Teamworks Acton
30 Great Rd, Acton, MA 01720, United States

Review №1

Awesome summer camp ! Especially during this difficult time of covid-19, they are open, which we are grateful for, after long period of school closure... My kid enjoyed it last summer and is still loving it this year. Super friendly staff and coaches, great place for kids who love sports.

Review №2

Is what it is. The parkour instructors are great with the kids. It’d be nice if there were more seating options for parents near the back fields.

Review №3

Nice facility. Wish they would enforce their mask policy.

Review №4

Fantastic 1:1 personal training. Very knowledgeable staff. Love it here, keep it up!

Review №5

Nice place!

Review №6

Nice, clean building, 3 nice indoor turf fields with glass boards all around, and one small practice field. Not much seating by the fields, mostly standing room only. Liked this location better than Northboro.

Review №7

Plenty of free parking is available. Turf fields are relatively new and good to play on. The boards and surrounding areas could use a fresh coat of paint. There is an area to get some food and drinks after a game in the evening. All in all, a good venue to play indoor field sports.

Review №8

Lots of room and free WiFi. Good quality turf and strong Plexi glass.

Review №9

Employees always have a smile and are happy to help!

Review №10

My Kids love this place

Review №11

Great place to play sports inside in the winter. We are playing in one of the soccer leagues and it is a lot of fun, since the games are so fast. I highly recommend signing your team up for the next session.

Review №12

Had my kids go to soccer here, The training folks are amazing here, kids enjoyed it. Can get pretty busy and noisy at times. Make sure you register a few months before the classes start, sometimes you wont get to enroll as the classes are full, if you are visiting the place the first time, its easy to miss the lane, sign is not visible clearly, parking is available, it can take a while to leave as there is only one lane in and out of the location. They do have wifi so if you need to catch up on work then you could while kids are on the indoor fields one problem finding space to sit.

Review №13

Not a bad place at all. Place has a roof which makes it invincible to bad weather conditions and temperature inside is more or less stable. Big issue for me is pitches do not have out lines and look completely like a hockey arena (may be it was a hockey arena before). Theres no changing rooms for each pitch but theres a place where you can change your gear (again changing place is like subs bench in hockey arena). Plenty space for parking which is a big big advantage, there are restrooms too. Turf is not in a bad condition.

Review №14

Good facility, free WiFi, parking and getting in can be a little bit of hassle as theres a one-way bridge.

Review №15

Our weekend stop in the winter. Love it for our indoor soccer game. Sometimes it is good to have beer

Review №16

Poorly managed and very unprofessional. We have been playing at this facility for a long time and every year we come in with the hopes that things will change, and as a team, we have never written a review or made a complaint about anything.Unfortunately this time around we have to make sure to speak up. The “kids” managing Teamworks’ adult soccer leagues on Thursday nights are not fit for the job. We were treated poorly and unfairly because we were made targets from the first game. Sadly, it seems that these “kids” picked their favorite teams from the start and anything coming from anyone else was overlooked. We were unfairly penalized during the league even after providing detailed proof of incidents that happened in a game. The “kid”, who clearly is unfit for any managemet job and takes his “power” to the head, decided he would just throw suspensions at our team because of the simple fact that he could do it due to his position at the place. Their targeting was made clear when they couldn’t even fix and honor a correcr score of a game. The worst part is that there isn’t many places to play in the area with an outdoor field but if things don’t change at this facility, they will continue to lose business.

Review №17

Awesome summer camp program for kids. My son always has a blast. The counselors really care about the kids and foster a wonderful environment of friendship and of course... Teamwork.

Review №18

Great place to have fun. Everyone enjoys from little kids all the way to the adults.

Review №19

It was pretty fun and cool, it had a lot of activities to do and a rock climbing and a tightrope

Review №20

I was only delivering packages to this establishment and I instantly thought My son would love this place I believe there was a kids program happening at the time. Later after googling I realised they have an obstacle course, impressive fitness room and good atmosphere. Then I saw we have one in my own state RI, which we will check out

Review №21

Good indoor fields.

Review №22

Our kids love this place! Tons of fun programs that keep kids busy year round. The facilities are clean and always in good shape. The staff is helpful and friendly. During the summer we are there almost daily, during the school year we are there at least a couple of times a week and we love it.

