whatever you want it to say . I never seen anyone come in or go out of that office nor do I see anyone parked at the office . I have always wanted to ask how much the price is and rent to live there but never can find anyone to talk to nor a phone number . Besides that its a really friendly cool naborhood its way better then Hidden falls known as the ( old Shadow Wood) no gang related stuff no yelling arguing ect. Theres alot of kids at play not to many speed bumps like Hidden falls has . Its a lovely place .

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This place is AWFUL! I wouldnt recommend living here to my worst enemy. They come in and move things while youre not home, the hot water is pretty much non existent, loud and noisy, trailers are in poor condition, and no matter how much you cant get rid of the pest! The management is poor and rude as well! They repeatedly came into our home while we werent home and turned our heat off in the dead or winter or air off in the middle of summer. Please...if you have another option DO NOT LIVE HERE. IT WAS HELL ON EARTH!

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Nasty place. Cut my visit very short.

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Easy access to stores

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This place a dump

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A total dump.

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It ok kids cant be outside

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Quiet. Surprisingly

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Questionable place

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This place is doomed

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I want to live here

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Good place to live I know someone live there

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  • Address:6310 Bells Ferry Rd #15, Acworth, GA 30102, United States
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  • Phone:+1 770-926-2085
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