Review №23

Good facilty

Review №24

Very nice place to have fun with any sports

Review №25

Fields are good. It gets pretty hot and humid inside, even when its not particularly hot outside. Quality of referees for adult leagues is generally good with a few exceptions. The bar is nice (and air conditioned) though the service isnt great.

Review №26

Great indoor soccer & bar

Review №27

This place is great for indoor boarded soccer for all ages.

Review №28

The boarded fields have bars at mid way up that can cause injury to players pushed up against them. Some of the fields are in need of turf repairs. The facility is OK and the level of play in the leagues is competitive.

Review №29

My son loved doing the flag football but the prices are ridiculous!!

Review №30

Get the kids active with a variety of sports. Clean facilities with a great staff.

Review №31

A nice cafe/bar situated above all the fields for a great view. Great place to socialize. The fields are average but are on par with other indoor soccer fields.

Review №32

Tons of fun

Review №33

Decent indoor facility. We rent space for private training - was able to get a decent deal on booking 8 + weeks.

Review №34

Poorly run business. Overpriced and lousy officiating.

Review №35

Poor management. I would not repeat a birthday party here. We were told to use the bouncy house even though the party that was booked before us was not finished. They did not take responsibility for their actions after mixing up goodie bags from another party. They realized their mistake 7 minutes before the party ended, and two days after the event the manager sends an email without complete facts and makes us pay for their mistake.

Review №36

This place sucks they should be grateful they got a star..... My lacrosse try outs where at 5 pm on a Sunday and lacrosse team got an email from our coach saying our try-outs are cancelled 20 min. before and so i called my friend who is the coaches son and he said they just told them so almost half the team had to go back home. This place suck!!!!!1

Review №37

It’s a busy sports practice place bathrooms are clean , the parents have to wait standing up most of the time.

Review №38

This was a great team works until tonight... We have been coming here for over 6 months playing Open soccer on the turfs. We as a group understand that Fall starts to kick in and things start to get busy. The problem is when we asked the young man with glasses that works there on the night shifts he told us that the indoor fields were occupied... So he said we were alright to play on the outdoor field (the large one) but NEVER specified anything. Here is where I find it wrong, an hour and thirty minutes into the game he decides to come outside to kick us off the field he assigned us too apparently someone reserved it..Here the issue, we have been coming here for the PAST 6 MONTHS EVERY MONDAY NIGHT. He had no problem with us playing on the fields that were open. We NEVER EVER had to do a DEPOSIT, to reserve a field because of our attendance to this location. This very ridiculous of him asking us that now we have to start depositing money to reserve a field... Lost my business and several others to stupidity and lack of planning...

Review №39

Love the place. The staff at the office and the bar are awesome.

Review №40

Good facilities, very flexible with makeup classes if you sign up for clinics. My son loves soccer class

Review №41

Poorly planned flag football clinic. Coaches yawning and looking at their phones... walking with hands in pockets ... looking very bored...while kids just run up and down catching balls in a non coordinated fashion. Not worth the money spent

Review №42

Great atmosphere and dedicated staff! Great Team spirit

Review №43

Great side room for kids to romp. fast bar service

Review №44

Theyre really rude to ultimate players. Last time I went, they replaced our reserved time with a soccer teams and they didnt wait for our consent first.

Review №45

Nice soccer fields and good place for birthday parties.

Review №46

Fantastic birthday party we will be back.

Review №47

My sons first day at camp... Very happy full of excitement.

Review №48

Good place for play soccer.

Review №49

Good venue and has been very friendly to soccer players like me.

Review №50

Great place for soccer rentals, parkour and camps!

Review №51

Great indoor arena with excellent summer programs for kids.

Review №52

Very unprofessional. Especially the teamworks sports performance program. For the past 3 wks I left multiple messages and emails to Mr carvin and front office to enroll my kid in high school program. No response till now.

Review №53

Indoor sports place. Love it.

Review №54

Nice activity center

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Review №56

Great place to play indoor soccer

Review №57

Really nice soccer field and nice staff

Review №58

Bike trail parking during non peak hours

Review №59

Awesome venue for soccer

Review №60

Awesome Birthday Party!!!

Review №61

Excellent therapists

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Review №63

Nice bar

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Review №65

Great for indoor sports

Review №66

Best for indoor soccer

Review №67

Can you just go and play or not or do you have to play scocer please let me know

Review №68

Great camps!

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  • Swimming pool:Yes
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